Koscielny: I feel good at Arsenal but want titles


Laurent Koscielny says he’ll only look to leave Arsenal if the club shows no ambition to end its trophy drought.

Stressing that he has no reason to leave the Emirates at the moment, despite tittle-tattle linking him with a move to Bayern Munich, the centre-back also underlined there had been no contact from big-spenders Paris Saint Germain.

Bouncing back from a torrid first half of the season the French international helped steer the Gunners to Champions League football with a sterling run of form in the final ten games. However, reflecting on a tough few months he admitted to Eurosport that the club needs to do better in the future.

“I feel good at Arsenal,” he said when asked about his future. “I’ve just come to the end of a complicated season, especially the first six months, but it’s over now.

“I want to win titles and I hope the club has the means. It deserves it. Does the club want to keep me? That question is also there.

“If the club has the means to compete with the best, I have no reason to leave. But if it fights every year for Champions League [qualification] it’s hard psychologically to be under such constant pressure.

“I do not want to go anywhere. Of course I want to know another championship, but it’s complicated.

“I want to lift trophies and to have a winning record. I hope the club will give me the means. If this weren’t the case, I’d look elsewhere. Paris [Saint Germain]? I don’t know. I’ve not heard anything.”

Arseblog News has no doubt that the ‘I feel good at Arsenal’ line will be largely overlooked in the coming 48 hours with other publications focusing instead on the “Koscielny: Win me a trophy or I’m f*cking off” angle.

We’d urge everyone to chill out. The fact Laurent was being questioned by a bloke who insisted on pushing him to talk about PSG, despite there being no suggestion of such a move, underlines that everyone, both at home and abroad, is looking for a juicy headline. Moreover, what he has said makes perfect sense – the club does indeed need to win silverware and it’s going to need hungry players like Koscielny to do so.


    • Just in time arseblog, saved my life, was about to watch a Bale compilation to end my life.

      Now it does seem like Bosscielny’s intentions were misinterpreted in twitter.

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        • Though I fully agree that such statements shouldn’t be misinterpreted in any way – especially during the summer break where real football news are rather scarce – it does seem to prove though that professional footballers think in a different way (= in term of trophies at all costs) as we fans do.

          Is this a similar story to RVP’s (remember: our undisputed hero and legend at the time)? In terms of showing ambition, what does a club have to do to prove to its players that it wants to win trophies “no matter what”? And where does a club such as Arsenal fit in there, especially in a landscape where now have another with newly rich Monaco (albeit no direct threat to us yet but it raises the international wage structure)? What does Arsenal have to do to prove that we’re going to title challengers next season?

          I can’t really see us buying “3 world stars”. Rather, we’re going to offload (useless) players; but how many transfers are going to do the trick this year? (those are open questions, not rhetoric ones).

          Is it not easier for a player to ask for a transfer to say Bayern (or ManU…) who, yet again, have actually won silverware? What do these clubs do better then us, and where can Arsenal learn from them?

          More question than answers really 🙂

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        • @AFC: I don’t feel that their ambition is that distinct from ours. We want Arsenal to demonstrate beyond all doubt an intention to genuinely challenge for major titles, which I – like many but not all of us – believe we haven’t done in a fair few years.
          I honestly feel that Kos’ statements are bland precisely because I would assume this is the psychology of all players, i.e. “if i’m playing well enough to be in a trophy winning team, eventually I want to win trophies”. However if the club is leveraging the outstanding abilities of the few to drag the ‘many’ to a respectable but ultimately mediocre position (i.e. ~4th each season), it stands to reason that those few will look to go somewhere else.

          This is the reason that I only feel marginally resentful AT RVP, whereas I feel hugely disappointed about the RVP situation. And for all the ‘going home eventually’ subtext, the Cesc situation also.

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      • big big fan of kosc but this is a little surprising.

        Wenger scooped him out of the 2nd tier of french football for pete’s sakes. I know loyalty means nothing in this day and age, but this reeks of arrogance. he was nothing before arsenal.

        don’t forget where you came from, and who had faith in you.

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        • Total nonsense.

