Large man fancies one of his own at Arsenal


Arsenal’s second largest shareholder, Alisher Usmanov, has said he’d like to see Wayne Rooney at Arsenal next season.

Despite the fact that the Gunners have no interest in the Manchester United man, and the whole thing is a load of paper talk nonsense, the Uzbeki told CNBC, “He is a great player and [joining Arsenal] would be great for Rooney, and Arsenal too.”

Arsenal’s primary striking target is Gonzalo Higuain, the Rooney stuff comes from a few vague comments by Arsene Wenger and Ivan Gazidis. The press have put two and two together and come up with 703.

Meanwhile, Usmanov has reiterated his support for Arsene Wenger and softened his stance slightly over how the club is run in the light of new commercial deals which could potentially net the club an extra £60m per season from 2014.

“Arsene knows better than me what should be done. We should trust him,” he said.

“Of course, we as shareholders point to some drawbacks in the management of the club but he is a great coach and the club is progressing in the commercial sense.

“It is high time for the club to win the highest trophies in the European Champions League, but I believe in the club’s future.”

From a man who is usually quite critical when he talks about aspects of its running beyond the football manager, it’s something of a change, but unlikely to end in any kind of accord between him and majority shareholder Stan Kroenke.


  1. Anyone who wants to bring Rooney to our great club is not fit to have anything to do with it. We have an undoubted issue regarding our striking options, but that greedy, scummy, lazy little turd is not the answer. We are better than Rooney.

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    • He’s probably one of the least lazy players iv ever seen!!!! His work rate is phenomenal, why wouldn’t you want a player who will better the team in the final 3rd at arsenal?

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      • We finally have a squad with no wankers in it (at least that’s how it looks from the outside), but professionals who are actually pulling in the right direction. Bringing in a player with a huge attitude problem who drinks and likes a fag is not, in my humble opinion, a good idea for us. Not to mention that he’s an appalling excuse for a human being and one whom I have loathed in the past-seeing him in our colours would be distasteful for me. His quality on the football pitch can be immense, but he can be a liability as well. I don’t want him near us; I maintain we’re better than him. We need players coming in, but I wouldn’t want Rooney.

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        • But then given that there looks to be no substance to the rumours that Arsenal are interested in him, this is all moot. Quite a big caveat…

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      • He’s just a fat granny shagger!

        There’s too much bad blood on both sides, he could never play for us. It’s all media bollocks.

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      • I read it somewhere (I think it was Blogs’ article itself) where it was pointed out that Rooney called Manchester United a club without ambitions and if this guy signs for us, he’ll play a year or two and start bargaining and threatening.

        Honestly, I don’t think such a person is suitable for Arsenal.
        We did it with Nasri and Adebayor without knowing fully well, but with Rooney we know what happened, don’t we!!

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    • Majority of the top players atm are greedy and scummy. I can’t agree with the point of him being fat and lazy. From what I see , he defends in the box when needed and at the same time he will be available at the other end for a counter attack. I used to hate him for his dive in 2004 and for many other reason, but once he becomes an Arsenal Player( A big IF), I’ll be supporting him.
      I think Wenger can greatly influence his personality and bring the best out of him both in and out of the pitch.

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  2. The fact that Rooney once called us “Arse anal” on twitter is enough reason for me to now want him as a part of the Club. Nevertheless, if he eventually wears the red and white shirt, I’d support him.

    Usmanov shouldn’t talk about “individuals” just like Ivan doesn’t! Wenger doesn’t need to be told who is / would be good for the team 🙂

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    • There is no way on Earth it’ll ever happen. He is a mercenary, and regardless of our new financial power Arsene would never pay a player £250k+ a week. I honestly don’t know why people are still discussing Rooney as there was absolutely no substance to it at all.

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      • Absolutely right. A few years ago he claimed that Sir Alec Ferguson’s ambitions for Man U did not match his own. Suddenly he gets a huge pay rise and the difference in ambitions disappears.

        His nose was put out of joint by the arrival of a better player in the shape of RVP. No longer the big cheese he wants to leave, but who is prepared to match his wages?

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        • Exactly my point.

          Don’t get me wrong, I dislike old purple-nose just as much as the next gooner, but who is that fat, hair-plugged, uber-shrek to question Man Utd’s ambition? The dutch skunk and Shrek deserve eachother. Cunts.

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      • Actually, I believe Arsene would have no problems paying a player 250k+ pw if he believed the player deserves it. More precisely, I think currently he would pay that much only to Messi or Ronaldo. Rooney is, obviously, not ‘exactly there.’

