Arsenal 1-3 Aston Villa: player ratings


The first ratings of a new season and it’s not the happy, cheery, isn’t everything great situation we would have all liked. Oh well.

Here we go.

Wojciech Szczesny: 4/10 – Can’t really blame him for the penalty, but looked at sixes and sevens afterwards. His Almunia impression was simply not funny.

Bacary Sagna: 6/10 – Did his best, shunted over to left back when Gibbs went off, nearly broke his neck for the cause.

Per Mertesacker: 5/10 – Tall.

Laurent Koscielny: 4/10 – Unlucky to be sent off and while the penalty decision was harsh, if you leave any room for doubt when sliding in in the box you’re asking for trouble.

Kieran Gibbs: 5/10 – Fine but only lasted 28 minutes before leaving with a cut head.

Jack Wilshere: 5/10 – Good to see him get 90 minutes under his belt but had little impact on the game and was careless in possession in dangerous areas.

Aaron Ramsey: 6/10 – Worked hard as always, ended up at centre-half which speaks volumes about the state of the squad.

Tomas Rosicky: 5/10 – Tried to make things happen at least, but his lack of end product is costly. Guzan made a smart save from one chance, but a player of his quality/experience blazing over the bar with the goal at his mercy … not good enough.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain: 6/10 – Excellent set-up for Giroud’s goal, a willing runner, until a hospital pass saw him clatter into the Villa man and ultimately injure himself (reports this morning say it could be 3 months or longer, let’s hope not).

Theo Walcott: 4/10 – Not his best game.

Olivier Giroud: 5/10 – Excellent early goal, but while he lacked service, it was frustrating to see the ball bounce off him when played into feet with his back to goal.


Santi Cazorla: 3/10 – Just not ready to play yet, it seemed an odd decision to use him ahead of Podolski.

Carl Jenkinson: 5/10 – Ok, but his final ball as we got forward was uncharacteristically poor.

Lukas Podolski: n/a – Not on long enough to rate

Feel free to debate and discuss in the comments, but please read the comment policy first and don’t get angry with each other, or me, about imaginary points.


  1. We weren’t THAT bad, I mean sure Szcz made a few howlers, but we walked all over them really. The ref didn’t give us a chance after the second penalty and the sending off.

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    • The result says otherwise, that Szcz howler rates among them, how kos thought he could get away with lunging tackles after getting booked…jeez. Rather just switch off till wednesday unless theres transfer news…

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      • That was a ref howler. Koscielny doesn’t even touch Weimann but when Vlaar took out Rosicky the ref let it slide.

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        • Rosicky 5? Did you post this right after his miss? Best fucking player on the pitch. Good part in the goal. Even made the chance for Santi with a clever header which hit the post.

          5 is just ridiculous for one bad miss. In that sense Torres should get 1 for the rest of his life for his miss against United.

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        • I think Rosicky was our best player but it’s true he needs to improve his finishing. I still think he deserved more than 5 though.

          The ref was very poor overall and seemed to favour Villa with the free kicks. I think Rosicky may have been looking for that free kick though, if you look closely he seems to be going down before any contact.

          I really hope Sagna is ok, I felt sick watching the replay…and I hope that’s not true about the OX being out for 3 months. As if we didn’t know already but Arteta is massive for us…

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        • Referee Anthony Taylor: just jump off a cliff, you worthless Stoke-supporting easily-bribed cunt. Or sell both your fucking kidneys.

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        • It wasn’t too bad a game by the players though I thought, especially in the first half. Even when down to 10 men and playing under a hostile atmosphere, they created many 1-on-1 chances even under the laws of that mafia-bribed referee, which is much better than what you can say for the November-period last season when we couldn’t create anything at all. Not their fault the only world-class reinforcement we could bring on was the jetlagged Santi, and fuck all else.

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        • Did anyone see Capoue debut for the Spuds today? He looked every inch the player we needed.

          Broke up play, linked up well, looked excellent going forward and holding back. He cost £9m.

          So Arsene: there’s no one available in this transfer market? We could have had him over Spuds any day of the week. I honestly think he has lost his mind… So disappointing.

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    • Says alot really, loosing 3-1 to a villa side when we were not “that bad”
      i’d hate to watch us when we are really poor…

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    • I know. And 5 for Rosicky is bull shit. I mean, he was our best fucking player on the pitch, two amazing one twos with Giroud to create openings. Second was almost impossible to score as Guzan was right up to his face.

      Yeah he should’ve scored the first. But shit happens. Doesn’t mean should downgrade his performance in the rest of the match to a 5.

      He was the only one who worked his ass off to try get something done. Not cool man, not cool.

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      • Look, I love Rosicky and the way he works, but imagine if Giroud, or some other player not so much in the good books missed those chances.

        It wouldn’t be a case of ‘Look how hard he worked to make those chances’, it would be ‘His finishing is shit!’.

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        • yet if Ramsey or Wilshere had as good a game as Rosicky had yesterday (the miss aside) Blogs would be over the moon with the praise. on the main. blog today you talk about the good work by wilshere in the buildup to the goal. no mention on the good work (hardest part in my opinion) when rosicky twisted, turned and sent the Ox through.

          for me 9.5/10 for the best player at the club

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        • Blogs, you are totally wrong regarding Tomas. I was there, I saw his guile, attacking prowess and energy that kept us moving. Perhaps you need to calm down after a game somewhat before posting player ratings that do not reflect the overall game.

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        • Absolutely spot on, gooner.

          Rosicky is hugely underrated everywhere. I love Ramsey, but when he misses chances, they are overlooked due to his ever hardworking nature, and Wilshere, because, well he’s Wilshere.

          This can very well turn out to be Rosicky’s season, I hope his name is right up there in the assists column with Cazorla, Mata, and Silva. We’ll be in for a treat if he can stick around without injuries.

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        • Ok there was no excuse for missing the first chance but he had no choice but to take a 2nd touch for the second chance and was closed down quickly by some excellent goalkeeping. Could not be faulted for that

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    • yeah there was a really fantastic spirit and the team showed their mental strength. don’t be conned. accept the fact that the manager, the chief executive and the owner must all go. once you accept that you’ll find it a loss less painful and somewhat liberating.

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    • If we don’t qualify for the champions league, Wenger should fall on his sword and leave the club with a tiny shread of dignity.
      If we don’t qualify and he doesn’t go by his own hand, he should be sacked. This is all his own doing and as it stands, the Spurs squad is miles stronger than ours, there wont be a fight for fourth place this season because they will walk it!

      All we can hope for is Bale to go, the club to spend and change manager if necessar, and MAYBE we can still scrape 4th again.

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    • Rosicky was our best player by miles, how anybody can rate Ramsey higher is beyond belief, make no mistake, he is a massive part of our problems, tries hard but is a very limited player. So much of our play goes through him, he played several high balls to Walcott who was shit btw, but at least he is capable some days given the right service. Don’t know what to make of Jack, think he is trying way to hard to make up for the likes of Ramsey.

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      • Um Jack was piss poor yesterday, Ramsey has looked much better through the end of last season and pre-season. The same can be said for yesterday.

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        • @Brian GG – I’m glad that you said that because Jack was indeed piss poor. Normally we would be able to ease him into the season and watch his performance improve but, due to managerial incompetency that defies belief, it looks like we have no choice now but to play him.

