Wenger: We can challenge even without signings


Arsene Wenger says his Arsenal team can challenge for the title, even if he doesn’t make any additions to the squad.

While on the one hand you look at it as the Arsenal manager simply bigging up the players he has at the end of a successful Asian tour, on the other it’s kinda familiar and scary.

Arseblog News admits to touching cloth having read what Wenger said in the Mirror. Our turtle’s tail is out. The Arsenal manager has said he’s ready to do business, but after letting so many go this summer, it’s impossible to find any rationale for him to think the group of players he’s got is good enough for a title challenge at this stage.

“We are ready to do quick deals but all the transfers do not depend only on us,” he said. “But we are prepared to wait. It looks unlikely before the Emirates Cup.

“We still have a strong squad but we are there on the market to try to strengthen our team. With or without additions we can be title challengers next season.”

Having read that and gotten a little bit sick in our mouths, we’re now focusing on the positives and the fact that Arsenal have bid £40m for Luis Suarez suggests there’s a willingness to do business.

“What we want is not as name but as good player,” he continued. “The name is less important. What is more important is the quality of the player. At the moment I must tell you we are not close to signing anybody.

“We try to do the job and we will try to do it well. But that is in front of us. We have worked a lot but nothing has been concluded with anybody.

“Of course we want to do as many top players as we can. But we also have to focus on the players we have and develop them. We have plenty of candidates in midfield now and there is a big fight there. Bacary Sagna settles in well at centre-back with Thomas Vermaelen out.”

All in all, mixed messages. Bid £40m for a player : say you can win title without signings. Look for new players : shift a right back to centre-half.

If doesn’t really speak to a cohesive plan and with no signings likely before next weekend, it leaves little time to get the squad ready for the start of the Premier League campaign.

What’s going on, Arsenal?


      • Think he’s just trying to repair some of the damage that IG did when he came out in the open and said “Hey, up your prices, we’ve got a big truck full of money”. Can’t blame IG either because I think he did it just to calm us fans down. Now all the clubs know we need players, we’ve got money, and so everyone’s playing hardball. Wenger now, so falls back into his trusted and fail-safe technique, “We can challenge with this squad, we don’t need anybody”. Calm down people, let’s wait till Sep 2nd.

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        • so common denominator….its the fans who cause all the trouble with their moaning..forcing ivan to come out and calm them ..and then wenger has to cover both.

          or lets take one step back…media playing with fans minds..fans give shit to board/ivan/arsene…ivan/board try to clam fans down….wenger calms everyone down…fans complain again cause that’s all they know.

          football in the age 2013

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    • No that will be a man called Hideo Kojima from Japan. The man behind the whole Metal Gear Solid legacy. At the moment I can’t stand the person

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    • This man Wenger, has one weakness with his age the game he did play with fans on transfer last three seasons is the same today he starts to bid early he could have even offered 50million for Messi so long as Barca would reject it wud please him so that he explain to fans that the squad he has can challenge for Trophies by making outrageous bids the Arsenal players who feel their first team postion are not guaranteed make effort as if it is a CL final, tire themselves in pre-seasonthe way Giroud is doing,teamates lyk Rosicky goes to praise them the way he has done while wenger market how his Team has r improved on media how they have reached title winning stds. for mere justificatiions on to fans on y he shouldnt waste money on buying proven players..lol.when season tickets are alll sold he will start to whine how gud players are rare and overpriced. some one we could trigger a 40M clause could not afford Higuain at 31.5M, rooney at slightly less Jovetic at 25M Fellaini at 23M Cesar at slghtly less than 2.5m.Wenger is lunatically unchangeable Arsenal shud 4get trophies until Wenger become a coach and not ‘PS player’. he gets results on the play stations ith his players and lose on the field

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        • Are you retarded mate.Killing our club? This man is a genius and undisputably one of the greatest managers of all time. It is muggy fans like you that are killing our club, with no knowledge or appreciation of the game. What this man has done for our club is beyond epic, but clearly you are too young to realise or have a very short memory. Clearly Yusuf, you are someone who does not have the mental capacity to comprehend what constitutes ‘serious’ bid is. If you want to pick a fight with anyone in the club for lack of expenditure it is the board. They are the ones who direct and manage the club particularly in financial affairs and implementing a long term business strategy that is sustainable. Wenger is the mouthpiece for these decisions, so gts all the stick. Not fair. We are not Chelsea or City, Our shareholders do not continuously pump their own money into the club (blame them if you want) as well. We turn a profit, and that is how business are run. You cannot blame the board for that as their goal is to turn shareholder and club profit so we in turn can spend those funds on transfers. Like this summer when we will see this long term strategy come to fruition. You really need to gain some knowledge in the football landscape and indeed business before coming out with muggy comments like this. Yusuf you’re just like many of our other fans (clueless and giving us a bad name) £40m for a player who has twice bitten players in two different leagues, racially abused a player and who misses over 6 PL games at the start of next season is an extremely serious bid and has certainly not been placed to appease fans. It triggers discussions between club and player. Can’t really get much more serious than that you husp.

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        • Thanks for cheering up my day man seriously, this was the funniest thing I have read in a minute.

          Especially this line:

          “He just bought an estate worth 20 million dollars I can bet my life its his share from the sale of van persie the rapist”

          Man you would be god at Russian roulette!

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      • I’m buying a ticket because I love my club unconditionally, that isn’t going to change because I don’t agree with how the manager goes about talking to the media.

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      • I’m buying a ticket because I love my club unconditionally, that isn’t going to change because I don’t agree with how the manager goes about talking to the media.

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      • I’m buying a ticket because I love my club unconditionally, that isn’t going to change because I don’t agree with how the manager goes about talking to the media.

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    • I’m not realy suprised, we were almost there with higuain, then we backed out, we made a bid for the fat boy knowing fully well it won’t be accepted, we’re running after the bitey, divey fucking racist, knowing fully well that as stupid as the mugsmashers are, they would rather keep him against his will than sell to us, for christ sake, what kind of a game is this? we’re not after any realistic targets such as the soldados of this transfer window. I don’t think i know what to make of this transfer window.

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      • Why buy Soldado?

        Exactly the same player as Giroud.

        A left winger seems the most obvious choice.

        I think Bernard is pretty much tapped up with Wenger listening to offers for Gervinho.

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      • Please use your common sense and brains before you insult your manager. What do you want him to say? Our team is crap and can not win without signing another 5 players? What do you think that does to the morale of the team? His job is to get the most of the team, and not to keep you happy. It is official that we have put in a 40 million bid for Suarez, and there are idiots who suggest that he has purposely put in a bid so that it will get rejected and Wenger can “show the *fans*” that he tried. Seriously, people buy this shit? He is a manager (one of the best at that), not some teenage drama queen. As long as the board backs him, he doesn’t need to prove anything to the fans.

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        • If wenger doesn’t need to prove anything to fans, why do you expect a fan to tolerate year after year of trophyless season and sky high prices. Look at the both sides of the coin mate. Club exist because of fan.

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        • We don’t want him to say he is close to signing a talented player. We want him to to do it already; like a month ago.

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        • As long as the board back him he has nothing to prove to the fans? But it’s the same fans that pays to filled up the stadium. Y don’t they bring their families to filled up the stadium? Wenger s buying nobody

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        • If wenger doesn’t need to prove anything to fans, why do you expect the fan to buy all season tickets

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        • ramsey…the fan will tolerate at least a decade ( maybe even 15 years) without the title because the fan knows that the priority is to repay the stadium and not the title. If you didn’t get that back in 2006 then im deeply sorry for the frustration you’ve endured in the hands of media and trolls mocking you every Monday.

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        • the purchase of a ticket is a gesture of support….some of you talk as if its an investment.

          no one forced you or anyone to buy a ticket….wenger doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone. wenger is a world class football manager

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    • Guys calm down, we will buy some for sure. Obviously, if you say that we need players and we don’t have good one’s then other teams will ask for more money. I am more than sure that we will buy player who are better than last years IN’s

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    • It all makes sense when you realize 4th is like a trophy. Its almost like a title!

      So of course we can challenge. We did last year and we won!

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    • Yes he is and more dick head…why does Wenger do this to us fans season in and out with our hearts in our mouth,i’m so tired of wenger as our coach

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      • Yes, I think Wenger sets out every transfer window to disappoint and anger the fans. I’m sure that’s exactly right. Apparently the board like it too.

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    • I think hes making a point to players like Suarez what he thinks the ambition of Arsenal is.

      Hes basically saying you can join us and we will be challenging for the title.

      Instead of e.g. Saurez trying to finish 4th with Liverpool, hes stating to everyone Arsenal has a higher ambition.

      Again e.g. Liverpool trying to finsh 4th which they wont and Suarez must know this.

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  1. Those hopes of it all being different this transfer window turned out to be about as accurate as a Gervinho goal attempt then.

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    • The hopes of Wenger using all of his transfer lines in one interview were dashed when he didn’t mention Wilshere as being like a new signing. Still, that interview’s a doozy. If you were playing the Arsene Wenger Transfer Window Drinking Game (like I was), you would have been sloshed (like I was) by the time he hit “we are not close to singing anybody.”

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      • Bunburyist:

        Haha, my thoughts exactly! At first I really thought this was sublime piece by Arseblog copy/pasting all of the usual Wengerisms from the last couple of years together in one article. No, it’s not. THAT’s what we call consistency and a coherent long term strategy. 🙂

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    • If he decides not to bring at least 2 quality signing, that means he has no intention to compete for titles. In that case he should go. Simple as that.
      He thinks we can compete for title with a squad that finished just a point above the 5th placed team/16 place behind the champions. Seriously? Wtf? what is that he is smoking over there at the emirates?
      100 million(according to Gazidis) in hand and can’t sign a world class player till now with it? It seems like he can’t lead us to titles anymore.

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      • Just to confirm, but i’m fairly sure you can’t be both a point above 5th place, and 16 place behind the champions. Unless you’re in some sort of crazy FIFA international ranking system.

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      • Seriously people, do you think Wenger doesn’t want to improve the team and challenge for trophies? Besides being his job, it’s his life. Of course he wants to win. For whatever reasons the transfers just haven’t happened. I’m sure Wenger is more worried about this than any fan is.

