Arsenal to discuss ‘guard of honour’ for United


Arseblog News is aware that Arsenal will discuss the possibility of having a guard of honour for Manchester United should they arrive at the Emirates on Sunday as champions.

If United win their game against Villa tonight they’ll win the title, and at that point a decision will be taken about whether or not to applaud the opposition onto the pitch.

In 1991, with Arsenal having won the league because of Liverpool’s 1-0 defeat to Nottingham Forest, the United players gave Arsenal’s champions a guard of honour onto the Highbury pitch, but the issue this season is complicated by the presence of Robin van Persie.

There won’t be too many Arsenal fans inclined to acknowledge him in a positive way, and that could be a topic for discussion between the two clubs.

Meanwhile, the club are still reviewing Olivier Giroud’s red card and a decision about whether or not to appeal should be known inside the next 24 hours.

It’s probably worth an appeal because of the fact that Giroud slipped when making the tackle, which goes some way to explaining the contact made with the Fulham player.

Even if upheld, the appeal could not be considered frivolous and face the possibility of an extension. If successful, he would be available for Sunday’s clash against United.

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    • All things being equal; I would have liked it for the Gunners to lie in wait for the devilish cunts with real guns and blast all the fuckers to hell; the only reason they still walk free is because the laws of football forbid it. And at Arsenal we play football, so i would not mind lining up for the winners this year. not because they deserve it, but because that is the nature of football.
      Who knows, we might be able to smuggle Luis Suarez in that line up, and he will surely maul the little boy from right out of the dutch cunt’s arse…

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    • The Skunk probably won’t be playing if they’re already champions, unless he wants to take one in the bum from the likes of Jack and Kos the Boss. He will probably be at home eating a horse placenta.

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    • although i think the decision of guard of honour should be irrelevant of the dutch skunk (because frankly, he is not the important to me) but, if united do clinch the title against villa (which they probably will) , the guard of honour is that last thing we need to worry about……. a team that has clinched the title less than a week ago would have the kind of team spirit The Invincibles had in their playing days…….. and it would be very difficult to get even a point from the match………. all in all, i would prefer id united drop point against villa, they come to emirates seeking to clinch the title, and we also deny them by taking all three points….. this way we can give N@$ti a false hope too…….

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      • I heard he injects it now, or takes it in crack form – hence the hair as it is a known side effect. Source:

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    • Fuck united and fuck van persie. If we do decide to do a guard of honour. Im closing my eyes and whistling until i know that cunt is not being applauded by any gooner anymore.

      I say give him hell sunday lads . He put us all through weeks and days of misery. Atleast give him 90 minutes.

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    • ‘Fuck them’
      You mean a fuck of honour compared to a guard of honor?… it’s different i’ll give you that.

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    • Give them the guard of honour but not to that cunt van persie.I mean arsenal players should ignore that traitor when he comes out of the tunnel.Just don’t look him in the eye

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  1. Hate to say it, but if ManUre is Champions, they should have the guard of honor. The Dutch Cunt dosn’t change that.

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    • I agree. To refuse the Mancs a guard of honor simply because RVP is there would lend him more import than the choco-legged, checkered flag-headed, little boy inside him deserves.

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      • seems you haven’t been watching your own side very closely this season as the dutch skunk has also almost single handedly handed manu the title, whilst the arsenal are arguably no better or worse than we have been with the skunk in the side.

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      • Many a year!? o.O. Might want to change that to ‘A year’.

        Anyway, yes. We should do and I imagine will do. Distasteful as it seems to the fans, it would be very poor form to ignore this tradition, we’d end up looking very bitter and petulant to refuse to do it purely because our best player last season has moved clubs.

        We fans will just have to close our eyes for a minute or 2 at the start and hope that we then go on to batter them 5-0, unlikely as that is lol.

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        • I am interested to know what kind of a tradition it is to applaud the league winners onto the pitch in the game after they win it. Age may be somewhat wearying my mind.
          either way, I think we should do it. After all, to not do so would make us a right load of Spurs.

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        • I don’t know why or how it started honestly – but the fact is it IS accepted as the done thing these days, and if we don’t do it – the media not to mention fans of certain other clubs would be all over us. Justifiably as well, it wouldn’t be a particularly good advert for the club to appear so small-time as to begrudge the Utd. players a minute of respect for a good campaign – regardless of who is or has been involved, they’ve played well, and they deserve to win it this year.

