Match Report: Tottenham 2-1 Arsenal


Tottenham clung on to take the points in the North London derby as two goals in two first half minutes proved too difficult to overcome for Arsene Wenger’s side. Gareth Bale and Aaron Lennon did the damage just before the break and despite a Per Mertesacker reply early in the second period the Gunners couldn’t find a much needed equaliser.

Often this season Arsenal have been defined by their slow starts to games, but at White Hart Lane we began with confidence, composure and energy. Unfortunately, by the time the half-time whistle blew we were still two goals down and only had ourselves to blame.

Throughout the first 45 minutes Carl Jenkinson proved himself a useful outlet on the right firing low balls into the box, however, for all his effort there was no end product. A pattern quickly emerged with neither Olivier Giroud or Theo Walcott deeming the near-post worthy of much attention.

Having muted the raucous home crowd and nullified the threat of Gareth Bale with some very good closing down we assuredly kept possession of the ball for a good 20 minutes. Building from the back, we probed with patience making decent use of the wide areas. Alas, despite almost total control we rarely created a clear-cut chance. An early Giroud header was the only effort of note.

Adebayor, having been sent off in the game at the Emirates earlier this season, lunged in on Ramsey and picked up a booking on 18 minutes and ten minutes later might have been sent off for a horrible dive in the box as he claimed a penalty.

It wasn’t a dirty game, but Vertonghen joined the man from Togo in the book for a clumsy challenge on Giroud and seconds later Ramsey took one for the team as he pulled back Aaron Lennon to also earn a yellow.

As has too often been the case this season, a lack of concentration proved our undoing. On 37 minutes a diagonal ball by Gylfi Sigurdsson split our defence, Per Mertesacker played Bale onside and the Welshman made no mistake toe poking the ball past Szczesny to score against the run of play.

Two minutes and 20 seconds later we made exactly the same mistake. As Santi Cazorla lay in a heap, Scott Parker bounced forward slipped a ball behind a dozing Thomas Vermaelen and Aaron Lennon walked the ball around Szczesny to tap home.

In the remaining five minutes before the break we looked all at sea, most of the players looking at each other with a mix of anger and distrust.

At the start of the second half, fantastically persistent work by Aaron Ramsey won a free-kick down by the corner flag. The ball was played in by Walcott and Per Mertesacker rising at the near post flicked a header with the aid of a Bale deflection past a stranded Lloris. 2-1 and game on again; just what we needed.

Monreal sliced a long-range volley wide of Lloris’ post a minute later, then Jenkinson flashed another trademark ball across the box which again failed to reach a red shirt. Naturally, as we pushed for an equaliser so we left ourselves open at the back. Bale should have scored at the back post but skied over despite only having the keeper to beat.

Perhaps aware of the need to get more men in the box (or maybe forced by an injury?) Wenger threw on Tomas Rosicky for Jenkinson and pushed Ramsey to right-back. It didn’t stop our versatile Welshman getting into attacking positions as he crossed for Walcott to head over.

Just after the hour mark Spurs took umbrage with our refusal to put the ball out of play for an injured Adebayor – subsequently subbed for Defoe – and things got a little tetchy between Dawson and Vermaelen. Given they’d done nothing to help a floored Cazorla in the build-up to their second it was a bit rich.In fact, it was overly cuntish by the cocks in white.

Sigurdsson had a great chance to put the game to bed for Spurs as he found himself one-on-one with Szczesny but he opted to pass when he should have shot. A snap shot by Defoe rolled just past the post, Lennon had an effort blocked by Vermaelen and Bale shot straight at Szczesny as we rode our luck four times in quick succession.

With 14 minutes remaining Lukas Podolski was thrown into the fray for Mikel Arteta as we shuffled Cazorla next to Wilshere and pretty much gave up any notions of disciplined defending. Had the German’s first touch from a deft pass by Giroud been better he may have made an immediate impact but was instead thwarted by Lloris.

Ramsey had a fine chance to equalise with ten minutes remaining but having charged down the right he dragged his shot wide of the post. It took a deflection and went for a corner but he should have done better. Having tried his heart out all game there was no man more deserving of a goal.

Giroud plucked a ball out of the air only to half-volley it miles over and Walcott, turning down the percentage option, shot instead of swinging a ball into the box from about forty yards. He’s never scored from outside the box for Arsenal…go figure.

Six minutes of injury-time signalled boos from the home fans and Mertesacker’s deployment, for the umpteenth time this season, as an auxiliary striker. Podolski had a shot blocked, Szczesny came up for a corner but for all the huffing and puffing we were unable to find an equaliser.

As has been the story of the season, we were made to pay for giving ourselves a mountain to climb. Spurs move up to third and a seven-point gap has now opened up between us and them.

It’s looking like we may have to win the Champions League if we’re to piss on their parade. That’s fine by Arseblog News, aside from the fact there’s more chance of us shagging Angelina Jolie in the next hour or so given the uphill battle we face against Bayern in 10 days time.



      • Shocking defending again.

        At least most of the players showed some guts and passion, which has been lacking since the start of the season.

        As for Wenger, he sat there like an old man watching a bland theatre show.

        Terrible leadership.

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      • Chelsea are a mess and if we had a match against them, I’d feel better about still nicking the top four. Somehow a shit Chelsea club, including one with the Spanish waiter in charge, did the double over us this season. Fuck, fuck, and double fuck.

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      • Chelsea may be a mess. But at least they have quite a few game winners and proper defenders in their team. I wouldn’t say the same about us.

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      • Jin – if you’re taking the time to pick on one of our players, why Ramsey? He had a fine game, hustled well, played in RB when asked to, and wasn’t at fault for the goals. Sure, he wasn’t brilliant, but nobody was.

        If anyone is at fault for this result, it’s A) our management, B) our centerbacks, C) our forwards. Ie, basically everyone.

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      • @C Does Ramsey have a hired army that comes on to defend him here? Christ he was no better than anybody else out there today. Sure love on him because he was played out of position and didn’t shit the bed. It’s the fucking Premier League. He should be able to do that. He also had one of the best late chances and couldn’t get the shot on frame. Why does everyone fellate Ramsey because he can hit square 3-yard passes? Denilson could do that. What we need are players who can fucking score when we need a goal.

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      • @yank – he has had a disproportionate amount of blame put on his shoulders this season, so yes there are supporters who stand up for him when he’s inevitably called out following poor team performances.

        Standing up for players w/ reasoned perspectives seems a decent thing to do.

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      • And why doesn’t jack wilshere shoot to score when he’s often in the best positions? He was often caught in possession today……a couple of heart in mouth situations.

        I want him to shoot more if he’s gonna add to his goal tally then that’s the way to go. Borrow a leaf from cesc’ time here mate. That is not all.

        We lost today 🙁

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      • Guys! Can we just please support our team! I know I’m not your nanny, but it will be seriously disappointing if there is any more booing of the team or frustrations taken out on players from now on.

        The vast majority of us are not stupid enough to be reading the Daily Mail and using that shit as a reference for our opinions, but anyone who does so, stop right now. Turn off your TV, stop listening to Adrian Durham, and let’s get behind the team, because who gives a fuck about spurs? Who the fuck are spurs? We’ve got to finish as high up the table as we can. Period.

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      • When you say support the team, do you mean stand idly by whilst we go into decline instead of complaining about it?

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      • My bad, I should make this more clear instead of using the ambiguous terminology spouted out by the pundits.

        When I say support the team: I don’t know if anyone goes to the home games, and I’m not in the best position to say because I usually don’t. But I’m pretty sure that the atmosphere usually is much more muted and unsupportive than for example, when we beat AC Milan 3-0 last year. It would be nice to have the crowd get that going again. We had nothing to lose back then, we have nothing to lose now (as it stands we’re out of the Champions League).

        I also ask that people be aware of the possibility that they may be wrong about Ramsey. If you conclude before a match that Ramsey is shit, then you might just tend to notice every time he fucks up, more than when anyone else fucks up. It’s called a confirmation bias. If you are aware of this and still conclude that Ramsey is shit and you think that getting on his back is the best way to persuade Wenger to pick someone else, that’s fine.

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      • If the team plays like they did when they won 3-0 against AC Milan, then perhaps you’ll see the same support. If the team puts in average performances when they should be able to play a lot, lot better, then the fans will get behind them.

        I don’t condone booing, but when the fan is charged £1500 per year to watch a threadbare squad with not enough quality playing below themselves, the fan has every right to get frustrated. We are paying them their huge wages and they aren’t showing the shirt or the fans any respect when they turn up to pick up their paycheck and give 50%.

        In the meantime, they can pick up their effort and in return, the crowd will cheer them. Fuck getting behind someone 100% if they can’t be arsed to give you the same.

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      • Swish, that’s true, but the catch is that it goes both ways. Support for the team motivates them to play better, while better performances generates more support for the team. It’s a cycle that has to start somewhere.