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  3. I dont mind Usmanov, i too would love us to get Rooney just to piss the Man United fans off.
    I accept its not going to happen, but it would be a massive statement of intent.

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    • I get the impression that it wouldn’t piss them off, but would rather delight them, as they would see it as them cherry-picking our greatest talent in the Dutch traitor and giving us their cast-offs.

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      • No, It’ll definitely piss them off, especially if he scores against them.
        I accept, it’ll never happen. But lets not pretend Rooney is not a quality player, he’s better than all the strikers we currently have.

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        • I must disagree with you, old chap, I really don’t think it would annoy them-he’s well and truly trying to burn his bridges with them all with the second transfer request. But still, agree to disagree and all that. I certainly agree that I don’t think it’s likely to happen, but I must confess I would welcome a ‘big-name’ signing in the striker department. Just not dear old Wazza.

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        • NEVER!

          Wayne Rooney has no class. He is a potty mouth, he hires granny prostitutes. Plus, he is well past his best, he is coasting.

          And – thank God – Arsenal is a proper football club with proper standards. Values count. And Rooney most certainly does not measure up. I don’t care how much he has won. the idea that my 8 year old would want to hang that scobe’s picture on his wall makes me ill at the very thought. That big potato head sticking out of the top of our beautiful shirt? Never. NEVER.

          If he wants a club with no class, I’m sure the mercenaries at Man City, Chelsea or Tottenham will be more than happy to oblige. Arsenal though? Never I hope.

          We are a much better club than Wayne Rooney can ever hope to join.

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        • NEVER!

          Wayne Rooney has no class. He is a potty mouth, he hires granny prostitutes. Plus, he is well past his best, he is coasting.

          And – thank God – Arsenal is a proper football club with proper standards. Values count. And Rooney most certainly does not measure up. I don’t care how much he has won. the idea that my 8 year old would want to hang that scobe’s picture on his wall makes me ill at the very thought. That big potato head sticking out of the top of our beautiful shirt? Never. NEVER.

          If he wants a club with no class, I’m sure the mercenaries at Man City, Chelsea or Tottenham will be more than happy to oblige. Arsenal though? Never I hope.

          We are a much better club than Wayne Rooney can ever hope to join.

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        • Dave not only do I agree with you but you have brought the delightful word ‘Scobe’ into my vocabulary.

          Thank you!

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      • 12 goals and 10 assists from 27 matches, mostly playing behind the main striker. That is a good return FFS.
        They won’t consider this missing of Rooney as a big deal atm. At the end of the season they’ll know selling Rooney was a bad decision

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    • It would only piss them off if he wins us trophies. so it would be at least a year before we could bait them properly

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    • I’d much rather take Hernandez. That would anger the ManU fans even more, I suspect. Plus he would thrive in Arsenal’s system. And he must be a bit disgruntled after playing relatively little last year.

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  4. No bloody need for his picture.
    We all know what the bloke looks like, so save us next time and skip it.

    He spouts this crap during every window.
    I question his motives every time he speaks, only in it for himself in the long run.

    I chose to ignore him. LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA

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  5. Well considering Rooney’s lifestyle and his age. How many years does he have left in him? Not too many, also he is greedy and I can’t imagine him giving it all for the club.
    So, no thanks, stay at United.

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  6. I think signing Higuain would be a greater signal of intent, signing Rooney would signal madness. The player just doesn’t look after himself enough to warrant the investment in my opinion.
    I don’t really see the point in Usmanov now the commercial deals are being sorted, he can’t throw money at the club if that’s what he ever intended to do due to FFP. I think his only usefulness is that he stops Kronke owning more shares which I believe has various implications regarding loading personal debt on The Club.

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  7. If this ‘Usmanov’ fellow really want Wayne at Arsenal, I suggest he dresses up as a suspender clad granny and tarts himself out to the Roonster. Then they can both go fuck themselves.

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  8. The plus points for signing Rooney……..
    he’s not John Terry
    he’s not Ashley Cole

    they are pretty good reasons but I don’t believe it to be enough……..

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  9. Im still confused how to of our main stareholders are billionares but wont invest in the squad or in cutting the debt.

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      • You’re confused how a club that prides itself on being self-sustaining and wants to clear any debt through ticket sales and commercial deals, doesn’t have a hand out from a billionaire owner? Really, that’s confused you?