          No doubt that fact will be as frustrating and depressing to our players and manager as it is to the fans, or at least it bloody well should be – but maybe it will spur them into doing something about it if they have to endure a bit of extra humiliation, you never know!

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      • Comments like this is why I hate united so much. They have such cunts for fans. Worst of all, half of them don’t know fuck all about football and act all knowing the arrogant twats.

        We should give them the guard of honour, end of the day it’s a professional sport and giving a guard of honour to the champions is just being professional. Like the comments above, hope the players remember the feeling and strive to become better as a consequence.

        Still can’t believe united won the league this year, has to be the shittest overall squad I’ve seen them ever have, just shows, desire goes a long way and some luck too.

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    • they’re the best team and they’ve got the points to prove it, i just hope they finish it off tonight

      we should give them the guard of honour, and our players should remember it every single game we play next year.
      every game we play against norwich, against tottenham, against everyone in the premier league, our players and coaches should remember giving them the guard of honour, and how shit it felt.

      lets clap them onto the field and then beat the fuckers and get our 3 points

      as for that other guy, he’s history, lets just move on and forget him.
      i dont give a fuck what he does or doesnt win elsewhere

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    • True, I just hope we don’t have to watch any of our players hug that cunty looking fuck this time. Song and Santos were the worst for hugging people though and they are both gone now.

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      • Verm is the worst because they were best friends, so im hoping he doesn’t start next week. That error he made to let the cunt score at Old Trafford was crazy.

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    • We have to do it if they are champions.

      If United of all people have had enough class to do it for us in the past, the very least we can do is the same in return, anything less and we embarrass ourselves.

      That said, if a certain Dutchman could be ‘accidentally’ locked in the changing rooms until it is all over, it would make the whole event easier for anyone.

      It could have been worse after all, assuming United win tonight. I’d much rather see the guard of honour over even the possibility of watching the first title at won our new ground being United’s 20th.

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      • If Utd win at Villa, they will get a guard of honour off the pitch – they shouldn’t expect another one onto ours.

        We should only give them a guard of honour onto the pitch if they fail to win at Villa, but then City hand them the title by failing to beat West Ham on Saturday.

        If of course they win the title by beating (or drawing) with us then we give them a guard of honour off the pitch – and we show our class by doing it properly.


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    • i agree but i would like it much more if united drop points against villa and come to emirates looking to seal the win and we deny them a single point and therefor delay the dutch skunk the satifaction of winning the title one more week……

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    • I would rather we setup all the traps from the Goonies film in the tunnel. Those that make it out alive can be carried onto the pitch for the match. Cunts.

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    • Discussion:

      AW: (addressing players) Lads, Robin and his new friends won something there last monday night, do u fancy lining up like school kids and making a tunnel for them, something called a guard of honour, don’t worry if u get it wrong though, I don’t even remember myself what one looks like, but fair is fair i suppose, what do u reckon??

      Players:- (addressing AW) FUCK OFF GAFFER, and Fuck Robin too!!!

      Ring ring:- (Andre Santos on Skype) C’mon Gays, let’s do it for my friend, I need new shirt.

      AW and Players addressing Andre Santos: FUCK OFF ANDRE!!!

      Seriously though,

      I’d rather we didn’t but if players wanna show respect to fellow pro’s then fair enough.

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    • I think it would be a gracious move on Arsenal’s part. Then it would be a gracious move on United’s part not to play the dutch skunk. Sadly, I don’t think that’s happening…

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    • I suppose its sporting to do so.

      Certainly won’t stop me chanting “wanker” at every opportunity throughout the rest of the game though.

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    • it has to be done. we will be sore losers if we don’t do it and there is nothing more ridiculous than a sore loser. hopefully the pain of having to do it will drive our boys on to make sure it never, ever happens again!

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    • I agree, however the guard of honour should consist only of Wenger, Gazidis, Kroenke and Hill-Wood bending over for Alex Ferguson and RVP. They sold the title to Manchester United for £24 million.

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    • I agree with you, we have class and they are champions so they should get the respect they deserve.

      Save your hate for RvP for the match, but give him his applause.

