Wenger would welcome away-goal change


Arsene Wenger believes that there’s an appetite within UEFA to change the away goals rule which saw Arsenal eliminated from this season’s Champions League.

Although both teams scored three goals over the course of the tie, Arsenal went out because Bayern scored three at the Emirates to Arsenal’s two at the Allianz Arena. And after recent discussion of the rule, implemented in the 1960s, the Arsenal manager thinks it’s time for a re-think.

Speaking to the official Arsenal Magazine, Wenger said, “It is certainly very debatable, this rule, and I don’t say that because we have gone out on away goals. It’s something I have raised many times at UEFA meetings.

“In the modern game you can say the weight of this away goal is certainly too heavy. Look at our game. There were two goals difference between us and Bayern in the first game, and two goals difference in the second, but because of this rule we go out.

“We have to find a mixed formula, when maybe the away goals are only taken into consideration if the teams are still level after extra-time. In that second game with Bayern, if they were not going through with that away goal, they would have attacked more, so would we, and the last 20 minutes would have been more interesting.

“So sometimes the rule blocks an offensive game, and encourages defensive football.”

While UEFA have been quick to rid the game of creeping threats like snoods and t-shirts with messages scrawled on them, they’ve been slow to do anything about this, but Wenger is sure something will happen soon.

“There are open discussions about it,” he said, “and many people have the same opinion as me. If people want to keep it I would suggest it only counts after extra time, but to be honest, I am ready to scrap it completely and go straight to penalties.”

Arseblog News will bring you the news of the rule’s scrapping in early 2019.


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