        I’m afraid I don’t agree with the lack of effort argument. Gone are the days of having Arshavin or Denilson not hassling the opposition. The only player who can do a bit more is Theo. Instead it’s a tactical and psychological barrier they are facing, not being bold enough to make ambitious runs and passes. When we were launching those balls upfield in the last 10 minutes today, there was always someone fighting 110% for the first ball/header, but nobody with the cool head to predict where the second ball would be. That way it turned into a head tennis stalemate.

        Perhaps you are right though, some more effort can be put in off the pitch by the players to analyse what the hell they’ve been doing in games that’s making them play so below-par. Wasn’t that what led to our 5-game winning streak in December?

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      • That’s where I disagree Bonjour.

        I don’t go to work for 4 hours a day then 2 hours on a weekend. I don’t get paid millions of pounds every year. I am not a professional footballer that has an unbelievable opportunity at my front door.

        I am not paid ridiculous sums of money to do my simple job that I LOVE doing and if I were, I wouldn’t expect 60,000 people needing to motivate me and do it.

        If they show the passion, then I show the passion. But for me having to show them passion and then them choosing to opt out like they have done these past few years? Fuck ’em. They get what they deserve from the crowd. All the fans expect is for the amount we pay them is to show up and give 100% for 90 minutes a week. They choose not to do that, so I choose not to support them 100% after they put in a seriously sub standard performance.

        They are culpable and so is Wenger for this mess.

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      • You have a point. It’s the reason why I don’t contribute and sacrifice my money to Arsenal Holdings Ltd no matter how much I love Arsenal FC. Putting in the time and emotion to watch a dysfunctional Arsenal is frustrating enough, putting in the money and getting this in return is unacceptable.

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    • Park’s signing and wengers team selection/tactics/subs today,wonder which was more Shocking…

      Wilsheres poorest game yet…

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      • Agree on poor selection don’t get why we have decided to shift Cazorla to the wing when he has been controlling in the middle i don’t get it. Poldi should be starting scores goals simple, Our defence carved open so easily all season why? The bloody spuds have not caught us we have dropped.

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      • @Minger, but the truth is he did have a poor game. We have to be able to constructively criticize (emphasis on constructively, unlike the mindless Ramsey bashing no matter how well he performs on the pitch) any of our players if they don’t have a good game. Jack shouldn’t be immune to this even if he’s our best player or most popular one.

        Don’t get me wrong, I love Jack but today wasn’t his best.

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    • Everything depends on Liverpool beating Tottenham now. Never thought I’d want Luis Suarez to score a hatrick. Oh well, Luis, time to help us.

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      • They still have Liverpool,City and Chelsea and i’ll be cheering them all on I hate those spurs cunts

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      • this is arsenal mate, we seem lose to any team that puts in a shift against us. Well, apart from bayern..they didnt do much to trash us at home.

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      • Eric: well now you know how it feels to be a spurs fan. Watching 1 game every weekend – not your own – and cheering for 19 different clubs over the course of a season.

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      • Exactly! Fucking hell, cheer up lads, we are the Arsenal! There are ten games to go and they have a FAR worse run in. Ok, we lost 2-1 today, but they lost the previous one 5-2. That’s a 6-3 aggregate score. Obviously that doesn’t mean much in points terms, but fuck it. They will crumble as they always do; Last season looked far worse and we still pipped ’em!

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    • This is a plain hard truth and as fans we need take this on the chin and support our team against Bayern,

      Additionally, unfortunately I currently believe that Giroud Lacks the skill set and the quality to be arsenal’s no.1 striker. next season, should we sign a good striker, he may well go the Chamakh route

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      • I actually think Giroud is THE striker to give a spell of rest to what should be any Arsenal number 1 striker. I would have been so much more comfortable if Giroud had been the number 2 as opposed to Chamakh – it would have meant more rest for the number 1, allowing him to always be on top of his game.
        Giroud also could be the arsenal number 1 against lessor competition – giving us a well-rounded club.
        There are other players currently in need of being dropped to 2nd – tier at Arsenal (which means better replacements are needed).

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      • Correct RTI.

        Giroud has no guile. Simply blasting the ball at the goal does not a Premiership striker make. Its not going to go in, or at least, not very often. I don’t remember ever seeing OG take that extra touch and putting it past the keeper, or even trying to. Its always blast blast blast (and usually a mile wide or a mile over). His naivity and lack of subtlety is getting embarrassing.

        And I don’t doubt his effort, or his heart or his commitment. Just his ability. It is perfectly plain that he is not Premiership grade. He certainly does not belong in the company of previous Arsenal strikers. He is just not good enough.

        We effectively played with 10 men yesterday.

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    • Still 10 games to go, we’ll still finish above them, look at their fixtures.

      Decent effort, got done by the poor defending. Santi should’ve got a foul all day long before the second.

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    • HOW THE FUCK is Vermalen still playing, let alone be our captain? Hes been woeful this year.

      As for Per, players like him can never succeed in a league like the EPL.

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      • Per’s never that bad, he’s just never that good. And give him a break today! he’s scored his only two goals against Spurs!

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      • Per is OK. He’s comfortably been our best central defender this season, mostly because Vermaelen and Koscielny have been so prone to brain farts. Per has made some errors this season, but they are not nearly as frequent nor as “WTF”-inducing as Vermaelen’s.

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      • ‘What’s wrong with Per?’ I’ll tell you what’s wrong. He’s not a player worth 8m and 80K a week. That’s what’s wrong. Also, Theo doing fuck all the whole match and taking home 100K a week in his Ferarri. He doesn’t give a shit.

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      • For the folks asking whats wrong with Per. He is woefully slow. Now that might work in other leagues such as the Bundesliga or the Liga, but it just wont cut it in the Premier League. Guy has exceptional positioning and is very calm on the ball, but you need to be a bit more quick and agile if you have any chance of surviving in the Premier League. He will always fall short against EPL’s quick forwards. Even the likes of Terry and Samba (players similar to Per, all excellent when it comes to positioning and awareness) arent really quick, but they are much more agile than him. You need a bit of pace in the PL.

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      • Should we count Blackburn for novelty, and just call it 3 defeats in a row?

        I am not 16 years in this job and forgetting about results. We must concentrate on the positive. We used our top, top quality to beat Aston Villa.

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      • Just a correction, I think we might have possibly maybe won against Aston Villa which came after the Bayern loss, so we have’t lost two in succession.

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    • Time to get real. That defending can not be defended. Any one of us reading this blog, we perform like that week in week out – both staff and management get the sack. Wy do we all have a fucking monopoly on feeling sick to the stomach about our club, and not ONE person either running the club or managing it does fuck all to correct so many deficiencies. I ask you all, if you we’re worth 4 billion and owned Arsenal, how would today make you feel?

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    • My only consolation is that I don’t support Spurs. They’re just so grimy. And there’s a chicken on their shirt. You may think that’s scant consolation, but for me, style is everything. We have Giroud, they have a chimp, to take one example. Chin up, lads. We’re above them in the Aesthetics Table.

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    • I don’t get the ramsey criticism but i don’t get the fact he starts ahead of poldi, rosicky. Start the best fucking players! We already have ground to make up.

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      • But Ramsey serves a different function to that of Poldi or Rosicky, do you really want either as defensive mid fielders? And with the current state of our defense we need the cover.

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      • No but at least he wouldn’t have wasted time in Costa Rica signing Joel Campbell while Chelsea swooped in to sign Juan Mata.

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    • does nobody realize that it’s not individual players that are to blame for our shit defending, it’s the structure of the team as a whole.

      it’s the insistence on playing offside on the edge of our box which costs us.

      and it’s the stubbornness of the coaching staff to not change our approach to defending.

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      • To be fair, there are reasons to play a high line – it’s not necessarily a “bad” tactic, just a risky one if your players don’t execute well. And today they didn’t.

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      • Although, a high line when outnumbered and on the edge of the box, that’s problematic. But it’s not necessarily the coaching staff’s fault – the players may just be making the wrong decisions. Hard to know from the outside.

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      • Late in the second, they broke up the right. All three defenders getting back drifted toward the ball. Gilfy Sirgudtwat was wide fucking open. Only because he is apparently also retarded did they not get a tap in out of it. Just abysmal.

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      • I don’t think it’s the structure and I mean both defensively and offensively. We used to have world class players all over the place and it’s just not the case anymore. I still think that squad-wise we’re better than sp*urs, but the gap is closing. We used to have 3 of the top 5 players from the best national team in the world – Vieira, Henry and Pires. These days our arguably best player Santi Cazorla is a substitute for Spain and as good as he is, his absence would’t lower the level of spanish game. I know, it is hard to get to that particular first 11 but it still shows how much further from the top of the european and english game we are these days. It’s just sad for someone who watched all these great Wenger teams from championship days. And I don’t think we have done everything in our powers to stop the decline and reverse that trend.

