News of the screws: Ox talks Wilshere


There’s been a fair bit of speculation in recent days that Jack Wilshere may need further corrective surgery this summer to sort his ankle problems for good.

However, despite the chatter and headlines both Arsene Wenger and teammate Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain have downplayed the suggestion stressing that to all intents and purposes the England international is coping well with the physical demands of regular football.

While the boss admits that he’s being cautious with the 21-year-old, he also told press after Saturday’s win with Fulham that the youngster basically has no problem.

“He was in a bit [of pain] after the game [against Everton] but I just felt we had to stop him because of inflammation last time and I just felt to give him three games in six days would be too much,” Wenger said.

“Now he has a break until next Sunday and that is different so he will be available. There is no basic ankle problem.

“I do not want to go into a vicious circle again when I play him, I play him, I play him and then suddenly… I think coming back after six weeks out, two games in a week was enough.”

Following the boss’ lead Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, in what seems a very odd little snippet in The Sun, further revealed that Wilshere’s only real problem is slight discomfort caused by screws in his ankle.

“The news is it’s not too bad, he’s just getting a bit of pain in his ankle from a few screws.

“If you bounce back from what he did you can bounce back from anything.”

It all seems relatively positive, although in truth Arseblog News wouldn’t be surprised to see run a story the day after the season ends about Wilshere being booked in for ‘minor something-something procedure’…

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we will need wilshere against man u if only for his passion.

a gooner in Manchester
a gooner in Manchester

don’t give the ref an opportunity to send you off.


Depends on the ref as well tho, if we get Mike Dean or Howard Web we’re screwed. Got a good chance if its Andre Mariner or Chris Foy, not so sure about Mark Clatenberg, the others just a gamble.


It’s Phill Dowd so we’r allready fucked…


Balls forgot about him, that 4-4 still annoys me, and the 3-3 with fulham this season as well.


Well he did give us a very harsh penalty against Fulham at the Emirates.

Alan Partridge

“If you bounce back from what he did you can bounce back from anything.”



Does any1 know wen the FA wil give a verdict on giroud’s appeal?


Today. And if the appeal is deeemed frivolous the F.A: who are a bunch of c#nts will add another 1 game ban causing Giroud to miss all 4 games.

I did ofcourse mention the F.A are a bunch of c#nts but whats an arsenal fan to do right? *Fingers, toes, crossed*


Wilsheres current poor form is the calm before the storm.
He and Ox have handled their second season well.
Next season they’re going to explode

a gooner in Manchester
a gooner in Manchester

Jack need to learn how to escape cynical tackles. Otherwise, he’ll fulfill his potential as a play-maker.

Throwing his body first to protect his legs, foot, ankles.

a gooner in Manchester
a gooner in Manchester

+ not


Blogger, time to run a story on the fact that Goetze has gone to Bayern, so that we can finally rule out that he will be joining us in the summer!

(confirmed by Dortmund)


Not a problem, prefer Isco anyway. Gotze looks a bit like Thomas Brolin and if he is not careful, could turn a little rolly-polly if you ask me.
Isco has nuts the size of Everest and would be a great addition to the team.


alright players , gotze , isco, giovetic , dont get me wrong, Im sure they’re good bbut non-deserving of the hype and price tags thrown around, I dont see how they’re going to make us great again.
They’re comparable to Cazorla me thinks and I rate Rosicky higher than them.

the few players that really impressed during the champs league are Ribery & Oezil and that kid from PSG Lucas.


Ronaldo, Messi, Iniesta, Xavi, Ibra… also players who have impressed during the CL and also players, like Ribery, Ozil, and Lucas, who no team, especially not Arsenal, have a chance to sign. Listing them is thus pointless. Isco just signed a contract extension if I recall, so i doubt we have any expectation for him… but if you think Jovetic is all hype, you are seriously mistaken. This kid is pure class. He scores and sets up goals as well as anyone in what is probably the most defensively sound league in the world. I’ve dreamt of his signing for years now, but never thought it would happen. I’m still doubtful, but the fact he has mentioned us gives me a glimmer of hope.


Actually, Isco has to leave this summer. Malaga are in huge debt and as a result they are banned from competing in Europe next season, no matter where they finish.

Isco will be sold, that is a fact.


