Arsenal facing midweek injury crisis


After a horrendous opening to the Premier League season, Arsenal face an injury nightmare ahead of their crucial midweek Champions League tie against Fenerbahce.

The Gunners lost Kieran Gibbs after a first half clash of heads, and Arsene Wenger revealed after the game that other first team players were struggling to make the trip to Turkey.

“We have some problems to get players back for Wednesday night,” he said. “Gibbs has a deep cut, Sagna, Rosicky has a problem. Ramsey has a problem with a kick on his ankle.”

Bacary Sagna could have suffered a very serious injury after a horrible looking landing (GIF), while Ramsey missed Wales game this week because of the ankle.

We assume Rosicky has Rosickyed himself somehow, and with Gibbs, Sagna, Monreal and Vermaelen absent, Arsene Wenger may have to get creative to field a back four in Turkey.

It’s hard not to come back to the summer and the chances we had to make things better.

What a mess.


      • Koscienly should just hand in a transfer request tommorow maybe that’ll get Arsene to wake up.

        in all seriousness though if we fail to get into uefa group stages I kinda see players here like kozzer or poldi getting really unsettled before the transfer window closes…..

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        • Arsene Wenger actually said this

          ” Show me a list of players better than mine & we’ll talk.”

          err “begovic, julio cesar > szczesney “

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        • Fabianski must be first choice now. I have Always rated Szcz as a talent but Fabianski is a better keeper.

          The Communication between the defenders and Szcz seems to be nonexisting and players dont give a shit about him. Lehman would have gone mental if the defence ignored him as they ignore Szcz. He is to Young, to insecure and to fragile for this. If Wenger keeps throwing him in at the deep end he will burn Szcz out and destroy his career.

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        • “If you bring me tomorrow players who are better than those we have, I promise you we will look at them. It’s as simple as that.”

          Sánchez, 24 – Not a flop at Barca but not an outright success either. Bet Barca would part with him for the right amount. An improvement on Arshavin, Gervinho and better than Ryo.

          Eriksen, 21 – Entering the final year of his deal with Ajax, Amazingly no one has made a serious bid, he is ready to leave and holding out for a big club playing in CL (without wanting to be negative we might not be by the end of this month.) Better than Coq, Frimpong, Diaby, Ramsey and as good as Wilshere.

          Begovic, 26 – I think Szcz has the potential to be a very good goalkeeper but is he truly ready to be our No.1 yet? Stoke have Jack Butland now, probably because they expected Begovic to leave this summer. He is one of the best in the league and again no one has come in for him. He is there for the taking.

          Ozil, 24 – Apart from Cazorla he is better than anyone else we have.

          I could go on but why bother. Arsene I love ya, I’m sure negotiating deals is a pain in the ass but don’t tell us we can win the league without signing and there are not players better than what we have. Please just stop telling us that at the very least.

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        • well, that’s a silly question for Wenger to ask because 40% of the players in the squad don’t even play their natural position.
          Here’s an idea Wenger, you should’ve paid up for Gustavo, Higuain, Suarez and Williams. All players who could fill in positions which deeply need to be filled. They have all stated that they wish to play for us!! What more could you want? But if you want a list, I can gladly give you one. Even though all the players you should have shown interest in have OBVIOUSLY joined other clubs now.

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    • Well Aaron Ramsey gets so much unfair stick from the fans.. Poor chap has played like everywhere on the park.. What’s next ? Goalie ?

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    • Well, Arsene thinks that we fared quite well on the injury front today. I’m not kidding you:

      on who picked up injuries during the game…
      ‘Oxlade-Chamberlain, Gibbs, Sagna. Gibbs has a deep cut. Sagna and Rosicky have problems. Wilshere – I don’t know how he will respond after the full 90 minutes. Ramsey has a problem after a kick at his ankle. On that front, we have done quite well.’

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      • Arsene somehow found it within himself to be sarcastic at that question.

        maybe he truely was stumped at how horrendous the day had been.

        he could’ve avoided it though by having a stronger bench.

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    • It should be really interesting next season for us Arsenal fans going to places like Brighton, Reading, Watford, Blackpool and such to watch Arsenal competing for 4th spot, in the English Champions League……

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    • It should be really interesting next season for us Arsenal fans going to places like Brighton, Reading, Watford, Blackpool and such to watch Arsenal competing for 4th spot, in the English Champions League……

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    • What I do not understand is why in the world you would loan Ignasi Miquel out before actually buying another center back? Can someone please explain?

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    • We have TWO defenders. “Some problems” he said.
      TWO defenders in the entire Football Club is “some problems” ?
      Yes sir.

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      • On a realistic note we have a couple of options:

        1. Bring forward the deadline day business to today (pros: long-term solution; cons: unlikely to succeed esp with top-top quality players, financial cost much higher)

        2. Recall the loaned defenders (pros: immediate solution; cons: financial cost in contract breach, signifies that the promises of signings made in May have been officially broken)

        3. Play the U-18s (pros: immediate solution; cons: just about everything else)

        4. Play first team players stupidly out of position (pros: immediate solution, team chemistry; cons: just about everything else incl that we don’t have first team players left)

        Arsene, up to you to sort this out.

        Anthony Taylor, go jump off a fucking cliff, you have no worth to society.

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        • “cons: unlikely to succeed esp with top-top quality players, financial cost much higher”

          Sounds like a load of shit.

          The only option is to sign players immediately, regardless of the cost.

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        • He did no.4 today it didn’t work, Podolski at left back oh my giddy aunt, there can be no excuses, with our luck it was always going to end up like this, what a shambles

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        • Yes Cele, signing players immediately is the best option.

