Friday, September 19, 2014
Frankfurt officially confirm Bendtner negotiations

Frankfurt officially confirm Bendtner negotiations

Frankfurt have taken the unusual step of confirming they are in a final round of talks with Nicklas Bendtner and underlined that a decision as to whether the player joins or not will be taken in the next two days.

Bendtner is thought to have flown to the Costa del Sol in the last week to hold talks with new Malaga manager Bernd Schuster but appears to finally be edging closer to the Bundesliga despite something of a rollercoaster set of negotiations with Frankfurt.

It remains to be seen whether the German side are aiming to complete a permanent rather than loan deal, although it’s fair to say all parties would prefer the former.

A statement on Frankfurt’s official website reads:

“Danish player Nicklas Bendtner and his advisors held final talks with Eintracht Frankfurt on Tuesday, 9 July 2013.

“Sports director Bruno Hübner has been in close contact with Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger and a final decision regarding the purchase of Bendtner should be taken in the next two days.”

Given the decision to release an update it would be very surprising if a deal between Frankfurt and the TGSTEL didn’t now materialise. Of course, as with Nicky B’s shooting anything could happen…



  1. Does he need a lift to the airport? I can help there.

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  2. Why don’t we sign Higuain, Rooney,Fellaini,Cygan,Suarez,jovetic…… rubble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble

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    • Oh Long Johnson

      Cygan, really??! At this stage I doubt he’ll do better than Vermaelen, or even Miquel. We need quality, someone like Lucio, Cahill or Hangeland.

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      • In addition to Cygan, why dont we hi-jack the Chris Samba deal? Sure its a bit delayed but we can still jack that right? Lord knows that deal would be closer to fruition than the Higuain saga if we started now :D

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        • Chris Samba is tall! Chris Samba is tall!

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        • Oh Long Johnson

          I don’t know, Samba was on my list originally, but I feel it could mean a lot of competition that might kill either Per or Kos.

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  3. Let’s hope so

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  4. About time..

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  5. The one that never went away is finally off !

    Thank you Frankfurt. Love, all Gooners.

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  6. Is it finally happening? *rubs eyes*

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  7. Lets hope he gets his head down and finally finds somewhere where he wont be a total and utter twat. Now lets get some new signings in please.

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    God speed Nicky, god speed…..

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    • Merlin's Panini

      I wouldn’t say that if I were you. He’ll end up in a car crash the day he’s supposed to sign and then we’ll be stuck with him!

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  9. We are having a massive clearout so theres bound to be people coming is as well

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  10. nigelwinterburn

    i’m glad i discovered his twitter before he left. he looks so nice in his pants.

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  11. Wonder what happened with Malaga meeting? He probably put his feet up on the desk and broke out a cigarillo.

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    • Bendtner: “So I’ll be the highest payed player and have my own range of plush toys surrounding my personal locker room separate from everyone right? Where do i sign?”
      Malaga owner: “…who are you and how did you get in my office?”

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  12. please god, make it happen.

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  13. please please make it a permanent deal and not one of those loan ones.

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  14. I doubt any one would be interested in taking the number 52 shirt

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  15. At last a break through in his carrier!

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    • Yes. Wasn’t it terrible when his milk fell through that hole in his carrier and he had to drink black tea for a week?

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  16. No point getting our hopes up. He hasn’t signed in the dotted line yet

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  17. Alahuakbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrr!!!!

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  18. How does one become so twattish? honestly its tough to imagine.

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  19. Please can we get shot of this guy once and for all :(

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  20. Horray!!!
    #livingthedream #notimeforhaters #iamme

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  21. It’s like you’ve had a foul smell in your domestic drains for a couple of years and the plumber finally pulls up outside.

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  22. Oh FFS! First that s*it about Higuain yesterday, now the greatest striker that ever lived is leaving us. I don’t know how much more I can take…

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  23. twisted cuntloks


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  24. Long Dong Silver

    Only picture of Nick that should be used:×250.jpg

    Look at him hiding those chins.

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  25. I can’t shake this nagging feeling that he’s going to go on to have a 40-goal season and be snapped up by Real Madrid

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  26. Rectum Spectrum

    Despite the lack of inbound players, this is already my favourite transfer window this decade.

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    • Agreed, so much like seeing all these players leave.

      I’d hoped Bendtner could make it, have to blame his attitude though, he should have sucked it up and worked hard.

      52K / week we can spend on someone useful

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  27. Tapscotts testicles

    I would suggest retiring the shirt…..except I understand it was retired several years ago….

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  28. ahhh old Pascal Cygan. i remember when we signed him….the phrase ‘defensive genius’ banded round. what a load of tosh that was.

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  29. To be fair, the club deserves to be applauded for getting rid of a large chunk of the deadwood this summer. If they can finally offload Bendtner, and get money for him, then that will be a fantastic piece of business. We still have the likes of Park and Santos to dispose of, but, hey, it was always going to take time.