          We went after Koscielny, not the other way around. And the only reason we went after him is because we thought he could improve us. Koscienly without would properly move to a Lyon/Marseille after Lorient as he was doing really well. Then he would play for france and there would be a good chance he would be a target for europes elite clubs. We speeded up the process because we knew if we waited 2 years we properly wouldnt have a chance as big clubs would be after him. I also dont believe Kosicelny has learned much at arsenal in terms of defending, the reason why a club like Bayern is after him is because he is extremely talented defender, which he already was before signing for us. Its funny fans want players to be loyal to arsenal, but if a bigger company offered them a job with better wage, none of them would stay in their job

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        • i gs he was able to improve so much because he is very ambitious. can’t fault that. but dnt understand the need to say such stuff in public. more often than that not it means a soft launch of ‘ i want to leave’ campaign by a player.

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  1. i would like to see Kos at PSG..

    … putting a kung-fu kick winner past them in the champions league semi final!

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  2. I understand this is the usual pointed question bullshit, but even the concept of Koz leaving has genuinely saddened me

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  3. over the past years a lot of cunts have said something like this, hope that Koscielny is not and will never be one of them. In fact he should be a legend.

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    • They plays for a big club for 3 reasons
      1: Titles
      2: Money and
      3: Loyalty
      Let’s leave loyalty out because that doesn’t exist in football at the moment except in some rare cases.
      As for the other two reasons, we can’t give them. So it’s natural for players to move to a club where they can get those.

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        • Think I’d throw Woj, Ramsey and Gibbs into that group of Arsenal loyalists too.

          For some reason though, its the Ox and Walcott amongst our British Core that I feel like might be the first to jump ship if any of them were to do so. Not based on any fact, just a gut sense I get, dunno why? Is it just me?

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        • Agreed. And it is unreasonable for the fans to push their loyalty for the club onto the players. It is a job for every single one of them, and in the end human wants to look back on their career and gain a sense of achievement while also securing their future financially.

          For some that achievement might be to leave a legacy at the club (Le Tissier at Southampton; but that was the case of a man satisfied with his lot in life: a personal trait more than anything) but for more it is winning trophies, as it a physical confirmation of the success of their careers.

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    • To be honest, if we don’t spend at least £50mil net this season I will go nuts, this year all the other teams around us bar Chelsea will be at their weakest if we can’t take advantage of that now then we never will. I mean players like Wilshere are being baited by Bayern, a player of his quality injured or not at big clubs would win something every year because he would compete with someone for his place in the squad.

      I know we’ve finally started to get out of paying for our stadium, but thats no excuse for the mistakes the board made with external investment to be put on the players ambitions.

      We can talk about traitors and loyalty all we want, but a lot of loyal players tend to win something at their club every so often, where as none of our current players have. Even a player as shit as Gareth barry stuck by Villa for 12 years without winning anything before he got tempted with money and possibility of winning.

      Hypothetically if Kosc and Wilshere were to go Bayern and win the treble would you hate them, or would you blame the board for not spending this season, I think I know who I would blame.

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  4. *EXCLUSIVE* Koscielny Questions Arsenal Trophy Ambitions After Eight Trophyless Years Winning No Trophies Amid Reports Of A Move To Treble Trophy Winning Bayern Munich Who Won Three Trophies Last Season.

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    • I agree with you. It started this subtle with the ones that left. My hope is that it is not the same here.

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    • Tell them, Arty!

      It’s a team game by the way, you win things with 23 players, not one, but I doubt it matters to you.

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    • I don’t see anything particularly controversial or shocking about his remarks. Frank, yes, but nothing more than what most fans would say and have said.

      In fact, forget fans: some of his team-mates have said very similar things without provoking a massive brouhaha from fans. Case in point, a certain Jack Wilshere: http://news.arseblog.com/2013/01/jack-and-the-beanstalk-aiming-high/. In my view, the only difference between Wilshere’s remarks and Koscielny’s remarks is that Koscielny was prodded in this interview about transfer rumours, so naturally his comments have to be read in that light.