        And what do you expect him to say? If we really are not close to signing anyone, do you want him to come out and say we have no chance of winning anything and we might not even make the top 5? Is that what you want? Of course he has to try and be positive.

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    • I know I thought it would really be different this time, with all our players staying (so we could only get better). Couldn’t believe we would be so daft not to captalize on that. Still think we are wasting a huge opportunity with the stability we have this summer and the changes elsewhere. Our squad is very thin with all the departures, and two stars would make such a difference! I officialy lost hope until something big happens.

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  2. Well, it´s hard to imagine these comments not lighting the touchpaper.

    I might go and hide in the bomb shelter at the bottom of my garden for, I dunno, about six weeks?

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  3. and so it begins…..no wait I mean and so it continues 🙁

    I can hear the “Spend some fucking money” chants ringing around the emirates next weekend already.

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  4. “At the moment I must tell you we are not close to signing anybody.” Someone must be really close to signing.

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  5. “At the moment I must tell you we are not close to signing anybody.” Someone must be really close to signing.

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  6. Another interesting quote from the presser:

    “France suddenly have bought some very very talented players who two or three years ago would all have come to England”

    Very worrying, what do those transfers have to do with Arsenal? We didn’t bid for Cavani etc. It sounds like excuse making already.

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    • It means there’s more billionaire money in the market, which drives up prices and makes top players even more scarce. Makes perfect sense to me.

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  7. Michael its not really necessary to wish a man dead is it?? I know we.are ! All frustrated but come on, Be a rational human being

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  8. I fucking fell for it again.

    ‘No this time it’ll be different.’

    Everyone told me not to believe it until it happened and here we are again.
    Can we get a ‘technical director’ or whatever in so that we actually sign some players?!

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    • You’re not alone… I guess as long as there’s even a tiny thread of hope, gunners will cling to it!

      Problem is next summer we’ll have an even bigger warchest. And clubs will want to rip us off even more. And players will want to come less and less because we can’t compete.

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  9. Surprise surprise. Sound familiar? I stopped watching his interviews, press conferences two seasons ago. Different day same old bullshit

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  10. Amazing, like clockwork. We knew exactly what was coming. Another season we’ll be going for fourth place. We won’t get it with this current, unrefreshed, squad. Wenger is just about the most predictable man in the world. The ‘Mr Bean’ of soccer. He is just about the biggest joke in football, and he’s our f*****g manager. What have we done to deserve this.

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    • He created the greatest team in Premier League history and has built Champions League quality teams for 16 consecutive years, turned down moves to more glamorous clubs and stuck to his guns in completely reshaping the club and allowing us to create a self-sustaining club in a perilous economic environment where many clubs’ fortunes are entirely dependent on the continued support and investment of third parties.

      What have we done to deserve him? I dunno. Maybe an Arsenal supporter cured smallpox or something.

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      • I’m no AKB but don’t spit in your mother’s face because she didn’t make you a birthday cake this year. Or last year. Or the year before.

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      • Right with you there mate, the man deserves respect after everything he has done for us. Its not up to us if he leaves, that decisions is his, or the boards. Until then we should concentrate our effort on supporting the club and the decisions they make.

        I for one would like to see him stay to see where this new ‘spending power’ gets us over the next couple of seasons, thats the least Wenger deserves after his loyalty to the club.

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  11. I’ve long been a staunch supporter of Wenger, but this snacks of a man who has spectacularly lost the plot. To make no signings after the bombastic assurances of money to spend, two feeble exits from winnable cup competitions and a fan base (and squad it seems) sick of losing players and not properly augmenting the squad-that is simply unacceptable. What was the point in moving to the Emirates if when we finally have the resources to be competitive we don’t use them? If we sign no one and struggle then I’m sad to admit that I will be joining the calls for a new manager who will spend some fucking money.

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    • Let’s do it your way:

      “We can’t possibly compete with the squad we have and therefore you should charge us as much as possible for the players we want.”

      Are you happy now?

      If you want a report of what he’ll ACTUALLY do, then you’ll need to speak with him in private and sign a nondisclosure agreement. Good luck with that.

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      • Indeed.

        I fully understand the frustration reflected in many of the comments here, but frankly, I’m not sure what Wenger was supposed to say. A lot of people have been criticising Gazidis for boasting about Arsenal’s new-found wealth, claiming that selling clubs would now try to leach more money of us. I personally don’t buy that argument (because selling club already knew we had cash to splash), but what do you think would have happened if Wenger had telegraphed a message along the lines that “we desperately need to sign somebody, and we need to sign them fast”?

        In summary: if you make ambitious statements, you get panned for setting up obstacles for yourself in the transfer market. If you make cautious remarks designed to play down the impression that you’re desperate, you get panned for being “senile” and you’ll have fans declaring that they hope you’ll have a “heart attact [sic]”.

        Wenger would be well aware of all the sound and fury around Arsenal’s interest in Suarez – all of that sound and fury being stoked by Liverpool, not Arsenal, by the way – and would be equally aware of media commentary suggesting that he’s starting to get desperate for a signing (e.g. James Lawton in the Independent). I’m sure all of that is stuff he would like to play down or dispel. His remarks should be viewed in that light.

        As far as I’m concerned, the situation is identical to what it was before he made the quoted remarks. For the purposes of transfer news, wake me on 2 September.

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      • I take your point that it is a newspaper interview, but the fact remains that it is nearly August and we have made one signing, a player definitely bought for the future. Given the player losses we’ve suffered and the injuries to key players in recent times, one would have thought that transfer targets would have been identified and lined up as soon as the whistle blew at St James’s Park. Actions speak louder than words and here his words seem to be backed up by the club’s lack of action. I will always be a great admirer of Wenger, but I now live in Leeds and to go to games takes a great deal of effort and money-all I ask from the club is that they try and compete. If we lose, so be it, but at least try to use the resources we have. I was at Old Trafford for the 8-2, and while I’m not seriously suggesting we’ll be in that position again, it does somewhat haunt you as a supporter. No more mad dashes-why not have a deeper squad bedded in? And in response to your point about Wenger playing mind games with the press, it is only natural for supporters to get anxious when he comes out with statements like this. He has form in this department, after all. But I’m not so interested in what he says, I’m interested in what the club does, and so far they have done very little.

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        • I should have read Arseblog’s post today before replying. Could have just linked that as a reply and saved myself some typing. Spot on.

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  12. “i said ‘look fo ol look what you do, you talk until the needle brakes in you’ ”

    at least we’ve won the saitama cup already. We are good to win the emirates ‘gallas cup’ without new signings though

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  13. Chill out, Wenger never goes public in transfer. Talk like this just part of hyping/downscaling negotiations. Everyone knows fuck all about what’s going on. At all.

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  14. “With or WITHOUT additions we can be title challengers next season.”

    Just started my new 500 page book, ‘The Delusion of Arsene’. This quote is the first line of the final chapter.

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  15. What I don’t get is, we have money, and a strong name in world football. Bit those scammers have signed a few players and we seem to be lurching from one impossible deal to another? Surely, this method is not viable?

    A weak squad both in talent and number asks a lot more of the players, so, is that another reason for those injuries that happen to us more than others? I don’t know.

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  16. Is anyone really surprised? It’s the same as before but with a slightly different twist. He can now say we did our best blah blah blah we made bids….. we cant force them to sell……

    Its £23m for fellaini, don’t quible over 2/3m just do it if you want him

    Now I suspect we will wait another 2 weeks to bid £45m for Suarez. We bid under the value for players yet expect to sell players like gervinho well above market value. Take the b52 bomber, we want rid yet no one can match the ridiculous wages, again well done aw, so surely waive the fee? Allow the buying club to put all their money into his wages and he will be gone

    Extremely frustrating

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  17. So Gazidis says we are targeting big players and its absolutely neccessary that additions will be made because now we have the financial power to do so. And here we have wenger saying the squad is good enough to challenge for the title. Baffling…

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  18. Blogs I’m no fan of Wengers and I openly admit and have for years I can’t wait for him to go but is there nothing you can do with these silly cunts wishing him dead??

    A nice MAC and IP block should do the trick.

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  19. Oh brother. I want to say the biggest frustration/heart attack inducing thing is that there seems to be no cohesion or plan (really it’s just general freaking out about all the usual bunk happening). Of course clubs play these games, especially today with the ridiculousness of the people in media/internet who just make up stories (Blogs has covered this well) but the higher ups at Arsenal have got to be better at either keeping completely quiet (which they used to do) or actually doing something. Instead we’ve got the keystone cops. This is very disheartening, more than anything. GIANT SIGH….

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  20. On a serious note though? FUCK!!!
    It’s almost this time of year, Arsène, when you “inform us” what we have is good enough but if we find ‘one or two’ but they have to be …..

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  21. The pressure on Arsene to buy top quality is clearly too much for him. I think he’s too scared to improve the squad and then fail. It would expose him as not being able to compete anymore at the top level.

    Until the club grows some balls and moves into a different direction with fresh ideas, then Arsenal will be stuck in a rut. And it looks like another season of scraping top four to look forward to.

    Of course there is a bit of time left and he could actually sign some players, but business should’ve been done and dusted by now. So far I’m not convinced that Arsene or the club for that matter really ready to move up a gear.

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    • I completely disagree with your opinion. How does signing players expose him to more criticism than is being hurled at him right now? So many other clubs sign players and do a worse job than arsenal in the league. Do they get criticized as much? No! Because they tried. Nobody expects you to get it right all the time. But not trying is a deadly sin IMO.

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  22. You berate him when he doesn’t talk and suggest he is not talking open and honestly. Now he speaks clearly and honestly and yet you still run him down. Some supporters you are.

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  23. What I’m worried about is that we seemed to be to focused on only Suarez.
    Sure wait for him, but don’t waste your time and sign some other players that we desperately need. We need a signing in almost every department.

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    • Yes we need at the very least four signings, a striker, a DM, a CB and a Goal keeper. The only worry is the suggested buying of Surez for 45 – 50 million. Why sign a 50 million pound player when Van Persie only cost man Utd 24 million. There must quality strikers out there for 25 mill.