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  2. If they decide to give a guard of “honour” to that judas prat I will be physically sick. I hope we absolutely embarrass those smug bastards.

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  3. I say be classy and give them the guard of honor.

    But when the ref whistle let’s kick the shit of out of them (and HIM) because for us it’s all about the bloody 3 points at OUR place in front of OUR fans.

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    • I agree 100%. We are a big classy club. Lets act like one.

      It is not complicated by Robin van Persie’s presence in the Manchester line up at all.

      Then lets go out and grab all three points.

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    • Yeah, let’s not forget the thorough kicking they gave us when we won the league at Old Trafford.

      If we give them a guard of honour, I won’t watch it and just watch from Kick off. if I didn’t see it, it didn’t happen.

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    • Oh yes. I agree with you completely. We should give them a guard of honour, every one of them.

      How humiliating that would feel for our players, having to clap them on while 60,000 of our fans are booing. Wilshere clapping van Persie on the field, “there, there son you can join me at United in 3 years time”, imagine that.

      That would be the ultimate motivation for them to go out and win the match. Win for your own dignity… or else be laughed at by everyone around the globe with a TV set, the youtube clip of the guard of honour will get 10 million views.

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      • Of course it doesn’t always happen that way. The referee may (as usual) decide to join in the celebrations by maybe sending one of our players off “for not clapping enthousiastically enough”, and we will end up losing. But if the prospect of a pre-match ceremony of humiliation doesn’t get your blood boiling as a player, then I don’t know what will!

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  4. It would be courteous for us to do it and respectful.

    It’s our own fault we’re selling our best players to our rivals not theirs.

    Blame the board
    Not them

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    • When they force their way out, it’s their fault.

      If he had never released that letter, or to be more accurate, if he hadn’t felt so strongly about not playing for Arsenal that he wanted to force his way out, you’d have a point.

      As it is, RvP made his own way out, we just did what we had to do.

      Going into the season with only one guy who can play CF, that is most definitely our fault.

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    • It’s the lesser of two evils, I’d rather do a guard of honor if they win tonight rather than witness the prospect of them winning it at our ground if they don’t win tonight.

      Like a few have said already, whatever formality needs to be done let it be done we need 3 points. The boss should be hold extreme training sessions in order for us to be on top of our game.

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    • It’s like when you’re a kid and you do some bad shit. Your mother doesn’t yell at you but she says: ‘Son, I’m disappointed in you’. So essentially we don’t have to do it but the football world is going to be disappointed with us.

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  5. We should negotiate with Fergie and offer them a delicious finger buffet as well as a guard of honour as long as they let us take all 3 points.

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      • I’d take 3 points by hook or by crook at this stage, as long as we finish above sp*rs.

        If a delicious spread of scotch eggs, party sausages, egg and cress sandwiches, cheese and pineapple on sticks, wotsits, pork pies and lasagne is the way to do it, then i say roll out the delicious buffet!

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    • van Persies descicion to join the Devil is not such an abnormal one 8/10 random people would have made it considering the shitty board gave him 130,000£/w for 3 years and the Devil offered him 200,000£/w for 4 years. Now he knows he is nearing the end of his career should he take the pathetic execuse for a contract or the contract that ensures him or any member of his family will never ever have to work again. Seriously, What would you do? I blame the greedy money grabbers.

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    • van Persie’s descicion to join the Devil is not such an abnormal one 8/10 random people would have made it considering the shitty board gave him 130,000£/w for 3 years and the Devil offered him 200,000£/w for 4 years. Now he knows he is nearing the end of his career should he take the pathetic execuse for a contract or the contract that ensures him or any member of his family will never ever have to work again. Seriously, What would you do? I blame the greedy money grabbers.

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    • I think the players should give the guard of honour. Though I will happily give them a middle finger buffet.

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  6. It will be a horrible experience but at the end of the day it would be poor from the club not to do it just because of RVP. I’d take it over them winning the league at our place any day.

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    • Yes quite agree – there’s no sense in it I suppose, since they’re going to win it regardless but you’re quite right, it would be absolutely sickening to see them do it on Sunday, especially if you-know-who scores and wins the game for them, I don’t think I can imagine anything more grim, at least football related!