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    • The two billionaires who run the club want poorer people like us to keep giving them money. It’s call a “self-sustaining model”.

      Actually running the club at a slight loss, and trying to win trophies, would be incredibly irresponsible. After all, making money is the only important thing at Arsenal Football Club.

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      • “All you talk about is money. Why won’t you buy me nice things?”
        “Pony! I want a pony Daddy!”

        6 months later…

        “Daddy why’re we living on the street?”


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        • Don’t talk bollocks, Zorro. Kroenke is fantastically wealthy and neither he nor the club would be damaged by a little bit of speculation. If the club had any ambition then it would not be afraid to overspend in order to chase a few trophies which would not only give us all a shot in the arm, but also increase the value of he club.

          But this won’t happen: the Yank is making a nice profit without having to spend a penny of his own money.

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        • Darn Arsenal and their lack of ambition! Grrrrrr.

          That 60,000 seater stadium was just a diversionary tactic!!

          I wish I knew as much about football as you

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        • Liverpool have “speculated” in the way that many fans want Arsenal to – and look where it’s gotten them. What exactly is a “slight” loss? Up till now, if things are to be believed, Arsenal couldn’t afford expensive flops like Henderson or Downing.

          The speculation you want to happen has to be done sensibly, not in a manner that would appease fans’ instant need for news and excitement. It’s not about the making money it’s about sustainability. I’ll take near on 2 decades of CL and top four finishes with generally entertaining and exciting football over a season of glory and then mediocrity because of the “billionaires treating the club as their plaything”.

          Reckon it’s easy enough to take a cautionary look at QPR, Blackburn, Portsmouth and others. Or would you like Arsenal to be the North London Chelsea? Personally, I’d prefer not to. Be Arsenal and do it our way.

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      • Why would anyone buy a club and be happy if it made a loss?

        If Usmanov wants to make the fans happy, he should put his money where his mouth is and buy the club.

        However, as it is now, the club is owned by Stan Kroenke and is not reliant on any single man’s pocket.

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  10. Would much prefer Higuain over Rooney as our marquee signing.

    Just hope we can get it done soon. All the talk of it is just making me two tents.

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  11. He has less scope for attacking the club now that the commercial arm has started to produce. That was an easy target for him before and helped him portray himself as the clubs potential saviour. Without that he’s now just another fan with opinions on players that ultimately count for nothing.

    His opinions on players are no more important or valid than any other ‘fans’. However I think it’s un-Arsenal to make these kind of statements given his profile. It’s just not the way we do things.

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  12. Its so annoying that the club’s two majority shareholders, Stan Kroenke and Alisher Usmanov, are both billionaires, but there is little sign of either making any investment into the squad.

    They dont care for the club when we was only 2 pieces off a complete jigsaw, and couldnt spend they could of invested in the squad and made us a force but we had to wait till 2013/14 season instead until our sponsorship deals got renewed.

    It is a lack of ambition by the board no doubt about it.

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    • If you’d like a club that only succeeds ‘cos some rich fucker bankrolls a team of mercenary cunts, why don’t you support Chavski or Citeh rather than trying to convert the Arsenal into some oligarch’s puppet?

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      • Im not talking about what chelsea and city have done.

        Im talking about a good goal keeper.

        We lost the league 2009/10 because of all the mistakes almunia made.

        Maybe 1 more player to ad to the squad we are 2007/8 or maybe more wages to keep key players?

        That would of seen us win trophys and would of probably seen us get more money in the long term on sponsorship deals.

        We have if anything been to cautious we are a big club with much more room for maneuver that most clubs, its embarrassing the lack of investment in the team considering the profit we make each year and the massive amount of money building in the cash reserves.

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    • You can’t ever call an owner not spending their money as lack of ambition by the board. That’s a ridiculous statement

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    • You seem to forget this is (pretty much) the same board and investors that got us the Professor and bankrolled the trophies we got from 1996 to 2005. Like it or not, we were the same as Chelsea and City as they are now, except they have autocratic foreign owners. This commercial model is key for future stability and competitiveness. Why do you think Ferguson has been successful for most of his 26 years at Man U? because he had a fucking big stadium with some fucking big revenue streams organised by some fucking brilliant people. Immortality is the height of ambition.

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  13. Happy Bergkamp signs for Arsenal day.. 18 years ago… Time flies when your watching a God… Then drags as your not.

