Arsenal make ‘strong offer’ for Higuain


According to Gonzalo Higuain’s father who, along with one of his brothers, acts as his agent, Arsenal have made a ‘strong offer’ for the Real Madrid striker.

His comments suggest that the two clubs are in discussions over an arrangement, at which point they’ll discuss personal terms.

“Nothing has been signed yet but I can assure you there are advanced talks between the clubs,” said Jorge Higuain.

“We wouldn’t arrange any personal contract before the clubs agree for the transfer. I’m aware Arsenal has made a strong offer, as well as Juventus.”

The reality, of course, is that Arsenal will have sounded out the Argentine before approaching Madrid, and it’s not unusual for ballpark figures to be discussed ahead of more official contact.

It now just remains for the two clubs to agree, and for Higuain to choose the Emirates as his favoured destination. It sounds simple, but much can happen even when everything appears to be in place for a transfer to go through.

Still, it looks as if it’s inching ever closer. Fingers crossed.


    • No we get to listen again to the line we were so used to when Eduardo played.

      “He just doesn’t miss does he?”

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        • @Why is my name required

          hold on, you might not want to get carried away….

          As much as 99.999 % of arsenal fans, including me, want this signing to happen, arsenal making such a really “top top top” quality signing so easily doesn’t sound very arsenal…….

          as mr. arseblog says, keep you fingers croosed, but you might wanna wait before starting the celebrations……..

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      • when eduardo was around we had van persie, adebayor, carlos vela & nik bendtner. Its high time wenger got back to stockpiling strikers.

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  1. Hold on, hadn’t several papers already reported we’d done personal terms and that the transfer was a done deal and only waiting on Madrid to get a manager because Juve had pulled out having not been willing to pay as much as us? So basically they fabricated 2 or 3 separate stories on absolutely no evidence. Can’t say I’m surprised though, but that isn’t journalism and to be honest such fabrication should be illegal.

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  2. Come on Arsene, let’s get this one done and then move on to the next big signing.
    Now is time to show the world that Arsenal as a title challenging team is back!

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      • Is it worth pointing out that the source, who is both his agent AND his Dad, is unlikely to say that we are the only club interested…?

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    • Juve haven’t really put their money where their mouth is recently. Wenger got it spot on last summer about them not buying van Persie, after all the talk they ended up with…Bendtner.

      Considering they’ve just done a Bosman-fuelled deal for Llorente, I’m not so sure they’re going to splash well upwards of 20 million for Higuain. If they had 20 million to spend, they would have done it last summer with van Persie, and this was obviously even before they signed Llorente.

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    • With Juve being mentioned as ‘still in contention’ it makes me a bit apprehensive we’ll get this guy. The attraction of an Italian champion or the 4th place kings of England. Hmmm. In one hand I have a chance at challenging for the Champions League and winning league honors while in the other hand I’ll be fighting to achieve third place in the league at best (Higuain’s thought process).

      Whoever’s doing the negotiations must have a hard sell in marketing Arsenal as a preferred destination if AMBITION is the criteria Higuain is going with. Don’t get me wrong I love Arsenal but lets be objective here. A league title won’t be coming our way next season and we’d be lucky to win a domestic cup with this squad. Let’s not live in the realm of fantasy where we assume we’ll be getting quality signings yet in reality Arsene ends up saying the market is overvaluing players and there isn’t any quality out there to buy.

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      • If he comes to Arsenal Higuain would be guaranteed the number 1 strikers spot. I think Giroud will do well to challenge him but Higuain will be ahead of him definitely. If he went to Juventus he would have to displace Fernando Llorente and that would be a much harder task. Seeing as he was playing second fiddle to Benzema last season I think he’d prefer to be the top dog. I guess we’ll have to wait and see though, won’t we.

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        • So he’d rather walk into a team rather than face competition??? That doesn’t sound like a player we’d want on our books. If i was him I’d rather go to a team that’s competitive and has a chance of bagging titles. Additionally, I’d rather be on a team that gives me a fair shoot at the first 11. Real Madrid didn’t offer him a fair shake, thats obvious. Lets wait and see.

