Wenger hints at big summer spend


Arsene Wenger has hinted that he’ll use the funds available to him after guiding the club through what he calls a ‘very sensitive’ period.

Having built a new stadium, and been tied into restrictive commercial deals, things look better in the Arsenal garden, and Wenger spoke about the club’s financial strength.

At his pre-QPR press conference, he said, “We have gone through a period that was very sensitive, we are coming out of it now, in a much stronger position financially.

“I believe that this club is today in a very, very strong position and has gone through a very sensitive period in a very intelligent way. After that, everything is here to have a great future.

“We have a good fanbase, we have now a strong financial situation, we have good young players and a squad with a bright future with the quality of the young players we have. It is just to manage it well now.”

The new Emirates sponsorship deal has certainly had an impact, and although there was money to spend in January, Wenger decided to wait until summer to make best use of the money available to him.

It remains to be seen if that gamble will pay off in terms of this season, with Arsenal still fighting for a top four finish, but should it come to fruition it seems that there’ll be no similar fiscal recalcitrance on Wenger’s part in the upcoming close season.

Wenger also hinted he might stay on beyond the end of his contract in 2014, although admitted it would be entirely dependent on his performance.

Ruling out a move to PSG, again, he said, “I answered that question already. I respect my contracts. I want to stay on if I do well and if I consider or the club considers that I do well, that is all.

“I want this club to do well, that is my basic feeling.”

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