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  14. Yea, because he has ulterior motives unlike stan who is pretty much a clear hearted tache sporting angel. Come of it, you don’t become as rich as they both have without doing a few unsavory things in your time. Would i welcome rooney to the club? Yea, why not, just look at what our cunt did for them.

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  15. He may have a questionable background, but the richest man in the UK is a major shareholder whether we like it or not. I don’t get the issue that folks have with this guy, he’s a Jabba double, but who really gives a fuck as long as he’s onside.

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    • Are you sure he’s the richest man in the UK? He’s an Uzbeki Russian and he lives on the Continent I would imagine, as that is where all his other business interests lie.

      If he truly wanted Arsenal to be competetive as a fan of the team he could have arranged a lovely big Sponsorship for us with his company Metalloinvest (He is not on our board and has no controlling interest in our club so could legally do this, I believe).

      He did it for Dinamo Moscow. He is on their board by the way. Not sure how being on the board of Dinamo Moscow and wanting to be on the board of Arsenal makes him an Arsenal fan. I’d think it shows him up as merely a businessman.

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  16. To make a transfer deal in the summer that improves Man Utd and weakens Arsenal once looks like misfortune; to do it a second summer looks like carelessness.

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  17. Double 98 – I remember the surprise and excitement when I heard we’d signed Dennis, it was out of the blue. Nowadays we have to endure weeks of tittle tattle before we actually announce a signing, by which time we’re all bored stupid by the whole saga.

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  18. if you can’t be happy and motivated to work off your belly fat at United what makes you think he’ll be motivated for less money at arsenal? I’d rather higuain too. why not get a younger player who is probably rated just as high for his finishing rate and who is about 70-100k less a week? he thinks only one name is on the front and back of the shirt and that’s his name. he plays for team Rooney as long as he’s getting more money he was happy now everything is wrong with man u? gtfoh… cunt

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  19. Has anyone else thought that the Higuain (yeah I know… it’s all talk etc) thing might fall through if Benzema goes to prison for soliciting an underage prostitute? The sentence in France can be up to 3 years for such things, and even if he were to get a reduced sentence, would that not mean that Real would need to hang on to Higuain?

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    • Has that been adjourned until 20th January 2014? It’s still 2013, so that trial makes no difference to this transfer window.

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      • Why would you ask whether the case had been adjourned and then make a statement which is dependent on that definitely being the case? Bit odd.

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  20. I wonder if he keeps a slave girl in a golden bikini on a chain and has someone frozen in carbonite hanging on the wall…

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  21. I have this theory that Arsenal fans who want us to get Rooney:

    (a) Probably look like Rooney.
    (b) Probably think like Rooney.
    (c) Probably wish that they too, despite the certainties of (a) and (b), want all the other stuff that goes with being Rooney. (Rooney envy.)

    The thing is Rooney could never be an Arsenal player in exactly the same way that John Terry or Luis Suarez couldn’t.

    The other thing is that Usmanov isn’t an Arsenal board member. Not just because, as most Arsenal fans now realize, lack-of money is no longer an issue. But because he’s likely to turn (metaphorically) into all the Glazers rolled into one. He would meddle and asset-strip and wreck the club just as any self-respecting lifelong Manchester United supporter would. He would make humongous amounts of money at our expense. Which is why, less-than-ideal that it is, we’re still better off with Ned Flanders.

    Usmanov now recognises that his campaign of using Rooney(esque) fans and other malcontents to divide the club’s fanbase has failed in the short-term. But what he still hasn’t learnt is how to endear the majority. Because wanting us to sign an overweight, best-years-behind-him, out-of-favour, lost little boy, discard is not the way to do it. And if he still can’t get it right after all this time then imagine what else he’d not get right given the opportunity.

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  22. …The awkward moment when your girlfriend looks over your shoulder and sees you’re on and has a questionable look on her face….

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  23. As we think about transfers consider our recent past record.
    Arsenal 2009/2010
    Almunia, Fabianski Eboue, Djourou, Gallas, Senderos,
    Silvestre, Traore, Cliche, Song, Fabregas, Nasri, Denilson,
    Merida, Bendtner, Vella, Eduardo, Van Persie
    Still here.
    Szczesny, Mannone, Sagna, Vermaelen, Gibbs,
    Ramsey, Rosicky, Wilshire, Walcott, Diaby. Not one star quality among them.

    Since then we have recruited some more journeymen in Merts, Kos, Cazorla, Monreal,
    Podolski, and Giroud.
    But also some crap in Chamak, Girvinho, Park, Squilacci and Santos.
    The stadium build is no excuse. There just has not been a consistent clear plan building a quality team. What worked for Wenger in 2004 has not worked for ten years. It is time for Wenger to deliver the Premiership or move on.