          But its unlikely to succeed as in, which top-top player would want to join us now? How much more will we have to pay now as opposed to on transfer deadline day? I’m not making fucking excuses for Wenger/the board, they have to answer the above questions immediately or face a disaster season. Especially when Anthony Taylor has set the bar of the Premier League Referee/anti-Arsenal hate group to a new low.

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    • I’m not surprised with what happened. Wenger chose to go into the new season with a weaker squad than that which lost to Bradford

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  1. Horrible refs, but we have ourselfs to blame. Threadbare squad, stubborn manager and impotent board. We almost needed this disaster as a wake up call.

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      • For optimistic gooners:

        1) There are sufficient funds available to the manager.’ – Edelman, September 2005.
        2) ‘…the effect means we can spend more on transfers over the next 15 years.’ – Edelman, May 2006
        3) If Arsene came to us and said he wanted to spend £40m on a player we could do that.’ – Edelman, Sept 2007.
        4) ‘We remain firmly committed to substantial investment in the playing squad.’ – Chairman Peter Hill-Wood, Sept 2008.
        5) ‘We’ve got a substantial amount of money to invest.’ – chief executive Ivan Gazidis, Sept 2009.
        6) ‘The club is secure – we have sufficient funds to invest.’ – Gazidis, May 2010.
        7) In January and in the summer there will be significant funds available to bolster the team.’ – Gazidis, Sept 2011.
        ‘All the money we make is available to the manager.’ – Gazidis, May 2012.
        9) ‘It’s all about giving us the capability to go to the manager and say “here is the money for you to compete”.’ – Gazidis, June 2013

        Unfortunately, our club is run by mercenaries, fiends, liars and scheming eunuchs. It’s hard to be positive in the face of such blatant tricks and misdirection.

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        • Maybe some of those fucking geniuses can now come and explain to us how we now have AN INJURY CRISIS ON THE FIRST DAY OF THE FUCKING SEASON!!!!!! Including Genius in Chief Arsene Wenger.

          There is no such thing as luck, you make your own luck. Ours is always going to be bad as long as our club continues to cut corners.

          The players don’t want this. The fans don’t want this. Jesus. I despair.

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        • why blame gazidis? He has sorted out the commercial dept so we have higher income. He cant force wenger to sign players.

          Its sad but the problem is wengers unwillingness to sign players thats the problem

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      • Wait for month end.

        Just joking – I’m sure Ivan is busy drafting his next speech around ambition right now and Wenger will come out stating that we are mentally strong. However, simple maths by sane people do prove the contrary looking at 1st team players – injuries.

        Personally I’m not too phased about a home defeat against 11 guys falling around the place plus their cohort, the blind ref. But I am phased with big talk end of last season and the can of worms it has now opened.

        And what follows next? Knee jerk spending? Wenger out? We troll to 4th place again? Granted it’s the first day of a long season, but CL is going to be the kicker. Drop out, and ‘ol Ivan and Wenger will have mutiny at hand.

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        • I think we have to ask ourselves if Gazidis is at fault at all? Or Edelman before him. If they are making funds available then they are meeting their side of the bargain, perhaps their fault is not being strong enough to demand better from the manager.
          I have to say today was a sad day listening to the abuse being hurled at Wenger, but I whilst I didn’t join in (in fact I left as i felt uncomfortable having by 7 yr old hearing it) I knew it had to happen to let Arsene and the board understand just how disappointed the fans are with their lack of pro activity.

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        • Simply put, Wenger should be challenged from a boardroom level. The problem though is there’s no one there with any credibility to do so. And that’s not something you can change by adding anyone out there.

          Fundamentally, there’s nothing wrong with Arsenal except the football. And we can make this statement because we have long stopped focusing on football as a priority. We’ve been insanely lucky the previous two seasons to retain CL position.

          Ivan is almost innocent – but he was the one making statements around cash flow. With Arsenal being a business, and it’s paying fans the true investors I personally believe that whoever comes out at Arsenal with statement of intent does so representing the club as a whole. Allow the executive to say one thing and the club (Arsene) the other and we sit where we are now in 2013.

          Arsenal FC is accountable to the fans that pay to sit on those chairs at the Emirates. Arsenal FC is accountable to any Arsenal supporter that has given them any form of money in support. Wenger / Ivan / Stan – they all are accountable because they don’t operate with any level of integrity, cooperation or transparency in the good interests of the club.

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    • We bought like 3 players on the night of september 2 2011 so please son!, we can buy 5 players from now till Wedndsday..

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        • Kos isn’t suspended. EPL red cards don’t affect ECL games.

          The problem here is that they want Wenger to behave exactly as they know, we know, he’ll behave: back and forth, dither, decide, change of mind, worry, dither. Same crap he’s done since Dein left. No one’s ever replaced him as purchasing agent. Wenger needs someone who knows negotiation, because Wenger can’t constitutionally negotiate anything.

          Then trot Gazidis out end of last season to say “we have scads of money, we could buy and pay Rooney!” What kind of moronic strategy is that? Right, I am gonna tell you that I have scads of money available so you can set your price accordingly. THAT was the lamest statement of the off-season and set up the failure of the pursuits of Higuain and Gustavo. Wenger has been set up for this because they are anxious to rid themselves of his contract and bring in a Championship or foreign league manager when his contract is up.

          Everyone acted according to plan, including silent Stan who’s pulled this in St. Louis and Denver before. Trust me, the Russian would have been much preferable as a majority shareholder. Dein was right about that as well. Morons, top-bottom.

          Speaking of which, eighth on the table at term-end, behind Tottenham, Liverpool, Villa and Everton.