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      • I couldn’t believe what I was seeing for their 2 goals.. identical fuckups the both of them..No one tracking the runner because they were gambling on catching them offside.
        Our attack is frustrating the life out of me this season, it makes gumbies like Dawson look like mountains because it is so predictable..
        Last things.. what’s happened to Podolski? Why is he benched all the time now? Rosicky was our best player in my opinion, more please little mozart

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  1. Now to drop out of the top 4 and finish below spurs and the misery’s complete. I don’t care call me a pessimist all you want I only think we have to sink this low for the board to realize shits up.

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    • I have thought all season that the Arsenal were destined to finish 5th.
      It just means a much lessor tournament (and money), but more money than 6th by far.
      NOT that finishing 5th is any real consolation, but c’mon – is this Arsenal capable of anything better than 5th? I have belief that most of the players are up to the task, but I believe the management has issues: NEVER playing anything but the same formation, allowing your wide-right player to never be available on the right, signing one of the top mid-forwards in Germany and NEVER playing him there, etc… It’s a kind of stubbornness that permeates a losing mentality.

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      • There is more money by NOT playing Europa League.
        Europa League is a loss.
        If Arsenal play Europa League we should use youngsters only and employ a PROPER DEFENSIVE COACH.
        Up The Arsenal!

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  2. Why was Ramsey stuck at RB? Poor kid has played almost every position but striker now.

    Looks like we have to set our sights on Chelsea then.

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  3. We’re shit at the back, inefficient up top, and Tottenham were simply better today. I’ve been an ardent supporter or Arsene, but this one’s on the manager. Our team simply isn’t good enough.

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    • We were trying to come back and after we scored the 1st goal, we didnt have a single shot on target!!!
      That’s unacceptable!

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      • …and quite amazingly unbelievable. If someone, 5/10 years ago, were to have predicted that someday Arsenal would NOT get a single shot on goal in the 2nd half of a NLD… Well, ’nuff said 😉

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    • They actually weren’t better. Until the 2-goals-in-2-minutes, we were the better side. Even on the balance of play over the 90 we were every bit as good. But our strikers are not good (especially Giroud… how did he play all 90?), and we always have 3-4 defensive lapse that give the opposition 1-on-1’s.

      I feel like I get up every weekend and watch something called The Arsenal Show. It’s always the same story (see above). Yet, curiously sometimes it has a happy ending, other times it’s sad. But this is the worst season in memory.

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      • Funny how we picture ourselves as the better side when our opponent sits in their own half and lets us fiddle around with the ball around half-way line and yet, when we did the same today in the first half and spurs juggled the ball around midfield, we were the better ones.
        Hypocrisy much?

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      • @ Char: It wasn’t so much about possession as it was that we actually created the first 3-4 shots in the game. Thought we were on top until the first goal.

        And neither team seemed to care too much about keeping possession today.

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      • @Yank I know, it’s called counter-attack football, with the right players it’s pretty effective and can create lots of chances. I just don’t understand why we were pictured as “playing better” against sides like Blackburn two weeks ago who were playing the exact kind of football and eventually succeeded.

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      • @ Chair: I get your point. We weren’t better because Blackburn just let us sit there and kick the ball around the 18. That was their plan. That’s almost everyone’s plan against us. And it is fucking remarkably easy to execute. Wenger falls for it every time. That wouldn’t be so bad if A) We ever scored from a corner (as that’s one of the benefits you get from being camped in the other team’s half) or B) Had a tactical back-up plan.

        Still today I thought we worth at least the draw. We don’t have enough clinical guys for the good chances we do create. Fifth might be exactly how good this side is and how well it has been managed.

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    • I agree, but today the 2 goals had nothing to do with a ‘proper’ DM. It was down to horrible communication over the whole back line!

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      • I’ll have to disagree, both times nobody closed down the player that played the through ball! Look how difficult it was for Wilshere to get through their midfield? There was always a tackle waiting for him compare that to our midfield! The defence has no protection, we’ve been lambasting our defenders for years, the problem is the lack of protection.

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      • @Glory Hunter, to add to your point. Can Vermaelen be as bad as a Smalling or Phil Jones? Fact is those guys get good protection from their midfield and they have very little to do.

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  5. Fuck piers morgan. Fuck fox. Fuck all the fans who will be calling for Arsene’s head. Fuck all of you who can’t stand by the club when we have been through worse before. Fuck the internet. And sleepless nights before and after a derby. Arsenal FC- Gooner now, Gooner forever.

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    • Oh come on now, no need to antagonize those that don’t share your opinion.

      Almost everything starts and ends with the manager, especially one with as much as influence as Wenger. The issue isn’t that this is a one off, if it was then we’d be in the top 4. We consistently are inconsistent; it seems that either our attack can play well or our defense, but rarely both.

      If he does not like buying in Jan, fine, but why the fuck does he not buy in the summer to cover up the gaping holes in our squad? No money? Socialist wage structure? I find it incredibly hypocritical that he stands here as the so called socialist champion when he pockets 9million, more than Ferguson. How about Gazidis? pocketing 2m, while ALL of Chelsea’s directors put together receive like 2.2m.

      Who should we hire then? Well how about someone who manages a club from Japan? Whose CV includes managing two clubs in France before leaving the second one by mutual consent?

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      • Sorry but the idea that our wage structure has anything to do with socialism is just fucking ridiculous. These guys are being paid upwards of 50 grand a week for fuck’s sake, what’s socialist about that? It’s purely psychology, it’s about keeping a good team spirit and fostering a sense of togetherness. It’s a tactic, not an idealistic statement, so don’t even try and use that as a stick to beat Wenger with. Whether or not it’s a good tactic is another point entirely…

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    • Sadly – there was so much truth spoken on Fox today… What manager EVER would say: 4th is good enough, year-in and Year-out… and be considered a great coach.
      I think Wenger made that statement because he either: got hit in the head and lost all his football sense, or knows the level of team he has and has lowered his expectations. Either way – his keen eye for talent and ferocious destruction of the opposition is gone.
      You must look at this team and how it is run from an outside point of view, and once you do that, you will be able to see that arsenal are very poorly run, top-down. If you have a system or style of play that you want – you get the players to fit that. Wenger went and got a set of players for a very different system than what he puts on the field and tries to ‘shove down the throats’ of the opposition. This crop of players screams a 4-4-2, yet Wenger will never go there. Not saying it will be successful or better than the current formation, but there is no adaption in games and he has the wrong set of players for the current format.

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      • I think the problem is that our squad just isn’t good enough, rather than the tactics. We’re missing the two or three world class players that make a great team (as we have been for a while), so until we spend some cash, which I assume we will do this summer, we will have to deal with being a team outside the top rung.

        As for Wenger, how you can question his desire and his passion for the club is beyond me. Question his choices and tactics by all means but you can see how much winning means to him; he’s there doubled over in pain with the rest of us.

        Every gooner should read this, Arsene is a fucking warrior.

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      • One who did not have the clout to realistically challege for the title each year. Fact is we are punching above our weight since the stadium move (something that has crippled other clubs), and Wenger has been the reason for this. Moyes gets called a great manager (and people ask for him over Wenger!) yet he has never pushed Everton above us, let alone to the title. You say that comparison is unfair? Well for most of the last 8 years we have been much like their club, having to sell players to pay off debt, and finally this year we should see the fruits of it by being financially fluid in the transfer market. If we aren’t now, there are no excuses, but to ignore the reasons behind our lower standards for the past few seasons seems a tad blind to the bigger picture.

        Thumb up 4 Thumb down 2

      • jack jack jack why is our sqaud not good enough? Who gives the nod for signing them? Missing two or three world class players strange that because i felt we signed a couple i.e. Cazorla and Podolski oh yeah then we sold two. We are declining and we have never needed too!!!!!!!!!

        Thumb up 2 Thumb down 0

    • And fuck stubborn fans who think carrying on as we are, will see an improvement.

      Wenger has said ‘judge me at the end of the season’ for the past 6 or more years. Most of us are just fed up now, it’s the same story. We get to the end of the season, we start judging and then we have to wait to see what he does in the transfer market (which is usually never half enough what we need), then we start judging again and he asks to judge him at the end of that season.

      It’s just stale and it’s far more than a joke now. Something needs to change, is it the board? is it the manager? I don’t think either has to be mutually exclusive, I think both the board and manager needs a change. We, as fans, only have the power to change one. And it’s not the board.

      Thumb up 19 Thumb down 6

      • I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH YOU! people need to realise wenger hasnt delivered for years! in a competive game thats not good enough!
        He used to be a brilliant manager so when he was getting things right and making the good choices he could afford to be arrogant and stubborn,

        but now… most people learn from there mistakes he just repeats them year after year! for the past few years weve been no where close to winning the league ok fair enough we had a stadium debt but what of the fa cup or the carling cup? you cant have an empty trophy cabinet and say your successful not with a team like arsenal at least

        and swansea won the cup…

        Thumb up 2 Thumb down 1

    • And FUCK right back to you FinanceGooner.