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    • You say Journeymen and then list players that wouldn’t be classed as journeymen. You do know what that word means right?

      Anelka is a journeyman with 10 clubs
      Rivaldo was a journeyman with 15 clubs
      Steve Claridge was a journeyman with 19 clubs

      Mertesacker – 3 clubs
      Koscielny – 4 clubs
      Cazorla – 4 clubs
      Monreal – 4 clubs (f you include B teams)
      Podolski – 5 clubs (although it’s 7 if you include playing for Bayern and Koln twice)
      Giroud – 5 clubs

      Do you see the difference?

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    • Wilshere doesn’t have ‘star quality’? And neither does our top scorer Theo Walcott? Who also reached double figures in assists..?! Or Sczsezny? Or Rosicky? Even Sanga, Ramsay…

      I’m not sure I know where to start, DavidNZ………..

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    • After so many years of large profits, it is difficult for most supporters to understand where all the money has gone. Gazidis is adamant that it has been spent on football, “We generate revenue and we reinvest all of that revenue in football. We don’t pay dividends, the money doesn’t come out of the club. All of the money we make is made available to our manager and he has done an unbelievable job in managing that spend.”

      That’s sort of true, but the reality is that very little has been spent on bringing in new players with net player registrations of just £4 million in the last six years. Instead, the vast majority has been gone on the new stadium, property and other infrastructure (e.g. enhancements to Club Level, “Arsenalisation” projects, new medical centre) with more planned for development at the Hale End youth academy.

      Since 2007 Arsenal have generated a very healthy £376 million operating cash flow, but have spent £71 million on capital expenditure, £110 million on loan interest and £64 million on net debt repayments, while the cash balances have risen by £118 million. Astonishingly, only 1% (one per cent) of the available cash flow has been spent in the transfer market.

      Although Arsenal have laid out a fair bit of cash on buying players in the last two seasons (nearly £90 million), this has been more than compensated by big money sales, so their net spend has still been negative. In fact, since they moved to the Emirates stadium, they have made £49 million in the transfer market, where they are the only leading English club to be a net seller.

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      • And we’re still top 4.

        I really can’t see why people aren’t as proud of The Arsenal as I am.


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      • Where is the full article? Don’t bother, I don’t care.

        Is that a picture of Putin with our fat Uzbeki? And they say bad publicity doesn’t exist.

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  24. Please don’t compare me with this fat cunt…..
    All this stress is making my new hair fall out for fuck sakes..

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  25. August 17 come now.. Just want our team to get to the start of the season.. New players in.. Team sorted and get the season on the way.. Whoever comes in we support..
    Up the Gunners

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  26. For work rate alone I choose Higuain. for prolificness….i again choose higuain…..for who i’d like to see in the ARSENAL red and white…..i again choose Higuain……for who has like actual girls/women and not granny, I actually again prefer Higuain.

    No room for shrek, sorry. bye.

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  27. Aww some of you on the site are so ove the top.

    There is nothing wrong with a bit of investment while we are finaciially restricted.

    It could of been the difference of winning trophys and by doing so improve our brand.

    Im all for being self reliant but some investment would of been nice when we was struggling and I remember a lot of you was bouncing at the idea of a takeover not to long ago.

    hypocrites the lot of you.

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    • We could have spent big like Liverpool, won a champions league, and ultimately get overtaken by our rivals in the LONG run.

      Whatever we do, there is an oligarch, a sheikh and manure with bigger purses. This fact should not make you lose motivation, just make you plan smarter.

      Apart from Noobcastle, manure and ourselves, every other team would like a larger capacity stadium. We got ours at what seems a fair price and that’s that. We gave a fair and consistent account of ourselves while planning for the future.

      What is the point of spending 30m on a fernandinho or hazard just to finish one or two places higher and not win the league? 600k more prize money?

      We simply had to prioritise and save our strength for that knock out blow. All our rivals have new managers, we have cash, squad places and intelligent custodians who are eager to leave their mark on our great club.

      Please, please, please…….HAVE. Would have. You can fcuk up spelling, but don’t effin change the language.

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  28. We’re not getting Rooney full stop. Only 6 months ago we were haggling over breaking the 100k barrier. Now some people think we’ll pay him 250k+ a week so he can spend it on wig insurance. Really?