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    • I have always stood for Wenger, there comes a time in life when u are no longer operating at your best and I think for Wenger that time is now, is this one man more sensible than all the fans who pay money day-in-day-out to cheer the team? Words cannot describe how i feel towards this man, but to put it mildly, ‘i hate him’, F**K him!!!
      Why did Gazidis say at the end of last season that we have money to spend? He by that acknowledged that we needed reinforcements and that st*pid Wenger has just refused to buy! Why?!! Why?!!
      Barcelona won the spanish league, and they have ended up buying Neyma to reinforce, look at Bayern, they won every cup yet they have found players that can reinforce their team, PSG won the french league they brought in reinforcement, what is this SH*T about not getting players better than what we have? Mr Wenger u are a disappointment to say the least! The team is bigger than you and you better quit!

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      • piss off mate. seriously. you hate wenger? never thought id see the day where arsenal fans would dare say such things about the manager who brought their football club to a whole different level. you are pathetic.

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    • Why did Gazidis say at the end of last season that we have money to spend? He by that acknowledged that we needed reinforcements and that st*pid Wenger has just refused to buy! Why?!! Why?!!
      Barcelona won the spanish league, and they have ended up buying Neyma to reinforce, look at Bayern, they won every cup yet they have found players that can reinforce their team, PSG won the french league they brought in reinforcement, what is this SH*T about not getting players better than what we have? Mr Wenger u are a disappointment to say the least! The team is bigger than you and you better quit!

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    • Wilshere is really starting to piss me off , not cause hes bad because he chooses to moan and complain like a bitch instead of playing the game. he just doesnt seem to have his head in the game and hes good enough to carry the team . i think a lot of players just let their heads down when we went a man down and didnt really try. the only players that really tried for me where giroud, sagna and rosicky the rest didnt do shit

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    • Honestly, I felt all the ratings were more than a bit harsh. We had a bad day. They happen, and this isn’t losing to Man U by seven goals (or however many it was, I’ve slept since then). I honestly was impressed by the fight and fire in players like Rosicky and Giroud (who the ref seemed to see as a big bully). I honestly don’t know if the addition of Higuain or Suarez (who wouldn’t have played anyway) would have made anything better. The referee was that bad, and his decisions, consistently throughout the game, were that one-sided.

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        • I Love Wenger, but this isnt about the loss to Villa. This is having to go through a season with a weak ass squad. Suspensions and injuries were going to happen, they happen every year. Now we could be going to Turkey with jenkinson and per as the only defenders with real experience. That is all on the Manager.

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    • opposition tactics – disrupt arsenal rhythm – con ref, fake injuries. slow everything down – ref bought it, no advantages played. we never got a chance second half. we were much better than villa, they got the rub of the green (the ref) otherwise I think we’d have won. our frustration cost us, villa stayed composed as everything went their way. I didn’t realise we’d miss arteta that much – if transfer window closes before super quality arrives we are doomed – but who’s gonna fire wenger when he is arsenal? desperate times.

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    • Its time for a change. AW uses the press all summer to bullshit us fans about `super quality` signings and then tries to shift the blame on the press for yesterdays shambles. Sadly he`s become an embarrassment

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    • Arsene Wenger -2/10. meaning he has hurt this team. I truly love him as our manager, dont know if I would prefer anyone else in his position, but I think even before the game it was pretty obvious that wenger has truly hurt Arsenal football club this summer.

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    • It’s not Kroenke’s fault we don’t sign players. It is simply not his job, and not his authority anyways. He is the owner, not the CEO, neither the Director of Football.

      Although he is the majority owner, he doesn’t actually run the business on a daily basis.

      People should get off the guy, however careless he might be about football, he hasn’t taken money out of the club yet, and that’s all we can look for from an owner.

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      • Of course it’s his fault. If he rang up Ivan and Arsene and said “Arrange the words’either you buy some good players or you’re fucking sacked’ into a common phrase or saying. And then do it.” then I strongly suspect that whichever one of them is the problem here would sign some players.

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  2. Well even if we had 10 defenders in the squad we’d usually only have one or maximum two on the bench, so with two injuries and a red card we’d have to play someone else (Ramsey) at centre half anyway…

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    • There are no other fit centre halves at the club. In normal (hah) circumstances we’d have at least one on the bench.

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  3. Really thought Rosicky put in a performance and tried to make things happen. Connected nicely with Giroud. Should’ve scored with the first one. Sagna was ok. Giroud took his chance with a nice goal and had a couple of nice one-twos. The rest were utter shite. Fuckin’ scared of wednesday night.

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    • As pointed out by blogs, Giroud was poor with the ball played to his feet a number of times and series of flaccid headers off target. He is not good enough. Wilshere, for all the hype, is not good enough. The Ox should never have slid in, was never a yellow card for the villa player and managed to injure himself as well. I love Koscielny and thought the penalty was harsh, but he is a good bet to be sent off as he seems to collect yellow cards for fun. How Wenger can think we don’t need cover at CB with Kos playing is beyond me, why Kos does not realize how much he is needed….

      ahh fuck, Blogs did not come out and say it directly so I will, Wenger needs to go. This summer is a disaster and based on his comments he is divorced from reality and unable to take responsibility for the state of this squad. I always thought all the players leaving were a good sign there would be investment.

      I am hoping we’ll still get CL group stages, otherwise we are well and truly fucked

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  4. Fire Wenger while we still have time and hire Laudrup! Young, experienced and great network. He will propbably manage to get more quality in the next 14 days than Wenger anyway and he will have a season to make his mark before next season!

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    • The only three managers I’d take over Wenger even right now are unavailable. One retired from Man U and won’t be coming back, one will probably stay at Borussia Moenchengladbach until all his best players are at Bayern Munich, and one just took the Bayern Munich job.

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      • Well said, Troy. Wenger critics rarely offer realistic names and the best ones aren’t available. Someone once mentioned Kenny Dalglish or Graeme Souness.

        Laudrup is one of the better ones, but he has had seasons of failure in Spain. Last year he was able to surprise many because he was in a new league. This is a normal when you have an attacking philosophy, but the opposition learns the tricks soon. Laudrup is one for the future, certainly, but a panic buy for Arsenal.

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  5. I was genuinely excited for this game. Because of my timezone I either have to stay up late and watch the game or watch it the next morning. I chose the former and I don’t know if I feel like shit because of tiredness or the way the boys played, I feel let down, like someone cheated me.

    And I can’t help but think all these injuries are going to result in some crazy transfer market frenzy were we sign 10 players. But I hope the Ox is not gone for more than a month.

    Get your shit together Wenger!

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    • Disagree .. We tend to over rate our players .. Any striker with the size of Giroud could have held up the ball, nearly every premier league striker does. Apart from the goal and some link ups, as the blogs pointed out, the ball does bounce off him quite a lot, getting it under control a clear issue, along with low agility for a strker. Forget other big name players, did you see the service Agbonlahor was providing and receiving? We’ve sadly become a make-do club who maximize with what we’ve got. Credit for that, but most of our players lack the quality that other top clubs possess.

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      • There was one passage of play where Sagna was caught out at left back, and the player bursting his balls to get back to cover for him was Giroud. Brilliant work rate, great commitment. the team could do with more like him. Oh, and the boardroom too.

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  6. I wouldn’t give the players less than 9/10 tbh, well, aside from Sczc. They played their ass off yesterday, some were still knackered after the internationals, clearly not 100% fit, some played out of their original positions, etc.