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  7. I don’t like it at all but let’s not be childish about it. Chelsea gave them a guard of honour in 2007 when they were arch enemies. Suck it up and show some sportsmanship, they won it fair and square. Don’t love them, but don’t be crude.

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  8. Hope we give them the guard of honor because we’re the Arsenal and we’re classy like that but at the same time, i hope it precipitates our lads winning the game and realizing that in order to be champions themselves, they need to step up whenever necessary.

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  9. Give them the guard of honour, like it or not (obv not) they have earned it. Also, it can only act as extra motivation to beat them on the day and next season

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  10. If they win the title, RVP might not even start or play anyway. It’s only right the champions are applauded on to the pitch. The team and the fans have to concentrate on the win and not all this other bullshit.

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  11. It’s hard to say this but it’s Arsenal who sold him to Manchester United, if he’s coming back to the Emirates as a Champion then we have to respect that. I hate him as much as physically possible but sometimes you have to swallow pride and congratulate a team which has deserved the title. Now let me go wash my mouth before I make myself sick…

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    • yes we sold to manu, but he made his position at the club untenable with his rather disrespectful letter and we were more or less forced to sell.

      i’m still farirly irate at arsene and the club’s management for selling him within the league (and to manu at that).

      i honestly believe had we shipped him off to italy or some other continental destination they’d be level with manshitty and we’d be something like 8-10 points off the title, probably still out of reach but not embarrasingly so.

      while i am proud of how the club runs its finances, we certainly let the bottom line have too much influence in our transfer policy.

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      • Yes but that isn’t the rest of the United teams fault. They deserve the respect they’ve earned by (potentially) being the new Champions. When we have a season in which we win the title then we will also be treated as Champions.

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    • I agree in principle with not selling him to United, but such is the power of players these days. If the rumours are true, we tried everything we could to sell him abroad (Juve I think), but if the guy just refuses to go; we are fucked.

      In the end we had a choice of selling the guy where we really did not want him to go, or keeping an unsettled player for a year and then watching him go to United for free. I don’t think there is a right option.

      What makes me cry is our current squad + a clinical finisher……I try not to think about it.

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  12. It’s going to be painful to watch. It should be us getting that guard of honour but somehow, yet again, another season goes by with us failing to do enough. Both on the pitch and in the board room. Anyway, here’s to next season…

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  13. How about good cheer, followed by deadly silence when that dutch guy enters, then roaring cheer when the next one comes…(Even better if that would be Evra) timed right = major psych blow?
    Now just how to plan this with 50k+ righteously furious supporters and a few traveling glory hunters…. I will leave that up to you

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  14. To be honest I’m just glad that they could win the league tonight and therefore I can attend this Sunday as there was no way I was going to attend a game where RVP could potentially score the winning goal against us to win the league. Counting in the spurs Chelsea game to help us out now

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  15. Wenger deserves it, selling our captain to Man Utd, and replacing him with Giroud and Podolski? He needs a slap in the face, and this could be one. People hate van Persie for going there, but wasn’t it Wenger and the board who sealed the deal in the first place?

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    • We’ve scored more, conceded less and will probably finish with more points this season. That’s progress. Unfortunately selling that Dutch cunny was a big leap back.

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      • We still sold him to United. We could have stopped him from going there, or we could have replaced him with a quality striker.

        You can dislike my comment because it’s not the usual Robin bashing (don’t be mistaken, I also hate him for what he has done, but we didn’t need to sell him), it doesnt make it any less right.

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    • You have a short memory.

      RvP didn’t want to stay with us past his contract, Fergie wanted him, RvP wanted ManUre, we had a debt and a player who could be bad for team morale and quite old for a striker.

      In the end, the best thing that could be done was get the most money out of the devils. RvP simply didn’t want to go anywhere else.

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      • Robin wanted to leave, because we didn’t want to compete for titles, instead our aim is to finish in the top4. If the scum didn’t bottle it like they did, we would be losing that 24m we got from the sale.

        Do you think Ferguson would sell Rooney to Chelsea?

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        • If he had stayed or we forced him to stay our team would not be any more effective than it is now. You can be sure half our our recent transfers would not have happened and we would have a team focused on one player rather than a shared burden at the moment.

          Either way you look at it, it is pretty fucked up, for and against.

