News of the screws: Ox talks Wilshere


There’s been a fair bit of speculation in recent days that Jack Wilshere may need further corrective surgery this summer to sort his ankle problems for good.

However, despite the chatter and headlines both Arsene Wenger and teammate Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain have downplayed the suggestion stressing that to all intents and purposes the England international is coping well with the physical demands of regular football.

While the boss admits that he’s being cautious with the 21-year-old, he also told press after Saturday’s win with Fulham that the youngster basically has no problem.

“He was in a bit [of pain] after the game [against Everton] but I just felt we had to stop him because of inflammation last time and I just felt to give him three games in six days would be too much,” Wenger said.

“Now he has a break until next Sunday and that is different so he will be available. There is no basic ankle problem.

“I do not want to go into a vicious circle again when I play him, I play him, I play him and then suddenly… I think coming back after six weeks out, two games in a week was enough.”

Following the boss’ lead Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, in what seems a very odd little snippet in The Sun, further revealed that Wilshere’s only real problem is slight discomfort caused by screws in his ankle.

“The news is it’s not too bad, he’s just getting a bit of pain in his ankle from a few screws.

“If you bounce back from what he did you can bounce back from anything.”

It all seems relatively positive, although in truth Arseblog News wouldn’t be surprised to see run a story the day after the season ends about Wilshere being booked in for ‘minor something-something procedure’…

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