      It’s absolutely true that over the coming years, with its self-imposed financial constraints starting to relax, Arsenal should not be a club that continues to struggle for that last Champions League qualification spot. And it’s absolutely true that Arsenal will struggle to hold onto its best players if it doesn’t progress. Are those shocking propositions? No. I would be much more concerned if our players weren’t agitated about the prospect of stagnating in the next few seasons.

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      • Wise words well said! Nothing wrong with what Koz said. Most Arsenal fans are just as frustrated with our lack of progress over the last few years and a recent new pattern of barely squeaking into the CL every year on the last day of each season. We are also frustrated at not being competitive for trophies for such an extended length of time. The only difference between us and our football players is that they can just pack their sh*t and move elsewhere to other teams where as us true fans are loyal for life even through all the shitey times.

        Which is why it’s crucial this summer for the club to give both the fans and players something to shout about with 2-3 ambitious and audacious signings that signal a statement of serious intent for the coming season.

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      • Erm I really don’t see how what Jack said is similar to that Koscielny said. Jack basically said the players are hungry for trophies and so are the fans and that if the team won one either this past season or next season it would be a great spring board for coming seasons. At no point did he mention other teams or waiting to see how things go with the pretext of his future with the club.

        That said I think this interview is much ado about nothing, Kos unfortunately fell for an ass of a reporter baiting him to get some quotes he could sell.

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    • “One good season” Lie.
      “He is attempting to hold the club to ransom” Lie.

      Why don’t you just shut up, please?

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  6. Oh no!!!! We wont hear the end of this any time soon. The interview will be so mutilated by tomorrow even the interviewer wont recognize it

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    • I think the point we were making was that for no apparent reason the interviewer specifically brought up PSG when there has been nothing to suggest they want him. Yes it was at the end of the questioning, but was a clear attempt to draw a possible story out of thin air.

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  7. I don’t think any of our best players will be leaving this season. I will take his statement as a challenge for the entire team and board. Let’s win something in the coming season. COYG

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  8. I read this story on another site and was starting to freak out when I instinct said, “check arseblog first”.

    Sure enough, there’s a whole list of quotes that the other site ‘missed’. Yes, I’m looking at you GoonerTalk.

    Thank you Arseblog News, for 2 years of quality news and shitty player rating systems which I equally love.

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  9. Fuck Wayne Rooney.. Sorry but clothes dont suite a shrek let alone an Arsenal Shirt..

    End of next season Rooney scores the goal for The Arsenal to win title.. YES ROONEY!!!!

    Just joking.. If we do sign him I’ll support him.. But God the thought of it.. Aargh..!!

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  10. talk about irony …. Well we would have at least one trophy if not for his unfortunate slip…… but has improved leaps and bounds since….. he has been able to remove lapses in his concentration…..see what a little bit of competition does

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      • It was equally Koscielny’s fault as it was Szczesny’s. One of them should have taken the responsibility and just leathered it away. Neither did because they didn’t communicate properly and now it’s all history.

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      • well he has committed his share of defensive blunders ( own goals , comunication errors , etc.) and just when he comes good he about the club lacking ambition…… but i hope he commits himself to the club ……. his displays in the ending of last season were nothing short of magnificient

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  11. I’d like to see some trophies too, Kos’ me olde mucker.

    A league cup would have been a start but your monumental fuck up ended that little micro dream didn’t it, pal.

    Cant be doing with this ‘show some ambition’ mantra from players who are 100% responsible as to what happens ON the pitch.

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    • And I find incredibly hilarious all the talk about the League Cup. Most fans didn’t give a rat ass about the Mickey Mouse Cup, but suddenly it’s the pinnacle of the English Football. Just beacuse we fight for the 4th spot, it doesn’t mean the League Cup is more worthy than in the past.

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      • Who knows what would have happened if we won THAT league cup. Maybe the players would have learned what it feels like to win something and got a hunger for more and it would have knocked that ‘ won nothing for x years ‘ bollox

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  12. I get your point at the end of the article, but there’s still a worrying suggestion that yet another player thinks they are too good for Arsenal. The amount of players who think they deserve trophies by right and the rest of the team is holding them back is pretty shocking and if they were all right then surely we would have bloody won something by now.