      Who are you to tell me to fuck off because I am ambitious, care for my team and want to see them win rather than end up in 5th place with a bloated payroll of 155 M and deadwood all over the field.

      If you want to settle for mediocrity that’s completely up to you and I won’t criticize you for that. However, you have no right to criticize my ambitions. If you want to continue paying for the highest ticket prices in the world and being presented with mediocre entertainment, go right ahead, just don’t expect other intelligent people to follow your lead.

      Thumb up 13 Thumb down 5

    • I hate you wenger brown-nosers! your helping ruin the club! look at all the evidence! the dreafull mistakes by wenger!

      e.g. NO PODOSKI, NO ROSISCKY- playing ramsey instead

      Thumb up 7 Thumb down 3

      • The thing is, we were all warned about this happening during this period of time around the when the new stadium was announced. It’s probably not stubbornness of fans more than knowing this was the expected due course.

        Not saying I’m happy that we are where we are, but this was always gonna be the case. Cutting financial corners was openly admitted around that time as well as later on (in less obvious words), and we see it, but the whole hierarchy anticipated this and had obviously agreed to have limited financial expenditure, etc, etc, for Arsenal’s long-term future.

        I personally am not surprised we are where we are, nor am i angry that we aren’t doing better (although I’m annoyed that our deficiencies are a bit obvious and go without clear maintenance, ie defense etc), however i look forward to seeing a strongly positioned club in the future. It’s always darkest before dawn and all that.

        All the same, it hurts to see my beloved Arsenal in the situation we are in…

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    • Trying not to be negative but we can easily get caught by Liverpool or Everton if we don’t buckle up quickly

      Thumb up 23 Thumb down 1

      • Disagree. We had a good opening 15 minutes, the rest of the half was basically a midfield battle and the two goals.

        Second half the teams traded possession – we looked mildly more dangerous, without creating many chances (Ramsey chance, Walcott corner, Podolski poor touch – and that’s it).

        Wouldn’t say we were the better team at all. The teams were evenly matched, and they were more efficient.

        But fuck them.

        Thumb up 6 Thumb down 2

    • better team my arse. This game was always going to be determined by our performance. We basically handed them the win. We were just shambolic.

      Thumb up 10 Thumb down 4

  6. It’s not how you fall, it’s how you get up… Jesus H. Christ… Fuck me sideways and call me Sally…

    Thumb up 6 Thumb down 1

  7. We lost because Theo didn’t bother to go back and help RB, plus starting with Podolski on the bench is madness.

    Thumb up 43 Thumb down 2

    • Walcott playing a selfish game proved rather costly. Almost made up for it with the late free kick, but didn’t. On both goals they were allowed to run at the midfield along the right, and both times you could see the holding midfielder looking around in exasperation for the help on that side. You have to trust your teammate will be there, it’s like that “trust” game where you fall back and pray your mate will catch you. On both goals no one was there and we ended up on our asses.

      Giroud (who we must admit didn’t have a great game) and Santi worked their asses off for 90 harassing the scum defenders and midfield. Theo could be seen sauntering up field awaiting glory “through the middle”. With no concept of just how one might come upon such a thing.

      We lost cause we could not play as a unit for the benefit of the team. We probably deserved it in light of that.

      Thumb up 14 Thumb down 0

    • The bright side if at all; I didn’t have to watch Theo Walcott doing his ‘signing da ting’ goal celebration. That gives me the hives

      Thumb up 2 Thumb down 0

  8. Pleaseee let them arabs buy us pleaseee…….. 1.5bil quid…. Pleaseee for fuck sake ………..fuck off kroenke and gazidis!

    Thumb up 40 Thumb down 34

    • So I presume you want to be like fucking chelsea or man city then? If that’s the case you can fuck off all the way to Manchester or south side of London.

      Thumb up 17 Thumb down 26

      • @ Loyalty;
        I hear what you’re saying but you can’t be happy with the way things have been for the last few years, & assuming things don’t change, I would prefer a takeover.

        Thumb up 13 Thumb down 4

      • As painstaking as it is to hear, but Man City and Chelsea fans don’t give a shit about how they obtained premier league titles or a champions league trophy. All they care is that they did win it.

        The only team and set of fans that actually give a shit about their trophies paid for with oil money, is us. Because we run a self sustaining model. We come across as a moralistic bunch to those fans, do they care? Nope. Do we care that they won trophies? Yep.

        The problem is that we are self sustaining in a league run by teams with external funds. We can stick to our philosophy and plummet further down the table or we can seek outside funds by the way of a rumour takeover.

        Me, I personally don’t give a shit. If Stan stays, then he can sort this fucking mess out, if he can’t (which looks likely), then I’d welcome a change at boardroom and hope that the next business man who comes in, sorts us out.

        We’re a mess at the moment and it seems like the only people that give a shit is the fans.

        Thumb up 16 Thumb down 1

    • And this is exactly why that false story was put in the papers. If we lost this match, as we have done, fans will jump straiiight at the buyout as a quick plaster for their wounds, and start tearing our club apart. Nevermind that this “bid” is completely false. Stop listening to the fucking papers and think for yourselves. Sure we lost to day, and it sucks donkey balls, but stick by the club until the last match of the season, then air your grievances since you can’t affect the team with them then.

      Thumb up 18 Thumb down 2

      • Fair point Bob, but the discontent is real, regardless of the takeover or not in this case, most fans aren’t happy with the current board.

        Thumb up 5 Thumb down 1

  9. A win here would have put us within 2 points of Chelsea and 6 from ManC. Instead, we are now in big big trouble. Again, we didn’t go all out from the start, and again we paid the price for that.

    Thumb up 21 Thumb down 1

    • I thought we actually started the game well. It was all going great (Adebayor even got booked) until those idiotic defensive errors.

      Thumb up 16 Thumb down 1

      • What I meant was to have included Rosicky (pardon my spelling) in the starting lineup. A 3-2-3-2 of sorts.
        Jenk — Kos/Verm — Mert
        Ramsey— Arteta

        This way when defending we would have had five around the penalty area nullifying all crosses while Rosicky went after Bale. Crowding out the penalty area basically to keep Tottenham at the wide areas.

        Just my idea.

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  10. No plan for Monkeyboy. Well fuck you very much you tactically inept old f**k Wenger. And Verm can go join his BFF at manure. Fucking useless fucking captain. I hate this fucking game! I hate it!

    In Arsene we rust.

    Thumb up 19 Thumb down 31

  11. Idiotic defending for the two goals and did too little after getting one goal back and Ramsey should have buried that.some one else other than sczc sjould have taken that last kick you need to get a decent delivery not just ball in box.
    What happens to these fuckers i dont understand play your football instead of trying to get the aerial ball to giroud again again.

    Thumb up 10 Thumb down 1

  12. just so poor defensively again! its as though our cbs just have no intelligence and are attracted to the ball! tv what has happened to you? you used to be a monster, now, christ almighty your really shit!

    Thumb up 9 Thumb down 0

  13. Too many average players in the squad. We need more competent defenders than tv5 and maybe a better striker too.

    Thumb up 11 Thumb down 1

    • Monreal – Spanish international, Vermaelen- Belgian international , Mertsesacker German international . Nothing wrong with the players. Complete absence of defensive drilling is the problem.

      Thumb up 3 Thumb down 1

  14. Once again we are the cause of our own downfall.

    Spuds aren’t even good. They have one player, who for the majority of the game we kept quiet.

    Feels like they could gave done a bit more to get another goal especially walcott, cazorla, wilshere and giroud.

    I guess we’ll have to rely on others for the next 10 games.

    Thumb up 17 Thumb down 1

  15. I was resigned to a loss before the game and whilst you always retain some hope, I am not as angry as I would have thought at the end. And that, sadly, says it all. I just feel we are in decline, with a gradual acceptance of mediocrity (e.g. 4th if the new 1st).

    I just hope that this summer, whatever the final position is, that we strengthen the team with the right new personnel (quality and number) and get back into CL at the first attempt.

    Otherwise, Liverpool and a return to the dismal 80’s is not beyond the realms of possibility.

    Thumb up 9 Thumb down 5

  16. Adios mr wenger! It was a nice ride since 1996, well done and thanks for everything! Now we move on ….. With our new dosh….. Please you arab bastards just SIGN Da TING!!!!!!!!!!

    Thumb up 12 Thumb down 27

    • Perhaps Wenger is lining him up for a future forward role, you know, like Walcott starting on the wing as Henry did.

      Maybe nobody has told Wenger that Podolski already plays there.

      Thumb up 7 Thumb down 1

  17. Really could not blame the spirit and commitment of the lads. But the spuds simply have better players. We could do with better striker though, or maybe Giroud will be better next season.