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  29. I’ll fancy Higuain over Rooney any day. Undoubtedly, Rooney is an upgrade for what we have now but all the transfer requests thing,salary demands and off field probs doesn’t feels right.

    Arsenal really do need a world class player but they also need stability , which the englishman not really seems to offer. Plus, Higuain rumours keeps circulating fast, I hope the club really up for him.

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  30. Roo who? Give Lewandoski half the wage and see him paint England red and white with goals. Higuain is good but personally, I prefer the pole. We already have his compatriots here, which will settling down easier for him. I bet £25mil would be a good bargain for him

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    • To get that particular Pole you also have to accept his two cunt agents. No thanks. Too much baggage and an ongoing promise of agitation for a move almost from Day One

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    • If we all rush to read that are we not being sheep?

      Sorry mate, but you don’t sound like the good shepherd type to me. You sound more like a person who would cherry pick a single point from a detailed list of points and use that to ‘prove’ your opinion is the ‘only correct’ opinion.

      If you are a Gooner, and you feel the need to insult people by continuously calling them sheep, then why don’t you go find a Spurs website and bother those cunts?

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      • ‘person who would cherry pick a single point’,
        That’s exactly what he’s done. He’s completely missed the issue that our commercial revenue was very low (for the justified reason of new stadium build costs) and overlooks the fact that we owed a lot and still owe a lot for the stadium. I’d guess he didn’t read the bit about how most other PL clubs are envious of our new stadium, as well.
        But now we’re sorting new commercial deals, it must be that the club want to keep the profits like they,ve done before…. but of course they haven’t kept the profits before!

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    • Hopefully a good sign. Higuain would be an incredible signing. What I find strange is that he has slipped down the pecking order at Real. Benzema must be a lot better than I’d previously thought!

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  31. Fuck Usmanov, we don’t need his greedy, corrupt, fat ass at Arsenal. Same for Rooney. I can’t believe the English press continue to publish stories about Rooney. Yes he’s a big name and can be a big player, but at this stage of his career, he isn’t going to leave Manchester United.
    He is fat greedy corrupt overpaid idiot who used to have great potential and energy. Now he just runs around like a headless chicken. He isn’t the striker that we need and there is no way Wenger will ever buy that stupid cunt.

    Higuain on the other hand… Now there’s a proven CLINICAL forward who isn’t an overpaid idiotic cunt and is ready to move to another team. Considering his record, his age, the two years he has left on his contract, and the inflated market plus his potential if he goes to a team that will start him regularly, Madrid wouldn’t be unreasonable if they were asking for £35-40m for his signature.

    £25.5m and £110k per week is an absolute bargain for him.(considering 25m and 225k per week City pay Adebayor, or the €35m Madrid paid for Modric, or the £35m Liverpool paid for Andy Carroll hahahahahahahahahagaha) If you’ve seen Higuain play regularly you will have no doubt that he will flourish at Arsenal. Make it happen Arsene.

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  32. “Arsenal’s second largest shareholder, Alisher Usmanov”

    Isn’t he in one sense our “largest” shareholder?


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  33. Just wonder why the board refuses to take usmanov’s money, not that i want them too, i just cant think of a reason why he is not allowed on the board

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    • Basically, FFP

      If he offered us a nice big sponsorship by one of his Russian companies then maybe we could do business, but that hasn’t been offered, has it?

      He is not an Arsenal fan. He wants our success only if it is his success. He speaks to destabilise us in the hope he can get a foot in the door and ultimately take control.

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  34. I seem to recall that he has said that he doesn’t want to be on the Board. He clearly wants to own the club rather than serve it.

    The reason he is not on the Board is that any Board has to be united in terms of it’s overall strategy and direction. He made it clear last year that he isn’t, so it would be madness to build disharmony into the running of the club.

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  35. Arteta’s hair
    On guess, ’cause he will say shit like signing Rooney and make it official.
    Eleanor’s post pretty much nailed it.
    The guy is a creep who should be kept as far away from our club as legally possible.
    And yes, stan too if I had my wish, but that just means other oil barons or unsavoury bond villains looking to take over.

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  36. The truth is according to real
    Madrid fans he does get played a lot but hes not half as good as his stats suggest. But im really hoping higuain will b a great buy for us.

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    • well its election time next season so real havent have any time for higuain and need to spend gazilion so they are trying for the new flavor of the month rather play their good player who seat on the bench who score nearly everytime he is on the pitch ….cavani/suarez/apeface will sell shirt not higuain

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