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        • Nice…heard I think it was Paul merson who said that he went out and bought a sandwhich yesterday and so he has spent more money than Arsenal this summer. Got a good laugh out of that even though it’s a bit rubbing it in. So maybe Wenger will get a few top players in at the last minute. That’s all fine and wonderful, but we actually need these players NOW or even before the injuries mounted. Our UCL qual legs are done with by deadline, so what good is it if we get these players we need and we have already missed out on getting into the group stage of the UCL and have already dropped several points in the Prem by then? Plus…what top player is going to want to come to Arsenal if we don’t qualify for the UCL, especially if they are already at at club in the competition. We should have threw money at Madrid for Higuin, despite the supposed 5 mil increase in the price tag at the last minute. Don’t we have 70 million to spend, why was that big deal? That was a huge missed opportunity.

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  2. These injuries are unfortunate – even if we would have signed 3 players we couldn’t have done anything against every defender suffering something… obviously we can’t have 3 left backs and 3 right backs, but they lack of signings really make it worse.

    I don’t think Wenger will have the dressing room under control anymore. The players’ lack of belief has been visible since Cesc left without replacement.

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    • He won’t have a problem controlling the dressing room there aint any players left in there. Of course its unusual to lose so many players in one game. before this game though we were short of a central defender, a defensive midfielder a striker and most important of all an inspirational leader. Don’t really rate Fenerbache but they must be licking there lips with excitement.

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  3. I find it bloody absurd that we don’t pay the bit extra for players early in the transfer window, now our threadbare squad faces more injuries and suspensions the selling clubs know we’re desperate and will still likely sell high. In the end we still end up overpaying. Fucking ridiculous

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    • But don’t you see? Arsenal are in the unique position whereby to complete a transfer they “need the agreement of the club” AND “the agreement of the player” AND they “need to agree a price” which are circumstances unlike those faced by any other club on Earth. Luckily players like Sanogo really only require 1, and with wages arguably 2 agreements. And by that logic, welcome back to Arsenal Flamini

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      • Unfortunately, our prices are index linked to 2007.

        If they tried to buy their groceries like this, they’d all starve to death.

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  4. I am not surprised. They should’ve been planning for this months ago. No contingency plan or forward planning whatsoever. Incompetent management. Shambolic!

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  5. Will we be able to field a team above the average age of 18?

    I don’t know…..but what I do know is that I need a drink.

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    • Heads really need to roll for this. They will, but unfortunately they will probably the heads of Kos and Mert thus ruling them out

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    • True. You know what sums up our summer? That £1 pound extra on the £40m. Ill-informed and ultimately pointless.

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    • Wenger should never be forgiven for selling the skunk to those up the road, still makes me puke when I see the scum bag in their shirt. What has happened to our club?

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        • “he’d have gone for free this summer instead.”

          Fine by me. United wouldn’t have won the league with him, and we might have beaten Bayern Munich in the Champions League.

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        • not the point. If Wenger had behaved like a normal manager and bought one or two quality players every year it’s quite possible Cesc Nasri and RVP would not have WANTED to leave because we were capable of winning something

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        • Yes Cheroo. But in the current world – the world we actually live in – he would have walked for free this summer.

          Fuck him. He didn’t want to play for Arsenal. So fuck him.

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  6. Let me get this straight.

    Next Premier League game:

    Gibbs injured, Monreal injured (both our left backs).
    Vermaelen injured, Koscielny suspended, Miquel loaned. Just Mertesacker fit.
    Sagna injured. Jenkinson fit.

    So we have one CB and one RB. All others injured.

    THEN in midfield, Arteta, Ramsey and Rosicky out. This would mean we will play Wilshere as holding, Cazorla and Chamberlain in midfield.

    Wenger, you are a prize plonker. It’s not as if anyone couldn’t envisage this happening.

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  7. If you exclude the players that didn’t play a single game for us last season, here’s the list of first team players that will be available for Fulham assuming the players that are injured don’t recover in time:

    1. SZCZ
    2. Fabianski
    3. Per
    4. Jenko
    5. Jack
    6. Santi
    7. Theo
    8. Poldi
    9. Giroud

    That’s it. I’m not even fucking with you.

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    • We don’t need any more players we’ve got mental strenght… Fuck it I’m going to isolate myself from Arsenal news for a few days..

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    • And scratch Santi from that list for the the CL game this week. We’re going to have to go into a lion’s den with a team full of kids.

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  8. This is one of the biggest times in watching this club that I have felt so overwhelmed by our problems that I don’t even know where we should begin. Three signings before the window ends won’t fix this. Our only hope now is to spend that 100 mil on devloping a time machine and go back to better days. Pires you beautiful man you.

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  9. Let’s not even bother going to Turkey, let’s not show up, lose 3-0 and then try scrape something at home.. Ok I need a break from Arsenal. What a motherfucking shitty shit. And we saw it comming

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  10. This was always going to happen. Wenger needs assistance in the transfer market which he doesnt get from Gazidis who pockets a 7 figure salary each year for nothing notable.

    The loan deals were disastrous. Djourou and Coquelin would be very useful right now.

    Can’t believe they let our squad get so light without having signed players

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  11. It’ll be interesting to see who makes the trip to Turkey, I sense there will be some panic buying to fill some of the gaps. Unfortunately, I think it’s a little late now!

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  12. Midweek is the least of our worries. We have to play every 3-4 days over next two weeks. There is no way these players are going to last till NLD.

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  13. 1-3? Now I know Suarez aint coming, you know why? coz that’s not the perfect way to say “hey you would absolutely love it at this club”

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  14. Even a 10 year old can look at this squad, Wenger and today’s game and say, “This is very, very bad.”