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      • Michu = 2m. Darren Bent = 24m. Andy Carroll = 35m.

        Which one of those would you rather have? Price is irrelevant these days.

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    • We did have a bid for Bender turned down, and who knew that was in the pipeline? The press don’t actually know who the clubs targets are, beside what they would have you believe. I’m sure the club has been trying to sign defensive players.

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  24. I think we all know exactly what this means…

    I’m gonna go drink some rum and cry alone in a corner.

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  25. Haha the joke is on us all. Buttered up like the pieces of toast we are by Gazidis. Then along comes Arsene with a giant jar labelled Nutella. Just as we get all excited about the deliciously sweet hazelnut spread we find out it’s shit on the knife……again. I don’t care about the bitey racist vampire or the granny shagger. You’d have to be blind or delusional to see we have no depth.

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  26. While I will say, just for balance of the argument’s sake, that Wenger has never really said ‘yeah we’ll we have player x y z lined up…’ (Think Arteta,Cazorla here) I also hasten to add that if he REALLY believes that… I weep. I’m the firstperson in the world to tell you ‘I love wenger’- he must be taking the piss.
    *Im very drunk now, by the way, excuse any typos please*

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  27. I don’t know how you could possibly challenge for anything without any new signings, when you were so short of options at the back you had to have Steve Bould fill in

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  28. Why would any top quality player sign for a club as unambitious as arsenal? Sure, money is always alluring and we supposedly now have it. But, it seems arsenal are reluctant to pay premiums for even targeted players. That can’t send the message to players, agents and other
    clubs we are to be reckoned with.

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  29. Arsene Wengers project continues!!! Suprise,suprise he hits you between eyes again and again and again and keep repeating!!

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  30. Hope he’s not telling “complete truth” but honestly I have no hopes for any signings and it’s gonna be a long tough season for Arsenal.

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  31. It’s all spin. Never had any intention of spending that reported £70 million. Wouldn’t sign Higuin unless they could get him on the cheap and only bid 40 million for Suarez because they knew it would be rejected. How can this team ever win the league if they won’t spend over 15million for a player when there are at least 5 other teams that do that consistently. The constant lies, spin and lack of transparency at this club is disgusting

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    • This is the first time we actually have the money to spend more than £15m on a player, so you can’t say we consistently fail to do so.

      With all the talk there was of using our “war chest” on big players, you can be sure this is exactly what we wanted to do after patiently waiting for many years. Somehow, and neither you nor me know *exactly* why, the Higuain deal was botched, but it seems that Madrid were being the cunts here, and it was not entirely our fault. If we had landed Higuain people would have been quite happy, and surely this must have been a very big deal for us. It must have taken most of our transfer focus to negotiate signing a club record transfer by quite a bit.

      This is the first time we have a decent amount to spend, and all we can conclude is that we are not very good at big money transfers, we just don’t have the experience. Don’t suggest that we are constantly trying to make the club worse. Wenger and the board are professionals, at the very least, it’s their job to improve the club and that’s what they are trying to do. They don’t set out to ruin the club. Alright we can all admit they made a balls up so far, but ffs get behind your club.

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  32. I support my team always.. I don’t care if we buy players or not its always the mighty Arsenal win or lose, its always the Arsenal. If i had only one wish my club to have only proper fans that don’t change like the direction of the wind. Its been though time but that’s real life, you don’t win all the times and there seasons, and i tell you this Manchester united are good to enter the winter years and you heard from me first as the Guns are entering the summer. Its always Arsenal

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  33. I hope our better players put in transfer requests simultaneously now citing a complete lack of ambition by the club

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    • They won’t now but there’s no chance they’ll sign contracts when they’re up for renewal if we haven’t made any progression. I imagine things will change regardless, for better or worse, next year.

      Thumb up 2 Thumb down 2

    • Sometimes I look at these types of comments and really wonder how an adult could imagine such a scenario. Get real please.

      Thumb up 31 Thumb down 4

  34. The squad, if it were to stay injury free all season, is good enough to challenge for titles but we all know that that is an unlikely scenario.

    Arsene wants to get a top name and he’s right about developing what we have. Currently the squad has a good balance of young and experienced players-a big name signing would be a boost to all but I for one believe we have enough about us to challenge as is.

    Injuries will be or downfall though if he doesn’t add to the squad (which I firmly believe he will) but we have quality just not in enough depth.

    Thumb up 14 Thumb down 16

    • I don’t understand the thumbs down, this is a very sensible comment to me. Our best 11 IS in fact good enough to challenge for the title. But of course there will be injuries and we will need to rest players, so we do need to strengthen our squad. And no one will disagree that we have some youngsters who need to be developed and get some game time here and there.

      Thumb up 3 Thumb down 3

  35. There were points last season where the atmosphere at emirates started to get really hostile. I can’t imagine the anger if we start the season with a smaller squad, no new players and results start going against us

    Thumb up 24 Thumb down 0

  36. Last season we only just got fourth with the help of players who’ve since left or gone on loan. We missed the title by a whopping 16 points. Chelsea, Man City, and Sp*rs have all strengthened significantly.

    We cannot challenge for the title without strengthening.
    And there isn’t a sane person out there who thinks we can.

    Maybe he meant to say ‘fourth’.

    Thumb up 29 Thumb down 5

    • Spurs have not strengthened significantly.

      They have added 2 players, one who is vastly overrated due to some decent performances in a shitty cup & the second one who is basically pants.

      Plus Bale is gone come August

      Thumb up 11 Thumb down 11

    • Can I ask which players helped us get fourth that have now gone or are on loan? I truly am intrigued.

      Arshavin – didn’t play
      Chamakh – loan
      Santos – loan
      Bendtner – loan
      Djourou – loan
      Park – loan

      Those are players that have now gone, are on loan or just won’t play. That’s why I’m genuinely intrigued that I may have missed someone important

      Thumb up 8 Thumb down 3

      • City, spuds and the chavs have no really strengthened at all.
        And as for the red mancs – not a hope in hell of them strengthening, Moyles is out of his depth.

        Wenger will pick up the bargain buys on the last day of the transfer window.

        Thumb up 2 Thumb down 12

      • Without looking … Arshavin, Coquelin, and Mannone spring to mind.

        Oh, crap …

        Arshavin: 0 starts, 7 substitutions.
        Coquelin: 3 starts, 8 substitutions.
        Mannone: 9 starts.
        Santos: 3 starts, 5 substitutions.

        There. You made me look.

        So the one you really missed was Mannone. He started NINE times.

        Thumb up 6 Thumb down 0

  37. I reckon it’s just a ploy. Part of the poker game that is transfers. Telling Liverpool that he is prepared to go into next season without signings. Forcing their hand maybe

    Thumb up 10 Thumb down 4

  38. Interviewer: There have been rumours lately that you might sign Spain international Santi Cazorla.

    Wenger: I’ve never heard of him.

    Signs Cazorla a week later

    Thumb up 45 Thumb down 5

    • That is brought up way too often to suggest Wenger is on his way to surprise people. You know, usually when he says something negative in a transfer window he means it.

      Thumb up 13 Thumb down 2

  39. This all makes me wonder how far ahead wenger and crew think. If we don’t sign anyone and we fall out of the CL, because all our rivals spend what’s required, do they think our current best players will remain loyal, even though recent history portends they won’t. Fabregas, the Dutch skunk, nasri, and others bolted when we did
    qualify. What are they smoking at the Emirates?

    Thumb up 9 Thumb down 2

  40. You’re giving Arsene fsr too much credit Yusuf. Ifwwe sign no players you should all enjoy our last season of Champions League for however long Arsene signs an extension for and then some

    Thumb up 5 Thumb down 5

    • Hang on a minute, the spelling is too good…… You’re not Wayne Rooney. There are no words written in crayon or faeces

      Thumb up 20 Thumb down 1

      • I’d still like to be proven wrong but I said as soon as the positive statements were made that it was all spin. Gazidis does it every year. I genuinely find him to be one of the most detestable people in football.

        I specifically said we’ll sign an unknown kid and no bugger else especially not Higuain or any of the big names touted around Twitter/the press.

        As said, I still hope I’m wrong.

        Thumb up 5 Thumb down 3

  41. This is sad. It’s not about signing players, but statement of lack of ambition.

    “Challenge for title” is different from “winning the title”. Perhaps I am having higher expectation for Arsenal since Arsene is the manager with a better advantage of winning the league amongst his peer.

    Thumb up 10 Thumb down 1

  42. What a complete at utter d#*k! He better sign Suarez or someone with quality. If he doesn’t, I will punch a baby right in its baby face!

    Thumb up 6 Thumb down 23

  43. If this delusion geriatric doesn’t make any signing…and i don’t mean some unknown who will be ‘one for the future’ he needs to get the boot. Over the years we silently took it as they sold the best players in the team and replacing them with mediocre to average players cause we understood the financial burden.Now all of a sudden we can afford to compete with the best of them in the transfer market and he says the same thing that he has been saying for the past few season.NO!!!!!!seems to me like he bought into his own hype of being able to produce jams from scratch. Since everyone has told him over the years that he needs to buy to win he stubbornly wants to prove some point. The football landscape has changed drastically, he need to get with the times. In Wenger we rust.

    Thumb up 12 Thumb down 18

  44. I’m not sure what it is that you guys don’t understand. I am a gooner currently living in nyc. Every Saturday morning I wake up to watch my team play the most predictable football in Europe. We are no longer fueled by passion and spirit, now we look like emotionless sleepwalkers..

    Our owner is a business man. The Denver Nuggets, ST Louis Rams and the Colorado Avalanche all suck! This past season the Nuggets had a wondwrful year and were 2 players away from really challenging. What does Kronke do? He fires the coach and let’s their best player and GM go, to cut costs and lower the expectations..

    Wenger is being paid top dollar to stfu and keep the business going until someone calls his bluff. As I am living in the states I am unable to go to the stadium and make my voice heard, had I bern I would have gone down to the training ground and asked some questions. Why can’t you guys start group, go protest, demand your money back for tickets? You have to make your voices heard. Routibg for Arsenal has become like livibg in a communist state. They feed you the same bullshit year after year, suck out our paychecks (tix, jerseys) and all we do is see the same things happen over and over.