@ HitsMan
I’m aware of Malaga’s debt situation, however, seeing as their owner has virtually endless personal funds to pump into the team, that debt situation affects nothing except their ability to compete in CL. There is nothing preventing them from operating as a sugar daddy club in the league and league cups. If the owner puts competing for the league as a priority over playing in the CL, its quite possible he will deal with the ban and continue operating in the red for a while. Also, the club has appealed this ruling, so it is still yet to be decided. Regardless, Isco, Isco’s agent, Malaga, and the rest of the world were all aware of the debt situation when they signed his 3 year contract extension just a few months ago, so it would be odd if that situation is what drives him out the door now. Sure the debt situation certainly makes it more of a possibility than if they didn’t have that issue, but i personally would not call it a “fact” that he will be sold this summer. Perhaps you are privy to info I am not however.

More importantly, however, is that since Isco plays more in a Cazorla/Wilshire/Rosicky, i would argue that even if he is available to us, our money would certainly be better spent in other positions, specifically for some competition and/or cover for Giroud and Arteta. And also at RB and GK if we lose players in those positions this summer.


Also, here are some interesting league stats for Isco and Jovetic. Isco seems to have produced less goals and less assists while playing in more games and in an easier league to score than Jovetic. Additionally, for the sake of comparison I threw in Vela’s and Ljajic (Jovetic’s younger teammate who is one we should be keeping our eye on as well if we are in the market for Attacking Mid’s). For the record, Vela has been added simply for comparison’s sake… not suggesting we would/should try to buy back.

Isco Jovetic Vela Ljajic
Age 21 23 24 21
Games 31 29 28 25
Goals 8 12 13 7
Goals/Game 0.26 0.41 0.46 0.28
Assists 1 4 8 7
Assists/Game 0.03 0.14 0.29 0.28
Total League Goals 913 878 913 878


We was never going for him in the first place. Out of our league

Midfield Corporal

Sad but true Volders. We have to wait until the big spenders take their picks so we we can battle over the scraps.


Out of our league? You might be right, but I’m fucking happy that he is out of our league, regardless of the criteria you used to conclude his whereabouts.

I mean, what kind of plonker that plays for an excellent team, currently sitting pretty in wait to play the semifinal of CL, signs a pre-contract for the very team he might meet as an opponent in the final? I find it incredible! Out of our league? I’ll have that.


How is he out of our league? Arsenal is ranked higher than Bayern Munich in the rich clubs list. If they can afford it, why can’t we? Especially, now that we have a substantial dough sitting in the bank from selling some of our best players. I can understand that we have to spend wisely, but I don’t understand why we have to act like football minnows during the transfer period.

Dick Swiveller

Afford, yes, but this is a German going to Bayern so it’s not just fiscal competition, they are the undisputed masters of German football, regardless of the great job Klopp is doing (maybe players are leaving as they know that when AW’s contract is up…) that’s a big lure.

Jimmy Neill



Jacks absolute passion will trample all over rvps innner mercenary kid come sunday. And just when rvp is about to score, koscienly pops up: “no sir, that is not allowed here” releases OX on the right wing who rifles past their llama of a goalie.

A Llama

Hey! I resent that.


jenks mert kos gibbs

arteta ramsey
oxlade wilshere cazorla

a gooner in Manchester
a gooner in Manchester

Gibbs needs to get his body a bit more sturdy to make good crosses on a regular basis.


Been hearing whispered rumours that Arteta has injured his ankle

the only sam is nelson
the only sam is nelson

that was steve sidwell who injured it, not mikel


don’t think we needed Gotze. not that he’s not just about the greatest talent.. but we’re not really lacking in that area and his transfer fee is way too much. besides, I wouldn’t move from Dortmund to Arsenal at this point to be honest..
I think with Jovetic, Dragovic and Julio Cesar we could add a lot to the already solid team we have for about the same price as just Gotze.


He shouldn’t have played against Everton either, but we are certainly on the good track with him. If we buy a top class midfielder, we can have fewer problems with over-playing our midfielders, I mean, when could Arteta, Wilshere and Cazorla get a rest when fit this season – Wenger unfortunately hasn’t trusted Rosicky too often, and sometimes we suffered in creating chances because Cazorla and Wilshere were exhausted from playing so many games.


Only if bayern get in a crisis like malaga or he has a podolski form of bayern we may get him for cheap and he well be greatest talent at that time.anywhichways lets focus on manure and dump them at emirates.

petits handbag

Anyone been to next Monday yet,did we win?
Did he die?

glory hunter

No & No 🙁


A nasty, uncharitable article by Arseblog today.

I don’t particularly like Man United, either, but they deserve respect for winning the title – and for doing it with four games to go.

There’s a lot we can learn from them; especially their manager. Unlike ours, he is a ruthless winner who simply refuses to accept second best. He would never, ever be happy with just finishing fourth. Mind you, he is at a club where the board and supporters are absolutely committed to winning, and where second place is viewed as failure.