    Sp*rs are laughing at us. We are in the stocks and the world can see our shame.

    This is the worst day I have ever experienced as an Arsenal fan. Thanks Wenger.

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  15. Disaster always seemed inevitable. Maybe we can avert it with some determination and tactical brilliance. If we are denied CL by Fenerbahce what sane, ambitious top quality player would want to sign for Arsenal?

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    • Tactical brilliance? Sorry, this Arsene ‘I don’t worry about the opposition- hence no tactics’ Wenger we’re talking about.

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  16. How do you stay optimistic after this? How do you even get the courage to look for a light at the end of the tunnel? Is there even an end of this tunnel? I feel so furious, helpless and confused. I could sit here and insult Wenger and his ‘stubborn old goat’ gene for eternity but many before have done it and it has achieved nothing but more stress and anger.

    Only one fact remains at this moment. I am an Arsenal fan to death. That is the one thing that Wenger will never be able to take away from me. I feel sorry for the lads. They tried. They really really tried. Blaming that sorry excuse for a referee is pointless. We should have won that game.

    New players might not help at this stage. A complete overhaul of how Arsenal works might be required. I will not be surprised at all if Wenger announces his resignation tomorrow morning. He has failed and has no excuse this time. He had the time, the money and the complete support of the board.

    This is going to be a very long season.

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  17. You can’t help but take a step back and laugh at it all.

    A back four composed of spare parts, and yes, why not throw in a 16 year old into the fiery pits of hell (i.e. Fenerbahce away)


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  18. You can’t help but take a step back and laugh at it all.

    A potential back four composed of spare parts, and yes, why not throw in a 16 year old midfielder into the fiery pits of hell (i.e. Fenerbahce away)


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  19. Williams + Benteke + Gustavo + Cesar = £45m (ish) and we’d surely have been able to attract them. We’d be so much stronger. Easy to say top players are hard to get, but this would have been feasible! Who will be licking their lips at the prospect of joining us tonight?

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  20. Wenger if you need me to play, let me know! I will play anywhere for Arsenal for FREE and give all the passion in the world! I’m not very fit but it’s better than being injured! 😛

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    • That could have ended up a lot worse, was happy & surprised to see him walk off the pitch after that.

      I would not be surprised to hear that be has a broken neck, therefore would miss the next 3months.

      Please sign Micah Richards, can play CB & RB.

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    • I got ‘Sagna 3’ on the back of my shirt because he is a warrior and a tough motherfucker… reminds me of Patrick Viera but with the added bonus of having funky hair.

      Thank fuck you didn’t break your neck Bacary… the game was already lost in the 89th minute but you continued to give 100%.

      If it really is as fucked up as it looks, whatever you do please don’t risk aggravating your neck/spine/brain on Wednesday just because the squad is thin. We gonna need you for the 2nd-leg at the Emirates on 27th August.

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  21. The most retarded thing that could have happened, has happened. The sad thing is, we looked every bit as lost as we were for two thirds of last season. It’s pathetic. Name one big club that allows this sort of thing to happen, year after year. ‘We only buy top top quality players’, pfft, we bought Mr.Forehead for 10m. Are you telling me there was no one better at the same price? Same can be said about other players he’s bought. And remind me again why our experienced defenders keep looking like little girls when up against 20-year old strikers (read Oscar, Hazard, Lukaku, Benteke). It has been used as an excuse before, that we lose because Wenger is relying on youth rather than experience. Well, that’s not the case now. So why do we keep doing this against weaker teams. Why do people blame his youth policy when the problem clearly goes way deeper than that.

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  22. Looks like the experiment has gone badly wrong and the lack of depth we have in the squad has bitten the manager hard on the arse. I can’t help it but I am not feeling sorry for one of the highest paid managers in the prem who has the audacity to talk of the lack of top quality when spending our money.

    So guys please get your collective heads out of your collective arses and sort this out if not please exit the stadium and take up residence elsewhere.

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  23. This fecking penny pinching might cost us 25m+ this time around if we go out the CL and potential better signings who want champions league football. Just stupid, so incredibly stupid by a club with enough money in the bank.

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  24. We want top top players, but I’m left wondering how many top top players want to come to Arsenal. Looks like another painful season to endure.

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  25. Look we took a beating from very strong Villa side.

    We’ve got what on paper was a very tough fixture. I’d have taken a draw before the game .

    But at least we have an easy fixture mid week to get some confidence back.

    The mighty Fulham will be tough test but at least we know Spurs will be there for the taking the following week. They’ll be totally unprepared and haven’t really strengthened at all ………………….

    Nurse , I’m ready for my meds.

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    • “Very strong Villa side”? Are you serious?!?

      Unless we do something, (buy some good players, that is) I have a feeling you’ll be saying: “Well, that was a very strong Fulham/West Brom/West Ham/Norwich/Stoke/Sunderland/Newcastle/Swansea/Cardiff/Crystal Palace/Hull side we just played….”

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      • My eternal apologies to fans of any other clubs I failed to mention; Southampton, for example. I hear they have a strong side.

        Fuck me with a serrated purple dildo.

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        • Hey hey, let’s not take out or Wenger loathing on fellow fans. We are all raw and hurting right now because of that greasy bastard but let’s aim the cannon at the right target not each other.

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  26. Apart from the Referee Wenger must take resposibility for purting the team under pressure with only a right back on the bench. Even if Arsenal made no signings, WHY SEND A FIRST TEAM defender (Djourou) and defensive midfielder (Coquelin) away on loan making any signings? Leaves others teams well prepared but Arsenal a world class team unprepared! VERY POOR MANAGEMENT ALL ROUND!

