Sp*rs 2-1 Arsenal: by the numbers


Here’s a weird thing that happened…

11 – Shots by each team
4 – Shots on goal by them
2 – Shots on goal by us
3 – Shots on goal by Bale
1 – Shot on goal by Giroud
1 – Shot on goal credited to Mertesacker which was probably not actually on frame and which Bale should be credited with an own goal
166 – Completed passes by them in the first half
10 – Completed passes by them in the Arsenal final third in the first half
3 – Shots by them in the first half
2 – Goals by them in the first half
75 – Completed passes by them in the second half
17 – Completed passes by them in the Arsenal final third in the second half
8 – Shots by them in the second half
229 – Completed passes by Arsenal in the first half
50 – Completed passes by Arsenal in their final third in the first half
3 – Shots by Arsenal in the first half
1 – Shots on goal by Arsenal in the first half
185 – Completed passes by Arsenal in the second half
54 – Completed passes by Arsenal in their final third in the second half
8 – Shots by Arsenal in the second half
1 – Goals by Arsenal in the second half

17 – Arsenal’s season average for aerial duels won
26 – Aerials won against Sp*rs
6 – Aerial duels won against them in the first half
20 – Yep, 20, Arsenal won 20 aerial duels in the second half
9 – of those were in the last 30 minutes, all in their half of the pitch
13 – Giroud won 13 aerial duels alone (out of 17 attempted)
9 – Duh… nine of Giroud’s aerial duels were in the second half
3.9 – That’s Giroud’s season average for aerials won
32 – That’s the number of Aerial Duels Arsenal won against Stoke (season high) except that was Stoke bombing them in at Arsenal

8 – Arsenal also only created 8 shots from passes (what we often call “key passes”) we haven’t had that few key passes since Chelsea
28  – Theo Walcott’s touches, fewer than any other player except Adebayor, Podolski, Defoe and Livermore
9 – Arsenal only made 9 tackles, tied with the fewest tackles in any game this season (Stoke, Man U)
11 – But they only needed 11 tackles to beat us back
26 – Because we attempted a crazy number of crosses, 10 more than them
19 – Number of those crosses that came from Theo, Jenks, and Ramsey
4 – And only connected on 4 – yeah, we were 4/26 on crosses
3 – They were 3/16

In conclusion, they didn’t outpass us (241 to 414), didn’t have more play in the final third (27 to 104), didn’t really even have to tackle, beat Arsenal in interceptions by just 1, didn’t out-dribble Arsenal (6/17 to 11/25), didn’t win many aerial duels (14/40), did a terrible job clearing their lines (16/33 v. 12/18), and yet they won. Because Arsenal didn’t defend the basics at all on the first goal and then decided to go on vacation for the second.

Oh, and it didn’t help that Giroud had Arsenal’s only real shot on goal, and that it came in the first half (come on, Mertesacker was trying to flick across the box), that Theo only managed 28 touches, that Wilshere dribbled 6/8 but was only 73% in his passes and 58% from the final third, and that in the end, Arsenal were reduced to a poor imitation of Blackburn Rovers as they lumped the ball up to their big center back-cum-center forward.

Once again Arsenal made a pile of shit smell like a rose.


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Get fucking Tomas Rosicky back into the heartbeat of this team for fuck sake. Atleast he can create and runs his fucking bollocks off for the team.

Still no idea how in the flying fuck wenger thought we would be okay with 1 striker this season. Provides good competition dont you think? so if Giroud is not performing, then Giroud stays on and gets another chance next week.

Giroud's perfectly chiseled face
Giroud's perfectly chiseled face

I like Giroud, but we need to buy a top striker in the summer, someone who can actually replace RVP… Giroud should be the backup to said striker.

Every top team has multiple strikers available, except us… If Giroud doesn’t perform, we have to play Theo up front, and that means we’re fucked on the right wing…


wer ist Giroud ??

German Gunner

Runcorn Gooner

3rd or 4th place.Our final position provided we play as we can.We have the easiest run in and possibly less matches if we go put of Europe .
Have faith fellow Gooners.There is no fat lady singing yet.


I don’t think the fat lady could give a fuck about us.