What we need right now is our own Sir Alex Ferguson: a brutal, single-minded bully who would refuse to tolerate piss-takers like Bendtner, Arshavin and Walcott; who would demand one hundred percent commitment from everybody around him; and who would spend the wage bill efficiently, paying players exactly what they are worth and telling greedy agents to go fuck themselves.

We are trapped right now in a prison of mediocrity. We need somebody to come in and give the club a massive shake up.

Goodbye, Arsene Wenger. Hello Juergen Klopp.

Yankee Gooner

“Prison of Mediocrity” is my third favorite outtake from Depeche Mode’s “Violator”

the only sam is nelson
the only sam is nelson

Fatgooner, i hate to introduce facts into your fantasy world but you might like to consider how your managerial hero was fucked up the arse by paul stretford, who turned wayne rooney into a £250K a week player who makes walcott look motivated these days

and then there was his famous “I wouldn’t sell them a virus” comment before, er, selling Ronaldo to them

and so it goes on. Fact of the matter is that Utd is so full of piss takers (Valencia, Anderson, Nani, Rooney, etc) that Ferguson is relying on a 40 year old and had to buy Van Persie. He also gambled (and lost) on Michael Owen, Owen Hargreaves, Danny Welbeck, etc etc

His judgement is every bit as questionable as anyone else’s – there are plenty of fatgooner equivalents calling for Ferguson to go at Utd, incredible as it may seem

But you are guilty of the rose-tinted bullshit you accuse anyone not wanting Wenger to be publicly flogged of indulging in.



A famous man – I think it was Chairman Mao – once said: “Victors are never judged.”

I wouldn’t give a rat’s arse how much Walcott or Arshavin was getting if we had won the Premier League last night. Wenger’s methods would have been justified.

But we didn’t.

Instead we had to suffer the pain and humiliation of watching our erstwhile top scorer smash in a hat-trick which secured yet another title for the “hopeless” Sir Alex Ferguson.

By the way: you’ve just made a brilliant point. SAF has made loads of dud signings. But unlike our stubborn French leader he soon jettisons them. And at least Rooney actually did something to justify his massive pay rise – Walcott didn’t. By the way, Rooney will be gone this summer, probably to PSG. That’s how SAF deals with players like him.

It’s so disappointing that an older Gooners like you can be so gullible; so brainwashed in the Wenger-is-great mindset that younger fans are trapped in.

I just wish our manager had Ferguson’s “questionable judgement”.

Parisian Weetabix

@Fatgooner: At first I didn’t take you seriously, but then you quoted Chairman Mao so I knew you were on to something.

To be honest, I think I agree with the point you are (possibly inadvertently) making; the one thing United have that we don’t is SAF. The bullying thing: you’re spot on. The ruthlessness: there’s no denying it. SAF is a better manager than Wenger.

But Wenger is still an excellent manager. If SAF is the best, Wenger is second best, certainly in the Premier League. Evidently things aren’t perfect right now, and could be a whole lot better, but getting rid of Wenger isn’t the answer for me. Give him funding, give him resources, and he will use them better than anyone. He knows this club, and he can make it great again.


Chairman Mao, yeah his policies have stood the test of time. Great Leap Forward and all. Very good.


“There’s a lot we can learn from them; especially their manager.”

I’m not sure that pinning Wenger down and pouring cheap scotch into him until he’s a red-nosed cunt who can’t use long words is likely to improve us any.


Fatgooner or complete dick same thing .
Pound notes fat boy , one manager don’t give a shit how much he waste and one who finds great young talent like RVP and has to sell . MONEY TALKS , FOR PLAYERS AND RED NOSE . nothing to do with a great manager .
Arsene is the greatest manager .


I think Wilshere needs to be rested,u can see it in his performance that he is not at his best that is because he is not fully fit.We have somebody who can do the job now even better than him,i’m talking about Rosicky.Rosicky is a good CM/AM but Wenger simply ignore him.You would agree with me that after that substitution was made Wilshere for Rosicky in our last game against Fulham our attacking strength dropped that is because there was nobody to make those dangerous runs and unpredictable passes that Rosicky does.Wilshere gets the ball the next thing he does he runs an opponent trying to dribble pass him and many times he gets dispossessed.Arsenal are known for those 1-2diagonal passes and the only person who knows how to do that now is Rosicky when paired with Carzola it creates chances for goals.When Wilshere came in we couldn’t score.


gayle what a monster!


I was just taking out my anger at man u winning the league.

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not sure isco will be sold, but if someone bids up to 20-25million for him i doubt malaga in that position would say no. we should give malaga 10mill + arshavin for isco


Arshavin is out of contract.
And we have plenty of players who play in isco’s favored position. So i dont think he is needed


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