          I have come to the realisation that a one man team only looks good if you end up winning something, our last greatest had the best striker we have ever had but he was surrounded by complete awesomeness. So the fact that we got 25m for him is the best worst case scenario as I truly feel with him we would have fared no better this season.

          He scores loads of goals but when have his goals helped us reach a final last?

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      • True RVP didnt want to stay past the contract but that doesnt mean we are obliged to sell him to one of our rivals let alone Manure, does it? Sometimes I feel that Arsene in particular acts too kindly towards the players. Sure we may have been 25 million worse but we should have kept the cunt and used him when we feel necessary. Things should work for the benefit of Arsenal first and foremost. You would not see Ferguson selling any of his lot to us anytime. He treated us like crap, so why should we pamper the cunt? Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

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    • Seeing as how AW is being accused here of having “sold” RvP, it is worth pointing out the manner of Robin van Persie’s departure: AW most certainly DID NOT want RvP to leave. But a player issuing ultimatums to Arsenal Football Club is always unacceptable, and he had to go. 25 million was good business under the circumstances.

      AW behaved impeccably throughout the RvP saga – it was RvP who insisted on going, and it is worth remembering that did so in the most public, damaging and disrespectful way he could manage – to Arsenal, AW and yes, to us.

      Yes, there are plenty of things we can have a go at Mr Wenger for – but “selling” RvP is not one of them. What he did was get the best price he could for him under the circumstances, a different thing entirely from “selling” him. This was an entirely player and agent driven situation. AW is to be congratulated for getting 25m for him.

      As foir RvP: so far half a good season, let’s see how good he is next year – but I think he’s washed up.

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      • “…but I think he’s washed up.”

        Let’s hope so. How much a week was it and how long was that contract? I’ve got my fingers crossed for a return of the glass ankles in some pointless Dutch international friendly, as that would be very funny.
        Almost as funny as subsequently watching red nose trying to pronounce “placenta” in a TV interview.
        That’d leave the buggers in a pointless wage bill hole big enough to make our recent “dead wood” problems look a bit trivial.

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  16. I say give them the guard of honour. If that doesn’t spur the players on to beating 7 shades of shit out of that team, I don’t know what will.

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  17. The guard of honour is neither classy nor courteous, it’s just a farcical display of humiliation on one side and arrogance on the other. If we had won it I couldn’t care less about any guard of honour. They won the league, fair play to them, that should be more than enough.

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  18. Why not? They did the same for us in 1991. And again we should accept that the best team won this season. RVP is another issue players are mercenaries. I say give them what they deserve as we also deserve the 3 points from them.

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  19. A guard of honour is a tradition and if it was any other team (not Chelski, Spuds or Citeh) I wouldn’t mind doing it. Yet this is a team who have won the league with a cunt.

    And we don’t celebrate for cunts.

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  20. I have long wrote off cunt RVP from the memory. We give ManU a gour of honor because we are Arsenal and we do have manners. We are not Neanderthals

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  21. I think that it might actually be the kick up the ass that our players need for next season and for the rest of this one come to think of it.
    Look at the poor quality save for a few and they have won the PL. It should have been a much closer run competition.

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  22. We are a classy club, and can show it by doing the right thing and giving them a clap for winning the league. You can’t fault that they’ve deserved the title and being bad losers just makes any fan that boos them look like a prat.

    But once the game starts, you can forget about that, let’s hope Man Ure win tonight and play us with one eye on their summer holidays.

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  23. It’s pretty much the done thing in England when the newly crowned champions arrive, I say let them have it, worthy winners to be fair. We can boo RvP for 90 minutes and make sure he doesn’t have a good game and take 3 points, that is all I really care about. If we beat United next weekend I think it will make CL spot a certainty as Spuds and Chavs will drop points in the their run in.

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  24. The thought of giving that cunt a guard of honor makes me sick…we made him…he should be applauding us…not the other way round….

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  25. Knowing we are a club who do things in ‘Right Way’. We will give them ‘Guard of Honour’. Arsene definitely would, Ivan or PHW wld do anything it as long as they don’t have to pay. So prepare yourself for one of the most disgusting thing to watch and probably the cockiest and proudest moment for that Dutch Cunt.
    FUCK FUCK FUCK.. I hate to watch that. Times like this makes me very angry on everyone including Arsene. But that’s life.