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  27. Look we took a beating from very strong Villa side.

    We’ve got what on paper was a very tough fixture out of the way. I’d have taken a draw before the game .

    But at least we have an easy fixture mid week to get some confidence back.

    The mighty Fulham will be tough test but at least we know Spurs will be there for the taking the following week. They’ll be totally unprepared and haven’t really strengthened at all ………………….

    Nurse , I’m ready for my meds.

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    • Villa are not a strong side. See my post above, Crispy. I couldn’t disagree with you strongly enough.

      We made Gabriel Agbonlahor look like Gabriel Batistuta today.

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      • Can’t believe you took my post seriously.

        Jesus fuckin CHRIST.

        Villa are shit. Fulham are shit. The ‘easy’ fixture midweek is away in Turkey where we’re going to get mauled based on today’s performance ( so some more sarcasm there) and finally Spurs are going to be licking their lips at playing us in a fortnight as they have ‘strengthened significantly’ and will be ‘totally prepared’ , so a little extra dose of sarcasm there that was lost on you again.

        Sorry mate for correcting you. Shouldn’t be bickering amongst ourselves.

        It’s a properly shit day .

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  28. I don’t care who is angry with my following statement…but I’m glad we lost and picked up that card and got those injuries.

    Arsene must be f***ing mental if he thinks this squad had the depth and quality to compete on all fronts. WAKE UP and do something about it!

    I think i may take a break from football this season and return for the world cup. Too emotionally draining, i am beat!

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  29. Crap, i cant remember where my boots are, i will just have to wear a pair of gloves on my feet if Arsene gives me a call.

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  30. Its just all so ridiculous. Wenger for everything he has done for this club right now looks like a completely stubborn, frugal incompetent that lives in his own bubble.

    Would have been nice to have say….I dont know….a Fellaini in the side. Maybe an Ashley Williams or Luiz Gustavo. Gonzalo Higuain perhaps. Why not every single one of them? Why fucking not? We must not have the money….oh wait.

    Jack Wilshere and many others have no chance of staying fit when getting kicked like that. And they will get kicked at every opportunity. Because everyone knows we have ZERO reinforcements and few have the bite to stop it. Our players have tremendous spirit, but there isnt the nasty presence to put a stop to it.


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  31. Koscienly should just hand in a transfer request tommorow maybe that’ll get Arsene to wake up.

    in all seriousness though if we fail to get into uefa group stages I kinda see players here like kozzer or poldi getting really unsettled before the transfer window closes…..

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  32. No Santi and Kos for mid-week let’s just forget about it giving birth to a child is pain and bearable but supporting arsenal now has become more unbearable WENGER OUT!!!!

    Thumb up 9 Thumb down 1

    • Or we could pay them to lose, we have enough money and they have previous experience in match fixing. See no need to panic at all

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  33. For fenerbache:

    jenkinson Kosc Per Sagna

    Ramsey (if recovers) if not then Frimpong.
    Jack Santi
    Theo Poldi

    We really do need some players. Its not fair on us Afc fans who pay & suffer so much.

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  34. May be we need a very long season! May be we need to start over/ hit the reset button. What good is champions league qualifications, if it serves Greedy Bastards pockets? No reinvestment, no realistic chance of winning it! More over, Arsene premier league goal is and has been to pick up that extra money. Disaster it was today…. Giroud one dimensional. Rosicky not a finisher injury prone, But good squad player. They both hardly deserve to keep new players out, why protect them. No defensive mid, no spine up the middle. Yeah, it is insane to hope for Vermealen, Nacho return, loan Johan and Le Coq and not cover your defense. A red card, two bad injuries and you looking at the parril.

    Thumb up 10 Thumb down 3

  35. I’m here to be patient, chew gum and talk shit about Wenger. Well, I’m all outta patience and my gum’s lost it’s taste.

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  36. I hope everyone on here knows how tough it will be in Turkey. If we play like today we will get spanked and get some more injuries.

    As things stand I dont believe we have the quality to beat Fenerbache.

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  37. Yeah! This is the best result we ever had!

    Come on Wenger keep up this good work! There still has 37 games this season to be beaten by other crap teams let alone the big boys.

    Hell yeah! In Wenger We Trust….. our decining!

    Oh yeah I’m behind you grandpa.

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  38. I am trying to tell myself that there is more to this than meets the eye. AW gave us 2004 etc.which gives him a lot of credit in the bank.
    For a while, a pervading thought has been that he decided – OK I’ve done it with money, now I will do it with kids,underpinned with the fact that the new stadium constricted spending
    However, I m now thinking that this is an owner imposed thing below the surface. I e return on capital is more important than success on the field.

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    • i wonder about this. kroenke owns the denver nuggets and while they’ve always been decent — i.e. making the playoffs — they never have a chance of winning the thing. they never spend more than they need to. he’s content with good to slightly above average. the phrase asset stripping doesn’t seem as far off as it did a little while ago.

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      • The Denver Nuggets is a different situation to us. For one, the NBA has a hard salary cap. Kroenke couldn’t over spend even if he wanted to (well he could, if he were the Knicks, but the Knicks have been managed more poorly than Anzhi, Leeds, and Rangers FC put together).

        Moreover, and this is similar to the BPL, it’s virtually impossible for any non-major market to win in the NBA. There’s only a handful teams with even a hope of winning the NBA Championship (the Spurs are an exception because they lucked into Tim Duncan and their other players don’t seem to have very big egos). Denver has virtually no shot at winning the NBA championship just like Stoke or Norwich have no shot of winning the Premier League.