She has been crying hoarse but we have been sitting with wax in our ears


I can’t believe Podolski didn’t start, he may have games where he goes unnoticed, but at least he has that quality and experience to take a chance when it presents itself. As much as I love Giroud, he’s painfully slow and not too agile.

Also, please buy a DM Wenger, Arteta is OK but he’s not good enough. He keeps possession well but he doesn’t have the engine for the role nor does he break up play.


I am sure Arsene wanted to get a striker but was mislead by Theo after his flukey one-off performance against a frankly very poor newcastle defence around the January window!

Newcastle recognised their deficiency and went ahead to strengthen, while Arsene believed he had a backup for Giroud.


Totally agree about the striker situation. Giroud has been exposed certain times this season as simply not good enough, how are we supposed to be a top four side with only one recognised striker on the bench?

Not signing Demba Ba or a proven Prem goalscorer when we had the chance could prove to be very costly at the end of the season.


*Meant to say one recognised striker in the whole squad!


4 – Points Arsenal have against the current top 4 (Out of 21). W1 D1 L5


And it not losing to them that hurts (We lost 2-1 last year too). It is the general decline in our performance against our competitors (The top 4 group).


We aren’t beating anyone in the top four. Proof enough that we’re not fit enough to be there. The decline…..oh the decline!


We haven’t scored many points against the top 4 for YEARS now.
This due to defensive mistakes and this year we even piss on the floor and not in the pot.
Oh Well. I suppose Wenger’s job is safe. Stand by for more comical goals against next year.
Up The Arsenal!


Last year we had 10 out of 24 against the same lot W3 D1 L4


Maybe we have a chance of winning a trophy next year. EL! Here we come!


They didnt outperformen us, we just implode ourselves and i dont know when is this gonna stop.
Gotta win all the remaining ten games, and hope cunts above us drop points or implode themselves.


Walcott only had 28 touches ????


apparently we paid him just enough for him to hang around the goal like a fly buzzing around shite.

Mertesacker's Houseboy
Mertesacker's Houseboy

The only number that matters right now is the scoreline


Giroud has been frustrating for a while now. It is also frustrating that we have no back up striker when our NOT EVEN WORLD CLASS striker is frustrating us. All too frustrating.


Not once did Theo get behind their back 4.They Assou Ekkoto and Vertonghen both stayed tight with Theo.Which gave Jenkinson a lot of space and he did put some good crosses in. Yet we never have enough players inside the box.Push Arsenal out wide and Arsenal struggle.We are just so predictable


actually theo made quite a few great runs into positions inbetween defenders but jack didnt spot him fast enough and choose to pass sideways. then again, maybe he should of demanded it by telling the midfield where to pass.


“We are just so predictable”

Well said. I became an Arsenal fan by watching them and feeling “this… this here is how the game should be played right now.” A big part of that was the dynamic nature of our passing game, which made us an intimidatingly unpredictable (and yet somehow reliable, at that point in time) attacking team. I’m hooked now, and don’t plan on going back on my commitment to fanhood, but it would be awfully nice for Arsenal to go back to that type of beautiful style.


Again a complete and utter lack of a Plan B. I still cannot understand why Ramsey is being used as a utility player. He gave it his all, but playing him at right-back and left midfield is laughable.
Also beats me why Podolski is not a regular.


Poldi is not playing coz Wenger sees him the same way he did Arshavin. “a player he wants to ruin” congratulations are in order? Fuck no.


ok so i’m a liverpool fan so don’t abuse me. You lot are in the shit, just like us a few years ago, the numbers always give you hope but deep down the writing is on the wall and you knew you’d get beat yesterday. The problem is if you lose Wenger you’ll have a couple more bad seasons to try and settle things down with a new manager and if you keep Wenger the rot continues? Welcome to the Non-Big 4.


Since the summer of 2009 we have spend around £45,000,000 on our defense.And unlike our attack where we lost some really key players we didn’t lose any key players in defense.Yet there has been no improvement whatsoever


I think it has more to do with defending and attacking as a team/unit… We just don’t. Our attack, midfield and defense are 3 separate entities. Problem is there are way too many players who just can’t be trusted to put in a performance….

