Arsenal linked with another Barcelona starlet


In recent weeks Arsenal have been linked with Barcelona youngster, Julio Pleguezuelo Selva, a defender, but AS suggest the player is going to Chelsea while the Gunners have secured the services of another graduate from La Masia.

Josimar Quintero, a 16 year old Ecuadorian born right winger, is the player in question, but the situation is complicated by the fact both he, and Selva, share the same agent, Raúl Verdú.

Verdú informed Barcelona last month that the players would be rejecting the offers put before them in favour of a move to London, where they can sign professional terms a year earlier than in Spain.

It was this loophole which Arsenal exploited to sign Cesc Fabregas in 2004, and in recent times the Gunners have added Hector Bellerin and Jon Toral from the Spanish champions.

Both players have been linked to Chelsea, but AS insist that Selva will join Chelsea, Josimar will go to Arsenal, while Liverpool will complete the signing of another youth star, Sergi Canós.


  1. I’d rather it was the same Barcelona starlet as it was in 2004. We can hope!

    This all seems very complicated, like Deal or no Deal, where us, Liverpool and Chelsea all picked a box at random and ended up with a player. Hopefully we got the jackpot this time, and they ended up with 1p, or a piece of fluff.

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    • We can never be sure of what they’ll get in terms of quality, I guess, …. unless we perhaps give them Giroud?

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  2. Anyone who’s played Football Manager 2012 will know what a prolific scorer a certain “Quintero” could be. That clearly means we should sign the guy up, right?


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  3. According to a quick cross referencing of major search engines on the web this guy is the 920th player said to be moving to Arsenal this summer.

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  4. Bloody love taking these young guys from Barca… That’s what they get for tapping up our players the cunts 🙂

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  5. I hope we fuck Barcelona out of a talented player and he never comes back to them and we can see Sandra throwing a hissy fit at us for ‘poaching’ their precious, endangered youngsters.

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    • My only genuine concern would be that we piss off the powers that be over at the Nou Camp and they do us over by selling Fabregas to our rivals.

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  6. Can we also resign Fabregas? He is still my favorite player, and we need another creative player. There is no one better in that position than Fabregas. That’s why he has the number 10 shirt for Spain.

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    • No response means deal done or almost done… Never ask who’s in the know if they know because you will get no answer

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    • We won’t get Higuain. Quite simply, he’d be well overpriced. Cost much more than how good he actually is. While I hope we spend a bit more this summer I still don’t think it’s ever worth buying overpriced players – especially when you don’t need to. That’s the kind of shit that Abramovich works and its completely retarded.

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    • yeah, that story from skysports… totally a non story… i dont see how this journalist stretch interviews like this to get such headlines. whats even more annoying are the comments that it would be a step down for him if he comes.(which is total bull.s. btw)

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    • Why are any goons creaming themselves over bullshit Rooney story’s????
      First of all he is a cunt
      Second how could we pay his wages
      Third his name is shrek
      And last but not least he is a cunt

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      • He looks like he’s 12… and people pushing for Rooney, just stop, John Terry might be a good defender, but I would never want to see him in an Arsenal shirt, that standard doesn’t change for Shrek, Suarez, or any other cunt. If we are going to spend that kind of money on a player I would hope it would be for Cesc, and either Higuain or Jovetic.

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  7. Don’t want that Chav at my club. And if you think we are going to pay anywhere near 200k plus a week in wages then il have whatever happy pills your on.

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  8. Why did i get thumbs down man? I didnt say i wanted him….im so upset.

    Seriously though, does anyone else believe that hes already peaked?

    I dont think this will ever…EVER happen. I know we have money and i know we need players but im against buying an Ogre and paying him 200k a week.

    This story is classic sensationalism by the Sun. AW asked about transfers thia summer. Replies basically i dont wanna talk about it, after Newcastle game. Pressed further if we’d be in for someone of Rooneys calibre. AW replies somethig like ‘ I just told you!’.

    Then somehow this represents Arsene as being ‘ Coy on Rooney’…..Please just fuck off and report something truthfull. Or at least something that is possible.

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  9. If we signed Shrek and Arsenal have a good season there is a real possibility England could start Jenks, Gibbs, Ox, Theo, Jack and Rooney in the starting 11 for the World Cup.

    Not bad for a club/manager not interested in home grown talent.

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    • Or…

      If we DON’T sign Shrek and Arsenal have a good season there is a real possibility England could start Jenks, Gibbs, Ox, Theo, and Jack in the starting 11 for the World Cup.

      Not bad for a club/manager not interested in home grown talent.

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  10. Am i the only one who couldn’t care less about Shrek or another Barca starlet right now.

    I’m sitting here watching the clock tick waiting to watch us play Wigan.


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  11. Btw. Fabregas came in 2003 when he was 16…10 years ago. Hopefully the 10th anniversary of his arrival will be marked by his second coming

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