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 27

  18. Still mad at theo, for going for the optimistic freekick. One of the few good chances late on and just wasted it. You can argue that the ref should’ve added a 1 minute more, but didn’t see us making a difference with that extra minute.

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  19. As a fan based thousands of miles away from london, i didn’t know the existence of St Totteringham Day until i stumbled upon this site. I couldn’t believe that i’ve passed through countless of such defining moments each season without looking forward to, anticipating and celebrating it. I was hoping this will be season for me to feel the thrill and elation of celebrating St Totteringham this time round … but now…league chances long gone, out of both donestic cups, and needing a miracle for ucl, dear players of AFC, is this little wish too much to ask for?

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  20. Giroud is a good second striker but that’s it.
    Walcott was missing for much of the match and defence well what can we say JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH

    Thumb up 16 Thumb down 1

  21. All week this blog was full of Arsenal fans saying how we were going to smash Spurs. Now I suppose they will spend all week smashing our players. Lol.. Have faith Arsenal we will still make fourth place.

    Thumb up 5 Thumb down 10

  22. Bollox I can’t stand them cunts, how the fuck does giroud stay on for the full game and the defence makes it easy for them cunts with there fuck ups again

    Thumb up 13 Thumb down 2

  23. If we had a striker who could make decent decisions and run in behind the opposing defense we might trouble more teams than Southampton, Wigan, etc., etc.

    Thumb up 15 Thumb down 1

  24. New dosh means:-
    – tapping ALL teams including spurs and barca not to mention pissing off red nose

    – buying out all the dead woods contract and flogging them off

    – pissing on everybody and i mean everybody

    – never ever being ‘not good enough’

    – never ever seeing those yank bastards from denver again…. Ever

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  25. You keep giving wenger excuses. There’s no money, the board’s the problem, oil money, e.t.c. What does that av to do with absolute senselessness in substitution. Of what use was that change (rosicky for carl)? Carl was playing so well, ramsey is not a winger 4 GOD’s sake. I tell you, give wenger messi for 1yr and he’ll become as useless as squillaci.

    Thumb up 21 Thumb down 7

    • Bringing on an influential midfielder for a defender when we are chasing the game is a decent change.

      Especially as Ramsey actually played well.

      Thumb up 11 Thumb down 1

  26. I’m totally gutted at the result and just hoping that this is not the way our season ends. I have enormous respect for what Wenger had done for us but honestly think he has lost his touch. Some of the recent decisions and in this game the high line, substitutions and inability to adapt just make me wonder if the pressure had finally got to him. I am so tired of being the brunt of jokes which hurt all the more because there is an element of truth. AFC you have my support for life but please respect that by honouring the fans with consistent commitment to win.

    Thumb up 13 Thumb down 1

  27. Football’s suppposed to be about having fun….it hasn’t been fun for me in quite some time.
    Humiliation in the champions league,losing to two teams called Bradford and Blackburn & now today this result.

    Something needs to happen

    Thumb up 12 Thumb down 2

  28. Looking at it realistically, we have to win all our games from now to the end of the season anyway. I was expecting more from Wilshere and Cazorla. Walcott didn’t play well again. I thought we deserved a draw. I can’t say we played terribly, we just didn’t play balls into the box as often as we should have.

    The sp*ds are beatable. And the Chelsea – Spuds game is one to watch.

    COYG!! And fuck Piers Morgan!!

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  29. In the last eight barren years, our consolation prizes were making it to the CL and finishing above Sp*rs. It seems that we may not even achieve that this year. Thanks Wenger for his stubbornness and the board for their cluelessness.

    Thumb up 14 Thumb down 2

  30. This result messed up my birthday poor defending and lack of quality up front team tried but not good enough ,this one is on you Arsene .

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  31. i just cant wait for next season,
    sensing certain changes at board and club level
    as of today i have nothing to say,keep calm and keep faith support the club u love and breath and someday we will be repaid for our love

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  32. At least we have an incredibly consistent set piece taker in mr theodore walcott……

    WHY GOD WHY?!?!?

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  33. Sorry Arsene but start your best players fucking first. It’s a derby, game of the season. TR7, Poldi should start ahead of the one who can’t be named here. For fear of rejection

    Thumb up 16 Thumb down 2

  34. having to play Ramsey at RB and Mertesacker as striker for the last 15 minutes show how shit our squad has become. the sooner these Arabs come in the better!

    Thumb up 10 Thumb down 3

  35. Giroud big and useless
    Defenders are rubbish
    Im all 4 change just land Villa
    and sell off @ Kroenke and Usmanov u rich bastards

    Thumb up 5 Thumb down 4

  36. Arsenal=Barca=Real=Milan=Juventus

    Not mention in the same breath as shites like spurs or west ham….. Come on, that was not good enough. At any of those teams above, wenger would be driven and sacked if he did not deliver them trophies.

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 4

  37. Two PATHETIC defending lapses cost us the game.
    You can blame wenger for playing the high line. But, the marking was poor. N per is slow as constipated shit. Where was his POSITIONAL AWARENESS when spuds players were making runs right left and behind and everywhere.
    On the other hand, dawson was solid and vertonghen made a no. of important interceptions.
    N the usual slow build up. The tempo. We started with an excellent tempo. N 10 minutes on, back to usual slow tiki taka between szcz verm per n arteta. Wtf is the point of such useless possession in our own half???
    Walcott has again lost his form.
    Giroud was very poor. Very poor first touches except for that poldi flick which poldi didn’t get a decent first touch to.
    Wilshere was surprisingly having one of those days. Lapses here and there. N looked a bit lethargic.
    Jenki was doing ok. N then the weird sub. Rosicky on for jenki. Ramsey who’s on a yellow plays rb. Lucky he wasn’t off.
    Wenger – high line was suicidal. Fixed it on 2nd half. But, spurs defended well. N walcott, wilshere were both having off days. Santi wasn’t creating anything either.

    Bottomline – Cbs suck. Cost us the game.
    I like vermaelen though. He’s fast and strong at least. Per out! N yea, I know he got the goal. But, he’s not doing his primary job. Defending first please.

    Thumb up 4 Thumb down 7

      • Terrible captain I agree.
        But, he’s good in the air. Fast. Strong. Good with the ball.
        N without the pressure of captaincy, he was arguably the best cb in the league.
        The captaincy pressure has stressed him a lot n with that his awareness is affected n this the headless chicken part comes into play.
        A stronger figure beside him should provide him much needed relaxation n I’m sure we’ll see his best. He’s still got 4 good years in him.
        Per is the one we should let go n buy a leading cb not someone to support verm. Verm needs someone who’ll lead the line n hopefully he’ll regain his confidence n form.

        Thumb up 1 Thumb down 7

    • They could of had another one or two if the player had of spotted the runs , the defending was suicidel

      Thumb up 2 Thumb down 0

    • What is more depressing ? losing to Spurs or hearing that Kroenke is in it for the long haul. Arsenal Football Club does not deserve such good support – the highest prices in world football and the best they can serve up is that spastic Mertesacker and the equally useless Vermaelin. Wenger should be disgusted with himself – he is utterly USELESS !!!

      Thumb up 7 Thumb down 7

      • I’m gonna be honest. This season was absolute shit. But I might have been ok if we at least beat the spuds. My best friend’s a supporter of them and now he has reason to talk shit. Thanks a lot Arsenal…

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  38. Quite simply this club is going nowhere but backwards until Wenger and Kronke both leave. We have a past it, has been of a Manager and an owner who is there for the money, nothing else and probably can’t even name half of the players, it’s an awful awful situation and both of them are laughing all the way to the bank. If you really care about this club then supporters have to a) support the team all the way for the rest if the season b) demonstrate before and after the games to make them leave. The fanbase has largely been ‘meh’ while voicing discontent, this is the time now for us to not stand for it anymore and show how much we love this club. Wenger and Kronke are killing this club.

    Thumb up 9 Thumb down 3

  39. Man i hate those cunts so fucking much.

    Literally all over them for 90 fucking minutes and two stupid mistakes cost us the fucking game.

    What’s most annoying is they’re not better than us, they’re just not, and yet we’ve made them look like they fucking are.

    On the plus-side (if there is one after a derby like this), i thought we played with good tempo, quick passing and all that, subs were good changes, and the way sp*rs defended like a nun’s snatch in the latter stages of the second half are testament to the pressure we were applying. Maybe, just maybe, if we play like that for the rest of our fixtures, we can get into fourth and overtake Chelsea thanks to the oil-drenched managerial shitstorm circus they seem to be playing out.

    …but we’d still be behind the cunts probably, and it really makes me feel sick.

    Gonna need some beer this evening.

    Thumb up 12 Thumb down 1

    • With no wingers to stretch out the defense, no crosses coming in from the sides, and the teams darling Theo Walcott muscling in on the striker’s role, no world class striker could have done anything better.

      Before writing off Giroud, I would like to see him play with proper service and support from the sides.

      Our attack line is predictably askew.