Rosickys Hair Straighteners
Rosickys Hair Straighteners

Some food for thought Iain. We have to have a couple of seasons of decline and building now. We missed the opportunity to strengthen and hold our place in the league but that boats sailed. A new manager and wenger leaving plus no champs league ensures a turbulent time for the club. We have to cut off this rotten limb now though and take the pain. If we let the gangrene of wengers tactics continue to spread and cripple our chances of development then the club will regress further into the realms of obscurity and the value of the club will plummet. I just hope somehow we can bullshit some quality players into joining us in the summer. Else we’re fooooooked! Dark times. But still and always im ARSENAL TILL I DIE!!!

Rosickys Hair Straighteners
Rosickys Hair Straighteners

If thats true Nishanth thats utterly depressing and shows the managers floors. Im finally on the boat after years of defending him…. Wenger has to go 🙁


statistics are just bunch of numbers thats on paper. what really matters is the quality. we do not play football on paper or for statistics except scores.


With regards to whether wenger needs to go or not….i am one who (call me stupid) still believes there is something there with him, and could still possibly squeeze one or two good years left in him, but only if he has quality players, because right now, with one or 2 exceptions, (jack, santi) he is literally trying to get blood out of a stone


One or two years left in him? You must be as deluded as Wenger. The man is now a spent force and will never win anything at Arsenal again. He’s had plenty of time to get things right, we’ve been going backwards fast since 2009!


Thats the problem, Wenger is trying to get blood of a stone, when he could be getting blood out of something that ….you know actually has blood, The problems that we are facing are down to Wenger, it’s his players, tactics, training etc.

Something needs to change Arsenal, the old way of doing things are simply not working anymore, if it doesn’t we will continue eandering along all the way to mediocrity.


Couldn’t let it pass mate, you are stupid.


but it is he that signed these “stones” and its is he that decides how to train his “stones”.
i understand you cant always be right in the transfer market but that’s where the extra work comes in from training.

what you have is called ‘blind faith’.


Vermaelen £8,450,000
Koscielny £8,500,000
Squillacci £3,500,000
Jenkinson £1,000,000
Santos £6,200,000
Mertesacker £8,000,000
Monreal £8,500,000

Monreal since he is new could be exempt from criticism.What about the rest??Shocking that inspite of having had a prob with GK for years now we still haven’t bought a single keeper for the first team.Internal solutions my ass


Wenger is totally blind when it comes to keepers, part of the reason we’ve failed to win anything in the last 8 years.


Piss off. Lehman is one of the best goalkeepers I’ve ever seen.


I said last ‘8 years’ moron. Learn to read.


Montreal was at fault for the first goal


Yeah. Blame Canada!


Thousands of passes very few goals.
Basketball they score every ten passes. May be we should have 8 players
only on the field. be more goals. Just saying

Willy young

To be Champions again we need a massive change in personnel. If you look at it only

Gibbs / nacho

Would be first XI starters with the following in the 25 man squad.

Rosicky ( one more year)

That means 12 new players of which 7/8 need to first team standard. It won’t happen but it should. There are 3 players Arshavin Squid Flappy and Harejvic out of contract in Summer but at least 20 players need moving on. It needs to be a busy summer but will it be busy enough? I am sorry but Verm Ramsey Diaby Gervinho Chamack etc need to go

The Lube

One thing that truly baffles me is why take off our best crosser (Jenkinson) then replace him with someone who’s on a yellow card and has half the pace. Was he injured,perhaps? I totally saw no logic in that


Exactly what I thought, horrendous substitution.


Maybe he wanted to crowd out the midfield to give us more possession by taking of our RB and putting on a midfielder. Which worked. The was just no final product.


What worked? We didn’t score after the substitutions did we.


So then our posession is fake, our shots are tame/timid, our full backs/wingers are shit at crossing and we are altogether a ridiculous team. And btw, convert Giroud to a central defender if the only thing he does well is winning his aerial duels and…..am tired.


Yep, that’s pretty much the measure of it. Remember how all the statisticians used to say how Denilson has great stats so secretly must be a great player? Well, if they actually bothered to look at him, they would realise it was all based on passing backwards or to someone with three opponents on them.

The team stats are just saying the same thing: we tend to go sideways or backwards in preference to attacking their goal.