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  26. If they are Champions, then they deserve a guard of honour, as for RVP, his Championship medal proves he was right to move.

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  27. Why are people so polite about him? ‘Robin van Persie’ is just an anagram he adopted. He was actually BORN ‘Nob-in-Arse Viper’.

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  28. Omg I thought this day would never come. Huge reminder that come next season we absolutely have to compete on all friggin fronts!.

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  29. After reading the above article, I can’t wait to read comments as I was expecting everyone here to say NO to ‘Guard of Honour’ and lots of abuse for that Dutch Cunt(He deserve though). But am amazed when i actually read all the comments. I can tell my fellow GOONERS you are all a CLASSY BUNCH. You make our Club Classy.

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  30. Cant believe the RVP bashing on here. He was with us for 8 seasons ..single handedly got us into europe last year. He leftover because the club didnt put there money were their mouth was simples. Hers a player nearing the last contract of his career and is hated for A wanting wages which earned by his performances…B wanting to win trophies . The club despite the big talk and healthy finances have shown no interest in winning thophies. Have some respect for thean and dont belive the american PR speouted out by the arsenal board which is done to cover there own backs. If your angry direct it at the weasla grazidiz and kronke who have done nothing but drain our club of all its history and

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  31. I can’t stand rvp, like any fan. Nothing he does will ever regain any sort of support for the arsenal. But would be nice for him to show respect to the arsenal and sit out of the guard of honour. He’ll have plenty of time to celebrate in the forthcoming weeks.

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  32. If you asked me which I’d prefer – Utd win tonight and we give him (them) a guard of honor or Utd draw/lose tonight and then he (they) win the league at ours on Saturday and watch that cunt (those cunts) celebrate title victory – I know which I’d prefer,

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  33. Doing things the ‘right’ way is what makes Arsenal the best team in the world. Lose that and we lose everything.

    Give them their guard of honour and then boss them on the pitch.

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  34. What about a guard of donner? We get 11 of islingtons finest kebab vendors and put them out. They can shower the victorious united team with cuts of lamb, beef and chicken and put a little pitta bread crown on RVPs head. Finally we spray the glorious champions with little cans is diet coke. If they are offended, just say we misread the email.

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  35. Can the fans just do a poznan while the players mount the guard of honour? That way, they only get honoured by the 11 on the field while Robin is a cunt bellow from the speakers.

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  36. Nauseous as it will be, just get it done.

    The focus needs to be picking up 3pts for our own needs. Nothing else really matters.

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    • Sad, isn’t it? Obviously a poor decision as he got the ball first and then his foot slipped up and over, but as we all know the FA have no balls. Still, good to appeal as it keeps the pressure up.

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  37. Hopefully the guard of honour will motivate our players to want to win the League. They just need more consistency thats all.

    Thumb up 9 Thumb down 1

  38. I hope this sticks with the players. I hope it eats them up in side.. I hope they use this angery to finish the season fighting and kick start next year wit a chip on there shoulders …..COYG

    P.s van persie is a cunt!

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  39. Remaining optimistic, they could lose tonight and we could stuff them when we play them? Who cares after that.

    Thumb up 5 Thumb down 1

    • How about they win it tonight and come to us hung over from all the partying and we stuff them. Can you guarantee a victory for us if they still have something to play for?

      Thumb up 3 Thumb down 1

    • You are dreaming. If they don’t beat Villa they will come over and stuff us 4-0. Unlike our lot they don’t need motivating to win when it really counts.

      Can you imagine the chants “we won the league at the Emirates” plus the jokes…”first thing won at the Emirates in 8 years and that was by Man United”….

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  40. weekends game formula
    pass + pass +pass no final result add sagna crosses which if on the rare occasion they actually beat the first they’ll wont be anyone in the to attack the cross. add simple 2 touch counter attack by man u results in man utd goal = man utd win. they dont even have to try to beat us its so easy and predictable with wengers dated approach and tactics. we wil of course carry on passing side to side and man utd will sit back and soak it up like all top teams do. theyve seen the same approach from wenger teams for 15 years …what s gonna change ??
    kroenke , grazidis out !!
    dein and usamov in to push comfortable wenger !!.
    the club needs its soul back

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  41. Given a choice between them winning title at our place and guard of honor. I rather give guard of honor. But just as rvp passes we flick him.

