Bayern 0-2 Arsenal: by the numbers


23 – Games since Bayern were last beaten in all competitions (Bayern 1-2 Bayer 04 Leverkusen 28 October 2012)
18 – Home games since Bayern were last held scoreless at Allianz Arena in Champions League football (Bordeaux, 3 November 2009)
2 – Goals that Bordeaux scored in that game
90 – Minute in which Marouane Chamakh scored the second goal in that game

How Arsenal did it?

5 – Total Arsenal shots
21 – Total Bayern shots
3 – Arsenal shots on goal
8 – Bayern shots on goal
2 – Arsenal shots on goal from inside the 18 yard box
1 – Bayern shot on goal from inside the 18 yard box
2 – Arsenal goals
0 – Bayern goals
66 – Percent conversion rate (shots on goal/goal) for Arsenal
0 – Percent conversion rate for Bayern
27 – Arsenal Champions League season average conversion rate
12 – Arsenal tackles
13 – Bayern tackles
25 – Arsenal tackles which were instead called as fouls
10 – Arsenal actual fouls (estimated)
13 – Bayern fouls
9 – Fouls called on Mikel Arteta (led both teams)
7 – Interceptions by Arteta (led both teams)
7 – Fouls that Tomas Rosicky drew (led both teams)
1 – Number of offsides Arsenal were called for
1 – Number of Arsenal offsides which were clearly fucking onside, everyone in the stadium could tell Theo was on

With a solid defensive lineup and a ton of hustle (such as Rosicky and Ramsey busting their hump to get back every time Robben had the ball, which doesn’t show up in the stats) Arsenal basically forced Bayern into a lot of speculative shots from distance. They only allowed the Munich side to get 8 shots off in the box and only one of those shots was even on frame. So many of those long distance shots from Bayern were always going wide, it might not have looked it on television but in the stands I never worried. The only times I worried that Bayern were going to score was that one scramble in the box where Bayern must have had 4 shots, and Robben’s breakaway which was snuffed out by a combination of Flying Jenkinson and Diving Fabianski.

A word about Koscielny. I didn’t include his stats here because, well, they were poor. One tackle, 4 interceptions, and 7/14 clearances aren’t the kinds of numbers that you normally associate with the kind of game that most of us, I think, saw from him. As I will tell you, stats don’t tell the whole story. No one ever said they did. Koscielny had a great game, full blooded. If there were a stat for that, he would have led both teams.

And finally, in attack, Arsenal only took two shots from distance (one from Giroud which drew scorn from Ramsey) and the other was Cazorla’s effort from a free kick. A large part of the reason Arsenal struggled to get shots was because Arsenal had real difficulty getting the ball to Theo Walcott. Theo only had 19 touches in 72 minutes (yes, one touch was for an assist) and Ox had 17 and Gervinho 16. That’s proof to me that Theo wasn’t defended exceptionally well but rather just kept moving into the wrong spaces. Or maybe his teammates kept putting the ball in the wrong place. I’ll let you all debate that.

Lots of people say “the only stats that count are the score” but I’d like to add one more stat that I felt counted: the number of Arsenal fans who traveled to see their team nearly overcome a 3-1 home deficit and got to see the Arsenal get a famous win over Bayern Munich.

There were 3,500 of us but we sounded like 35,000.


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