    Groundhog day mofo’s

    Timmy the gunner

    Thumb up 35 Thumb down 20

    • I don’t even know what Kroenke has to do with anything.

      People have trouble understanding that the owner doesn’t equal the CEO. Kroenke does own the club, but he hasn’t taken money out of it, and I seriously doubt he has any influence on the daily ongoings, and even on the transfers.

      People suggest Kroenke does his best to lower the value of the club, instead of raising it, just to “lower the expectations”. Unbelievable.

      This dithering and slow business is all Wenger and Gazidis, but most importantly the lack of a tough negotiatior, who will tell Wenger to stop worrying about paying top dollar for top talent – at least that has been the image I got from recent years’ transfer failings (like Xabi Alonso’s supposed 2m difference, or even this summer’s Higuain transfer).

      Thumb up 10 Thumb down 4

      • You’re not exactly accurate there. Kroenke has a major influence on what happens at the club and as for lowering the clubs value that’s not true either. Club shares are now at a record high.

        Kroenke doesn’t take money out, you are right. The cash is staying nicely within the club with the board striving towards debt eradication which again can only increase value. With Champs league placement we’re making – forgive me if I get it wrong – 31 million euros was it blogs? – based on last years figures which is a nice little return. The corporate strategy in terms of cost cutting and revenue generation points to an exit strategy which for an investor is a savvy move.

        Regardless of whether that is the end goal Wenger will continue to be valued by the hierarchy and regarded as a success for as long as the club continues to generate cash. Champions league entry with group only qualification made us, what? 31,000,000 euros? Financially speaking that’s brilliant. When that stops and inevitably, based on current affairs, it will the opinion from board level will suddenly alter and changes will be made.

        Economics 101.

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        • You’re spot on NG. I worked for the UK arm of a US firm that was then sold to another US asset – holding / stripping company.

          This was back in 2003, and the catchphrase for them was “value adding”, i.e. cost cutting in order to increase revenue.

          Thumb up 3 Thumb down 0

        • It’s the only thing that makes sense XMarks. Kroenke isn’t a football fan, that much we know and he is a business man. If he was in it for immediate return he’d be claiming dividends.

          I can think of no other reason why anybody would buy a global brand such as Arsenal only to sit back and do nothing with it. An exit strategy seems the only logical explanation.

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  45. He might be respectful of other teams and players but at times it does seem as if he is completely disrespectful of the teams own fans

    Thumb up 12 Thumb down 1

  46. Our midfield is sorted and solid *Arteta,Santi,Wilshere,Rosicky,Ox,Ramsey to name a few* We need a healthy competition for upfront,we need a prolific goal scorer*we haven’t had one since Henry* If we do that and strengthen up the defence we will more than challenge for honours,this season.

    I hope it is mind games or it will be a tough season to watch.

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 5

    • When you list the midfielders that way it becomes so visible that they are too similar – technically fine, short and weak players who usually have to play out of position because they are all attacking midfielders. They lack the final product though with the exception of Santi, they also lack the Vieira kind of movement into the box, they lack the authority and power trough the middle which would allow us to dominate big games.

      Of course the “to name a few” sentence is irony, because that’s all we have.

      Thumb up 15 Thumb down 1

  47. These comments are just b8 and morons
    How is this window the same as all the others? £40m bids, have you ever seen Arsenal do that before?
    Do you really think Arsenal -fucking-football club don’t have their eyes on hundereds of players worldwide?
    You think the club have put all their eggs in one £40million basket and don’t have any other targets?
    Last season was a taster, 3 £10m+ players brought in with immediate starting @XI positions
    This summer, expect at least 2 £30m signings, Wenger never tells it how it is, especially when it’s obvious we’re buying.
    Don’t fret, laugh at speculation, and know we are in a fantastic position this season.
    Arsenal football club are not a fly by night no-mark club, stop forgetting our glorious heritage.
    This is the season where the plan comes together, ooh to be a gooner.

    Thumb up 23 Thumb down 18

  48. Denver were found out by a team that could play in the half-court. His son, Josh Kroenke, runs that franchise and apparently masai ujiri has a clause that allowed him to leave for Toronto if they came calling. If Brian Shaw can bring a little of what Frank Vogel brought to Indiana, Denver should be good enough to make the play-offs. I don’t think the Denver situation is too comparable with the Arsenal one. It seemed iguodala left because he didn’t identify with the organisation. He was surely one of the players who didn’t sign off on the cheap shots against gsw.

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 7

  49. My problem is that arsenal have the russian richest man with them as a board member and acting all this funny story’s, if the pressure of the club is too high why won’t they sale it off to those that can take care of it or they allow usmanov to control the team i know he have a better mind of been ambitious and not always talking toomuch on what u know you can not do.

    Thumb up 5 Thumb down 10

  50. Have not heard the ” add quality ” yet either. No the squad is not good enough to compete. You plonker. Why we have to put up with this crap every year? We need new players, we have the money, go buy them. Whats so hard about that you fool Wenger.

    Thumb up 11 Thumb down 5

  51. It shd also have Arsenal can challenge with new signings. The question is what happens if the gunners can’t challenge even with new players?Then he shd bow out gracefully before he is fired.
    No manager is indispensable. You are judged on results and trophies. In this respect,the fm has been a failure.
    His record against MU is pathetic.Yet he doesn’t want to change his style. It’s forever attack ,attack all the way.Don’t surprised Arsenal were to lose to MU when they next meet.

    Thumb up 5 Thumb down 1

  52. What did I tell you? And so it begins again the whole I’m happy with the squad we’ve got bollocks. Well nobody else is Professor! The fans who pay the highest ticket prices in world football aren’t happy. The players who can see just how short this squad is from competing aren’t happy. If you seriously think that everything is ok you are more deluded than I first feared.Why couldn’t we have spent our transfer kitty as follows…Caesar,Williams,Capoue,Bernard,Higuain? That lot would have set us back about 80 million and would have completely revamped the squad We are not going to win anything this year unless we add five or more decent players. We will not qualify for Europe with the squad we’ve got because other teams have improved. Our fans have been loyal and we deserve better than some old deluded fool and a clueless board running our fast fading club. Wenger and Gavidis what do you do to earn such vast sums? Please please just fuck off!

    Thumb up 9 Thumb down 6

  53. This Bear has observed Wenger crying Wolf for the past 4 seasons and have learnt to keep my eyes on the luck dip bin towards the end of the season.

    He has already bought his striker for £750k at the start of the transfer window and is bargain hunting again.

    Arsene’s only ambition is on finishing in the top 4 and above the Spuds, he firmly believe that is sufficient and will satisfy the Arsene brigade.

    Thumb up 7 Thumb down 5

  54. I don’t get these stupid idiots who go as far as wishin someone death! He’s never ever admitted to signing a player before or until the deal is. 99.9% done. People still sayin he’s tight when he’s put in a 40mil offer!!! 40mil is a lot of money for 1 player! It’s just not viewed big nowadays cos of the money thrown around. He’s been our manager for 17 years and that’s no a joke. He knows what he’s doin. We’ve got rid of so many players and we’re still workin on some to get rid and seriously yous think hes not gonna add players? Few days ago he said number wise hes short but most people always focus on the negative.

    I’m gutted we didn’t sign Higuain but I think he’s just a better version of Giroud and I would’ve had him for 20 odd mil but for 32? Naaaa. Suarez is a dirty cunt but if he bangs in 30 odd goals and gets us far then I’d have him.

    The reason we’re not makin signings I think is because maybe we’re scared of other big clubs outbidin us for that player so maybe we’re waitin for them to finish their business and then we’ll do our transfers when there’s no one to outbid us. People just need to chill. We will make decent signings, watch!

    Thumb up 10 Thumb down 7

  55. and there it is… If theres still any delusional AKB’s out there do the rest of us a favour and lock yourself in your room. You’re basically approving the pillage of OUR (once) great club

    Thumb up 9 Thumb down 9

  56. Jessi
    Do yourself a favour and look at our squad. Not including kids, Gerv or Diaby we can barely fill the bench. We don’t need world beaters just an upgrade on the jokers that have been sitting on the bench. Williams has been touted for 10mil, Flamini was available for free. Papis Cisse has issues at Newcastle. All we need to do is pad out our squad with good quality but we can’t even manage that. Get a few of that quality and 1 big name & we’re in good shape. Sit on our hands while everyone else gets stronger & we’re doomed

    Thumb up 5 Thumb down 6

  57. I now understand how babies can be so surprised by a jack in the box even though they have seen it a thousand times.

    Thumb up 37 Thumb down 0

  58. Ffs. I love this club but its driving me insane. We have good players in the squad just needs beefing up to fight the top 3 and I mean central defender, defensive midfielder, left winger, striker and goal keeper if flappyhanski goes. We dont need Suarez as he costs that budget but lets focus on strengthening our weak areas and become a better squad. We get too carried away with players that are prima doner kebabs and should be focused on building the squad. The great thing about VP going left opportunities for the whole team to be more expressive. Dangerous to throw your eggs in one basket. Especially a biting racist.

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 2

  59. Ffs. I love this club but its driving me insane. We have good players in the squad just needs beefing up to fight the top 3 and I mean central defender, defensive midfielder, left winger, striker and goal keeper if flappyhanski goes. We dont need Suarez as he costs that budget but lets focus on strengthening our weak areas and become a better squad. We get too carried away with players that are prima doner kebabs and should be focused on building the squad. The great thing about VP going left opportunities for the whole team to be more expressive. Dangerous to throw your eggs in one basket. Especially a biting racist.

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  60. The only reason we are not making BiG signings is simply because Wenger is after “wonder kids” he can pick up on the cheap.

    Thumb up 7 Thumb down 4

  61. Arsene Wenger – No Transfers, No Cry

    Said – said – said: I remember when we used to sit
    with Dein and sign new players,
    Oba – obaserving the other teams
    As they would buy the players we need.
    Good friends we have, oh, good friends we’ve lost
    Along the years.
    In this great future, you can’t forget your past;
    So dry your tears, I seh.