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  42. Yes we should line up and applaud them, and the crowd should be gracious too. We HAVE to acknowledge the gulf that has grown between our two clubs (we used to be bitter rivals, remember), and hopefully our players will feel a pang of jealousy as they applaud the champions, and the board should feel guilty that they have allowed our club to drop back to scrapping for fourth. The real worry is if United DON’T win against Villa, and then win the league at the Emirates on Sunday….

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  43. It will leave a bitter taste come this weekend, but in the spirit of the game it will be the right thing to do. To be better than your opponent is to rise above the occasion. It will only show us as being sore losers if we do not, and to be honest we were never in the running for the league title from the beginning of the season. The onus is on us to provide that and to remember Robin Van Persie as a Manchester United player instead of remembering him as a former Arsenal player for that few minutes. To make things easier if Robin Van Persie thanked all the Arsenal fans for their support through the years that will bring some sort of respect back to the dutch player.

    But, if jeers and boos are to be made out, it should not be ventured against Robin Van Persie or United…rather against those who run Arsenal football Club, as they are the real culprits behind Arsenal’s failings over the last few seasons.

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  44. This time next year RVP will be a washed up ex-footballer that no-body loves – we’ll still be the Arsenal. Fuck the fucker.

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 2

  45. A guard of honour no problem, but on condition that we have a big banner saying that the clapping is not for that dutch skunk!

    Thumb up 5 Thumb down 1

  46. I say show some class before the game and give them their dues, but the moment that whistle blows give ’em hell.

    Thumb up 9 Thumb down 0

  47. Fooking Samir Nasri. Why he had to slip and gift the ball away to a Spurs player yesterday which preceded Defoe goal? Also, Nasri had a relatviely easy chance to score a 2nd goal which should have put the game away psychologically.

    Next Sunday at 4pm, I’d rather not welcome those purveyors of ultra-boring football to the Emirates as fooking champions.

    Aston Villa are fighting for their Premier League lives so let’s hope Benteke and/or Agbonlahor score a couple goals to steal at least a draw tonight at Old Trafford to delay the inevitable.

    Then next Sunday, may the Arsenal starting-11 finally ‘come together’ (after a string of lukewarm performances against West Brom, Norwich, Fulham) and EXPLODE with 8 goals.

    Finaly score 8-2. Sound familiar?

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  48. Van Persie never left for money he left because at 29 he was never going to win a trophy at arsenal unless there were major changes. Turns out rvp was right and wenger was wrong for the 8th year in a row.

    Thumb up 10 Thumb down 16

    • On the money reply. The arsenal board and wenger should do a guard of honor with man utd for helping them win the title.

      Thumb up 4 Thumb down 4

  49. We’re the Arsenal, and we’ve always been a team of class.

    They’re champions, and worthy winners, so yes they should get a guard of honour.

    Thumb up 6 Thumb down 2

  50. I think the thing that sets Arsenal and Gooners apart from the other top clubs in the League is our class. We are a cultured bunch in my opinion(ok probably terribly biased). They won the league by a mile and there’s no denying that it is an achievement. Fergie assessed his team, recognized the flaws and set about rectifying them along with excellent man management.

    They’re champions(I’d rather they win it at Villa than at the Grove) and I think we have enough class and self respect as a club and as supporters of Arsenal to acknowledge their feat and applaud them.

    Let’s hope this isn’t easily forgotten by the players and management. The fans will remember this till the day we pass on for sure.

    That said, I’ll probably be tuning in about 15 minutes into the first half to avoid the pain of watching him get applauded onto the pitch.

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  51. It is the right thing to do and I hope that we show the “better angels of our nature” if they arrive as champions.

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  52. The Arsenal board should make a man aisle and give the Guard of Honor to United. In return, Utd players should bow down in front of them for gifting them the cunt, and the title.

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  53. We are a class outfit and we will give them the guard of honor. Then the starting 11 on the day need to repay the 60,000 people at the Emirates by giving United hell and getting the 3 points. I love this team and we need to get the win. Guard of honor doesn’t change that.

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 0

    • We should line up in a guard of honour and when RvP is half way through, super Jack Wilshere should shout “British bulldog” and everyone kick the fuck out of him!!
      It won’t happen of course, we are the Arsenal, tradition and class..