    It’s the lack of squad depth that got us fucked (& that stupid ref). Come on, Arsene.. Get yourself together, mate!

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  7. Totally disagree with Rosicky! He was influential for the first goal! And our best attacking players! He never has been known for his goals! And Mr Walcott is consistently average and does nothing but hurts our team

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    • Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  8. thought ox was our best player early in the game and rosicky even with the misses was probably our best over all. can’t believe that we are damn near thin enough to just forfeit games it’s so sad and depressing…

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  9. I think the players have lost faith in Wenger! Remember all the players calling for new faces? Have you ever seen so many players inn a club go out in the media like that? Hanging up pictures of higuains wife in the dressingroom?
    When Wenger says this team can compete, I don’t thing the players belive him. I think they stand baffeled over the summer!

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  10. I really thought Rosicky was dazzling. Seeing him link up with Giroud for the two or three great chances that we made in the second half. Should be given 7 Blogs (My opinion)

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  11. Arsene has a plan and so he must continue with it. He has invested total belief in the 19 EPL quality players we have, plus Sanogo, Frimpong, two or three signings, and one or two from the youth squad. A maximum of 27 players. It is a very high risk game he has played by delaying his purchases especially with so many players injured pre season and more from Saturday. I now hope he stays with his plan though and does not start panic buying. It is what it is and I am prepared to give him until Christmas to get us right back into the Premiership and keep us in the ECL.

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    • that’s the problem. we keep giving him till the end of the window/christmas/opening of the window/end of the season/opening of the window and nothing changes.

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    • Its all well and good saying that hes playing a high risk game and defending him but surely that risk has to be balanced with the possibility of reward, please, tell me, where the hell is the reward, how could this possibly be good for us as a club?

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  12. Feel very worried about Wednesday could be an awful night for us. The arsenal of old would Plough on and grind out a result but this arsenal, I’m not so sure. Was excited about villa match after watching whole of pre season but seems like nothing has changed.we need more quality, end of. Industrious wins you nothing.

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  13. For me, Wilshere had a really bad game. Lost possesion all the time and was too long on the ball. Was moaning at ref rather to consentrate on his game. You could see that we missed arteta badly. Some expirience in midfield is vital.

    I saw the game where luis gustavo played. He was a calm possesion keeping midfielder. Pass rate of 98%. He helped the team to stabslise. At the end they won 4-0. And wolfsburg is not a big team. So why the fuck didnt we go for him!?

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    • When Ramsey was claimed the better one, I prefered Wilsher to Ramsey. But now I think Jack has to step up clean his mind, lower his ego and play his game with humility. Otherwise he will be remembered like a talented but injuryprone and overhyped player.

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    • Absolutely spot on. With a Gustavo/Capoue/Kondogbia type of player, there would have been balance in midfield, and the penalty situation because of Agbonlahor galloping through would most likely never have arisen.

      That’s what bothered me the most, without Arteta in the team there’s no positional discipline whatsoever, it was a typical gung-ho Arsenal performance. Shitty ref or not. So in that sense you can blame Wenger for not going after a DM.

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    • “So why the fuck didnt we go for him!?” (Luiz Gustavo)

      Easy. He didn’t want to come to Arsenal because

      1) He was worried about his playing time alongside Arteta, Wilshere, Ramsey, Rosicky and Cazorla. He has the World Cup2014 in his home country as the main goal.

      2) He didn’t want to change the country and the league he is used to.

      3) He didn’t want to come to England where the media and fickle fans “kill” players.

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  14. Like many I’ve long harboured doubts about M. Wenger but when asking myself who would be a superior replacement, the honest answer was ‘I don’t know’.
    Yesterday (and the way we have conducted ourselves this summer) was the ‘line in the sand’ moment for me, the straw that broke the camel’s back, the absolute tipping point, call it what you will but it was the point at which my love for Arsenal Football Club meant that I now feel obliged to start calling for a replacement because Wenger is no longer a capable or worthy custodian of OUR Arsenal.

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    • Exact same for me . Line in the sand . Its appalling that he is still talking about lack of options in the market. His talking down to fans is just pathetic. Please, atleast some honesty Arsene.

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    • But Theo was clearly our worst player today, complete lack of interest.

      Begovic for £10m seems like a bargain now.

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  15. I think Rosicky was the best player out there for arsenal. He was the only one who seemed to want to do something about the fact we were down 2-1. At least he created and was direct. The others didn’t seem to know how to chase a game.

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  16. Come on guys. Stop voting Podolski man of the match on Someone might actually see it. I’m trying to keep my job here. you know!?

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  17. I’m afraid it’s all beginning to look to me as though all the dead wood discarded during the close season was just this years way to maintain the profit figures.
    I really, really hate to say it, but bad results against Fulham, the Turks and the Pikeys and Wenger is all but gone.

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  18. “Arsene knows” is now “Arsene never learns” . Que to 5 panick buys before the window closes like 2 years ago. No more excuses Arsene just do your job. He has lost his appetite or lost his mind.

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  19. Message for Davidnewzealand. Wenger’s strategy isn’t risky it’s stupid. We may well be out of the CL before the end of next week let alone Christmas. Becuase Uefa want more teams from the lesser countries, the qualifier is now more difficult, but the group stages easier. To have left reinforcing a lightweight squad that needed numbers and a lift until after that tie, is reckless. Remember, Wenger earns £7.5m a year, success is a condition of a salary that large!

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    • Message for Kevin Weaver: there’s a fucking reply button. If you can’t figure out that much, why on earth would anyone credit your opinion about Arsenal’s chances?

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  20. For his next press conference don’t listen to arsene, he spews the same shit over and over nothing changes. I’m sure this guy can induce insanity…

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  21. It feels like AW is caught between 2 types of management. Either promoting and nurturing young players (which he’s done for the past 7 years) or going all out with the cheque book ( Chelski, PSG, and other market changing oligarches). The second option is not necessary the answer ( remember Nasti/Adebawhore and others for Citeh, Torres and all for the Chavs, most of Totts players). The cash rich are also inflating the market ( sorry 37 mils for Higuain? )
    Please, Read

    Wenger has to wait for the Cashrich to stop distributing their cash on anything that moves ( how many players on the books of Citeh and Chelski… Over 40 I think. As Long as the corrupt FIFA/UEFA/FA are in charge, nothing will change).
    Yesterday would have been a nightmare for any team. Conbination of poor form, poor tactical positioning ( agrred , we need a Dm) and the least said about the refereeing the better. Not only, never in charge, but actually caused the game to go haywire (which suited AV).

    Patience, understanding, and a willigness to ignore the medias, more interested in headlines than hard work and the true Football spirit. Chher up… we’re not Totts yet!

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      • Not nonsense but unrealistic

        It would be logical to wait until FFP kicked in as we would be in an incredibly strong position to buy quality players for a decent price.

        However either its never going to be properly enforced, or we won’t be in a position by that time to properly compete for players in terms of the clubs attractiveness to them

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  22. Rosicky deserves atleast a 7. He played his heart out even though he missed a sitter. He tried extremely hard for our cause. Walcott on the other hand did his best dissapearing act. Wenger shouldnt have brought on Santi. He looked off pace and its easy to see why. Why bring on podolski only as a replacement for sagna. We really fucked it up this time.

