Thursday, March 20, 2014
Wenger: Giroud decision harsh

Wenger: Giroud decision harsh

Arsene Wenger says Arsenal will soldier on without Olivier Giroud in the next three games but feels the FA’s decision to uphold his red card at Fulham was harsh.

The boss didn’t complain too much about the sending-off in the aftermath of the Gunners’ hard-fought 1-0 win at Craven Cottage but says that having watched the replay the challenge on Stanislav Manolev was a ‘minor incident’.

Speaking to Arsenal Player Wenger said: “It is a blow that we cannot have him available. We will have to do without him and we will do it.

“It’s a harsh decision. After the game, I was a little bit less convinced that he didn’t deserve the red card but having seen it again, I feel it’s completely accidental and a very minor incident.

“That’s why I decided to appeal. I’m sad that it didn’t work but we have to cope with it.”

Arsenal were at risk of losing Giroud for the rest of the season had the FA deemed the appeal frivolous, but the boss admits he was never worried about the game’s governing body deeming his actions as such:

“You weigh that up but honestly nobody could accuse you of a frivolous appeal when you see what happened again,” he continued.

“I thought ‘frivolous appeal, no – but will they overturn the red card?’ For me that was 50-50. But we were never in doubt of it being [seen as] a frivolous appeal.”

Reacting to news of the ban yesterday on Twitter, Giroud himself admitted he felt hard done by:

“Décision très très dure…Very severe decision…”

Arseblog News is inclined to agree. That being said given the manner in which the FA banned Suarez for 10 games yesterday it seems there’s no point ever guessing what the game’s governing body will do…



  1. C’est la vie

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  2. FA = Folly in Action

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  3. Perfectly Normal Gooner

    It’s going to be tough without the handsome French bloke, but if anybody can make this situation work, it’s Arsene.

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    • Yeah just hope he puts on those those size 10′s and gets in the mix. Still better than torres.

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  4. Sir FAlex FArguson didn’t like the tackle.

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    • Maybe we should hire that cunt d*foe to bite the FA! It wouldn’t pass for a crime nor violent conduct after all.

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  5. We havn’t beaten any of the top 5 clubs this season bar Spuds and that was cus of a red card, I’m not sure how we are gona cope without our only striker. People saying poldi will do a job but hes had times in the season where the front 3 switch around and he goes more central and not much has come of it. Whoever we have playing, I just hope they realise whats at stake, nothing is impossible, we nearly beat Bayern and they have wiped out the rest of europes best since. Manu will be dangerous in all areas, but hopefully this time round our left flank isn’t exposed, but we’re gona be very vulnerable in set pieces without HFB.

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    • We beat Bayern in the second leg. If we can beat them, we can beat anyone. We just need to go about it in a positive manner without fear.

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      • exactly. i’d rather have podolski up there because of his strength. but a few good through balls to theo could open them up to.

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  6. If Walcott is put up front, let’s hope he stops moping and takes the opportunity with some great goals.
    If Gervinho’s put up front, let’s hope he shows the form and (good) unpredictability he’s capable of.
    If Podolski plays up front, let’s hope that clinical finishing he’s capable of shines through.

    Either way, I hope one of the three give Wenger a headache (in terms of who to pick up front because of good form) for the last game of the season.

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  7. Soon as F.A boss Alex ferguson dreamt of how the tackle could have killed that fulham player the decision had to stand.

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  8. Wishful thinking that Arsene changes formation and puts in two of the three options ?

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  9. I’m pretty sure the FA use the tank of manatees that write Family Guy episodes to decide the things they will and won’t punish, and the level to which they will punish them.

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  10. Next time suarez thinks about biting someone he better just stop and resort to racially abusing the player. Atleast he’ll get a lesser ban then.

    And now Girouds’ non-malicous tackle gets a 3 game ban when on the same weekend an assou ekottos’ two foot lunge. (that perhaps could have killed!! Zabaleta gets away scot (see that!} free?

    Good going F.A, good fucking going.

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  11. Giroud , unlucky son. We have plenty of top quality strikers to choose from. Walcott, Podolski, Girvinho Chamberlain are all in great form so I expect a big win over Manure .

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  12. More retarded than harsh. Or possibly corrupt. Who knows with those wankers?

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  13. I’d line up

    Ramsey ramsey ramsey ramsey
    Ramsey ramsey ramsey
    Ramsey ramsey ramsey

    Then perhaps ramsey to come on for ramsey in the 60 minutes? Only if we’re losing otherwise ramsey stays on.

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  14. It’s not like we are wondering where the goals will come from without him, because Giroud hasn’t exactly been banging them in, has he?

    In fact he has been missing more than he has been scoring – and that miss in front of goal against Everton was nothing short of a fucking disgrace, coming from someone earning a 5 figure sum as a striker at our club. It is not good enough, plain and simple

    Lukas, Theo and Ox across the front looks like a pretty good option to this Gooner. Theo might be the very thing against their aging and unmotivated central defense, who aren’t exactly fleet of foot.

    And speaking of motivation, I personally hope the booing for a certain bandy horsefaced Dutch turncoat is kept to a minimum on Sunday. Not because he doesn’t deserve to be roundly booed for the most damaging and disresoectful exit of any player from Arsenal in the history of the club (which it was, no question), but because my experience is that booing only increases resolve and aim, something we can certainly do without on Sunday

    But am I despairing because Gioud is out. Not really.

    Come on the Arsenal. Lets go and win this thing.