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  3. It’s ok Mikel
    Arseblog have tapped their phones, nothing illegal about that…..

    And do you think those Americans calling around to everyone’s house are RELLY a religious cult?
    Those black suits kind of give a clue…..

    This deal is sounding very very similar to how we got Santi last summer. And that’s a good thing.
    If we get the Hig boss in and Sanogo, that’s the striker shopping done for the summer. So shrek is off the list thanks be to bejasus.
    Still plenty of money will be left over for a GK, CB and DM if Wenger thinks we need more cover.

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  4. I doubt it will happen because last time we was close to signing Juan Mata and look where he ended up. Till it’s confirmed on arsenal site not going to believe what everybody says. It’s annoying but just deal with it 🙂

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  5. Hiquian is world class Rooney would be a great addition once you get it out of your head that he was a man u player. And fellaini or someone like that would be vital for title challenge as well as a goalie if wenger sees fit. If Rooney comes which i doubt, maybe well go back to two upfront…

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    • Rooney would be a great addition once you get it out of your head that he is overweight, inconsistent, a Man U player, and has a personality that is possibly uglier than his face.

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    • You want Wenger to play Fellaini as a goalkeeper?

      Interesting idea.

      You want us to shell out a huge sum of money for Rooney?

      Now you’re just being silly.

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    • A player with Rooney’s skillset would be a great addition.

      The deal-breaker in his case, is that he IS Rooney.

      His downsides have little to do with his ability to play football.

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      • Running about tirelessly but pointlessly is one of his most-used skills in the last year or so. Asking for a transfer is also something he is getting better at.

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  6. Until its on the Arsenal website I can’t let my self believe it. It’s not like Arsenal to have their transfer business all over the papers. Remember we were going to buy Mata. Until its signed mr Abramovich stil has time find an old pair of trousers and find that he has £30 mil in pocket change. Come on Arsene if you want him get him quickly.
    Simply Arsenal.

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  7. Dear Bergkamp please let this deal happen, would mean so much to the club and the fans if it did. When was the last time the club held on to their best players and made a statement of intent like this? Obviously there are other areas but striker should be top of the priority list.

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  8. It’s Sunday, I can’t imagine that they do much business on a Sunday, I’m going back to bed.

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    • since when any manager at madrid have any say to witch player he is signing. the only one who got this power was the chav one . he is gone now back where perez is the one who decide . and ancelotti isnt yet their manager because PSG refuse to let him go before they have a decnt manager to take over

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  9. Seeing as how your so strong willed,you can “deal with it” for all of us Saba.Me…I’m gonna carry on looking for every bit of Internet bullshit!

    Some of its gotta be true,right?…
    Please tell me it is

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  10. These sort of negotiations are like ever-decreasing circles until you get to an agreement. It all sounds very promising, but these things take time to arrange. I think that AW will have it done next week, in time for everyone to have a holiday (if they’re not on one already) and to join in at the start of pre-season training.

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  11. A confirmed Arsenal signing posing with the shirt, all smiles. I just want abit of that right now.come on!!

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  12. If only Bendtner had done his job at being the greatest striker that ever lived then we wouldn’t have this distateful competition from Juve!

    damn you!

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  13. Wenger will probably stick him on the wing anyway! Wiltord, Arsh, Wallcot, Eduardo, Bendtner, Podolski….

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    • Hmm, with his pace and technique as well as the intelligence of his movement, you might have an idea.


      Target-man to play off and deadly finishing combined with pace, nice option if Santi plays in midfield or Poldi is banjaxed.

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  14. I doubt we can afford to sign Higuain, Rooney and Fellaini. We have to stay true to our beliefs and not compromise our self sustainable business model just for the sake of some so called “marquee” signings that could financially cripple us.

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    • Foremost, I can’t imagine Arsene paying 250+pw to someone with Rooney’s attitude, or Rooney agreeing with a significant lowering of his wages. On the other hand, this is exactly the reason why Rooney would not be that expensive. But with the current team and Rooney’s attitude, I would prefer not going for the risk unless it is absolutely necessary. However, the list of better choices is quite long: Higuain, Gomez, Lewandowski, Jovetic.