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    • Thats the same feeling i always get when i read such statements. And they have been numerous during the past few years. And the one quoted always leaves.
      Generally, i dont like the, “i deserve a trophy or i will consider my future” line.

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  13. It’s always difficult when a player didn’t solidly say about to stay at another club as media,being media will always look up for stories to sell. For example Jovetic , based on rumours, he’s seems very close to sign for another club but instead fiorentina said they haven’t receive any offers.

    It’s good to see a player really ambitious to claim the trophies which I think Kos being very honest about his ambition . Let’s hope the rumours being a rumours and his dream trophies will be earn at the emirates.

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  14. He seems to forget the cc final he had a hand in fucking up. Its all well and good saying he wants trophies, what player doesn’t. So how about he helps the mighty Arsenal win won.

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  15. If he finds a champions league race challenging how is he gonna handle a title run?
    Does he want to move to a mid table team?

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  16. One good season and he’s talking about the future of the club. Who plays in those games? Do you know how many finals Bayern have played in the UCL in the last four years, when Dortmund were thumping them 5-2 in the Pokal Final, when Robben missed that decisive Penalty that handed Dortmund the Bundesliga and he Missed again in the UCL final against Chelsea. Who plays in this games and you will still be holding the club to ransom. I hate this trash. Same with Hleb, Flamini, Nasri, RVP and now Kos. Can anyone remember the 2011 League cup final with Birmingham City? Now you are coming out to say Arsenal need to show you ambition. Holy f**k

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  17. if the players are too thick to avoid these questions then they need training in how to say “ask a proper question of go fuck yourself, you hack” in multiple languages. it’s either that or he’s a little big for his boots.

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  18. Wouldn’t it be awesome if kos had just said this?-“I had a very bad start to the season and I don’t need a professor to tell me that I let everybody at Arsenal down.I bounced back though but all I’m concentrating on right now is to help this wonderful club back to where it belongs(the top). The manager showed faith in me and I’m prepared to repay him by all means.I’m enjoying life in England and I love Arsenal”.

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  19. Kos you want trophy`s ?

    Arsenal – Birmingham, COC Cup final, 28 II 2012, 89th minute, Obafemi Martins..

    Koscielny remembred ? I don`t like, if player talk ” I`m happy here, but I want trophy”. You realy want trophy, mr. Koscielny ? Who was in squad against Blackburn in FA CUP ? Laurent had good last part of season, when we lose anything. Play all season good, next talk about trophy mr. Koscielny.

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    • Not typed in English but very clear in expression even to english language readers. I doubt that anyone could have said it better mate!

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    • Also, while I’m at it, I think it’s very counter productive to point out that a players ambition is misplaced because of his past mistakes.

      Did any of us think David Seamans ambitoin was in question when Niyemi (what ever is cu*tish name is) lobbed him from the halfway line in 89th minute of CWC Final in 95? (I cried for days, so bad that my Spud supporting farther even took pitty on his 6 year old son and gave me a hug)

      The point is, as in life, If he learns and improves from his past, then we can all forgive those mistakes, but whats really important is that Kos is saying he wants ARSENAL to improve and show ambitoin, as do we all, not.. Oh look.. Man Utd are showing Ambition… toodles Arsenal.

      While he wears the Arsneal shirt, and his desires and goals are aligned with mine, that is to have Arsenal Succeeed, then I don’t give a monkeys for the mistakes he made and learned from years ago.

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      • Such comments after wigan just won the f.a cup really piss me off. It underlined a very important fact: trophies arent won by superstars.
        Our teams over the past couple of seasons could/should have won any honours, they didnt. Then stellar performers start talking about “trophies” and “strengthening the team to my standards”
        this is why i dont get attached to players anymore. They always find a way to break your heart.