    No, transfers, no cry;
    No, transfers, no cry.
    ‘Ere, little Arsenal fan, don’t shed no tears:
    No, transfers, no cry.

    Yes, I’m drunk.

    Thumb up 32 Thumb down 2

  62. He is looking for players he think worth 20mil but want to pay 10 mil only while keeping money in the f*cking mattress.

    Thumb up 8 Thumb down 3

  63. As a football club we haven’t wasted any money. Unlike Man U, City, Liverpool, Chelski.*throwing away money on the likes of Shevchenko,Carroll,Veron, Torres, to name a few* We make profits by developing young footballers and turn them into stars *Song,Cesc,Rvp,Wilshere,Gibbs to name a few* We aren’t a feeder club, we ate just a business first and a football club second. They have outrageous ticket prices and have made a profit nearly every season. Wenger has achieved great things for us and we’ve been entertained with some delightful football over the years * Also that wonderful season unbeaten!*

    I dont hate Wenger, however the squad and the fans want some new players for the challenge,and to win some silverware. I really hope he strengthens the squad and I’m sure he will. AFC. Form is temporarily,Class is permanent.

    Thumb up 10 Thumb down 13

    • Actually we have wasted money

      £5.8m on Santos then offload him for free 22 months later

      £8m on Jeffers then selling him for £1.9m

      There are plenty of others too

      Thumb up 11 Thumb down 5

      • Yes but his point is that we are not nearly as bad as some other clubs, and he gave some examples. Every club buys players that turn out to be duds, but we are far from the worst in this resrect.

        Thumb up 1 Thumb down 1

  64. I don’t know the plan. What I do know is he’s trolling the press. He speaks to the press at those conferences. He’s not speaking to us, although we feel he is. A long time ago it became clear to him that you cannot speak to the fans without showing your hand to everyone.

    Yes we hear this line on summers we don’t spend. But there’s been plenty of evidence they’re ready to buy this year.

    Don’t panic.

    Thumb up 12 Thumb down 2

  65. Thumbs up if you hate Tottenham. Thumbs up if you hate Tottenham. Thumbs up if you hate Tottenham. Thumbs up if you hate Tottenham. Fuck them all biting racists from Liverpool coz we are the Arsenal and we are the best. We got Jack Wilshire so fuck off the rest. ARSENAL ARSENAL ARSENAL

    Thumb up 1 Thumb down 9

  66. I am an American living in New York. Never was a soccer fan until ine if my grandsons began playing soccer. Then for some reason I have fallen in love with the sport and more confusingly have become a huge fan of Arsenal. I watch them every time they are on tv and have visited the stadium twice while on vacation in London in July. Unfortunately they remind me of the NY Mets baseball team I root for in NY. They just
    don’t seem willing to spend the money they need to make the team a top team. They are willing to just be good enough to keep enough interest. I can’t explain it, but I will be an Arsenal fan no matter what. I just hope they won’t nake my blood pressure go too high. Let’s just hope Arsene is just keeping things quiet in the media and is working behind the scenes.

    Thumb up 29 Thumb down 0

    • Funny to find an American living in NY, I thought it was just Puerto Ricans, Columbians, Mexicans, Cubans etc that live there.

      Thumb up 4 Thumb down 21

      • You forgot the Italians, the blokes most likely to throw you bricked – up into the Hudson for your “minority report”

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  67. I really hoped this year would be different. I’m not expecting any signings now. Maybe if we all made it public that we didn’t want anyone, Wenger would start spending. ..

    In all seriousness I will definitely be outraged if we didn’t sign anyone

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  68. Wow Wenger, Arsenal fans have to stand up to this malarkey. We are going nowhere without the signings, what has Wenger been smoking? He tells us that he can contend for the title with a team like that?! Its the same thing every year and we must put a stop to this once and for all. Arsenal fans need to get their club back now!

    Thumb up 4 Thumb down 2

  69. On the blue ridge mountain of Virginia – lets get out our trolley with stan (kronke) and olley and buy Messi. Keep on puffing.

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  70. I vote for no show during the Emirates and support the black scarf movement.
    It is always his personal ego which gets a preference at AFC and we fans are suffering due to that for quite some time now.
    Enough Wenger….

    Thumb up 5 Thumb down 10

      • Is that the minimum qualification for comments? Paying a visit to the new stadium? Well, that’s me disqualified, all I have is twenty years of going to Highbury before moving overseas.

        Thumb up 4 Thumb down 3

  71. Everyone, just calm the fuck down! FFS
    I tried simulating an entire season in Football Manager with this exact squad and you know what? We finished second! So close. So, yeah, our man is right. Who needs signings anyway?
    Alright, I kid.. I smoked that shit.

    Thumb up 4 Thumb down 6

  72. So where were Arsenal when Wenger take over?

    We were a team that was finishing 8th & 10th.

    Wenger propelled us into a title winning team, so for all you Johnny come lately’s that are sick of Wenger not doing this & that, f#ck off & go support Chelsea.

    Thumb up 21 Thumb down 15

  73. I want to say “I told you so…”, so I’ll say it, I told you so!
    Somewhere, there is white van full of people in white coats with big nets, looking for this man!!
    But still I wish someone calls his bluff on the 40m bid!! We have tortured our fans enough!!!

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 1

  74. Here is our squad
    Gk: Szcz, Fabianski
    D: Gibbs, Nacho, Jenk, Sagna, TV5, Kosc, Mert
    M: Arteta, Ramsey, Rosicky, Wilshire, AOC, Santi
    F: Theo, Podolski, Giroud, Sanogo
    Not counting Diaby, Gerv, Chamakh my bitch up, Park or TGSEL thats 19 players (enough for a match day squad. PL teams have a squad of 25. To get us there without buying we’d add from
    Gk: Martinez
    D: Miquel, Yennaris
    M: Miyaichi, Gnabry, Frimpong, Eisfeld
    F: Akpom
    Arsene, the only things we’ll be challenging for if we don’t buy are
    1. Most flimsy PL squad
    2. Most deluded manager
    3. Most disillusioned fans

    Thumb up 13 Thumb down 5

  75. Well, I am shocked some people here keeping the faith, some wanting his head or him Dead.
    Firstly in regards to funds, Galzidis stitched the club up by saying we can afford anyone, so now a player worth $30mil is being sold for $50 mil, how is that Wengers fault . Would you pay $400,000 for a house worth $300,000. NO you wouldn’t . Given we have not even involved Santi yet in pre season , and I am confident the likes of Bernard, Williams will arrive, I think we can take on the big boys, it’s not the value of a player that wins the league, it’s the belief in the players, and look at what they did in Munich and there after. In Wenger we trust and in Wenger we will strive.

    Thumb up 11 Thumb down 10

  76. Ughh…, it’s like we’re the crying children, not getting what we want for christmas. And Wenger is the parent, telling us to make do, and reasoning us out of frustration to simmer down the potential trantrums that we can throw. This is utterly frustrating. If Wenger buys Higuain and we still finish Fourth, we are not going to say fire the man, for god’s sake we know the competition. But Go$a(mmit BUY SOMEONE of WORLD CLASS QUALITY!!

    Thumb up 1 Thumb down 1

  77. Aussie Gooner look at the squad I posted & tell me what you think it would win. We have less depth than last season & spirit is irrelevant when fatigue sets in. You may well have faith we’ll add players but I don’t. I don’t care if they’re superstars but I expect 3-4 players of the same quality of our starting 11 to make us competitive. I received a catalogue in the mail from the club yesterday sent to me here in Australia & the timing of this statement could not have been worse.Those value players you refer to could have been bought some time ago.

    Thumb up 5 Thumb down 0

  78. when the last time the club talk to anybody to the press about transfer directly…..never.
    when you hear it , its when the player is signed.
    the mirror interview ,youpy fucking do, who read that shit anyway, stop be hysterical

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  79. “And the winner is…” Doesn’t this sound like a familiar lottery ticket winner announcement? But in this case, the only winner is mr Arsene Wenger and his new 70 mil…well, long time contract of several million rather. Haha!

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  80. Who needs new signings when you’ve TGSTEL?

    Seriously, every one should try and relax. As was mentioned somewhere above, Carzorla arrived on the 7th August last year and Le Prof kept it schtum until it was in the bag.

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  81. Tbh, im not panic due to the fact that this is the same thing AW said in our recent summers. Im not buying whatever he said. He just trolling the press. The problem is that Ivan should probably dont have to declare that we have a ‘warchest’ months ago. Not only the market inflated by the super rich clubs. It probably caused by ivan’s words too. Looks like they want to wait until no more clubs sniffing around our targets. So the price will ve rather reasonable than now. Or it just me smoking that same shit.

    Thumb up 5 Thumb down 1

  82. We ‘can’ challenge ? That’s not motivating. Thats second best mentality. It needs to be – we WILL challenge !! Clearly new signings are needed but we are content at the possibility that we could possibly maybe challenge for the title

    Thumb up 6 Thumb down 2

  83. Wenger you are an idiot! The squad you have feels that you need some new signings even for the depth! Your players are telling you that they can’t do it without new signings. They doubt themselves but You still ignore them. You need to go.

    Thumb up 10 Thumb down 7

  84. Why is that fans don’t speak out on arsenal management, chelsea, man united, Liverpool, tottenham all these club fans has the greatest say but not so at arsenal, he always makes this comment in every transfers, this team has enough quality to challenge every club

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  85. Absolutely sick shit of this man. As much as I have supported him from the start and have done throughout 7 barren years, I cannot understand why everything is so difficult with him. He’s talking bollux about signing quality players when available…. Gervinho, Chamakh, Park etc…. As usual we arsenal fans are tricked and goaded into believing the media and promises made pre season about money available and potential links to quality players, the fact remains every year is the same. Leaving Higuain slip through is beyond a joke. It pains me to say but no wonder rvcunt left. Boycott of the Emirates come August I reckon if nothing is spent. The man earns a fortune and is well able to negotiate his own contracts but wont spend the apparent money that’s given to him. Very stubborn and difficult man. Is there any other manager in world football who conducts transfer dealings like him??? Joke.

