Report: Middle-Eastern consortium planning takeover


A report in today’s Sunday Telegraph suggests that Arsenal may be the subject of a takeover bid from a middle-eastern consortium.

According to leaked information, the party in question would be willing to make a cash offer to the main shareholders, wipe out the club’s debt, provide funds for transfers and, we imagine, give every fan a trampoline or a lightsaber.

A source told the Telegraph, “Arsenal is at a pivotal position at the moment. The fear is that the club is facing a cycle of decline like Liverpool. From our point of view it is the perfect moment to make this bid because at this moment in time you can still genuinely justify this extraordinary valuation on the club.

“We will not bid for Arsenal if they go into decline. Kroenke and Usmanov will not get this kind of valuation if Arsenal do not succeed and will not get this kind of valuation ever again. We think that bidding now is the key because it is going to give every shareholder maximum value. We are giving them peak valuation.

“The amount of capital required to pump into Arsenal to make it competitive within England, Europe and the world means that the valuation cannot go any higher. ”

Stan Kroenke is the majority shareholder, with 66.83% while Alisher Usmanov’s Red and White group hold 29.96%. Neither man is particularly well liked, for various reasons, and there’s no doubt both would make significant profits should they decide to sell.

It remains to be seen how much veracity there is to these reports, and the quotes read like they’ve been monitoring people on Twitter and saying what they think people want to hear.

It’s clear Arsenal would be a jewel in anybody’s crown. Let’s face it, if people are prepared to spend hundreds of millions on Man City then a club like Arsenal would be genuinely attractive.

Time will tell but we’re not holding our breath.

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