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  54. It turns my stomach to think manure and their chocolate ankled little boy inside would get a guard of honour at our place!

    I get the club/players have to do it but why do we, the fans, have to witness it?

    I wish all mighty Gooners could hold firm outside, let the fuckers have their guard to an empty stadium in front of their traveling inbred supporters.

    Then we’ll all come in and witness Frimpong jump out of the crowd, invade the pitch and take a chunk out of that chocolate ankle.

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  55. Utd are currently three up with Van Persie scoring a hat trick. I hope Wenger, Gazidis and Kronke are watching behind the sofa, hanging their heads in shame finally realising what a useless bunch of shit cunts they are.

    Thumb up 11 Thumb down 4

  56. In the beginning we hoped that RVP won’t play well and have a bad season with injuries but look now… it turns out that him and red nose has had the last laugh. Exactly the opposite of what we hoped for. He stays injury free and scores a shite load of goals to win himself a medal and them the title.
    Football is so so cruel.

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  57. Well done Man Utd. True Champions. Well done former Arsenal man RVP. Lets hope next year it will be Arsenals turn to win the premiership.

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  58. Arsenal will have our toughest match of this season next sunday. Manchester United who won record breaking 20th title with less than a week ago will surely hav a invincible attitude and performance on ground. It is not going to be easy for Arsenal.

    But as far as we’re concerned our champions league hopes are fully depend upon sunday result. We hav do or die situation.

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 4

    • They won the league but for the sake of sanity don’t even use the word ‘invincible’ for that lot of cunts….
      GOT IT.

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  59. Well done Man Utd. True Champions. Well done former Arsenal man RVP. Lets hope next year it will be Arsenals turn to win the premiership.

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  60. Arsenal will have our toughest match of this season next sunday. Manchester United who won record breaking 20th title with less than a week ago will surely hav a invincible attitude and performance on ground. It is not going to be easy for Arsenal.

    We hav do or die situation. Our champions league hopes and top 4 finish are fully depend upon sunday result. We must play for 3 points, no matter whomsoever come across our way.

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  61. Wahhhh! I’m mad at RVP because he sold himself to our biggest rival, where they won going away, and he led the league in scoring again.


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  62. Clap them on and everyone should not give Van P the satisfaction of booing him. Just win the game and walk away. Class is permenant!

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    • Hulk, thank you for the classy comment. What does booing him accomplish at this stage? Congratulate the bloke for achieving his dream. Make him miss the atmosphere at the Emirates and get a bit nostaligic.

      But win the fooking game! (Spurs play relegation-battling Wigan the day before)

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  63. A guard of honor should be given to the deserving and in this case United deserve it, this includes RVP. Lets crap hands for the champions and get on with it. Its football.

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  64. I say give them the guard of honor, have our ‘Arsenal TV’ camera guy shoot close up videos of each and every Arsenal player clapping…Come next season from the first game itself – that video should be compulsory viewing for every individual before the kick off of every league game so that these guys go out there and give it their absolute best….If somebody is not putting in a shift – show him his footage at half time and Wenger should tell him -” Look son, the rest of us are here to win the league and if you don’t burn you ass for it then you bloody go home and fucking clap like that in your backyard cause we’ve had enough of it….”

    Lets win the bloody league next season so that we can put the generation of cunts like Na$ri, Van Pur$ey, $ong and co behind us once and for all….

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 2

  65. I think the players should stop the guard of honour as soon as they see the skunk coming out…. its a wini-win situation, you see!

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 2

    • That would be hilarious! Bands playing, people clapping, there’s Hernandez, Giggs, Ferdinand…. RvP comes out of the tunnel…..trumpets teeter off into a deathly silence……lol

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  66. When we won the league up there didn’t old purple nose go mental and refuse for us to get the trophy on the night, so fuck em I say we shouldn’t give the a guard of honour, and while we’re at it can we stop the bullshit of shaking hands before games too!

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 2

  67. would that “dutch cunt” be the one who almost single handedly kept your team in amongst the premier leagues best for many a year and then decided he actually wanted to win something before he hung up his boots?

    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 3

  68. I’ll boycott this match as I have my pride as a die hard Gunner. I know who needs the honour and to honor someone who doesn’t deserve it is real stupidity.

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