Mertesacker has pop at German press for repeating British press


Although we didn’t see the story in the British press about Per Mertesacker wanting to leave Arsenal/being made surplus to requirements in the middle of the season, we’re quite sure it existed.

This is the same press that gleefully announces the departures of players who have been dropped for a couple of games. Such are the sensitivities of these special snowflakes that they can’t even think about the prospect of, you know, working hard to get their place back and playing better so they keep it.

So when Per Mertesacker, away on international duty, was asked about the possibility of he and Arsenal parting ways, he wasn’t slow in reminding his countrymen that they ought to do a bit more research.

“You all just re-printed a news item from the British press without even researching it,” scoffed the BFG.

“They don’t just drive on the other side of the road there, things also work differently in the UK media – there’s more unfounded speculation than on the stock exchange! I’m very happy at Arsenal and want to stay to build on the reputation and respect I’ve earned so far.

“I don’t consider a return to Germany. I am under contract with Arsenal and I am planning to stay on at Arsenal for more years from now.”

Consider yourselves told, Gernalists!

Thanks to Arser, Wolfi, for the translation of the Kicker story.

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