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  86. Does AW have a daughter?
    I must date her, she might have her father’s phobia of spending money. That would be awesome

    Well, it’s just not about spending money or not, getting world class player or not.
    The bottomline is, can we actually challenge for titles(not goin for fourth spot, I must add)?

    I believe in, if it must be done, it must b done well

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  87. fuck. does anything ever change, ever? never. feeling glum. there must be another striker available? somewhere, please arsenal, not bad vibes bitey.

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  88. this man called Arsene Wenger is too old to make somtin good in his lyf…he is a fool, an idiot, ambitionless, we ar jus tired wit the idiot, he shul jus liv…why ar de foolin us every season…d England FANS shul please do somtin to dis fool, idiot manager…chaiiiiii…Arsenal Arsenal Arsenal…..am jus tired wit dis Ambitionless an trophyless club…wenger wenger hmmmmm

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  89. I don’t think the bernard deal is going to happen…coz I think wenger has made ryo his straight replacement for gerv on the left…that’s why he also said that he won’t be sending ryo out on loan this season..

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  90. AW: Ivan, how far have you guys gone with the sales of season tickets.
    IG: We have done 90%, think is time we move to next agenda on our strategic plan. Arsene, do you think Liverpool, Suarez and our fans take us serious.
    AW: Suarez and fans think we are serious, I really need to do something before everybody think so.
    IG: then go ahead and tell them that we tried to add quality and not quantity to the squad but none is available in the market.
    AW: I will tell them after the Emirate cup that Sanogo is the quality striker we need. Note that before then madrid would have signed Suarez for 50m

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  91. I wonder what is wrong with arsen because he is always a man of suprise ,he got money to sign new player now he said that,there is no logic ,truly ilove arsenal but tis coach he is stupid there is no way he can win any title without adding important player and that is the mistake he made for all those years pass without any tittle and now he pretend as i he ddint recognise why we dont have any tittle i hate this man he better go away so that we can try another coach,his behaviour is always the same he wont change am tied with this coach,pre season matches conviced him he can win tittle how just winning 3 matches is it real prove that,wenger go away am tied stupid

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  92. Wenger said as it stands he won’t be going out on loan, if the right people come in then he may let him go on loan. In regards to the squad, there will be new additions, even Wenger knows he can’t go into the season with 19. But if all your reactions above are based on figment website reports and the bloody news papers, then shame on you not Wenger, when have arsenal ever announced a signing before the ink has dried, and when have we ever disclosed a fee before , always undisclosed. So stop panicking and get behind, we have the British core, shall I say the only British core in the premier league and we will fight to the end with what ever Wenger gives us

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  93. Arsene is gonna troll us all and win the League title, Champions League, FA cup, Serie A, Bundesliga and Wimbledon with 15 players.

    Who needs a full bench anyway??

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  94. It is early days still. We have money so can choose quality.
    Of course Wenger is saying nothing he wants to keep everyone interested.
    All it takes is a couple of phone calls to sign a player. We could sign three players in three hours.
    The signings will come. The main focus has to be being ready for Aston Villa but especially our first ECL game.
    We can drop early points in the league and still win it but if we mess up the Qualifiers we are playing Thursday night football.

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    • If you’re talking to me…I’m afraid I must agree…my spelling is horrible, but since I didn’t learn English until I was about 10…I’ve always had trouble with spelling. BUT just like many of my natives I’m brilliant in math and science haha

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  95. Wait up all, this is just a few quotes to the Mirror. I wouldn’t want to talk to anyone working for that paper for long, I wouldn’t want to dangle any transfer rumor in front of them to turn into a front page saga.

    If we sign no one, we won’t come close to winning a title; I don’t think these few lines, when read in context, suggest in the slightest that we are never going to sign a player.

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  96. We’ve shifted around 8 players and brought in 1.

    There will be more signings! The squad is way too light.

    All Arsene is hinting at is we might need to wait til transfer deadline day for many of them to come in, which sucks a bit, but probably saves us quite a few millions.

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  97. I don’t understand this Club, the manager why are we not in business, trying to win something….Same old shit…
    Giv Usmanov control, new manager and 250 M pund. Spend some money finans FairPlay don’t mean anything anyway, look at Monaco, PSG, City and Chelsea, they are still in the game…..

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  98. KEEP CALM UNTIL THE WINDOW CLOSES! What do you want the man to say? “Yes, we are desperate for new players, please sell them to us at any price”?

    This is all negotiation tactics and I for one trust this club. Specially now that we see the fruits of our ongoing financial reconstruction.

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  99. just cannot fail to be utterly confused at the higuain shambles. if we’re offering £40,000,001 for Suarez, why not £30,000,000 for Higuain (whose salary would be less too?). i don’t understand us.

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  100. I can’t claim to know all the men behind the scenes, but I wonder if our transfer dealing shortcomings are the result of a lack of “football” people involved? Obviously wenger is heavily involved in transfers, but DICK and Ivan come from other backgrounds and how do they come across to potential new recruits?
    Basically I’d just like to blame anything I can for this painful summer so far

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  101. Arsene is one of the best and most successful managers in the history of Arsenal and the Premier League. Disgusting that a section of people who also claim to be Arsenal fans would rain insults on the man so personally and unreasonably. QPR signed about 12 players in the last transfer window… Perhaps if what you want is random signing of players you could look there for your entertainment. Arsene must be doing something right to be one of the most sought-after managers in world football.. not just by anyone, but by people who’s business is football and club management. It’s a business at the end of the day and if we run it like the Man Shitties and the Chelskis do I wonder where we’ll be in a decade. We’re all entitled to our opinions but insulting the manager who brought Henry, Bergkamp, Pires, Viera, etc and won the Premier League unbeaten for not being able to sign players or win trophies seems rather over-the-edge methinks

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  102. Personally, I’m OK if we decide not to pursue Suarez. In fact, I would prefer if we don’t spend the 50m +++ on him.

    Instead :

    1) Get ourselves someone like Michu (@27) as a stop gap. Sufficently skilled with the ball, knows his way around some tricks and has height.

    2) Someone like Konoplyanka (Dnipro) who is coming into peak years. International creative mid who is comfortable playing across midfield being comfortable with both feet. Also good at set pieces. 20m

    3) Capoue. Stop dicking around (no pun) waiting for Fellaini and get the Frenchman who can cover the Cbacks and also provide the solid height we may need in midfield for certain games. 8-10m max.

    That’s a spend of 42-45m max. Decent and what the squad needs in terms of depth.

    Save a bit of dosh for next summer when Rosicky retires and go in again for Grenier.

    No Suarez. 50m is fraught with risk either end, even if we feel our attack could do with the added bite.;)

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    • or…Christian Benteke 15-20m ( Go on, help Villa out)

      Possibly also Leandro at Internacional but he has had an unconvincing season and both Michu and Benteke are seasoned in the PL.

      Besides, taking Suarez off Pool for 50m really helps them money wise.Rather we let them brood in the misconception of their ‘big club’ status outside Europe for 4 seasons and coming, and have Real take the little rat off them for sub 30m pricing when they realise he is growing more teeth on their shelf.

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  103. With regards Wenger, not sure if we can attribute him to a pattern of not spending.

    After all, he has spent 96m on the squad over two summers, clearing out the ‘youth product’ for large part and adding a more experienced workmanlike spine with 15 year olds like Per, Arteta, Monreal, Santi and Podolski to name a few.

    Rather, if anything, the ‘disturbing’ new pattern seems to be a strange propensity to now spend heavily but on just one target.

    He’s like a man possessed. I’m quite happy frankly to hear him go on about being able to ‘compete’ without signings. Seems like the old Wenger again and I’m quite sure he is pulling back from the bombastic approach by Gazidis which may have curtailed our bargaining positions in the market with huge pronouncements on our buying power. It should give him leverage to better bring in the targets we actually need.

    Sounds to me we have had a bit of a tussle within management regarding our approach to player purchases. Someone other than Wenger may have been (rightly concerned) about our branding and marquee value and decided to force a more Galacticos approach (albeit without ability or gumption to back it up, Higuain being now moot)

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  104. When I read the above headline I almost wet myself laughing. You have to laugh – if you don’t then you’ll cry.

    Does anybody now not believe that this club has no intention of actually challenging for the title, but simply wants to finish fourth in order to make as much money as possible? Only the most useless, brainless of fuckwits – many of whom sadly post on this website – can now believe that Arsene Wenger is either willing or capable of producing a title-winning team. Or that Gazidis or Kroenke are remotely bothered about winning trophies.

    At any other top European club this level of piss-taking would trigger massive demonstrations outside the ground, demanding the manager’s head and the resignation of the board. But with the weak, docile supporters of this club there will probably won’t even be a murmur of dissent inside the Grove. And Wenger can rely on his cult of worshippers who all believe that he is the Second Coming of Christ, no matter how utterly incompetent his management.

    We will buy, just you wait and see. But it will be two or three mediocrities who will fill in the spaces of the dross whom we have just gotten rid of. But don’t worry: they’ll be nice and cheap.

    We are a laughing stock right now. But please laugh – if you don’t then you’ll cry.

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    • Fats, wouldn’t the board make more money by winning something?
      Your argument is brainless-as you would say.
      And who have the manure bought yet?

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      • Yes, we would make more money by being successful on the pitch – and that’s the most ridiculous aspect of our current predicament. If anybody could afford to speculate in order to accumulate then it’s a multi-billionaire who has just bought himself a 100 million dollar ranch.

        But he won’t.

        His business plan is to spend absolutely nothing net on the club and hope that the share price increases. In modern football you can be financially very successful without winning anything – we are proof of that. But what that means is we have to sit back and accept this failure – which is what so many fans are prepared to do. But not me.

        As for Man United, they have just won the league: they could argue that they don’t need to buy. But they will – a player called Cesc Fabregas.

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        • Moyles will buy Cesc from Barcelona?

          Your talent is wasted here, the BBC must be looking for your input all the time.

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        • Moyles will buy Cesc from Barcelona?

          Your talent is wasted here, the BBC must be looking for your input all the time.

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  105. Perhaps it’s time for a Director of Football role solely to get some feckin’ transfers done. With £50M we could easily put a £35M bid in for Lewandowski and get a quality holding mid that we need. I’m sure Dortmund would rather sell him to us than Bayern.