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    • I agree, that Podolski should be the one being subbed in instead of Cazorla.

      But of cuz, i only know that after Santi came on.

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  23. I think this is the first time I’ve woken up after a game in Wenger Out mode. Occasionally after a bad result I’ve felt like that but I’ve always excused him on the basis he was doing a great job with the limited resources at his disposal.

    I don’t think anyone who took this same line this was being deluded (as some will claim), as it’s clearly obvious that AW has done a tremendous job when taking into account the clubs net spend. It has created a brilliant platform to move forward and means that we as fans don’t have to worry about being competitive financially.

    The difference about today is that the mitigating factor is no longer there. We have the finances now (for the first time I think we should be comfortable spending). We have failed to spend these and look increasingly incompetent. Ultimately AW is responsible for this such is his control at the club.

    Increasingly the consensus seems to be that AW seems out of his depth in the modern day transfer market. Something needs to change (not necessarily the manager, possibly the structure of the football management at the club) as it appears that AW himself can not drive this club forward in the way it needs to.

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    • Well said.
      I think if the decision is taken to fire Wenger that he is given the option to resign. It could be a more dignified exit and, given all he has done for Arsenal in the past, he deserves it.

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  24. What did I just watch?!! :O
    Please duds, if you havent watched Wengers post match conference, then dont! Its just too much to take!! 🙁
    You’ll hate him (if you dont already…)

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    • PS thats really generous rating, Aside from Mozart (who deserves better) BTW what did our keeper do right to earn those 4 points? :/

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  25. Do any of you one eyed twats realise there was another team on the pitch!!! A team that worked harder at stopping the home team playing. A team with better forwards a more combative midfield, you really are a bunch of arseholes.
    It’s a pity that 40000 were missing to boo winger at the end.
    You lot have it too good for years, now you haven’t, suck it up and get used to it.


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    • No, Steve wood, I shan’t be feeding you , no matter how hungry you appear to be.

      However, would you like directions to the nearest bridge, to sit under ?

      I can do that for you, no problem.

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      • Hi German Gunner !!!!!


        This is a classic case of ‘ obvious troll is obvious ! ‘,

        It’s for the good of everyone here, trust me !


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        • That’s right ! Typical arse supporter, bury your head in the sand when the shit hits.

          Man-up and admit you we’re beaten by a better side

          Oh my god!!! Did I say man-up to an arse fan?

          I must be really pissed to think you lot could give an opposing team some credit.

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  26. I truly feel sad on out first Match. The refereeing do play a part, but it’s our on field play and our off field non-movement that is hurting more. This is the year that I feel we are feeling the effect of not delivering silverware for as long as we know. We are able to attract players, higuain, Gustavo, capuoe and the previous targets like Mata. I seriously do not know long more we can keep supporting Wenger blindly or not

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  27. Can we talk about ‘captain’ after that display?? Utter shit!! Went missing after Kos red card, needed him to command the defence but he disappeared big time. We know he’s slow and finds it hard to read the ball at times but yesterday was a new low for me!! No way on this earth would Adams have gone walkabout when we needed a leader out there!!

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  28. Rosicky was outstanding bar the miss and has an ability to drive the team forward – 7 at least. Rest of them – Sagna a pass mark, possibly Ramsay – everyone else on detention. Beating Indonesia and Vietnam is one thing …

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  29. Shee-ite! Blogs almost almost came out and said it!

    He was there, it was on the tip of his tongue…
    I’ll finish what he was saying: “Wenger out!”

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  30. Whatever koscienly mouthed off to that stupid cunt of a ref he probably deserved it and more. you enter a football pitch knowing the quality you have will be decisive only for one man with a whistle and a stupid bald head to influence the result.

    it’s no excuse for going 3 down though and not scoring enough goals!

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  31. “the penalty decision was harsh, if you leave any room for doubt when sliding in in the box you’re asking for trouble.”

    Retard comment. It was the referee’s fault after a perfect tackle. And Kos was asking for trouble for this tackle because he didn’t think the referee is a blind fucktwit.

    Thumb up 11 Thumb down 2

    • With slow motion replays we saw it was a good tackle. It was pretty obvious that ref was seeing whatever he wanted to fucking see yesterday, hence the suggestion that unless it was CLEAR CUT that he got the ball it was inviting trouble.

      Which it did. I’m not blaming Kos, per se, but it was hardly the most outrageous penalty decision you’ll ever see.

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      • Did you see Koscielny as soon as he conceded the penalty. He knew that the ref was having a shocker and so could do nothing but laugh it off.

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      • I’m no Ramsey hater but there’s no way any Arsenal player deserved a 6 out of 10 out there yesterday. A 6 is an average display, not one Arsenal player was average or above yesterday.
        The manager’s tactics deserve a zero though. Lambert clearly prepared for a team who looked devoid of motivation, and the way we played was so obvious. The manager needs to be held responsible. The third goal may well be the worst Arsenal goal I’ve ever seen conceded. Schoolboy errors. And Podolski coming on in the 93rd minute. Fuck off Wenger, not good enough.

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    • I do think that we have a reasonable team, but we all know that. You don’t get 4th with a bunch of rubbish. The thing is we all want more than that and we equally know that this side will not challenge for the title. Games like this won’t be won and you simply can’t lose games like this and win the league.

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    • Yo numbnuts: there’s 37 games left, so no reason to panic, but if you want to jump off the train now we won’t miss you.

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  32. We can all keep saying we out played villa & the ref. Made some controversial calls, the truth is to be a champion you must at all times make your chances count & dont give room for decisions made by any bald headed (fill in as you please) affect your game that much & most importantly make your home (Emirates) a fotress

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  33. Firstly – Rosicky deserved a higher marking.

    Secondly – In the cold light of day, Higuain for £40 million, Gustavo for £25 million and Williams for £15 million would have been good business.

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  34. I’m over this shit. I love Wenger, and I have massive respect for what he’s done for The Arsenal, but what the fuck has he been doing for the last 3 seasons?

    Yes we’ve managed Champions League football, but that should be a given from a club like Arsenal. We should be challenging for titles, trophies, not scrapping for 4th place season after season.

    Look at AVB at Tottenham Fuckspurs, he went ahead and spent money on good players. Proactively.

    Why can’t we do that.

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  35. Someone build a costa coffee next the emirates so when they wake …. Well you know the rest. To be exposed to the punditry of shearer and him almost having a point that is a new low couple with allowing Brendan Rodgers to get the upper hand means we are nowhere. Still think there is a mental weakness in this team and they are too protected. When arsene got medieval on their arses at the end of last season we got results. It’s not just new players its a new ethos.

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    • Match of the Day is a bankrupt and redenudant programme these days. In terms of our own interests, the highlights didn’t show any sort of context, but then again, they never do for anyone, even United, I’m sure.

      However, when people like Shearer and Lineker are able to editorialise in the way they do, anybody who didn’t see the match in question is left with less than half the picture. In fact, it is like state sponsored news in terms of what they choose to hush-up. harsh perhaps but I am using broad strokes.

      When will they give an honest assessment of referees, as bad as we were, at 1-1 we had a reasonable chance to get back to winning the game.
      Anthony Johnson allowed ‘ robust ‘ challenges to continue and ‘ voila ‘, look what happened.