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    • The only reason you can consider Rooney as a “marquee signing” is that, if pushed, we could stick some tent poles in his shirt and serve drinks in there.

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  15. Heeg Wah Een!

    Do it!

    All jokes aside, I heard through my friend’s second cousin’s gardener, (who also landscapes Stan Kroenke’s moustache) and he promises me that Higuain has already bought a house in Staines. Very reliable source there.

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  16. Arsenal are defending a corner. Mertesacker jumps the highest and clears it, but only till the waiting Arteta. Arteta carries the ball forward, lobs it to Cazorla, who skips past two and lays it to Wilshere. Wilshere threads a wonderful throughball to the oncoming Higuain. Higuaiiiiiiiiin!
    Vintage Arsenal!

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  17. He really would transform our squad – take it to the next level. I can barely believe we lasted the entirety of last season and finished fourth with the striking options we had at our disposal.

    Without a doubt, for me, signing Higuain would be the best and most exciting thing to happen to Arsenal since Viera scored that penalty and we won the FA Cup in 2006.

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  18. Higuain would make our team near enough complete if this transfer does go through (which it looks highly likely that it will). If we secure him, we need to focus on one more major signing and I’m sure we can win a few trophies next seasons. Fingers crossed guys! #COYG

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    • 2 more, maybe 3. a proper Defensive Midfielder of good quality, Lars bender Sven bender Fellani level. a good experienced gk cesar fits that bill and replace any sales. tbh i would love to see 2 dms, a little depth please

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  19. I seriously doubt juve have the financial muscle to pull him. I think juve is been used by players agents and Real Madrid to get some sort of bargaining power. Arsenal is too smart for that to happen.

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  20. Arsenal buying the big boys in the transfer market is like watching a race between a tortoise and a snail….nothing ever seems to happen!

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  21. Tony Adams just stated we can do better than Higuain, that he should of had chips job, that we are miles off winning the title because area’s of our team aint strong enough.

    Not the best comments to state as a Arsenal legend wanting a job with the Arsenal. 🙁

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    • Adams is correct to an extent. While Chips is a good guy, appointing a chairman such as David Dein would have sent shock waves to other clubs, more than any summer signing will do. One can dream..

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      • “…appointing a chairman such as David Dein would have sent shock waves to other clubs…”

        Damned right it would. They’d have been on the phone in seconds asking; “How much does your lad reckon we’d have to pay for ${Arsenal_player}?”…..

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  22. thought i’d add my take on Wayne Wooney. nobody seems to be saying this but I don’t want that bugger at the Grove. he’s the reason why we stopped on our 49 game unbeaten run. nasty bugger is a diver. a cheat. he’s fat. unfit. not hardworking enough. got tantrums. and on top of all that he’s ugly too.

    no thankyou. piss off. we can do much better than him.

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  23. Once we sign him, the good ol days will be back. Man he has a great finness shot, lobs and all sorts!!! Can’t wait 🙂

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  24. Higuain and Fellaini would do me, come on Ivan and Arsene – Arsenal fans everywhere are pulling their hair out, we know (hope) there is a lot going on behind closed doors – but throw us a fucking bone!!

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  25. Am Tired of all dis stories. I want de deal done already. Making me hav sleepless nites. Higuain plz come

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  26. get Higuain. keep Giroud and Poldi although I wudnt mind a better striker than Poldi. but looks like he’s staying. so keep those 3. get rid of Gervinho. and ffs get Walcott to play up front as opposed to the wing.

    get a better player for RM. we were interested in Grenier. he can play RM. lets get a real winger. Ryo should be back from injury too. Chambo can play RM too. Cazorla on the left or right or central or just behind the striker 😀 kid can play anywhere

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  27. Yeh we need a LM, CDM, Higuain and a experienced goal keeper to challenge scezney and believe me they dont cost much.

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  28. Yeah the fat spud can fuck right off, no real gooner would ever wanna see that overrated twot in an Arsenal shirt.

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  29. Just to point out something… If you ever believe sites like caughtoffside, you are miles offside. And you should be made to run the length of Emirates 10 times like that twat bayor, then beaten with a canoe paddle.