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  106. I really want Wenger to write a book one about the ongoings of this club. He either is responsible for all the shit that we are going through as a ‘big club’ or he has absolutely no balls to say anything. Last year we were the fourth best league in the team… I don’t think that will be the case this year. He is right with the squad we have we can win… But the gap between the first 11 and the rest is just too big. I really hope our bench strength was better than what we have now.

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  107. Im hoping they are just trolls but I cannot believe some of the comments on here. Personally I think if you think wengers doing a bad job you’re not really paying attention. How do people expect arsenal to compete with the unlimited spending without building a new stadium and keeping finances tight?? So hes done it all without dropping out of the top 4 with a net transfer spend of next to nothing. Now we are stronger for it. He doesn’t really gain by this strategy as he restricted himself lessening his own chances of personal success for the good of our club. So I don’t really understand where such criticism comes from. He is not faultless noone is and people have a right to their opinions but some of the vitriol directed towards him makes me sick. Ungrateful fucks. We owe arsene our loyalty and respect.

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  108. I must tell my self again and again to have patience, but Wenger is making it really hard!

    I hope he do not mean that he can challenge fot the tittle without reinforcement because that is just bullshit. We had a Big stroke of luck to take fourth and lost almost every game against skilled sides.

    If Wenger fails to bring in some real reinforcement this window them I think he shows that the game has outrunned him.

    We lack a sporting director that can help out. Wenger controlling absolutely everything is not working. He is only one man!

    BUT I’M KEEPING FAITH! Soon I can read about Bitey, Fellani and Williams all signing at once. Tomorrow will be a good day! Wenger is in control! I pray….

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  109. Ok so Wenger won two doubles and went a season unbeaten then decided – I dont want to win anymore NOW I only want fourth. Ive committed to arsenal for nearly 20 years but im have such contempt for the fans and im going to try, (in a way that anyone with half a brain knows wouldn’t work for long) and dupe the fans so I can take even more stick. Ill build the best stadium in the country for 100s of millions just so I have an excuse not to speand 50m on a player. All for no personal gain cos I now hate football and only love money. Definitely sounds like the most likely analysis of whats happening at arsenal. Could we get a grown up in here? I love arseblog as it’s intelligent sensible and reasoned even if I don’t always agree. Doesn’t seem as if all the readers share these traits.

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  110. I pleased I came to the Arsene Mirror article late….
    also I have some time on my hands and I trolled through a combination of tweets (public forum, can be used) and this is what I come up with.

    (I withheld the ones with the “c” word of which there are hundreds all being tweeted directly to @Arsenal)

    1. So Wenger said any signing before the Emirates cup is unlikely. Which means none of our new signings will get any preseason preparations

    2. I’m not bothered what Arsene Wenger says, just waiting to see what he does.

    3. Jitters are understandable BUT should have no bearing on anything really going on so nothing to get excited about

    4. Find it amusing that some would rather Wenger came out and said all my players are shit and I am going to sign this and that player!

    5. Not spending doesn’t mean Arsenal will start the season badly or can’t challenge

    6. Just because people are a bit thick, does not mean they are not ardent fans

    7. The club and Manager is not an idiot just because they didn’t sign a target that *you* wanted.

    8. Typical Wenger make all the right noises get everyone’s hopes up then do what he always does let everyone down #timetogo

    9. You don’t brag about nearly signing someone. A good manager won’t say a word on it till it’s done, exactly what Arsene has done.

    10. Wenger’s comments are extremely annoying and patronising. Can’t blame people for getting annoyed.

    11. The bloggers get more hits by whipping up impatience and panic, ignore them

    12. People that speak/tweet shit about Arsenal or Wenger, why don’t you just go and support other team that give you what you want? #annoying

    13. I trust Wenger… It’s the board I don’t trust…. Wenger will work his magic again… Have faith my fellow Gooners!

    14. Arsenal. You are all I can think about.

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  111. … you only have to look at the ‘season ticket’ comments to understand the ignorance. Arsenal have a 40,000 strong waiting list for season tickets. The idea that they would go to all this effort to sell season tickets that have been sold over and over is clearly ridiculous yet itll be repeated constantly which somehow gives it credibility despite being idiotic – this somes up 90% of the criticism of arsenal and wenger.

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  112. Situation is quite simple.

    1) Arsene is willing to pay extra this summer for a marquee striker but will not spend over 30m+

    2) Gazidis comments about our new found spending power has not made it easy for us to keep prices down. Gazidis is concern with branding and rightly so but pressure to buy a top striker has back fired and Wenger’s current comments is to cool things down to a level where by he can get better value.

    3) The mystery of the Suarez chase. Once Higuain when sub30m bc Real decide to shift the goal post, he was never really in contention. Instead Suarez remains a possibility bc of inactivity from Real due to their own Bale pursuit.

    Thereby Wenger has activated the 40m+1 clause effectively so we can talk to the player. We aren’t going to bid 50m++ anytime soon. Rather we will await the market (and Real) to play out its course. IF Suarez remains on the shelf bc Real has over spent, the pendulum swings back to our corner and likely Liverpool will sell rather than risk losing money on a disgruntled player, as is a familiar to us.

    Wenger will then bid up to 30m no more for Suarez.

    4) This situation may likely be parallel with events around possible other sub-targets. The likes of Michu and Benteke represent good value (particularly the Belgian who is only 22). Neither should command more than 20m with Michu likely priced between 12-15m (plenty times over what Swans paid for him considering he is 27) AND Benteke likely 20-22m max. Both will be more than happy to play CL with us.

    Thereby Wenger will keep an eye on these other options. IF a move is made for them, he will have to consider moving for one against waiting out Suarez. For now, it is wait and see since Suarez has no suitors (particularly since we have ‘driven the price up artificially and thanks to Liverpool’s own foolishness, thereby Real remain the only other capable buyer)

    5) Why do I think we won’t go over 30m?

    Ask yourself it makes much sense that (even with better resource) we will suddenly spend 50m++ on ONE player when we previously had a max tolerance level of 15-16m. Not likely.

    Plus Wenger will want to reinforce several key positions. Namely (IMO) DM/CB and LW/CAM

    Thereby we will have to have at least 30m from a purported treasure chest of 70m to work that out. I believe the max spend this summer is 60m but Wenger will want to bring it to 45-55m. An dded 10m will be reserved for improved contracts, wage increase and with an eye to make a play again for Grenier in a season’s time as replacement for Rosicky.

    Therefore with 30m we will make play for a striker.

    If it is Suarez, we may be willing to put a take it or leave it offer for up to 30m when/if he remains on the shelf growing teeth but no effective suitor.

    The remaining 30m will go into at least two positions :

    1) LW/CAM – With gervinho gone and Santi overworked (Rosicky older and unlikely to be available through the season) we will need a creative player who can playmake or fill in LW. Preferably someone like Konoplyanka who is an International playmaker closing in on prime @24 and comfortable playing across midfield + good at set pieces. Should cost us between 15-20m from Dnipro (Yeah heard of them?)

    2) DM/CB – There is concern at Cback but we do have as we speak both first choice CBs fit and Miquel also potentially available (if somewhat raw). There is also Sagna whom paired with the height of Podolski is a very effective option and a strong recommendation for a contract extension (aside from being better than Jenkinson @RB). OTOH, whilst Ramsey is developing to supplement arteta, we will need someone physical with height on occasion in midfield. This pursuit is complicated by the possibility of Fellaini. Wenger again may wait to see how things play out but iMO, he should just bite the bullet and get a no nonsense player like Capoue who can cover both roles. Again he should not cost much from Toulouse, likely 8-10m max.

    Add these two together and you have close to 30m + another 30m for suarez = 60m spend.

    If Suarez does not flesh out, then Benteke may be a great option at 22m which brings our spend down to 52m.

    My two bits worth of what’s happening at the moment. Hope it helps. 😉

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  113. This is the problem when your coach does all your transfer business, and not a sporting director. Going on tour didn’t stop Man City from doing 100m of business.

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  114. you can say that again and again wenger we dont trust you anymore its not good for an old man to keep lying to the fans every season.you can fight for title without signing?my balls.we have been the same, not signing and not winning.oh i forgot.sorry 4th.you mean? take that title with you to france,you even promised fans 4 cups two seasons ago .i thought arabian cups of coffee,we ended without even a wooden cup the ladys arsenal team are bette rthan your arsenal TAKE AWALK MESIOUR WENGER

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  115. i fail to understand what you all are moaning about.

    of course Wenger’s right in saying we’re contenders for the trophy.

    4th place is a trophy afterall.

    it’s the trophy that only Arsenal gets for finishing fourth. nobody else is worthy enough.


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  116. No Wenger we cannot challenge for the title without signing anybody. The only thing we’ll be challenging for is 4th place yet again! If we want to move forward as a club we need to spend. I can understand in the last few years we’ve had a stadium move and that is very expensive but that’s effectively paid for now. We have the funds available to strengthen our squad and we’d be lying if we said our squad has great depth because it doesn’t to be brutally honest. We need a world class striker, someone to replace RVP and score goals in crucial games, we need another midfielder, maybe a strong and powerful one. We need another experienced defender and a better GK (Szczesny is good but he needs more time to develop). It frustrates me to see that Wenger often doesn’t (or at least doesn’t seem to) recognise that. Look all around us at clubs in the premier league, they’re spending and developing, adding some very nice players to their squads. Finally, Wengers stubbornness to pay the full price for class players drives me crazy. I’m not saying we should go crazy and overpay like Man City seem to have done with Fernandinho, but just be willing to pay, for example the buy out clause for Fellani, we’re not willing to pay the buy out clause because of a couple of million? Athletico minero have told us that if we pay 21 mil for Bernard we can have him, so what do we do, we reportedly give them 16 mil!? Stop trying to underpay for players that have quality and would give us a much more realistic chance to be title contenders once again, rather than simply sitting around doing nothing, I’m afraid that doing that will do us much more harm than good. Arsenal are a great club with a great history and I don’t (and I’m sure you other Gooners don’t) want to see Arsenal Football Club struggling in the fight for finishing 4th year after year. So to sum up, Wenger, spend some money!