      In fact Darren Fletcher, on 606, Lord help us, even as much as said that that was how teams had to play against us to get a result but said it’s not like they were Stoke City . . . ( or Bolton or Blackburn or Norwich . . . er . . . ). This was in response to a caller who had the audacity, as an Arsenal fan, to suggest that Villa had come with an agenda ??? Well, if they did come with an agenda, at least Lambert did his homework and remembered how when at Norwich those tactics worked well enough for him there, particularly at The Emirates at the last home game that season in the 3-3 draw.

      Shearer could barely contain his joy. Lineker at least tried to be impartial but his smirk betrayed him. That third angle where it showed Kos knicking Agbonlohor’s ankle fiirst, prior to touching the ball ? As if the ref saw that in real time ? I doubt it.
      As for the penalties where the ball are deliberately knocked past the keeper while the striker and keeper inevitably collide in what might be termed ‘ good faith ‘ ? Just like the one for Celtic yesterday, which resulted in their keeper actually seeing a red card. Are those really penalties, that show malicious intent ? or even unsporting conduct ? No, they are not. It’s not like the Aberdeen goalie, or our very own man in green, aped Harold Schumacher against Batiston in the 1982 World Cup . . .

      Here, for comparison, is the incident from said World Cup.


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    • Why?

      The fans on there are saying it exactly how it is.

      Hopefully the board/ Arsene see it. Will they care ? Debatable .

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  36. Most successful Arsenal coach ever. No one disputes this. One of his greatest talents was to recognise when a player’s best days were behind him. He knew when it was time to move them on. Why is it then that we cannot take a page out of his book and use some of his insight to see that Arsene has seen his best days. 1996 to 2005, brilliant… now eight years of sub par performance.. we can all appreciate what he has done for the club and call him one of the greats just like we do for bergkamp, henry etc but when its time to go its time to go

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  37. I cannot believe 5 for Rosicky. I don’t mean to question your eyesight, but right now, I’d say it’s about on par with Anthony Taylor (sp) who it would be quite appropriate to see brought under criminal charges for yesterday.

    Giving Rosicky – who created basically everything we had single-handedly – a 5. Manslaughter.

    I love Tomas Rosicky. Only he and Ramsay deserved to wear that shirt yesterday.

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  38. I said when i woke up yesterday that we would lose and benteke would score against us! I thought it was just my hangover talking at the time but when it happened i felt sick!

    Watching RVP for Utd, with about 15 Utd fans made yesterday one of the worst as my many years as a gooner.

    i have ALWAYS stuck up for Arsene, never ever said a bad word about the man who has given us so much, but right now in seriously wondering why that is.

    my wife says “its only football” but two reasons why she should shut the hell up
    1) she doesn’t know what it feels like to build your hopes up every summer only to have them quashed 90 mins into a new season.
    2) she “supports” Liverpool.

    This summer we had the chance to leapfrog our opponents, what with their new managers and all, but Arsene seems content to sit on his hands and do nothing, constantly telling us that our current crop is good enough to compete and challenge for things.

    whilst i agree with him that we are close (4 QUALITY signings in my opinion) to being competitive i cannot for the life of me understand the inability to act early and make things happen. Anything that happens in the remainder of this transfer window will be seen as reactive to what happened yesterday where as if 2/3 weeks ago would of been seen as proactive. I mean imagine yourself as a top world footballer! And then think, would i want to join Arsenal right now? I bet that the answer is sadly and disappointingly a big fat NO THANKYOU

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  39. We glorious Gooners can piss and moan all we like (and rightly so!) but the only way the club will come close to acting, be that by buying top top top players or getting a new manager, is by there being a half empty stadium week in, week out.

    That kind of PR & Advertising disaster and the knock-on commercial revenues that would destroy, is the only way they will do something.

    We are not glory hunters. In the last 8 trophy-less seasons, we’ve packed out our stadium, paying the highest prices in the country.

    There has to come a time when the mighty Gooner army needs to stand up and stop being taken for granted.

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  40. All in all, I feel bitter. My friends are mocking me big time. I even feel sick since yesterday and it particularly started after Sagna’s fall. I was so terrified, I just hope he is ok. As for Wenger, he scan get to hel with the board, I am fed up.

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  41. heh Wilshere would have to take a shit in blogs’ mouth to get a really low rating, wouldn’t he?

    Jack and Woj the worst players on the pitch by a street, with the former simply giving the ball away consistently and begging to be sent off, and the latter just his same comical mess of a keeper.

    Walcott was poor but the simple fact is he made what should have been a goal for Giroud, and him and Ox were the only players harrying them and creating any problems first half. That said i know you’re contractually obliged to have him at least level with the lowest starting player.

    Utter geoff arsenal chat.

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    • Jack’s still recovering from nearly 18 months out of the game, which for such a young man is an eternity. Ramsay was also out for about the same length of time and look how long it took him to recover.

      We must be patient with Jack, but that also means Wenger being responsible and buying an experienced player for his position so that he can be eased into it this year. In my opinion we won’t see the real Jack until next season, and that is assuming he is relatively injury free this one.

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      • Ramsey needn’t do anything look at his player ratings during his slump and look at the obscenities thrown his way early last season by Arsenal ‘fans’.

        And I agree Wilshere was quite poor yesterday.

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    • It’s called an opinion.

      In my opinion, Theo was clearly the worst player, didn’t take on the left back who was making his PL debut. Didn’t want the ball, no effort to hussle. Also Jack was bad as well but at least he has passion for this club unlike 100 grand Theo

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  42. All in all, I feel bitter. My friends are mocking me
    big time. I even feel sick since yesterday and it
    particularly started after Sagna’s fall. I was so
    terrified, I just hope he is ok. As for Wenger, he
    can go to hell with the board, I am fed up.

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  43. I don’t get the feeling of injustice for Rosicky. He’s good for a one – two as long as you understand that 90% of the time he won’t take the responsibility and happily send the ball straight back. He also missed a sitter. That alone should have a lavishly paid footballer receive a 0- negative rating

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  44. Walcott for me yesterday was an absolute disgrace. A solid 2/10 would have been a fair rating. And as much as I love Rosicky and I mean I really love him, he was a 4 at best yesterday. Tried to make things happen but wasn’t able to. Shame, had a really good pre- season. I can’t stand Sagna and is unbearably slow feet, but he deserved a 7 for yesterdays performance. Was the only one who really cared aside from Wilshere.

    I’d like a word on Aaron Ramsey. Just not good enough. He never will be, he’s the least intelligent Arsenal player on the pitch, and that pitch has Walcott and Jenkinson on it. Time and time again he gets caught in possession in his own half and it puts our “back 4′” in deep shit. He tries these long cross field balls out to the winger which go at about 300 mph. Why? He’s not good enough.

    Arsene, if you want a guy to put in 110% (Like Ramsey does) bring in Bender, spend 20 million and bring him in. He has actual technical ability aswell as a intelligent defensive mind. What are you waiting for Wenger?

    Thumb up 4 Thumb down 13

    • Were you even watching the game? Ramsey was one of our better players on the pitch. And at the end, in case you didnt notice, Ramsey combined his role at centre back and his nature as a creative player brilliantly, coming forward when we were in possession, while dropping behind when we lost it.

      Thumb up 8 Thumb down 2

        • Playing the corner as he was told to do. He’s not a freaking CB, you can’t fault him for playing a completely foreign role while we’re 10 men down chasing the win 100% well.