        Arsenal does not fit this scenario. We play in the capital. We have a winning tradition. We have loads of money and wealthy fans. There is no reason we should be acting liek the Nuggets.

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  39. Pls I want all arsenal fans to boycott all arsenal home games untill further notice, let the board and wenger be the spectators.

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  40. So, for Fulham, we’ve got ONE fit/available proper centre back. Let that sink in for a minute. ONE center back. I’m not a religious man, but I honestly think the football gods are trying to teach Arsene a lesson. We all saw this coming, but 1st day of the season ? haha it’s kind of funny when you think about it

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  41. We got rid of the dead wood, now we need some live wood, any wood, even an oak tree or a tree surgeon. We might even need bendtner back to defend for us. On second thoughts, maybe not.

    Thumb up 4 Thumb down 1

  42. A bit of karma for the way Arsenal and their fans behaved during the Suarez affair. Watching this meltdown is hilarious.

    Thumb up 4 Thumb down 39

    • I’m sorry what did Arsenal do?

      We put in a bid for one of your players, my God, Wenger should be shot for wanting to buy a player

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    • Karma?
      Poetic Justice for Liverpool ‘£10 to watch your mate’ FC would be for the collective pikey Liverpool chavs to spontaneously combust when the friction from all their track suits moving caught fire. The ground to come crashing down on top of ‘you ain’t playing the right tune’ bar man bashing Gerrard, that bitey racist to skewer Brenda through the neck with his massive teeth, and the chairman going out and spending another £100 million on the ‘next best’ English sticker Grant ‘can i have a pie with that pie’ Holt…. That would be Karma

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    • he looks so promising but he’s one of the slightest prospects i’ve seen. at least two years until he’s big enough to even be considered for first team football. that is, until wenger chucks him on because we’re out of players.

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  43. A club like Arsenal as a minimum should have two players for each position and behind that decent youngsters in case of emergencies. We currently don’t have that because deadwood has been cut and players have been loaned and not replaced therefore only half the job has been completed in time for the new season. For me that simply is not good enough for a club of out stature. Piss poor management at every level

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  44. It’s difficult for a foreign supporter to stick with this team for so long when you see other teams flourishing. Enough is enough. It’s all about Arsenal, not the people who run the club.

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    • I agree with Glen. I’m a foreign supporter and it’s not hard to love Arsenal at all. We all love Arsenal; the fact that we are complaining so vociferously demonstrates how much passion we have.

      I can understand not watching as many games as in past seasons to spare yourself some heartache, but I would never support another team.

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  45. I said it in preseason, Ramsey and Wilshere can’t both be in midfield. There is no physical presence and none of them can naturally shield the back four.

    Apart from that, Wenger should really take a long hard look at himself and ask “I’m I doing the best I can do for Arsenal Football Club?”

    Sadly the answer is no. You’ve actually destroyed our Champions League chances and ruined the start of the season with your pathetic squad management and excuses. Anyone who still thinks Wenger is a genius is as deluded as him.

    Thumb up 24 Thumb down 1

    • No way!! Didn’t you hear Wenger after today??? He only thinks about how he can do the best for Arsenal!! He only does concerns himself with how he can do the best and what is the best for his and our beloved club!! He has the fans, the team and Arsenal’s best interest in mind!! He even apologized!!! What a class guy!!! Pure jokes. As the manager and defacto team spokesman Wnger makes all Arsenal fans look like a bunch of plonkers with his pure undiluted stream of diarrhea and excuses. Shameful.

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  46. What i would pay to be inside Wenger’s head?……I would like to know how he thinks…I would trully pay to know what’s in his head

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  47. No centre halfs and szczesny still a liabity I hate to say this but we needed that defeat today to sort the fucking mess that our club is becoming

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    • i thought we were outplayed by man city and got lucky. the result was the very worst one could have hoped for as it gave wenger more misguided confidence

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  48. Arsenal have 3 fit defenders at the club…. Don’t worry though – it’s not Sep 2nd so these games dont count.

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  49. Wenger is screwing us on purpose season after season. The turkey squad is so far thinner in all aspects. In Wenger I am fed up!

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  50. AW: Guess who lost on the opening day last season, Man Utd. We have pace , we have quality. We just lacked a little sharpness and played a little bit with the handbrake on. I believe we can win this league.

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  51. For a lot of seasons the club has had key players leaving in the summer, which has been used as an excuse for a start of season crisis. This time there’s no one to blame but the management. Can’t get my head around how everyone else could see this coming apart from the management. How much say does Bouldy have? Surely he could see it? And if we have players waiting to come to us when we qualify for the CL full, then ignoring players who were willing to come at the start of the summer is a massive gamble. Thought it would be different this time around. It’s an absolute joke.

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  52. Well lads,

    I feared the worst and she is certainly among us, fear herself.

    The good news is giroud has shown ironically that he can finish with his feet, the first goal looking very crafty, then forgetting he can head the ball winning most headers but sending them wildly away from goal.

    Rosicky broke my heart with that piercing run on goal only to throw the ball wide right and high in some strange manner.

    as far as signings, who is left that’s worth our time and that we could realistically steal away this late in the window?

    It looks dark outside boys, and the piss poor referee’s didn’t help it. Although I’m not very happy with the manager, we won’t help him repair anything by calling for his head. He’s an old man, this game probably carved a few years off of his life as is. Leave him to his own devices and pray for better days and signings in whatever form they come in.

    Add me on Facebook, always glad to banter

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  53. So this is the ashley williams (the one getting raped by united) that Wenger rates so highly? shows just how much of an edge arsene has lost…..