    But I’m afraid that I’m gonna have to ask that question again: what the hell is happening with Arsene Wenger and his contract extension? It is absolutely fucking ridiculous that, nearly two months after the end of last season, and with the players about to embark on a pre-season tour, Our Glorious Leader has still not put pen to paper on an extension. Presumably, he is the guy who’s negotiating the Higuain and other transfers (if there are to be any) into the club. So why hasn’t he signed up for another couple of years? When you bear in mind that the club needs a massive overhaul in order to become competitive again, why is a guy who is not committed to the club still being allowed to make key decisions?

    And what is our alleged owner doing about it?

    Oh, I forgot: he never gives interviews.

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    • Long Dong Silver

      It’s an interesting problem actually.

      Sign him now and it represents stability, but it also represents Wenger’s place being secure regardless of what he does.

      Signing him at the end of 13/14 results in the risk of him leaving but it also means that Arsene would have to earn a new contract, just like others.

      I would propose signing him at the end of the summer, contingent on his work in the transfer market.

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      • I don’t see Wenger as someone who’s going to rest on his laurels because he has a secure contract. He’s fundamental to this club and I’m certain he is beyond driven to winning things here. Especially after all the penny pinching he’s had to sit through for far too long

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        • Bollocks. Wenger is going at the end of this season. It looks like he has gone and done a deal to take over at PSG next season; he’s just happy to milk another seven million quid before he pisses off.

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        • FatGooner – And you were doing so well until that second post…

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  30. Take away him for the love of God.
    Shame to see such a promising player waste two seasons of his career and ruin his reputation… But still, I’m very happy he is leaving

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  31. This actually eases some of “The Pain of Higuain” ©® Patent Pending…..

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  32. petits handbag

    The David Brent of playing football has gone….don’t forget the mug “Worlds Greatest”
    A picture of the Pope, Ali and Hulk Hogan kissing his feet. Mother Teresa sucking his 84 inch dick, because that’s how this man seen himself.

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  33. Tapscotts testicles

    Boy….she could do it too, with those gums…

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  34. If we dont get Higuain now i think im going to cry, and possibly put a price on Perez

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  35. 2013-2014 = 2003-2004

    Along with HFB and LANS, TGSTEL was one of my favourite acronyms on this blog… in that respect I will miss you.

    Wenger please finalise our squad soon so that Blogs has plenty fo time to come up with a new one to describe Higuain/Jovetic/Rooney/Suarez/Grenieror whoever it is we are buying. Here are some ideas:

    Suarez: RGSC
    Higuain: WNRVP
    Grenier: WNSN
    Rooney: SHREK

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  36. Dare we dream…? Lol!

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  37. The Greatest Striker That Eventually Left?

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  38. Bendtner’s leaving? Wenger OUT!

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  39. We should have a collection, see if we can bung them a few quid to take this cretin off our hands.

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  40. Double Canister

    There is a vast fortune in savings on next seasons wage bill accumulating.
    Who’s it for?
    And why the fuck aren’t Dortmund begging us to take Lewandoski off their hands before he leaves on a free to everyone’s most hated German team – Bayern Munich.
    Oh I think Madrid are panicking about Higgy as no one else has come in with an offer to raise his value, and Benzema could be in jail after Christmas. The scumbag.

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  41. Double Canister

    If no one makes an offer for Chamachk, can I suggest a sack, a rope, some bricks and the nearest bridge?

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  42. It is not really a clear out. Most of the deadwood’s contracts have run out or are entering their final years. Some are going on loan which means Arsenal are paying them to play for someone else. Some left but Arsenal paid them off. Net spend of 9 million? What a load of bullshit. In the past decade Arsenal spent 1500 million pounds on transfers and wages for no trophies. Thankfully the madness is almost over but what a total fuck up. Michael Laudrup will inherit a much stronger squad in 2014 when he takes over from Wenger.

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  43. Convict convict convict The greatest striker that ever Lose!! #iammi#

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  44. Nick is like rooneys bald spot, he just wont go away no matter what!

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  45. Nooooooooooo!!!! Its not true my adoring fans, I’m here to stay and Gazidis knows it!

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  46. And Arsene and Dick law & order know it too, I was like “look peeps don’t come in between me and my crew, someones gonna get hurt cuz, and it aint goin’ to be me!”

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  47. Huge dick or Frankfurter?
    Easy mistake to make from that distance I suppose…..

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  48. is he gone yet?

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  49. Photo is of Nicky B auditioning for the role of “Ice Man” in Top Gun: The Musical.

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  50. Report: Bendtner to Frankfurt falls through

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  51. With team about to embark on per season tour, presumably transfer activity will be on hold. When we come back, time will be of the essence. I can easily see the situation where we make no major signings. It would be typical Wenger. Why the fcuk doesn’t he just go sign Felliani, who would be happy to move? Great player.
    Why can’t Wenger ever be decisive, pay the going price, bring in three or four top players, and be done with it?
    Job done, off on per season tour, etc….

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  53. This actually makes him look good! Could he fit with the new system?
    I dont think so either

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