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    • Rosicky was our best player by miles, how anybody can rate Ramsey higher is beyond belief, make no mistake, he is a massive part of our problems, tries hard but is a very limited player. So much of our play goes through him, he played several high balls to Walcott who was shit btw, but at least he is capable some days given the right service. Don’t know what to make of Jack, think he is trying way to hard to make up for the likes of Ramsey.

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      • Enjoy repeating yourself do you? And re: Ramsey he was one of our better players yesterday (granted that’s not saying much), miles better than Jack who for some reason you tout as having to ‘make up’ for Ramsey’s shortcomings. Get outta here. Jack had a howler yesterday.

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  45. poor ratings, we were the better team, were it not for the bad reffing we would probably have got atleast 1 if not 3 points, but there is a startlingly clear need for a proper dm for artetas role, had he been on the pitch the scores would have been reversed assuming he didnt get a red for breathing loudly

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    • Im not quite sure if you were watching the right game? We werent better at all! Being better on a real pitch is different to being better on Fifia, its not about possession or shots on goal. Its about sticking to a game plan, ofcourse Villa had a game plan if Arsenal took the lead, they stuck at it, kept their shape, and carried on trying to knock our door down, they managed it and when they got into the lead (relatively fortunate with the decision) they did what we couldnt do… Hold a lead

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  46. When you see Spurs holding out for 100mill on Bale, but while they do so augment the squad with quality like Paulinho and Soldado they look like a club that are prepared for every eventuality. Then Arsene the other day say that spurs improved positions that we were already strong in. What central midfielder and striker? Those are PRECISELY the positions we’re short in Arsene.
    When you see Liverpool and Man u keeping unhappy players and resoloute in their determination not to sell to a rival, yet all it took was Sir Alex to give Arsene a ring and low and behold RVP the best centre forward in europe, is a man u player for 20mill while knowing that man u would win the league with this signing.
    Look back at selling Fab our captain to barca for just 20odd million probably half his value, but incredibly not have any replacements ready. Nasri sold and it took an 8-2 pummelling for Arsene to panic and land us Santos and Park. Park is so bad we’d pay the other club to take him off our hands but noone wants him.
    ‘Arsene knows’ is nonsense in terms of the transfer marker. He is a manager who has outdated idealistic views of football. He wants to build from within and develop unknown players into stars. It was easier to do this 10years ago when there weren’t oil barrons and Sheikhs coming in and investing hundreds of million on elite players. This means Arsene is forced into doing things he’s not cut out to do and thats buy established players at a premium.
    Its arguable Higuain for 34mill is over inflated, but its inexcusable to put the deal on hold pussy foot around Suarez offering 40mill and 1pound for a release clause that isn’t there, and just serving to piss off Liverpool in the process. Low and behold Higuain’s gone. Removing 11players from the squad and not replacing them isn’t just bizarre its negligent.
    Arsene in terms of being a manager is still world class thats why we keep punching above our financial weight and clinch top 4. BUt this was the year he had the money to make a push for a title run and leave Spurs far in our wake. BUt Arsene’s summer is so disgraceful not only has he obliterated any goodwill at the club, and almost put our season on life support after one week; with a decimated squad and no players and massive games, we don’t have enough players to fill a team and bench for god sake!
    Arsene better have some magic tricks up his sleeve, but I imagine even if we do sign people they will be average and it won’t improve the squad noticeably, Arsene desperately needs a director of football like Dein to force his hand in the transfer market, or we will continue to hum and haw and watch Napoli and Wolfsburg take our players. Disgrace.

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  47. Jeez people its like we just got relegated!!!! I know we have a smaller squad now but Wenger has something up his sleeve for us!
    I see people write wenger out etc! Who brought sexy football to Arsenal? Mr Wenger! Who brings in unknown players and makes them world class players….Mr Wenger! Wenger we trust you! He is a top manager so stop slating they guy he’s a Fucking legend!

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 18

    • Mike Tyson is a legend, but he prolonged his career a bit too long and ended up losing his last three fights including the humiliating defeat to that Irish bloke who was fucking terrible.

      Even legends at some point have to stop, I think Wenger could be close.

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  48. Seeing RVP scoring for them lot was hard to take as well

    You have to wonder whether the constant hate for RVP leaving is justifiable

    Removing my arsenal tinted glasses, he saw a medal opportunity and took it so fair play to him.

    Thumb up 13 Thumb down 3

    • Thumbs down? I never used to..yeah, i never used to agree with RVP going to manure, but quite rightly, he didn’t feel as if at the age of 29 Arsene was gonna give him a team strong enough and soon enough to win something in his career. Not to mention the bigger pay packet. Selfish? YES! Would i do the same? Yes, it makes sense if you think you’re career at the top only has a few years left, of course these desires given to him by the little boy inside him were burning and he couldn’t resist.

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  49. Unfortunately kos trailing leg caught weimann 1st but im not convinced the ref actually spotted that. If the signings wenger would have made were major ones then they would probably have been on the pitch.

    I I can understand the financial prudence while the stadium was financed and finished but why make all that noise about cash and do nothing with it. But I will wait until september 2nd before I pass judgement. I just hope that any signings arent reactionary and thatbthey were players he has been trailing for a while.

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  50. Hey blogs, why do my posts have to go through your moderation process when you have the most moronic shits on earth saying what they like without any vetting?

    And you, you yourself have a lot to answer for. There’s half a dozen Arsenal blogs with real influence, of which your blog is near the top of the tree. Where have you been? Where have you been with this club in decline for years? Where the fuck have you been?

    Only now, when it’s becoming glaringly obvious that Wenger has lost it, do you pipe up. Shame on you.How can you call yourself an Arsenal fan and continue to back a serial loser as manager? Where the fuck have you been, Blogs?
    You’ve fucked it by pandering to the opinions of your stupid AKBs, and now you are made the fool.
    Go to Le Grove and smell the difference.
    I don’t even live in fucking London anymore and I’m still pissed off beyond belief.

    ARSENE KNOWS BEST … think about that, think about the past 6 seasons, then think about it again

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    • Sorry, not sure why your posts are being moderated.

      As for your criticisms of me – read the blog more carefully. Just because I don’t wrap criticism in abuse, name calling and bullshit acronyms, doesn’t mean I haven’t been critical of many aspects over the last few seasons, especially the manager.

      I haven’t pandered to anyone, but if I’ve wanted to believe we might do the obvious, sensible and right thing, then I guess I’m guilty of that.

      Also, while I realise you’re fucked off – like most of us – I think you’ve got the wrong target. Nothing I say or do makes any difference to any of it.

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      • Blogs, please and i beg please do understand that there are ALOT of people who love the work you put in on here, although we may not agree 100% all the time, i’d never sit their and criticise someone who puts so much effort and time in for us as fans and allows us to get together to voice opinions etc. Im just gonna say thanks again on behalf of those who appreciate what you an the others at Arseblog do.

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        • Well put Alex. As my name suggests I’m back on the other side of the world now, so Arseblog is invaluable to me. I also read other blogs and take in other podcasts which represent differing views within the spectrum of opinion that collectively form the consciousness of The Arsenal support, and I’ve found that Arseblog and Arse2Mouse have provided the best balance of information, critique, and just as importantly at times like these, humour. I could list all the others, but you know who they are so that would get boring very quickly.