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  54. Wenger presser quote. “I have to look at the solutions at the start of the game. We could not go out at five to three and buy 6 players.”

    Well tell me what the fuck it is you have been doing for the last 3+ months….while this freight train was coming right down the track.

    For fuck sake.


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  55. All this top quality shit is a smoke screen. Is Sanogo better than what we had? Yet he did arrive. The fact he is now playing pontoon with Diaby is just another bitter twist.

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    • Why not hire Diaby as a coach? Wenger loves him and can’t see fit to let him go. So I say keep him as a coach — at least that way a squad place (in wenger’s mind) opens up…

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    • Normally there would be a stream of replies to your comment making jokes about your Caps Lock being on or asking you to stop shouting, however today all feel your pain.

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  56. And Utd is playing shit football long balls and somehow rvp scores because he is brillinat second goal out of nothing that’s how you win games playing shit football and scoring goals out of nothing.

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  57. Just say AW was sacked last season around January and we got 4th anyway. Is there any way on God’s green earth that the new manager would have us in the situation we’re in now? Christan Gross would have made a better fist of this transfer window

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  58. If that defence is already paper thin before this match, it’s worst after today. Next game for Fenerbahce we have Mert,Kos,Jenks as qualified defenders. For next EPL match we have Jenks,Mert with probably Gibbs being patched up and Sagna provided he doesn’t fracture any neck after that fall. That is just LOL!! Is this real or am I dreaming?!

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  59. Is it starting to become the norm to do badly at the beginning of the season and then push for a top 4 finish at the end?

    I really feel for the fans, who fill the stadiums week in week out paying extremely high prices, getting such results in return.

    Even if we do bring in 3-4 “top top quality” players, what exactly are we trying to achieve? BPL title? I hardly think that’s possible.

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  60. I found Martin Keown’s level headed BBC post match talk comforting amidst all the poisonous shit I’ve been reading around the internet

    There are glaring issues about this team that haven’t been addressed and we’ve paid for it today with everything going wrong

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  61. This is what happens to a team with just 15 players, I’m glad d window is still open though. Reminds me of 8-2, we have a stupidly stubborn manager.

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    • In some ways it’s worse. Cesc and Nasri had just forced their way out of the club, and I can see how it would be extremely difficult to feel at least Fab’s shoes. But this was planned. Wenger went into this game confident.

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  62. Funny how Wenger tries to compare his inability to bring in new players with Man U and Chelsea……take a look at how deep their squads are and then look at yours mate, they’ve got skill, experience, strength and winning mentality all over the pitch, we don’t have that anywhere. Is is bad that as an Arsenal fan, i was actually hoping for us to have a bad day today because i was hoping that a bad day at the office will spur the club management into action? So annoying that the club has done so well to get rid of so many useless players….imagine if we had brought in quality replacements for Chamakh, Gervinho, Arshavin, Denilson, Squillachi, Djourou, Santos, Coquelin and Manone???? SO SAD!!!

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  63. What an utter fucking shambles.

    Oh dear oh fucking dear….

    It was predicted by some on here and denied by the “loyalists”…

    Well, despite the infighting between the two factions, it seems we are all in the same boat.

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  64. I am just itching to put this out there for everyone. Is it just me or I find it super f***ing annoying when wenger says “We are ready to spend on quality players. ” is our scouting so bad that we can’t find players now?Out of hand I can name a few have around in Europe who are definitely better or if not equal to what we have. We could have gotten Fellaini with that RC and would at least solved the Arteta problem. We could get Papadoupoulos from Schalke and if I am not wrong he can cover across the back line as well and he’s one hell of a beast of CBs. We are so short on players right now with that 180 million pounds left in the bank, its becoming a joke.

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    • Another issue is that players don’t want to come to Arsenal anymore, when guys are chosing teams like Napoli (Higuain), Wolfsburg (Gustavo), Tottenham (Vertonghen and Dembele), Liverpool (Sahin), you know you’ve got a serious problem. I think it’s because they don’t have faith in Wenger, they see Arsenal as a club on the decline and would rather go to places like Napoli or Spurs because they appear to be on an upward trajectory. For me, this is the main reason why Wenger has to go.

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      • Sahin is shit, we wanted Vertonghen to play DM (I think Wenger reasoned that we just bought one Ajax central defender, we should give him more of a chance. Vertonghen is far better than Vermaelen), Gustavo just wants to play he doesn’t care where and he’s gotten a huge contract (135thou a week is absurd for him), Higuain wanted to come to us but we balked at Madrid’s evalutaion….

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    • Why didn’t we get Victor Wanyama. Young, plays CB and DM, could have been good backup and learned from and would have been on cheap wages. Oh right….he was already sold to Southhampton for the enormous sum of 12.5 mil that we can’t afford……

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  65. Watching rvp play for man u makes me want to cry. He’s awesome. They’ve been average today, but have a player who can win a game on his own. A player they went and bought ready made. I want one of those.

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    • Watching both Cesc and Van Persie — I’m astounded that we ever had players of that quality. The only untouchable assets at the club to me are Jack, Kos, Santi…and maybe Rambo. But otherwise, it’s a fairly average squad even at full strength.

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  66. “on why money hasn’t been spent…
    I can return your question. Could we have won the game with the players that were on the pitch today? That’s for me the real question. And I say yes. After that, if we do not spend the money, it’s because we do not find the players. I’m not the only one to work on that. We are a team who work on that. We are ready to buy the players if we find that the players are good enough for us. That’s all we can tell you.”