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  40. Doom blah gloom and misery…. after Bayern game some more then when we beat a prem team again it’ll be oh let’s charge for fourth….

    Just get behind the lads they tried hard out there and so*rs are good at moment… fuckers that they are. One thing I don’t understand was the awful movement for crosses or lack of it. Giroud is meant to know where to run!

    Good from jenks good hustle shame we couldn’t draw. Let’s go to Germany and pull off a shocker!

    Thumb up 6 Thumb down 2

  41. Dismal and depressing today, very little to be happy about. what we really have is an identity crisis: winger moans cause he wants to play striker, striker bought and playedas a winger, midfielder playedas rb, attacking midfielder bought and played as defensive mid, slow defenders playing high line (which requires pace!!).

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  42. Did anyone notice how little Wenger did during the match. Whilst AVB looked liked he cared and was giving instrucitons, Wenger looked like he was watching a movie. As an Arsenal fan who only wants the best, I am amazed that some people are still supporting him. How did Walcott and Giroud get 90 minutes???? Why was Podolski not on earlier? Even give the Ox a run. Tactically inept.

    Thumb up 9 Thumb down 3

    • I don’t think so. May as well keep as many strikers on the pitch as possible when you’re losing the game and the Ox has been rubbish this season, and is having a hard time. And you really don’t think Wenger cares about losing to Spurs? Seriously?

      Thumb up 3 Thumb down 1

      • Giroud did nothing all match. And if he plays bad, who do we have to replace him? No one. Wenger for some ridiculous reasons will not give Podolski a game through the middle. The same Podolski that scored 18 goals for a relegated team last year. I didn’t say he doesn’t care, but what did his body language tell you? If Wilshere plays bad – take him off simple. I heard in his pre-match interview that he said we have an excellent defence, what a joke. Our rivals pity us now, is that not proof enough we need a change?

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  43. Lovely jubbly, all the pre game hype from Arse players and fans! I love it, Where’s your Piers Morgan? Graham Rix, Liam Brady, Kenny Samson, Terry Neal, Donkey Adams, Cheating Henry, where are you now!!!!

    Thumb up 1 Thumb down 21

    • He was involved in our goal, had a good chance, and kept working his ass off – his work rate was making sure the team kept their work rate too. Did fine at RB and made some crucial defensive plays. So tell me, why are you mad at him? I suggest if you are angry, you don’t wish for a kid to break his leg, and instead channel it a little more positivly by, you know, supporting the team for the remaining games?

      Thumb up 11 Thumb down 1

    • infact why don’t you go break your legs. An Arsenal fan asking for an Arsenal player to break his leg? Maybe you’re actually Piers himself.

      Thumb up 14 Thumb down 0

  44. We lost the match in the first half, and I think the main culprits were Walcott and Vermaelen. Jenkinson had the WHOLE right wing to himself during most of the game – I don’t have a clue what Wally was doing just drifting around. You get the feeling he felt like he had a point to prove because of the whole FaleVsWally thing and our two best chances came when he finally moved himself down the right wing. Vermaelen, well, you probably already know about that. He doesn’t even score goals anymore..
    Giroud was also pretty terrible, I probably would have got Poldi on much sooner (does anyone know what his situation is? I always thought he was pretty good for us).

    On the plus, I thought Ramsey and Nacho looked very good, Ramsey played everywhere it seems and never seemed to run out of juice while Nacho was pretty solid in defence and attack.

    KEEP THE FAITH! WHL is a hard place to go to, especially when they are in form and I think we deserved a draw (if Vertonghen and Vermaelen were switched round I reckon we would have won). There’s still 30 points to play for and there’s no point crying until the end of the season. Except we won’t have to ‘cos we’ll finish above the various sh*ts from around London!

    Thumb up 15 Thumb down 1

    • Why is everyone blaming Verm for the second goal??! Nacho failed to go with his runner!! He just jogged as Lenon just run past him and then tried and failed to set up and offside trap. Did no one see it?? But now doubt Nacho was solid throughout the game though.

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  45. After our goal, we didn’t create a shit for the rest of the game. Something have to change because at the moment we don’t create enough.

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  46. While I think we showed good commitment, desire, and all the good qualities that you would want in your team, I have to accept the fact that we as a team are just not good enough. All we can do now is pick up our socks and win the rest of games in the leagues and hope like hell that Chelsea or Sp*rs screw up! And I’ll be watching the Bayern game with absolutely no expectations!!

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  47. So the Gunners hate the Sp*rs so much that they will do anything to not be in the same continental competition as those A**holes.

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  48. What upsets me the most is not the performance or the manager or anything like that, it’s the fact that we allowed ourselves to lose to that lot. Really. Fuck them.

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  49. Wtf. Ramsey was sh**…can’t cross..or shoot, too slow on the ball yet jenks went off. Walcott didn’t show up. Girouds gotta do more than win anoccasional flick on! We still miss a striker, a dm and dominating cb. Spuds were nothing special we just didn’t get enough from the players. One of those days.

    Personally if we don’t make 4th I couldn’t really say I will be gutted. I just want a serious overhaul of the squad in the summer. We are 4 wc players short in the starting line up and we simply have to spend the money. SPEND DA DOSH!

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 16

  50. Aaron Lennon did what Theo should have been doing, i.e. stick to the flank run at defenders and make runs behind… FROM THE FLANK.

    Instead Theo stayed central too often, left Jenks isolated so no maneuverability to get good balls in from the right for Giroud to attack.
    Giroud has no guile, no trickery, no quick feet like our previous strikers but he is a battering ram and has quick reactions when dealing with crosses defensively or offensively yet we don’t exploit this trait enough.

    Ramsey did well considering he’s been asked to play everywhere, then got stuck at right back just because the last time he played there we won…fucking hell…but Ramsey has a limit. He cannot take on a defender and beat him, he will always check back if there is no immediate movement infront of him (of which either he cannot see or there really isn’t). Putting Gervinho on for him probably would have been worse actually as we all know Gerv’s issues.

    Our defending is terrible. The pass Sigurdson made for monkey boy was soooooo obvious but Vermaelen decides to kamikaze dive on the pass instead of tracking bale and calmly intercepting the pass. Roll on the second goal, a carbon copy 3 minutes later…really?

    On a lighter note i noticed a banana thrown on the pitch when Bale was taking a corner, that made me chuckle a bit (it was 0-0 at the time). Also a spirited performance in the second half which we have seen alot of recently. So i suggest we give ourselves a 2 goal handicap at the start of all our remaining games and maybe someone will give a fuck about playing seriously for 90 minutes.

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    • Is it taboo to criticise Theo?

      For he no longer wants to play in the right wing even when he is designated to do so; he either stands at the top of the box like a garden gnome, or if he picks up the ball from the sideline, will immediately cut in into the box.

      I cannot understand why Wenger does not sort this out. Is he too scared to tell Theo what to do? Or is it in Theo’s contract that he will play where he pleases?

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    • he stays there because he is waiting for a Hollywood pass from player X. Meanwhile player X is looking at an empty right flank and is forced to play it across the midfield to the left.

      Apparently for Theo it seems there is an ‘I’ in team….tieam

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  51. dem Oberfroschesser Wenger 3x Alaaf,Alaaf,Alaaf
    das war eine Supergeile Startelf !!
    Poldi du spielst in einem Karnevalverein!! hast du das nötig ?
    Giroud spielt nur weil der Oberfroschesser blind ist..
    ich finde das ist eine frechheit wie man dich behandelt.
    deshalb finde ich das Ergebniss geiiiiiiiil.
    Melde dich schon mal krank,wenn ihr gegen München spielt.
    Denn das wird die größte Niederlage werden,und auch den rausschmiss des Oberfroschesser A.W.

    Google translater…………………………….

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  52. Second goal conceded was absolutely criminal! Whatever about Mertesacker’s goal, he and Vermaelen are being found out much too easily. Even when we thought we were shaky with Toure and Gallas we were Never this bad. Can’t imagine how the players can just let it slide, with no player getting angry when we concede. These players play with no proper structure, or real hunger, and no team talks in the world can change what we saw today. Better team, played better, yet we seem to be found out game after game, and now look certain to miss out on the Champions League. Maybe a year in the Europa may give the powers at be at Arsenal a right kick up the hole, and do something constructive that benefits the team, and fans, and not just line their pockets. Nothing surprises me anymore with this team, and it is fucking upsetting!

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 1

    • Exactly jenks should have stayed on. Ramsey IMO is just not quick enough, aware enough and cannot be relied upon to make the right pass or finish. Don’t blame him for the loss…as I said one of those days. But if we had the squad would we play Ramsey? Nope.

      Thumb up 3 Thumb down 5

      • No Ramsey is an intelligent and astute player of the ball, if we had the squad as you say I think we would still play him – him signing a long term contract is evidence of this. Having him gives us flexibility and at only 22 he’s already an excellent distributor of the ball. I love Wilshere but he lacks the positional discipline that Ramsey shows whenever he plays the deeper lying midfield role, which is why I think the two of them compliment each other well, and will be a good partnership in the coming years.