          Keep going, Andrew. As Alex confirmed, there’s many of us out here who appreciate what you’re doing. I always wonder about the wisdom of posting nonsense directed at the blog host – if one feels so irritated about the content of someone else’s blog, then one solution for the offended is to try doing it themselves, which requires persistence, passion, dedication and discipline.

          Parson’s nose, you’ve just come across as a bit of a plonker, which is a shame, because your level of prose indicates a finer intelligence than the content would suggest.

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  51. Aaah, the old we lost so everyone must be shit ratings.

    At the very least, give credit where credit is due. Almunia impression? That walkabout was 100% Mad Jens. If that had been Almunia, he’d have been caught in no-man’s land and just looked up bemused as the ball sailed over his head and into the goal.

    As it was, He made a great clean header, when the ball wasn’t cleared, faced of the Villa attacker and nicked the ball cleanly off of him, and even then when it wasn’t cleared, got back into goal to save the following strike (even though it was probably missing).

    Utterly bonkers? Damn right, but never Almunia level incompetent.

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  52. Brits are the only people who rate Ramsey high. How could u give Rosicky lower than Ramsey? Ramsey is part of the reason why wenger is not buying a defensive midfielder cos he won’t know where to play that shadow of himself

    Thumb up 8 Thumb down 6

    • Rosicky was our best player by miles, how anybody can rate Ramsey higher is beyond belief, make no mistake, he is a massive part of our problems, tries hard but is a very limited player. So much of our play goes through him, he played several high balls to Walcott who was shit btw, but at least he is capable some days given the right service. Don’t know what to make of Jack, think he is trying way to hard to make up for the likes of Ramsey.

      Thumb up 4 Thumb down 7

      • Can you please stop posting the same dross over and over and over again? It doesn’t make it any more or less true!

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  53. “Laurent Koscielny: 4/10 – Unlucky to be sent off and while the penalty decision was harsh, if you leave any room for doubt when sliding in in the box you’re asking for trouble.”


    What he did was absolutely right. Perfect, in fact. He wasn’t “asking for” it. Do you know what makes a great centreback? Getting it right, that’s what. And he got it right. It’s the fucking dickheads that got it wrong.

    Acting? Making sure the optics are as good as the reality? “Oh, it’s all part of the modern game”?

    Fuck! Right! Orff!

    You make the tackle! You do the difficult thing. And then you hope the thick-as-shit-fuckwits get some congruence. So, don’t go marking LK down for “failing to give the right impression”. That’s not his job. His job is doing his best. And yesterday a single yellow and a truly brilliant tackle was his best.

    God. What is this? When we criticize our own for fucking optics? Drogba does optics. LK tackles like a centreback. There’s a difference.

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  54. The thing is for this particular game…SIGNINGS HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT..
    Signings are what we need to challenge, not for routine home victories against last seasons fuckiing relegation survivors.

    Reading wengers after game comments you would think we had just lost a tightly contested game away at barcelona…Not trounced 3-1 at home by Aston fucking villa.

    At least i won 330£ betting on villa to win…Anyone who didnt at least suspect something like this would happeni s an idiot in denial.
    After the last 8 years why was this even a surprise. Your talking about a team that lost to bradford.
    I couldnt even get angry as i have come to expect this.

    Shockin ref – check
    Player Sent off – check
    Another should have been sent off – check
    attacking midfielders unable to score or even hit the target with purpose – check
    defenders being bullied by pace and strength – check (Planet mertesacker is sickening to watch sometimes)
    injury to a player we cant replace properly – check
    wide open chasm in midfield – check
    sagna nearly dies – check
    Sub on a clearly unfit player – check

    What i did realise in todays games is that our defence is not actually that bad besides planet mertesacker against pace and strength.. Its our midfield..WHEN ARTETA is your only midfielder that can actually tackle you have a problem. A very big problem. Vieira and gilberto where NEVER REPLACED.
    Notice how easily teams get to our back four…Koscienly got sent off because he was making a tackle near the half way line..Why was he having to make a tackle there to begin with. Walcott, rosicky,ox, cazorla, podolski, ramsey, wilshere. None of these prancing little fairies can tackle…Wilshere gets stuck in but thats not tackling. Then our only midfielder who could be physical who could be that steel we need is infact made ot of glass and is called diaby.. its unreal. Teams find it so easy to play against us..Look how diifficult teams make it for us.
    To make matters worse its not like wenger dosent have the expeirence of knowing how benficial it is to have people in the mold of vieira, gilberto, petit…Wenger has even forgotten what made his OWN FUCKING TEAMS in the past successful.
    And please a striker with a bit of pace. Giroud has his good qualities but watching him attempt to run in behind is hilarious.

    I now expect us to lose or draw with fenerbache…However we will destroy them at the emirates, wenger willl throw his usual mental strength, spirit, dont need signings we just got in the champs league spin.

    This season will be NO DIFFERENT TO USUAL.. Disgraces like today, then we will thrash a few teams, then look good against a big side for 15mins before going 2-0 down and chasing the game while looking courageous, before finally a few spatterings of good performances here and there with one or two youth break outs in the carling or fa cup before failing at both.

    The only surprising thing is that i thought the wheels would come of at least in september maybe even make it to january..but AUGUST.

    special mentions.

    Woj – Facepalm with gloves…Even his penalty save was poor.

    Walcott 0 – non existent
    Sometimes you dont just get given the ball…Go and fucking find it, or better yet actually look interested.

    Rosicky 0-20mins 8, 21 -61mins 3 , 62 -90mins 7

    Sagna as part of a back four(then three) that let in 3 at home 0…Indivdually though was asked to play 3 different positions, won most of his tackles and headers, nothing going foward…6

    Jack/ramsey On the ball half decent 5..without the ball 0…Too slow and cant tackle…They could thrive if played with an actual experienced DM.

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  55. Like many others, I think that the individual rankings of players are too low. It was not top class performance but the disaster and embarrassment that was yesterday was not down to the players. The ref played a big part and the biggest culprits were Wenger, Gazidis, the Board, and Kroenke.
    I think the anger that you (like the rest of us) are feeling affected a more accurate ranking.

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  56. Our starting 11 yesterday was composed of players who are regularly called up to (by-and-large) good national squads. On the bench we have a regular player for the reigning world cup and European cup holders, and a regular starter for one of the best national teams in the world. But on the pitch? No plan, no shape, no strategy, no tactics. Stupid, and largely unattractive, football. We desperately need new players, and the players we have deserve their low ratings for yesterday’s performance. But it’s not just in the transfer market that the manager seems lost at this point.

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  57. As much as yesterday hurt, it was just one game. Let’s not panic just yet, we finished last season strongly with this squad, I still believe after a few games it will be much more what we expect. Utd used to start badly and still win the league, so let’s all calm down.

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  58. We were outplayed by a physically tougher and better in shape team. The ref was ridiculous throughout. As always I think Arseblog Andrew gets it right. We have no one to blame but Wenger, who looks foolish and deluded. I thought, save for his row z shot, Rosicky was man of the match for us, not that there was much competition. Theo is too easily pushed off the ball and appears a one trick pony (great runs, commendable service). Kolscieny made a clean tackle. The issue is Wenger can point fingers at ref, but he is to blame. We just don’t click w/o Arteta.