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  20. All players want trophy. If Arsenal hasn’t been going through a rebuilding process due to a new stadium. Do u honestly think u could have been here? I doubt it. All the same Wenger should buy good players to be able to compete for trophy next season. Kos should not even consider doing what v.Per$ie did for Arsenal. Wenger is your god so serve him till u retire.

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    • Nonono. Wenger is your God. God would win trophies.

      And that is where the trouble lies witch so called “suporters” of Arsenal FC (Arsene FC?) who can’t seem to discern the difference between the two.

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  21. Don’t know why everyone is panicking. He’s no-where near the end of his contract and Le Boss, while often misguided, doesn’t have a single reason to sell him.

    He sounds calm and like he’s staying. If a big club come to him, we can reject it happily. If they pay us big bucks, then fine too – we’ll take the money and reinforce.

    Simples. This is what this summer should be about – not just signings, but showing that we don’t need to sell anyone for peanuts. If people want our players, they’ll have to pay through the nose for them.

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      • Apologies. You’re right; what I should have said was, “take the money and spend it all on eighteen youngsters from France who no-one has ever heard of.”

        In all seriousness, despite my cynicism this summer regarding big signings (I don’t think we’ll get any ‘top’ names), I do think this summer will see us reinforcing where we need to.

        I’d just be happy if we actually ended one summer having spent more than we’d earned, for once. Within reason, obviously; if we waste the money on the likes of… *shudder*… rooney, I think I may be sick.

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  22. He has a good end to his season and he now talks this shit! Cc dickhead, remember it? I.do! I dont even think you would of had a career if it want for Arsene and Arsenal. You would still be a 27/28 year old playing for Lorient or worse in france. Maybe you would of got lucky and cunt pardew woulda bought u for Newcastle and instead of the top four it’d be bottom four. Show the club and us some respect!

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    • Ha ha, peps one trick is to steal from arsenal, he’s not heard about Dortmund yet. It cracks me up that that guy went to Munich, they don’t need him. Pep just thought he would easily win the bundasleague and get lots of credit for something that was in the bag and europe would be a bonus.

      But then his predecessor won the treble, lets see how good he is now!

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  23. Badstuber will at least miss another 10 months due to his ligament injury. Dante is good and Boateng is, in my humble opinion, on the same level as Kos, plus younger. They’ve also signed Kirchhoff for next season, extended van Buyten’s contract, Martinez can play as CB… can’t see them being interested. Would be a bit of an overkill.

    Hope he stays and starts winning titles with Arsenal.

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    • Leave it to Daily Fail to try to cause a shitstorm. Although looking at some of the comments here and on their site, they found their audience of gullible idiots.

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      • Sort of like Arsene’s legions of guillible idiots, who actually believe anything that he says.

        The table doesn’t lie, but Wenger does…

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    • well looks like they did get an extra click with that title. i started getting pleasure out of not clicking such stupid articles.

      A one man fight against ‘shitty titles for ad revenue’ business 😀

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  24. At least he has the hunger and self-belief to be expecting and demanding more of the club/himself.

    I really like Kosc, definitely one of my favourites since his first season, but I feel a little aggrieved at the angle given all of the positivity coming from the squad during the out season. But I reckon half the people bitching are demanding the same from the club and screaming Wenger out as soon as results don’t go our way.

    We’re actually looking to strengthen this year rather than struggling to retain a similar level of quality with key players being shipped off for what feels like forever now. I’m cautiously optimistic he’ll get his wish, and at Arsenal too.

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  25. Fuck him! This shit about i wanna get throphy crap becoming annoying. Wenger shows some balls please. Sell him to Monaca for high profits!

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  26. Same old bullshit repeats every season. We cannot continue loosing the best players and remain trophy less another year. Chelsea and Man city are catching us in terms of revenue, which was our only advantage.
    It’s time to spend some fu**ing money and if Kroenke and other board members are not willing to spend, they should f**k off. A lot of people may disagree with me, but the fact is we will continue losing players and remain trophy less unless there is a change in club policy. Winning trophies should be the main motive for our club. Unfortunately at present it’s all about making profit.

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  27. Love Laurent Koscielny – my favourite arsenal player in the current team…

    In my opinion there is no better defender at tackling from behind, 1 on 1, in the box.