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  53. So depressed with this defending, im not jumping on the “wenger out” bandwagon but this is sooooo poor, im beginning to think there may not be another answer, people saying that all we need is two good players, we have been saying that for 4-5 years, he never buys the two good players, he buys one good player and one useless player, never good defenders, buy a bloody centreback wenger or i will jump on the bandwagon soon enough.

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  54. I think we closed them down and pressed better than at any time this season I was a rurally very impressed up to there 1st goal. That makes it all the more frustrating how simple their goals were. All that hard work undone by an awful, unpracticed offside trap. The one positive today is that I am now certain that we have more quality than spuds and manure is our only big game left.

    Thumb up 1 Thumb down 2

  55. The only consolation today for Me was seeing our Gooner fans at the away end throwing a Banana at the fuckn Monkey in White !!! Now that was Class !!

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  56. Ok, lets all blame Ramsey for the two defensive errors and everything else that went wrong. Dont credit him for the free kick he won that got us the goal. that would be ridiculous

    Thumb up 14 Thumb down 1

  57. Ramsey should get no sympathy for missing THAT. Man, just imagine if it was Gervinho. Would have got destroyed. But too many Arsenal fans are sentimental when judging Ramsey. I don’t let my emotions get in the way. If he’s shit, he’s shit. End of.

    Thumb up 6 Thumb down 13

      • Stats show our win % with Ramsey is shit. Oh wow he won a FK edge of the box, we still lost. Just get fucking real.

        Thumb up 2 Thumb down 9

      • And you’re overlooking the fact that he was one of our best players last night, choosing to rely on stats that you should know are so easy to manipulate? Come on mate get real if you want to jump on someone in the team for our loss to the Spuds Ramsey really isn’t the one you should be harping on. Just look at some of our defensive performances in Per or TV5, look at our inability to put anything away in Theo and Giroud, or even look at the relative anonymity of Cazrola and surprisingly Jack last night. Plenty of blame to go around but Jenks and Rambo were the two positives of last night.

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    • Really? That was a decent chance, but definately not a sitter or anything. It was a fair few yards from goal, at an angle, and didn’t go far wide, especially when it took a deflection. The real problem is that we should have created more chances than that, and would have won the game if we did.

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    • man.. and you still stuck on “we can’t win with ramsey in the starting line up”?open your eyes and watch the whole game!

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  58. After the Villa game last week I wrote: “I think Giroud is a very nice guy but I have to say the only reason he is playing as a regular for our club is that we don’t have a world class striker which is necessary if we are to really compete for trophies..”

    Before every game I hope Giroud will surprise me but got to say it’s really hard to change my opinion after such a performance – every time he gets the ball, you can be almost sure, he’s going to loose it, and that’s not what characterizes Arsenal football club.. 🙁

    We need CHANGE this summer!

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    • genau!! Ihr braucht einen neuen Trainer,einen Weltklasse Trainer.
      die Mannschaft ist OK,das leid ist,A.W ist am blind werden.
      wie kann ich einen Spieler auf der bank sitzen lassen der inkl. CL 14 tore vom feinsten gemacht hat ?? Giroud lebte bisher nur von Podolski,ansonsten ist er nur Mittelmaß.Schade,aber Arsenal ist keine Legende mehr.

      Google tranlater

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  59. Maybe everyone should say: Yes – we need to beat Spurs in EVERY NLD. Realistically – not going to happen, but…
    What REALLY happened this season to put Arsenal in it’s current position?
    Let me list them:
    – Sunderland… Tie
    – Stoke… Tie
    – Norwich… Loss
    – Man U… Loss (gifting RVP a goal)
    – Fulham… Tie
    – Villa… Tie
    – Swansea… Loss
    – SouthHampton… Tie
    – BOTH ousting performances of domestic Cups.

    18 needless BPL points lost and 2 cups out

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  60. Ramsey performance summary: First 30 mins, decent, controlled the tempo of our midfield nicely. After that, he does nothing, absolutely nothing. Some Gooners, such as Arseblog might say ”he played his heart out’. That roughly translates to giving fouls away, passing back during counter attacks and that disgraceful miss from that superb Rosicky through ball. Not blaming the game on or ‘abusing’ Ramsey at all. All I’m saying is that his presence within the AFC team is useless.

    Thumb up 7 Thumb down 8

    • Rambo was a constant nuisance to the Spuds, and won us the FK that got us back in the game…and that happened well after 30 minutes, it happened in the second half in fact. His work rate also kept the midfield ticking throughout the match…

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  61. Arseblog, I believe it was Walcott that took the free kick that led to our goal and not Cazorla, except we didn’t watch the same match. Now hoping Spurs drop points or we win the Champions League.

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  62. I can’t remember being so furious after a game, maybe its because sp*rs weren’t actually that good.

    Although our defending was rubbish for the second goal, I think the defence gets far too much stick. The amount of times this season we allow teams to cross/pass the ball in to the box without closing them down is appalling. You can blame the defence as well but the whole team needs to close down. Today we tried pressing but we switched off on a number of occasions.

    Ramsey was by miles our best player today, worked hard, always involved. Walcott was frustrating, only because he never gave jenkinson a forward option.

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  63. I hate to admit it but I had butterflies in my tummy sheen I heard about the Arab consortium’s alleged upcoming bid. Is a man city style takeover what we need to compete again? I think wenger has to go: just look at our performances against our big ‘rivals’. Lose to united, Chelsea, city, scum (they’re such cunts), and if that wasn’t enough also losses to small clubs (disrespect intended) is turning us into a laughing stock.

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 2

    • Any team, bar sp*rs and man u, would love to snap Wenger up if we sacked him. He’s still the man for the Arsenal!

      Thumb up 3 Thumb down 6

      • He has failed to get us past Bradford and Blackburn this season, he can’t even get the players spirts up before a NLD and you think he is the man for this club?

        Thumb up 3 Thumb down 2

      • This isn’t just the managers fault. Against Bradford we had a lot of chances, any other day we would have beaten them. I’ll agree with the Blackburn game. However, I give a 100% in my job and I don’t need someone to motivate me, why do players who any of us would kill to have the talent and wage of not realise that they need to do the same against all opposition.

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      • so fucking delusional. no team TOP team wants a loser wenger hasn’t won anything in 10 years and that makes him a shit manager

        Thumb up 4 Thumb down 4

      • Why do players not give 100%? Whose job is to stamp out any such complacency at top flight football? Whose job is it to make sure the players have the desire to play for the shirt? Who bought these players that don’t give 100%?

        Again, Wenger’s fault.

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  64. I watched Dortmund’s game yesterday where Lewandowski was sensational and then i saw today’s game and realised just how much we need a truly world class striker cause Giroud must be a backup at best!
    And Theo fucking Walcott would you please stick to that fucking wing for Bergkamp’s sake !!!!

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    • I don’t know where the permission is coming from for Theo to play everywhere but the wing. Is he deciding (and f*cking up) the shape? Is it Arsene telling him to float around everywhere but there?

      If it’s Theo deciding, then he’s being f*cking selfish in his need for glory.

      If it’s Arsene deciding, then f*ck all.

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      • It’s probably due to him fucking the club over a barrel with his contract (which we were at fault for in the first place). He now has the wage that suggests he is the most important player at the club and he has been playing that way ever since he signed the dotted line.

        He will shout at others when they shoot, he rarely passes when someone is in a better position and he never shows for the ball, expecting his team to find him.

        No wonder he is top scorer, I’d bet my hat that he has hit the most shots out everyone in the team. He’s turned into a right greedy sod.

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      • I agree.
        Makes me think if it is in his contract that Theo will decide where he will play.

        Theo is now a problem that Wenger has to sort out urgently.
        If he refuses to play as a winger when told to, then AW should have the courage to leave him on the bench and give the chance to someone who will play as a winger.

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  65. Arsenal 1 Arsenal’s Back Line -2

    Simple as that.

    TV5 looks lost. Is he even fit to be a center half?

    Mertesacker has no urgency to close down an attacker…when he sees them (50% of time). At one point, he literally watched from two yards away as Defoe took the ball and fired at goal.

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  66. Imagine any club in the world, with the players of the same level as the ones we have. Then imagine the manager REFUSING to spend, not a case of having no funds but actually just REFUSING to spend. Then imagine that same manager, playing the same 4-3-3 variation week in and week out with the wrong players and the REFUSAL to change the system. Imagine that same manager not fixing such obvious problems as our defence. Imagine that same manager not fixing such obvious problems as our attack. Now finally imagine that the same manager has sold the team’s best player, 5 years in a row.

    I dare anybody to come up with one name whose fans or board would have put up with such stubborness, such arrogance and such stupidity for longer than a couple of years, let alone 8 years. Other than Arsenal.

