Danish press want clownish Bendtner to make his mind up


While Arsenal fans need no reminding how tedious a Nicklas Bendtner summer is, it seems even the Danish press are growing fed up with The Greatest Striker That Ever Lived.

Us, no hassle. We’re used to him talking about how many clubs want him, how in demand he is, and how he’s got his pick of new destinations before a last-minute desperation loan deal on deadline day.

But as Ekstra Bladet report that there is an agreement between Arsenal and Frankfurt over the transfer of the player, their headline screams:


And the first two lines of the article read:

What do you want, Bendtner? It is now, you have to decide.

After some information about the deal, they ask:

Will he play in Frankfurt? Or will he just play French clown?

They then point out that Bendtner himself said his future would be sorted in two weeks, three weeks ago. If there was an exasperation font, they’d use that.

At this point we wouldn’t be surprised if Bendtner announced his retirement from football to take up a new career as CEO of Procrastination Inc, the company which will release its mission statement, someday.

Either that or it’s Stoke on deadline day, the wall of zombie, eat their own young, halflings crowding the reporter as Nick gets out of his shiny jeep and announces: I AM SHAWCROSSER.

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