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  28. Sad that so many people fall for the same media bullshit without checking what he actually said. The interviewer first asks him about where he would be playing next season he says he’s happy at arsenal. Then the interviewer specifically asks him what would make you leave arsenal? Now I don’t think anyone really expects him to reply “nothing would ever make me leave arsenal” so saying if they continue to just fight for 4th is a pretty reasonable response, though he qualifies it by saying I think the club has the means to win trophies (nicely left out by most articles). *Nothing to see here move along*

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  29. I thought it was more odd he talked about being put off by the constant pressure of qualifying for the Champions League and then said he wanted to be competing for titles, as if he thinks that would be a walk in the park.

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  30. Worrying quote on the face of it, players showing their frustration in the press is never good for the club BUT I think this is needed

    We have paid off most of the debt (only long term stadium debt left), even by conservative estimates we have £70m to spend on transfer fees alone, we will free up close to 300-400k in wages and more importantly we have no transfer sagas to worry about.

    Buying good players in this summer should not be good enough, Wenger and the board will not only lose the fans (some have already turned against them) if they fail to spend this summer but also the players who are becoming disillusioned and frustrated.

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  31. ….we might actually have had a trophy in the cabinet if it wasn’t for inconsistencies, on field dizzy-spells & own-goal blitz. . .Maybe he doesn’t realise that by showing ambition the club wld actually consider axing players of his calibre to buy more consistent performers

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  32. Winning the league in France by joining PSG is right up there in terms of an achievement with winning the league in Scotland by joining Celtic. In short, no achievement at all.

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  33. Kos is right , you cannot fault him for anything he has said. Every player wants to win a trophy and Arsenal FC has not shown any ambition for the last 8 yrs . There is nothing wrong in wanting to win a trophy ,seeing other winning trophy’s , makes one to want the same .

    Arsenal FC need no more excuses . From the noise coming from within , there is money to spend , now the question we should be asking is , would the manager eventually spend that money

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    • Arsenal FC has not shown any ambition for the last 8 yrs.

      Over the last 8 years Arsenal have independently funded and built one of the largest stadia in Europe, which has secured the means to (just about) compete with moneybags clubs in the long run. I can’t see any club which has come close to matching the ambition Arsenal have shown in that act over the last 8 years, unless by “shown any ambition” you really mean “become the plaything of a billionnaire oligarch”.

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  34. I love you Kos but STFU and win some shit then.

    It’s arguable that we could have had a Carling Cup were it not for a cock up that you were involved in. You were exclusively at fault mind you but still.

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  35. When it comes to some fans it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

    I guess some people … even though they know exactly how the media works … even if they’ve seen it a thousand times before … even if they’ve been caught out a thousand times before … even if they all said last time it’ll never happen again … that “I’ll never be that stupid” … ever … ever … again …

    … just keep proving themselves wrong.

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  36. strange the way this interview is being interpreted. well i guess most people don’t have the benefits of listening first hand in a language they understand rather than from 2nd and 3rd diluted sources.

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  37. The only two things I take away from this article is that:

    1. Perhaps Arsenal need to invest a little bit in some media training for players to ensure they aren’t baited into these kind of interviews where every question is laced with malice. Or look to fellow players such as Arteta, Wilshere, Ramsey and Jenkinson who (from memory) seem to be able to side step or shut down these bombs pretty well.

    2. The media (most especially the Daily Mail) have always been and will always be indelible cunts. They cater to the lowest common denominator – think about that the next time you start foaming at the mouth reading an article like this.

    End of.

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  38. Oh, dear! This is all beginning to sound horribly familiar.

    Let’s see how it works:

    1. Wenger signs a relatively unknown player from French/Dutch/Spanish football.

    2. After a few mediocre years, said player begins to develop into a footballer of real quality.

    3. At the end of his best season, said player begins to attract the attentions of better or more wealthy clubs.

    4 Said player then decides that he wants to be at a club with “more ambition”.

    5. Arsenal insist that said player “is going nowhere”.

    6. After a huge offer – usually much more than the player’s actual worth – said player is transferred to a top English/Spanish club, getting a massive pay rise as part of the deal.