Richard Davis

Wenger has a secret crush on Ramsey. Let me tell you now that Ramsey is actually destroying Arsenal. Wenger keeps playing him even though he is not good enough to play for Reading. Explain to me why this guy is still playing. I said 2 years ago he is a mesa and he is still a mess. I shed a tear when he broke his leg but he cant play football now. Please god stop playing Ramsey. It is disturbing now.


I’m not sure what game you were watching, but if more people played like Ramsey then we win a load more games. He is good positiionally and has great work rate.

Yes, his speed of passing is not quite up the usual Arsenal standard but that is not what we’re lacking right now.


I agree he was one of very few who wanted the ball and most of all wanted to go forward. The guy needs support from us not the shit we spout at him.
I think there is a really good player in Ramsey if he can grow in confidence.


Don’t really know how you get off saying that when he was one of our best players yesterday, and in recent games as well.


Don’t want to be a Ramsey basher however…. – assuming we want to win titles, Ramsey’s best just isn’t good enough to be a starter for Arsenal… Having said that, still think he could do a Ray Parlor and be a vital part of the squad.


Watching the game yesterday it’s clear to see that Giroud is sadly not top, top, quality. But with his limited abilities we surely have to play to his strengths which is to get crosses from wide positions for him to feed on.

The fact that Wenger took off Jenkinson who was probably the only one provding quality balls into the box once again highlights Wenger’s deluded tactics and thinking.

And then to try and make Ramsey play as some sort of winger cum fullback is just shear nuttyness. Wenger has truly lost the plot.

If Wenger loves Arsenal he should do the honourable thing and resign. Thanks for the memories and achievments, but this surely has to be the end of the road.


Rosicky’s stats please? I’m sure he didn’t misplace a single pass, apart from that one poor touch. His one touch with Cazorla, was amazing. It is CRIMINAL that they’ve not started a single match together.

The Lube

Would loooooove to see them both start a game in midfield together. Would be beautiful


Starting Rosicky would kill Ramsey…


We just have to hope we beat Everton and Liverpool beat Sp*rs. That’ll put pressure on them, hopefully they suffer from complacency. The numbers aren’t exactly encouraging on their side.

Rosicky should start the next game. Bench Walcott and bring in Akpom.

Fed Up

Totally agree with benching Theo”100K”Walcott and it’s absolutely scandalous Rosicky cant get in the startingXI

Richard Davis

You do realise when Ramsey does not play we usually win yet Weng keeps playing him. Is Wenger involved in match fixing because he does not play worldclass players like Podolski and Rosicky but he plays Ramsey.


Why pick on Ramsey when he was one of our best players on the pitch at WHL? Thought him and Jenks did well, while rest ranged from average to just plain poor.


Ok Richard we get it you don’t like Ramsey, you can stop with bashing now its getting boring.


if this is Spuds on the up and Gooners on the down I know what colour shirt I’d rather be wearing as there was fuck all in that game that a good striker and centre half or two wouldn’t solve. I am a Wenger fan but he does need a kick up the backside as some of his decisions are really questionable. Would you really want that ginger George Michael wannabe in charge of our team?


The manager can look like Boy George for all I care, as long as they know what they’re doing, that’s fine with me. Wenger dosen’t.


Do you really want to hurt me ? Do you really want to make me cry ?


I tell you someone who disappointed me last night was wilshere, I was relying on him so much as he’s our only proper class player and he did fuck all, not a captain like performance (I know he’s not our captain but you know).


Look, the problem is maybe more the fact that we have to rely on Wilshere in the first place. He should get games here and now, but he should have someone with more “seniority” in front of him in any case. Wilshere shouldn’t have to start every game. Don’t put that much pressure on the boy, he already better than we could dream.

That should be Diaby in front of him, but then, we know how solid he is… seriously, there has to be rotation in that area, it would benefit all of them.

But no way in the world was Wilshere the “problem” yesterday.


Problem with Jack is everyone is gonna want to compare him with what Cesc was doing at that age. Cesc was just a freak of nature and didn’t have to miss an year with injury… He also had players around him that u could count on actually turning up in games. Can’t say the same of the current lot.


All hopes and dreams pinned on a 21 year old because the rest of the team is inadequate. 21 year old gets slated because he couldn’t carry the other 10 players on his team.