    Just sign HeegWaaEeen already. The fella knows how to strike a ball!!! C O Y G

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  30. All very positive. However, I do wonder if we can only work on one deal at a time. Would be nice to tie down another 1 or 2 while we remain at the whim of Carlo ancelloti and his desire of higuain, or lack of, all being well.

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  31. Since when have Real ever taken note of anything their manager wants? This is the clueb that sacks managers that the Champions League and domestic league titles….Ancellotti or not, Real will sell when the club chairman/president is ready and not before……the cunt.

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  32. I won’t believe this until I see it on and he’s holding up a shirt which has a picture of him holding up his shirt on

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  33. My arsenal team next year


    Sagna kos Per Gibbs


    Wilshere Cazorla

    Theo Nani


    For me that is a potential title winning side. Fellaini is a fantastic player. A few years ago saw him play for everton at the emirates where we snatched a draw and he was the best player on the park playing dm, his favoured position. Also Nani is a genuine wide player with pace and trickery. Against teams who just defend he could be the man. Far better than any of our current wingers and we could get him for about 10 mil as he has one year left on his contract. Absolute bargain if we could pick him up.

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    • Nani?! Really?

      Sorry, we already have players better than him at the club and If we wanted a shit Thriller era michael Jackson impersonator I’m sure we could get one for much less.

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    • Nani? FUCK no.

      A). We have to pay United for him. We’d also have to pay through the nose for one of their failures.

      B). Cazorla, OX, Podolski. All players I’d rather see there; hell bring Ryo back instead.

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    • Nani is the biggest waste of space at United. That’s why they’ve let his contract run down. He is even more inconsistent than Walcott.
      He has maybe one good game in 5 and disappears for the rest of the time. He’s definitely not what we need.
      I would much rather use what we’ve got on the wings than Nani, they all work ten times harder than him.

      He would only end up being another player we get stuck with who never plays and costs us when he does. We’ve had enough of those in recent years, arguably the worst one being another United has-been. I still can’t believe we bought Silvestre, he was rubbish and we all knew he would be from day one. There wasn’t an Arsenal fan alive that thought it was a good deal.

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  34. We are almost there…. Finally a star player with over an 80 on FIFA…. Jokes aside, Higuain is really good. Super clinical, deceptively quick. Intelligent runs, good with tap ins and long shots. He is versatile too. He will be a great addition to the team. Please God… With our team finally sticking together and considering that many players should improve in the upcoming season, Arsenal only need 3-4 top top signings. We will finally have 5 stars on FIFA again:) (the last time that happened was FIFA 08)

    Seal the deal Arsene

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  35. The team that ended last season did us proud. (Seven wins and two draws since Munich away.)

    We already have title-form players.

    Now we need to step up a gear and Higuain and Fellaini would be just that if we could pull these deals off. Yet it would be much more than that. It would show that we CAN pull off deals like this. That we can snare Higuain right under the noses of Juventus and Fellaini under the noses of Moyes and Manchester United. Significantly strengthening the team aside, it would send a message that Arsenal have both the money and ambition.

    It’s not just that these two players would be ‘marquee signings’, it’s that they are exactly what we need to compete at the highest level with confidence. And it’ll only add to to the club’s attractiveness – both on the field and in terms of other transfers.

    But stuff like this doesn’t happen overnight. They are difficult and competitive. And they are going to take time.

    No need to get ahead of ourselves, but at least Higuain and Fellaini are world class. And we’ve every chance of signing them. Which makes this transfer window both more frustrating and more exciting than previous years.

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  36. Am I the only one thinking that as great as this whole higuaine situation is…what else is arsenal doing in the transfer market? Pre season training is starting soon and as happy as i am about us moving some players on and this link…we’re gona need more to seriously compete. Anyone hearing anything else?

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    • I find it frustrating that we always seem to allow these things to drag on, allowing others the opportunity to jump in – Mata is a prime example, and I think the same could happen here. If Man City fancy Higuain then that is where he’ll end up. The Tevez deal shows how quickly these things can be organised, and whilst i get the managerial thing at Real may have delayed things slightly we should just go for the kill now and get it wrapped up.

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