    7. Said player is replaced with a cheaper but inferior footballer.

    8. Said player goes on to win major honers with his new club – while his old club continue to win nothing.

    9. Kroenke and the Board are delighted because the club show an operating profit and therefore prove that we are truly “self-sustaining”.

    I’m so glad that I support a club where making money is more important than actually winning anything.

    If Kos does go then I wouldn’t blame him. Just like Fabregas, Nasri and RvP, he knows that he will never win anything big at this club while Kroenke and Wenger are involved with it.

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  39. You guys are funny.

    He was part of a defensive unit that only shipped more goals than Man City last season. Not only that he scored the vital goal that put the Arsenal in contentions for the Champions League group stages next season.

    Therefore, Kos has done his bit for the team and I do not blame him for expecting the Manager to provide similar quality around other areas of the pitch. But he hasn’t and more than likely won’t. But yet you expect Kos to sit around, and to put it as one poster above, and treat Wenger like God? Delusional is the apt description for many on this site.

    You think as a professional footballer a player dreams of playing in a team that lacks the ambition that they do? He has worked his ass off for the Arsenal since his arrival. Why is it too much to ask the Manager to show the same level of ambition?

    Go on Kos, do your thing mate as life is short and your footballing career is even shorter.

    But wait I heard the Arsenal has completed their first ever treble today:

    – 4th place trophy – check
    – Best balance sheet in show trophy – check
    – Fair Play league winner – check

    So what is Kos going on about actually? Hmmmmm…

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  40. Fats I have a funny feeling you hit the nail on the head and most if what you say I don’t agree with but this smells like Chinese takeaway reheated the next day.

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  41. If the quotes are true or not or its been misinterpreted, does it really matter. The bloke isn’t saying anything different from most fans.
    The difference is they don’t support the club and have only a limited association with it, unlike us who have a lifetime of support. Players have a short career and want to win things and he has every right to expect the club to challenge for trophies and invest in the team.
    We have been promised investment this time round so lets see what happens before we start jumping of bridges. It’s only June and kos and us fans may well get our wish of quality players. If not then the club will deserve to lose its better players and the fans will desert in thier droves.
    Another season like the last is not acceptable and I honestly believe the club finally realise that.

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    • Arsenal fans will desert the team in droves ? Tell us who these people are and we’ll throw the fuckers a party to help them on their way.

      If we picked up a few plastics when we were winning things, “because” we were winning things, don’t you think that after eight years and the rise of Chelsea and City that those people would already have left ? Or perhaps they all stayed with us for the last eight years because they prefer complaining about their team even more than they need to see “their” team win a trophy?

      Trust me on one thing… there are droves of Arsenal fans who could never and would never consider “fucking off” no matter how many years we might go without winning a trophy.

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      • ‘Plastics’ are the reason why some clubs are bigger than others. I’ll be the first to admit that I started to support Arsenal during the successful Wenger years. The fact of the matter is that North London is not a massive place and a club needs a big fanbase unless it is funded by some Russian. Fans want to see their club succeed and if we are shown blatant disregard by the board and club, we will ‘fuck off’ simply because Arsenal Holdings do not have a God-given right to my money.

        There is a difference between supporters and fans and a club like Arsenal needs both to succeed. All people like me ask for is that the club gives us something to shout about and makes the team more interesting to watch as well as removing this fucking 8 year bullshit which gets us laughed at by fans of other clubs.

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  42. Thank god for Arseblog that’s all I can say. Expect a large dose of cuntery from John Cross & Co. in the morning. Wankers.

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  43. Kosc, remember that it was I, Herr Per, that let you get away marking your targets closely. So if there is an offer for you, could you politely ask that they let you bring me along? just saying.

    I’m out da door…

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  44. What the fuck is wrong with this guy? If he had finished the season in the kind of form he started this season, he wouldnt be blabbering out this bullshit but just because he had a bright end to the season and clubs are sniffing around for him, he thinks he’s gonna hold the club at ransom?? He gotta be kidding…..right? Players should know the right fora to use to air out their grieviences at have some kind of respect for we the fans. Well he can leave….Arsenal will still be here….Phaaaccckkkkkkk!!!!