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    • If they put on a guard of honour for that wanker, I’m turning my back. I won’t shout anything, I won’t gesture, I just will turn away. He’s contemptible as far as I’m concerned and I don’t want to look at him, least of all in that filthy shirt.

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    • Doesn’t all the Arsenal squad get a 5 figure sum? Or are they earning £9,000? Maybe the rest is paid in bonus ;0)

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    • I’m more worried about his defensive presence on set pieces mate – his height in a team of otherwise non-height gifted players (bar Per) is definitely an asset. And yeah up top he’s been misfiring of late but he’s still a threat and get into good positions (though not at Craven Cottage).

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      • His “defensive qualities”? Good and all as these may be (?), it is not the first thing I worry about in my striker, I must say.

        He can’t score goals on a regular, convincing basis. He blasts at the goal. He has no subtlety of touch, he has no guile, and he has no finesse. Subtlety of touch would have put that ball into the net against Everton, instead we got the usual sprawling and wild swinging at the ball, and the usual wide and looking up to heaven. Fuck that. 2 points we badly need goes south. They might cost us CL football next year.

        Well, I have seen enough. He is not a striker of sufficient finesse for Arsenal Football Club.

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  15. Rank the following things in order of which you would find most unpleasant to happen to you…

    - Someone abusing you because of the colour of your skin
    - Someone snapping your leg in two
    - Someone smashing your ankle to shreds and ruining your entire career
    - Someone lightly brushing your face with their hand
    - Someone biting you for about 2 seconds and not even leaving a mark
    - Someone elbowing you in the face and breaking your jaw

    Did anyone have “Being bitten” at the top? No, me neither. I don’t know how the FA aren’t embarrassed. They are consistently stupid to a staggering degree.

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    • Ivanovic could’ve gotten rabies from that rat faced racist. But I agree the FA have no idea what they’re doing.

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    • Lets be honest, the FA have no idea what to do about punishments. Their sliding scale is:

      standard red/2 Yellows — 1 game ban
      Red for standard Violent conduct — 3 game ban
      Above that — No fucking idea; we’ll just wing it when we get pressured into actually doing something.

      I am not sure if the FA do not want to offer strong bans for fear of alienating the big clubs whose players they could have to ban, or they don’t want to have clearly defined punishments because they will have to follow through with them. Sadly being up front with the punishments, And following through on them is the only was to get this to work, which the FA seem too cowardly to do.

      As always with this stuff you point to rugby. Written in their rules: you bite– we ban you for at least 12 weeks. With the violent nature of the game (a bite might be biting someone’s ear off), the same rules point out that at the top end they will ban you for 4 years. Recent high profile bans have been between 6 and 18 months.

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  16. So it took an independent commitee something like 3 weeks to decide whether it was Giroud or a Norwich defender who put the ball into the goal. But they won’t introduce one who can say ‘Callum McMannaman went a little overboard, here’s a 6 games ban you dirty so and so…’ beats me.

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    • It’s very simple,
      “Was he wearing an arsenal shirt” = guilty.
      “Did you kick someone wearing an arsenal shirt?” = no charge.

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  17. Maybe biting wasn’t the reason he got banned. Some twat bit a joe argentine vs westham a few years back and since the ref had been happy with the bite, the FA could not praise that twat more.

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  18. This is only the tip of iceberg . I would wager that the first gunner to touch off the dutch cunt will be booked. Players under fergie get added protection. And I reckon jack will grab himself another red like last match. Lets hope im wrong and we give these cunts a long over due whooping

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  19. Podolski to score a fine volley.

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  20. Wenger and the board had a chance to something about the rvp situation and buying giroud was a laughable solution. so van Persie wins a cup and we’re struggling to get a top 4 spot which is the same as a trophy in Chad Valley land. Applaud rvp and boo Wenger and the board.

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  21. This is typical wenger. Gamble on only having one striker and then he gets suspended for the run in.

    On a completely different subject i saw amaury bischoff playing football on saturday.

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  22. Judgement day (once more)

    My dreams of seeing Dutchy Cunty with both legs pulverised is a beautiful thing.

    Obviously, Jack is standing next to him having a lovely laugh with Ramsey.

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  23. if arsenal made him better imagine what he was like before……

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  24. Those that say they can understand and empathise with Van Persie, or that they even applaud him, well then why won’t you do the same? Change to a club that ‘matches your ambition’. It is the same thing, don’t tell me its not. Also, while your at it, if there’s someone in your life who has cared and supported you through a tough period, abandon them. He’s a smart man Robin, but that just makes it all even worse.

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  25. I think it’s time to stop comparing the suarez-evra controversy with this biting incident (Keep in mind this is coming from a black guy still salty about that evra incident):

    1. Honestly speaking, yet unfortunately, it’s a lot easier to punish someone for something as blatantly obvious as biting someone than for “he said she said” racist accusations.
    2. It’s not that the FA was saying that biting ivanovic is worse than racially abusing evra. Believe it or not, it’s because suarez is also a racist that he got the 10 match ban

    The FA has proved over and over again that they are pretty incompetent (Giroud’s red card appeal, John Terry not getting punished enough, Dan Smith, Ryan Shawcross, Balotelli, etc.) but honestly they got this decision correct. P.S FUCK SUAREZ

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  26. Can someone tell me why Zabaleta didn’t get any action taken against him when he made a racist comment and Bac was so riled that he headbutted him? Useless Feeble Anus’s waiting to take it any which way from that red-nosed cunt up north

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