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  59. Sometimes we need to look deeper than the players. We need to scrutinise Arsene’s style of management or lack of. I will just rewind a few months back, the games against Swansea in mind.

    1st game v Swans. Arsenal get outplayed and outclassed and end up losing 0-2. Couldn’t break down the opposition and looked clueless against them.

    FA – Cup ties. Arsenal go through after drawing in Wales and then win at the Emirates. What was different you may ask; tactics. Arsenal pressed with purpose and actually kept the ball. They had a plan, were prepared well and knew their opponent through and through.

    2nd Epl game. Arsenal win courtesy of a Gerv strike. By now they were aware of Swansea style of play, were prepared to face them and they applied appropriate tactics.

    Fast forward to yesterday.

    Arsenal were playing arcade football. Seemed to be ill prepared. No tactical awareness. Nothing. They get the ball and run with it and then lose it. Why not keep the ball? Why not play triangles and draw the opposition out? Easier said that done? No. I’d like to think that Mr Wenger does not see it fit to actually prepare his players according to the opposition they are facing. According to Wenger, “…we focus on our game and do not worry about the opposition” Seriously?

    If 4-3-3 is not working, then why not switch to a different formation for even 10 minutes? Why are your players so far apart? I could go on and on about what i think is wrong with his tactical mind, but then what do i know? After all, I’m just a manager on FIFA.

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  60. DigBick (we seem to have a similar “humour” in our nicks),

    “If 4-3-3 is not working”

    Erm, weren’t Arsenal playing 4-4-2 in the “German modern style” when not in possession?

    Otherwise I liked your comment about are games against Swansea last year; something I commented on above re: Laudrup as possible manager.

    The difference in your comments is in timing; between separate games during a season and during one game. I guess in FIFA players adapt to impromptu tactical changes during a game better than in a real game. Wenger is, in my view, a bit too conservative in his willingness to change his tactics mid-game; but on the other hand we’ve seen many managers blow a game by making changes too readily.

    In my opinion, the Villa game fell apart due to different, continually unsuspected events. And we really should commend the opposition, because they were good, espacially on the counter-attack.

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  61. Reason’s to be annoyed if you are an Arsenal fan:

    1) The history of selling our best players to our rivals – when our rivals tell us to go and get fucked when we try and buy there best players.
    2) The fact that finishing 4th in CL position was meant to attract the best players to our club when fucking Spurs are signing quality players is simply astounding.
    3) Why Wenger is not and has never spent money is fucking insulting especially when he was banging on about the new fifa fair play money thing blah blah.
    4) Why so many dog shit players have been able to reside at the club for so long is breath-taking – I mean who the fuck are scouting the likes of Bendtner, Santos, Squicqqcclllay or whatever the fuck his name is
    5) Wengers salary
    6) The lack of big player salaries that we should be paying for the best players
    7) The total and utter balls up in not signing Higuain – this would have been the kind of signing not seen since Bergkamp and would have given everyone something to look forward to. As it is that French wanker knew best and decided to keep his bosses happy and not spend a fucking dime.
    8) Bendtner is still an Arsenal Player and on shit loads of money.

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    • Agree with 1 to 7 but Wenger is partly responsible for the disaster that is Bendtner ( prized prick like lots of other pro footballers), he persisted in playing him on the right wing when any fucking jackass could see his only position was up front

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  62. 4/10 is too much for Theo Walcott’s performance, he was absolute bollocks. Jenkinson isn’t the best but any right back would have problems going forward if your parther is Theo f****** Walcott.

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  63. think Sagna’s scores a bit harsh: he did give it his all; was played at left back after the 26th-28th minute, a position i don’t think he’s ever played in before (competitively); & he almost died for the cause- the way he fell onto his head COULD have left him paralysed from the neck down (see Christopher Reeve).

    therefore i would give him at least a 7!

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  64. I thought that I had been feeling way too normal over the past two months. Welcome back depression mixed with acute anxiety, with a little bit of insanity sprinkled on top.

    Arsenal, I’ve missed you.

    I’m expecting Bould to line up in defence against Fenerbache on Wednesday. In all seriousness though, could we see Zelalem get a few minutes? With Arteta and Ramsey both sporting knocks, and Diaby hidden in a bunker somewhere, it just makes sense.

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  65. The thing that frustrates me is the lack of fitness already too. Not enough players in the squad to pick up the slack. Jack and Santi look unbelievably unfit. For Villa’s 3rd goal the referee beat all of our players back who should have been covering. Granted he was probably hoping to put in the rebound if they missed but that is shocking.

    We need new signings right through the core of our team. A new goalkeeper, new centre back, new centre mid (at least one) and new striker. I would throw in another winger too.

    Like is written in today’s blog the most annoying thing is the promises in May. It was obvious we were light then in terms of quality and now we’ve not even got cover. Frimpong was on the bench for God’s sake, he would be given a free any other summer.

    This was my 6 year old son’s first game and we travelled from Blackpool. Ticket prices are extortionate and I am struggling to convince his mother why he doesn’t support a local team. It is heart breaking. I was brought up on Wenger’s great years following on from GG’s good years and may have been spoilt but if you want people to pay £83 a ticket then you should be getting value for money.

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    • “Granted he was probably hoping to put in the rebound if they missed but that is shocking. ”

      heh.. that’s the best bit of rant I read in recent times.

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  66. I read through all your comments my fellow die hard gunners and I feel your plight. In my own view, I think we played a very decent game infact, this is the first time I would watch a team wearing the Arsenal jersey chase after goals with a man down. You could notice the hunger and drive in them. I don’t think this is the time for player ratings other than for us to wait for Wenger’s signings which I know would soon materialise. Nobody envisaged the injuries that befell Ox, Gibbs and Sagna nor saw the red card coming but I urge all you to keep the faith as you’ve always done. I am not the critic type so I urge you guys to divert from critcizing our boys and get back to supporting them as we did some years back. The faith I have right now is that we would triumph in Turkey on wednesday, hear good news about a signing on thursday, beat fulham at the weekend, re-beat Fernebache upcoming midweek, would av probably secured a signing or 2 by then and beat Spurs the following weekend. I am always positive all through 90mins even if at the end I don’t get the results I would av wanted but I try to console myself by looking forward to the next game with a better dedication, zeal, hunger and passion towards delivering positives on the field of play from the boys. I hope you all will have a change of attitude towards your team and get back behing them through thick and thin…Cheers!

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    • That’s my view as well. I support the gunners and I believe they did what they could. Onward to the next game. When the days are dark, fans are few.

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  67. I have to agree that Ramsey doesn’t deserve the rating. 3 is my suggestion. I love the man and have been glad for his good press on this blog. But we needed defensive discipline in the middle of the park and Villa cut us open. We desperately missed Arteta, but that’s just the point: Ramsey or Wilshere had to take responsibility for that role and neither one did. We had chances but it looked too easy for Gabby to turn and run at our back line.

    To give the benefit of the doubt, though, it’s not as if they had time to practice without Arteta. Villa had no one gone on international duty (maybe one?). That’s a huge advantage when up against a time having to adjust positional play on the fly.

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  68. We were poor but don’t agree with Rosicky’s rating. He was by far the best player we had on the pitch and he was unlucky with Guzan closing down the angle and showing Szczesny how its done, to pull off a quality save.

    Rosicky was the only positive from the game. If he can stay fit and have a Pires-esc season, I see 10-15 goals in him.


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