Seems fair, seems the Arsenal way.

Fucking joke.

Arsene's Nose

Makes for a pretty horrible Monday morning, thanks as always though for the figures and for the summary/breakdown, it’s very helpfull and clear (I cant belive that M. Wenger is not aware of these stats. but maybe someone should tie him to a chair, eye lids taped open Clockwork Orange style and project them in front of him just to make sure).


We buy a great potential striker who has a decent first season but then drops in form dramatically because he is not suited for playing up-top on his own. (Then – Chamakh, Now – Giroud)
We buy a world class international and rather than play him in his desired postion, use him out of position/as a substitute till his form drops (Then – Arshavin, Now – Podolski, Cazorla)
Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it.

I really hope in the next press-conference one of the Gooner journalists (Amy Lawrence, John Cross) grill wenger on his tactics and what he thinks about changing formations/players rather than about the usual mental strength dross.

Or maybe guys who attend AST meetings with the board/manager


Wenger would only get all defensive and say how he has managed so many thousand games and they haven’t. We’ve heard that story plenty of times before. It won’t change a thing.


The fact is that Wenger doesn’t answer to anyone and if any journalist tried to put him in his place, he’ll use arrogance or blind stupidity to deflect.

We are a rudderless ship captained by a blind man. The problems in this team have been so obvious now for the past few years and Wenger seems to be the only person on the planet who can’t see them. It used to be a case of “ah yes, but he gets to see the team every day” and “he knows more than we do, trust in Wenger”. Well, it’s been another shit season and after yet another loss which we manufactured by ourselves, Wenger has lost all credibility in his convictions. If he was right and the world was wrong, he’d be fixing these same fucking problems. Not coming out and saying in front of Arsenal fans with “I don’t know what the problem is and why it keeps happening”. He is clueless.

Thanks for the good memories, now bow the fuck out and let someone who hasn’t let the game leave them behind to pull us out of this fucking mess and hopefully restore this season, because Wenger is clearly not the person to do it.

So fucking bored of this shit.


The problem is Wenger will go no where until the end of the season at the minimum. The board won’t sack him, but they need to grow a pair and move him on in the summer otherwise it’s another season of this rubbish.

How anyone can still defend this man on the basis of ancient achievments is beyond me.


Wilshire had an off day, it happens and he is not the problem. I thought most of the other players played well and we did outplay them. What let us down is Vermaelens postioning and the lack of end product from Giroud and Walcott.

Vermalen has no positional awarness and he is only in the team because he is captian. The worst bit is he is not even a good captain, no presence or communication. Arteta should be captian. (Wilshire is too young).

Wlacott is not positionally good enough either and Giroud is at best bedding in and at worst not up to it.


yes. arsene seems to have a serious blind spot when it comes to vermaelen. he should have been benched a long time ago and koscielny must be feeling really hard done by when he sees the mistakes his skipper is allowed to get away with week in week out…


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stats say it all really. we actually played well on the day but silly defensive mistakes and no cutting edge up front cost us yet again. was interesting to see the analysis of walcott on MOTD2. he made a lot of really good runs in behind but nobody played him in. if we had tried to a bit more he would have been in on goal 3 or 4 times at least. don’t really understand why we were so reluctant to do so.


We had Cesc to dink those balls in…. Now we don’t.


you cant defend it, ramsey is shite.seriously what does wenger see in this guy that the rest of us dont.


[…] another in doing so?  Two goals, completely out of nothing. 7amkickoff described it best in his Arsenal: By the Numbers column for Arseblog today: “Once again Arsenal made a pile of shit smell like a […]


i request our statistition or arseblog to make it a point to count the total number of passes between giroud and walcott in the last two games and see a huge problem….


“The important thing in strategy is to suppress the enemy’s useful actions but allow his useless actions”
― Miyamoto Musashi, A Book of Five Rings: The Classic Guide to Strategy

They allowed us to pass the ball to hell but suppresed our key-passes/shots

Arsene Wenger

Great quote. I think it sums up our season in terms of offense. Teams let us pass as much as we want to make us feel in control, but don’t actually let us do any damage. Then they do their damage on the counter.

Da mon