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  117. Same old every summer…delusional….. Keep buying season tickets at inflated prices this continues……..why are they gonna change……..they make loads of money and fans support…..obviously everyone is happy and content how things are now…..

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  118. Same old every summer…delusional….. Keep buying season tickets at inflated prices this continues……..why are they gonna change……..they make loads of money and fans support…..obviously everyone is happy and content how things are now…..

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  119. Can we expect to see fabregas singing? maybe try park for 2 or 3 games? bendtner like previous time right midfield.We need mf, but we got different combination 2 choose frm.

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  120. If these quotes just came from the mirror, where did they get them? Surely wenger only speaks in the press conferences, therefore all the other rags would have heard and printed what he said? Instead everywhere you read this now it’s stated that its from the mirror.
    Or is it that only the journalist that he’s looking at as he answers can write down what he says? Hmmmm

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  121. @Fats I don’t recall seeing you demonstrating outside the ground, walking up and down with your sandwich board, demanding Wenger and Co resign!!!

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  122. Didn’t realize I would insult some because I made a comment about the team. Although I may be a new Arsenal fan and have not yet attended a game at the Emirates (which I am hoping to make this year with my grandsons) I still care about the team and follow everything I can about them. I still can get frustrated. Still reeling after buying my grandson a Van Persie Arsenal shirt early last summer and then see us lose him to Manchester United. That was my indoctrination.

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  123. Our manager has been judged by many over the last few years, both in pre season for his lack of signings or the quality there of and also during the the campaign when we have been going through tough times. Many people speculated and judged on the premise that there were greater funds available. It would appear there never really was much money swimming around. So we finish 4th. Sometimes 3rd. Never behind a club that hasn’t spent huge amounts of money. Sometimes even ahead of them. Up to this point our manager has NEVER underachieved. He could have made better choices in some areas but so could everyone.
    For me, this is the true time to judge. It is a difficult time to buy top players(not that many truely great ones exist) but certainly our squad, at the very least, needs strengthening.
    I wouldn’t like to speculate on who we might buy (if anyone). At the same time im not going to be critical before a ball has been kicked. I have concerns. Maybe they will be unfounded but if certain injuries occur, we will be in trouble. That being said we will be a better team this season if those players stay available. Jack WILL be better. Ox WILL be better. So will Ramsey, jenkinson and probably podolski and giroud.
    It has appeared to me that the actual football side of things, this pre season, are going well. There’s going to be some real energy about this team. It remains to be seen if we can be clinical too.
    This game looks obvious to predict most of the time but perceptions can change very quickly and forgotten. I don’t know what to expect for this up coming season. Maybe more frustration, maybe a premiership crown. I’ll judge at the end of the season.

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    • Why do people always say there wasn’t any money when there clearly was,its the way how the money was doled out that was the problem,to say there was no money hints toward the board being at fault,as if wenger would ask for funds and was refused,how was there not enough money to secure RVP yet enough to buy suarez the next season?
      it does not add up.
      Look at the amount of duds,look at there costs,add it all up and tell me if that money could not have been better spent,especially if you add to the fact there were gems there too,in other words, look at the best players we had at one time and rather than the fillers that were bought on high wages i may add,if he spent more on individuals that were available at the time but bought less players we would be up there with the top tier,quality beats quantity every time.
      In his last interview he admits he lost his best players as they looked around and thought………….nope!

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  124. heard on the footytube podcast that Fellaini’s release clause ends when July ends.

    looks like another potential signing slipping away. although i cant see where we would fit him with Ramsey improving and Arteta being our pivot. Frimpong should be back soon enough.

    and we’ve got enough numbers for attacking mid also. Wilshere, Rosicky, Cazorla, Chamberlain.

    Fellaini’s physical presence is something we need though. Maybe we can get him and play him as striker instead of midfielder. and when needed play him in midfield.

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  125. We have an old saying in the Arab region – preparing medicine before illness , Wenger reminds me of that, so even if we didn’t get any signing we will compete!!!!
    So basically that means there isn’t any signing and he is preparing us for the big shock

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  126. @tanned arse- well said mate.

    A reasoned and fact based argument well delivered. Much more eloquent than my slightly miffed reaction to other posts but the premise is the same. Good stuff.

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  127. We should have known this was coming, another summer of bullshit, we offer the minimum possible amount for Higuain he then gets bought for £30M we then offer £40m for a Racist Cunt again the bare minimum Liverpool would possibly accept, this is Bullshit so that when we sign no one they can say “We made record bids for players but you can’t force a team to sell!”, if the club were willing to spend £40m then why didn’t they offer £30M for Higuain and get the job done, Wait till end of august we’ll be hearing how players coming back LANS Bullshit again.

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  128. It’s days like today where arseblog could use a chat feature where everyone could vent their frustrations and cry as one big group. If only..

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  129. To all the Internet idiots, could it be possible that Wenger’s words were for his squad rather than a calculated statement to offend keyboard warriors and give them an opportunity to vent. The squad have worked hard and performed well on the pre season tour so his message to them is we are in the market to strengthen the squad but in the event we cannot sign any new players you are good enough to challenge on all fronts. Based on some of the comments above he should have said the squad is not good enough and we are in the market for 4/5/6 players to replace existing squad members. Great message. On Higuain, if we were looking to replace Giroud then I would have been keen for him to be signed. However, I believe we need to complement Giroud, Podolski and Walcott and that either of Rooney or Suarez would achieve this, whereas Higuain would not have done. Given the quality of player we appear to trying to add, it is very likely that deals will not be closed until the end of the transfer window as they will be players that their clubs do not wish to sell.

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  130. Nothing but bollocks. Complete and utter 100% bollocks.

    When seemingly half the starting squad is quoted as wanting to welcome new additions, nevermind the millions of us fans across the globe and the apparent hot air from Gazidis….he is either being coy with comments or he has out and out lost the plot.

    I understand the whole what is he supposed to say angle, but he and the AFC management had ample opportunity to thwart this debacle.

    And history says this may be very painful. I literally fail to understand anymore what the hell is going on what management is thinking.

    Ok so we dont sign all of our needs it is becoming increasingly likely this will be the case. As much as I dont like such a bitey racist in terms of that stuff, rather hate it, as a footballing matter it is clear he may be the last option up front.

    So f-ing sign him. Be done with it for crying out loud. If Arsene is convinced he is worth 40 million, then its high time we got it done. Bid 45 plus add ons to take it over 50 and get it done. Then sign Fellaini and go from there.

    Write the f-ing checks its time. The potential for at least a trophy if not multiple is in your pen Arsene. Find it, make sure there is ink in it, and start signing…

    Please we are begging.

    Get your sh!t together.

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  131. wonder what the players think of Wenger’s statement. they’ve mostly all said they need at least a couple of top signings to be able to challenge for the title. and now Wenger says we don’t need anybody.

    all the good that the asia tour would’ve done to build up confidence and morale, would now go to waste if we dn’t make any signings.

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  132. OK…am I the only one that’s not as concerned about these comments as everyone else. Don’t get me wrong, when I first heard him utter those words I said to myself “oh…here we go again” but I quickly put into context what he was saying. First of all…for all the people who genuinely believe that Arsenal are just placing bids that they know other teams will reject, just so they can tell the fans at the end of the summer “well…we tried” is just plain STUPID. The fact that we officially bid over 40 million for 1 player is definitely a sign of intent, especially when it’s been reported (ever since Suarez signed the new LFC contract) that it had a 40 million clause in it. Although it “appears” that Liverpool are in the driver’s seat on this one, that is not the case…WE ARE IN A BETTER POSITION THAN THEM when it comes to this transfer. The fact that Arsene said “We are prepared to wait” is a GOOD sign that things behind the scenes are looking positive. The signs are all there against Liverpool…Brendan Rodgers constant comments of keeping the player, contracts, future plans are starting to sound desperate now. He painted Suarez as the BAD GUY, in public, by saying he needs to show loyalty to the fans and the club…yeah great move in convincing him to stay. All the current LFC and some past stars are starting to come out to convince Suarez to stay…DESPERATE (obvious damage control,PR stunt by LFC). We know, just from Stuart Downing’s comments that there have already been meetings between Liverpool and Suarez over his future, and the fact that he said he can’t talk about that shows that they probably didn’t go too well…as if we couldn’t tell anyways through Suarez’s body language and sulking during their East Asia Tour…If he was prancing around, dressed as a Samorai, and singing kareoke like what we’ve been seeing coming out of the Arsenal camp on their Asia tour I would be inclined to feel differently. A couple of Uruguaian team mates of his have also commented on how he wants to leave the club. Arsene Wenger coming out and saying “We can challange…with the current squad” is to ‘try’ to show that Arsenal are not desperate for transfers, or else teams will hike up prices because they know that Arsenal have to buy. I know that people aren’t stupid but it’s better than saying “We CANT challenge and need signings to do so.” This statement by Arsene was joined to the one he made about preparing to wait for the Suarez deal. That was not an accident by Wenger. He was saying to Liverpool…you have an unsettled player, we are offeing BIG money, BUT we are not gonna be taken to the cleaners on the transfer…AND if you don’t like it…then keep your unsettled, timebomb, who wants to leave, and loose money on him next year. There is no way Suarez is staying at Liverpool this season…not after everything that has gone on. Based on blog comments I’ve been seeing over the past 3 days, half the LFC supporters already don’t want him…are LFC really that stupid as to try to keep him. This could be a win/win for both clubs…Arsenal get a great player, and Liverpool get a big chunk of cash that they can spend on a squad. TBO the only thing that worries me is that someone else goes in for him, then there might be a problem, but as long as Madrid stay out of the equation…he will be an Arsenal player.

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  133. Am I the only one who is sick to his stomach with this man?

    How, just HOW, could he let Higuain slip away from us – I swear he will live to regret it. If ever there was a player perfectly formed to join Arsenal, and a player that yearned to come!!!!, it was him.

    No-one can take away what AW has done for our club, but this summer has done it for me. I genuinely think he has lost touch with football, and his number 1 accountability.

    Feel so down about everything now, mainly because it was so exciting going in to this transfer window.

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