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  45. I like how koscienly has been honest with us unlike other players who feed us b.s.
    It’s pointless for a top notch defender to play for nothing other than a meagre top 4 finish.
    koss wants arsenal to show some effin ambition I think that’s fair. {his tone though?}

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  46. I know clubs that get relegated after moving to a new stadium. When Arsenal moved to highbury they went 10 years without winning anything. Soo us moving to a 60.000 capacity stadium and not winning a trophy isnt suprising but whats suprising is how close we have come and how we are still playing at the top level of football.

    competition is stroger now than ever before, invest in top players win a trophy everything will look very positive it will change public opinion on Arsenal.

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  47. Relax, you’re all hysterical. The guy said some stuff, it makes sense, he wants the team to improve and he would consider leaving if they did not. If you were a pro player you would think the same thing, however, with fans and media these days you would be better off not saying anything, ever.

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    • “Kos, are you happy at Arsenal?”



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  48. We fans want a trophy but if kos wants to go to Bayern Munich he can F off and be another player just like Alex song, should have thanked the fans and AW for showing faith or discuss his feelings with AW instead of the BS media. I think he should apologise for his stupid comments. Look at Ramsey he gets a lot of stick from fans but he respect the club and fans.

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  49. so koss now thinks he’s top dog. I respect that he’s echoing our sentiments but don’t have to be arrogant about it. 2 years ago, you were nothing. so please have some patience and respect.

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  50. I see that koscielny does not like challenging for fourth and he does not like the pressure. But in all honesty, challenging for first is more pressurizing than fourth. it hard to become consistent and overcome your closest and strongest rival than overcome the 16 others, who have lesser resources, low no. squads; whose only ambition is to stay in the PL and anything beyond is bonus. If Kos does not want to feel the pressure, that could mean that he wants to be part of a club where less is expected of him. He feels burdensome and in some way, this feeling can be alluded to what vP, cesc, henry in their last years must have felt. If Arsenal intends to lift this pressure on relying on a few players, we must bring in someone who can carry the team yet not feel burdened by it, rather like a knight take it as a honor and carry on his duties. Who could be that knight? Will he rise from inside or will he come from the outside?

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    • He might mean “All that pressure for 4th place? I love the pressure, but it should be for 1st place”

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  51. pity he didnt have this much ambition when he was so wank he was benched most of the time ! typical na£ri move . average for ages , then a good 6 months and bingo ! ” i deserve trophies “

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  52. I would like Wenger to look seriously into what Laurent is lamenting here. Let him go for hungry players, in terms of football. Big names that will attract more players. The spirit of winning leaves within the winners. I’m personally tired and ashamed of celebrating a top 4 finishes while teams on a relegation zones can win 1 or 2 trophies.

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  53. Gutbucket. Maybe you need to look the empty spaces that appeared at the grove especially during the mid season slump.

    I’m not saying arsenal fans will stop being arsenal fans but they will stop attending games in the numbers they have been since the new stadium opened.
    It’s happened last season and will happen again unless things change.

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  54. *any newspaper boss to journalist*: quick, Arsenal look to be stable without any major players leaving this summer, let’s make something up and unsettle the club because we are idiots!!

    Journalists: I’ve got an idea, let’s say Koscielny is going and Rooney is coming in. Everyone knows Arsenal would pay £250k p/w to an overrated Shrek

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  55. I agree with Blogs we should all chill out. My personal interpretation of Kos’ comments is this:

    1) I am gonna work my French bollocks off in 2013-2014 to help win the title and restore glory to Arsenal
    2) If we FAIL at this goal due to a lack of investment, then I will leave in Summer’2014 for a serious contender.

    Isn’t this exactly the type of comment we want to hear from a top Arsenal player? This in effect puts pressure on Kroenke to live up to his word of buying 2-3 ‘Top Class’ players this summer.

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