    Yes, Wenger was a revelation to this club and the league, His achievements will never be forgotten, but 8 years of resting on his laurels? Come on. Not good enough.

    I don’t want him sacked, I want him to stand down and go onto another club and show the world he can still do it. But I can’t see him getting out of this hole he (and the board) have dug for us. We need someone with renewed energy, renewed passion, renewed ambition to take the helm immediately to salvage this season.

    Thumb up 13 Thumb down 2


    arsenal fans deserve the troll in charge because you’re all a bunch of idiots.

    Thumb up 4 Thumb down 10

  68. cannot believe the troll allowed spuds to over take us. how could he let this happen, how could WE LET HIM LET IT HAPPEN????

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  69. i’m sorry but if Arsene can’t see how bad that defending is… then he really must be blind… and sorry but Mertesacker was shit.. i’ve always felt that from day one he’s just to slow for the prem…

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  70. Let’s be truthful here we are a very average team now! When it comes to the big games this season we just don’t turn up how many of the big teams have we beaten this season spu*s and there a bunch of cunts It’s time for a change of manager and the board!! Fucking sick!

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    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 19





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      • It’s always amusing to read the comments of those from another team on this site.

        Not only amusing, but also comes with the guarantee of poor spelling and even worse grammar.

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  72. You cannot play a high line with slow sluggish CB’s against ultra speed! This was OBVIOUSY the tactic, and who’s to blame for that? Suicidal. Arsene, sorry, sad to see him go let’s remember the great times but it’s over, he’s lost it totally. Poldi On the bench? It’s time to finally face it. My fear is we’ve let it go too long the rot has settled in and we’re in for years of mediocrity. Spurs CL? That’s OK with you all? Fuck that.

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  73. About the monkey, Bale …. I rather have that monkey in our team than Gevrvin-HO , Ramsey , Per, Vermalean,Jenkinson…. All the cunts we have in our line up . Arsene go buy us a monkey like Bale if that will help !. Am tired of these good looking , good for nothing Shitbags that u field everyday . Or better Wenger resign and sell the club to Arabs .

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  74. We shot ourselves in the foot yet again. What is with this Arsenal team giving away cheap goals to the opposition let alone the scum of the earth ? Why is it that everything we do is reactive?
    We werent beaten because spurs played like world beaters. Yet again our defence failed us. WTF is with vermaelen? The captaincy seems to burden him and his performances has dropped so far from what it was? Koscielny needs a run alongside Mert. Think whatever of him but in this moment in time Mertesacker is our best defender despite him being slow to come out of defence for their first goal. Ramsey did us all proud.. Bale did fuck all after scoring. Hyped up cunt!

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  75. Waited til after Wenger’s transcript. “It is difficult to understand how we could lose a game like that.”

    Arsene, mate… is not difficult at all. You have done great things for this club, but seriously you have GOT to get your head out of your arse.

    The squad is not good enough, period. Vermaelen is our captain, and why? I get that others are culpable for the goals, however, he is the captain and was fast asleep as those two c*nts passed right behind.

    Seriously, figure it the fuck out enough is enough.

    For fuck sake.

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  76. I stood by Wenger for all these years, but this season is the straw that broke the camels back. I can only be naive for so long. Let’s be honest here, what are Wenger’s strengths these days?

    Picking up young talent?

    £15m for Oxlade Chamberlain, almost as much as he paid for an established player (Cazorla), however, Ox is suffering from second season syndrome. How many youngsters has he missed out on? Lots. Players like Varane slipped through his fingers.

    Adapting the team during a match?

    He has stubbornly stuck to 4-3-3 for far too long when we clearly don’t have the players or the aptitude to play it. Hell, we don’t even have proper wingers.

    Transfer shrewdness?

    He sold Van Persie to our rivals for £20m when keeping him would have been far, far better. He spent £15m on shower of shit like Gervinho, £10m on Giroud who looks out of his depth. £10m on Podolski who he never plays. Cazorla was a great buy, but we had to wait until Malaga were in the shit before we bought him. We missed out on Mata, Villa etc etc the list goes on.

    Player motivation?

    The players rarely give it their all anymore. We usually have to wait 45 mins until we show up this season.

    Seriously, what can Wenger do nowadays that most managers can’t?

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  77. Spuds were shit! Those cunts were no more convincing in the win than Arsenal was disgracefully sloppy in conceding defeat.

    There are ten games to go. Chelski is a mess. Sp*ds are wanky and have tough draws ahead.

    Keeping hope alive here.

    Come on Arsenal!

    Come on you Gunners!

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  78. Whot on earth is that prima donna Walcott doing. He thinks he’s some world-class talent, but he’s totally indifferent and ineffective, especially when he tries to impose himself centrally. Idiot.

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 1

    • I agree. Walcott is essentially sitting on top of Giroud in the middle. There were numerous times when the midfield tries playing a through ball, camera pans over, and Giroud and Walcott are 3 feet apart. Doing that essentially cuts off the right side of the attack because Jenkinson has to cover so much ground with only a cross or cutback to the middle as options.

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  79. At least the Europa league gives us a better chance of actually winning a trophy.

    I wonder if Spurs have an equivalent of St Totteringham’s Day – it’s been nearly two decades since we’ve finished below them.

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    In the North London Derby, BPL season 2012-2013…
    Arsenal win on aggregate 6-4

    North London STAYS with the Gunners.

    ummm…please all gather ’round, join hands, and pray for an appearance by Saint Totteringham this gracious year of 2013.

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  81. Krone or whatever your name is….. out of this club your wrecking or club, just like u wrecking all your so called American teams…… MAKE A STAND MY FELLOW GUNNERS

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  82. idk if spud had the monkey man who can scored yesterday?

    as a fan, i really fuckingfeel the pressure now. after, bradford,blackburn, and now spud….

    its really hurts!

    if sugardaddy or qatar or the monkey or superman will takeover, then be it…

    but no matter what i will support my beloved arsenal thick and thin forever…..


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  83. Yes…..we can shout till heaven falls, nothing will happen, wenger will still do the same thing and expect a different result. First, let us stop blaming the verminator for our woes, let us address the main issue. Agreed he has not been in his imperial form this season, but who amongst them has been on top of his game all season……today, realistically, there was nothing he could have done to prevent both goals. Both passes were made at the same position, at the same manner, and at the edge of the box. Do we expect vermaelen to rush out of the box and leave the back(that has no cover) open…………what we need is a DEFENSIVE MIDFIELDER!!!!!. Why is that so difficult to understand!!!!. We have needed one all season, but recalcitrant wenger would not listen. Verminator, having a rough season, but not the major tactical problem, barca defenders have busquet to cover them, bayern defenders have martinez, real defenders have khedira, so why can’t arsenal get one. Two, wenger has lost touch with the sense of winning, and even the basics of tactics. Why keep on putting Rosicky on the bench when it is glaring he is our life line? Why keep Giroud on the pitch for the entire duration when he did not have any shot on target until the 90th minute? Why remove jenkinson when the boy was giving so much in the match, only to put Ramsey there?….this is appalling!!!!. Wenger has lost it….let us be sincere…..he seem no to know what he is doing anymore. Thirdly, arsenal fans in london are comfortable with this nonsense…….8 seasons without a trophy, match tickets skyrocketing everyday yet performances plummeting abysmally and some still shout “in arsene we trust”…..I am a nigerian, and in fact, only watch on the T.V with friends and i dare not speak sometime(like today, bayern’s game, bradford game, blackburn’s game)….this is getting so crazy!!!!!!, pls, are fans( especially the ones paying to view these matches) incapable of doing anything, before this club becomes liverpool!.

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  84. Bayern, Blackburn, Bradford, Schalke, Tottenham etc etc.

    Years ago if we played Schalke we would have destroyed them. The fact is when we played them. They destroyed us. A stand out player in the match, Holtby, was not deemed good enough by Arsene. He moved on to a ‘bigger club’ Tottenham, and now they better than us.
    Adebayor, Bale, Parker, Dembele, Vertonghen, Gallas, Holtby – all players that would’ve made us better that we could have signed. All players that saw Arsenal as better than Spurs. All players that now know they are better than Arsenal quality.

    Fuck the cunts that sold the club to Kroenke. Our only hope is a takeover from Usmanov or the Arabs. We need to stop the rot soon, or we will never be able to recover from this. Nasri, Fabregas, Clichy, Hleb, Flamini, Toure, RVP, etc etc. All players that were capable of the extroadinary that we let go. The club is NOT self-sustaining if we cannot sustain our talent pool. It’s depressing to be an arsenal supporter. Fucking depressing.

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 0

      • So what does that say about the Arsenal team, given the fact that we lost to them yesterday, especially as two out of the three mentioned players started against us yesterday?

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    • Don’t forget Swansea, Villa, Fulham, Sunderland and Stoke….

      But it is understandable as their wage bills allows those teams to buy super, super top quality…

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