    Wenger is so deluded it is frightening. How can ge still be in charge of Arsenal? Is he accountable to no one? That slimy fuck Gazidis needs to do his job and sack the underperfomer.

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    • it would be nice if they would just come out with it and say “we can’t afford [playerX]” or “we want [playerX] but [clubX] are in as well and we are not willing to compete with them”.

      I’m sure then we would just accept the cold hard reality but by poisoning us with “we have loadsa money” speech, we expect quick pre-emptive action so we can avoid situations like these.

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  67. Teams have strong defenders on bench, we have two on field! How on earth are we going to compete with just Per and Jenko currently fit? I may be wrong but first batch of panic signings for wednesday looks like Williams and Flamini. Wenger will go for Flamini for his past experience as full back at Arsenal and also training with us these days. Good signing? Don’t know. But definitely a dire must at the moment.

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  68. Crikey, is it March already !?

    Arsene Wenger needs to sectioned under the 1983 mental health act. Not only is he deluded, and self-harming (“we take our work very seriously”), but he’s now harming others. The players particularly, and also the fans.

    Poor old Bacary Sagna. “Bacary today you are a right-back. Did I say Right-back ? I meant Left-Back. No No No !! you must now double up as centre-half” Poor bloke (Sagna) doesn’t know whether he’s coming or going. And gets himself a nasty injury in the process.

    So, Koscielny now faces a 3 week ban (now down to one centre-back). There is no first choice specialist Left-Back (assuming Gibb’s head injury rules him out for a couple of weeks). The midfield is down by 3 players (Arteta, Ox, Rosicky – who shouldn’t really be counted because his default state is injured). And you say “we take our work very seriously” Mr Wenger ?

    But the biggest crime. The thing that is unforgivable. Is that the fans are now starting to turn on themselves.
    Wenger and the board have created an atmosphere of mistrust, huge disappointment (not just with the result, anyone can lose a match, at any time), and down-right hostility.

    It’s a mess. It’s a fucking great big hole, and I don’t think he’s stopped digging yet.

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  69. The match vs Galatasaray in the Emirates cup should have shown Wenger what happens when decisions go against the team…And how top class CF’s and noob refs can combine to become a lethal strikeforce, if you know what I mean.

    Do you know what I mean Arsene?

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    • Piss off down the road to scum town with that attitude. I wear my shirt more often when it’s all screwed up like today.

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  70. The penalty decision that put us 2-1 down was wrong. So we were chasing the game, but I was still confident we could pull it back. Then we went down to 10 men. I admit that we weren’t good enough but it looks like I’m the only one who puts the majority of the blame on the referee? You can reply about signings all you like but I’d imagine any squad would have difficulty after these decisions

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    • …mate, you need sectioning as well.

      1. refer to [i]fat Gooner’s[/i] previous post to all the [i]optimistic[/i] gooners. It’s a great read.

      2. Open you fucking eyes and see what’s in front of you. We are one game, ONE FUCKING GAME !! into the new season and the team is ravaged by injuries. AND there’s a game on Wednesday night. A rather important one. One that qualifies the club for a tournament that trousered the club £30M last season.

      Like a I wrote earlier, the fans are turning on themselves. Who put us in that position ?

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      • The players we had on the pitch were more than capable of winning the match. I’m not arguing we shouldn’t have bought players, I’m fucking sick of the pissing about in the transfer market, the amount of fit players we have is ridiculous and I feel ill thinking about the season ahead.

        But I’m talking about THIS GAME not the fucking rest of the season.

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    • yes but we have 0 fit defensive midfield players because of 1 injury. whether the ref got the descisons right or wrong the defense werent properly protected.

      asking ramsey or wilshere to play the holding role in midfield is crazy and will not work

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    • I have coached soccer for quite a few years now and when the players and parents on my team complain about referee decisions I always tell them the same thing. You cannot rely on the referee to make the calls you want and create luck for you. You have to go out there and play and create your on luck on the field through your play. I think the same advice goes for our team except that while I make sure I prepare my team with everyone in my power, Wenger gives a grand total of zero fucks.

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  71. Hate to say this but Wenger does need a break. We need to stop being sentimental about it, the red flags have been obvious for years now but we chose to ignore them. If we had not lost 8-2 to manure we would not have bought arteta and per, If Gibbs was not injured no Monreal. Wenger is reactive now and it has cost us a lot. He is under no pressure to perform so he treats us fans with levity. His time is up and we fans should demand it. And we should all get ready for uefa cup as no top top top quality will register before d match. Why are we so fucked?

    Thumb up 9 Thumb down 1

    • I agree mate, but we are in a worse position to the 8 2 a few years ago and to rub it in the board and Wenger have been banging on about funds available to buy players.
      Taking the piss out of us season ticket payers of 22 years, fucking joke.

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  72. First of all, let me clear up something…both Cazorla and Koscielny WILL be available for Fenerbache, as suspensions dont carry over from last season.

    Anyway, I think everyone on here knew that without strengthening in the summer, this was always a possibility. I was far more concerned with the lack of acquisitions in defensive positions. Going forward we were decent, even with 10 men, but the ease with which Villa went through our defence was shocking. AW could easily have brought in a DM and a versatile defender, because these sort of players are not as difficult to find as opposed to a world-class striker, and when Arteta (who for me is the first name in our team line-up) was out, then it was even more concerning that there was not even one recognized DM in the squad. Remember a few years back, AW refused to pay an extra £2m for Xabi Alonso and his penny-pinching approach in the transfer window is why we are in this mess.

    The thing is, all of us fans had aspirations of not just finishing in the top 4, but actually challenging for the title. So now its just back to fighting the likes of the Spuds and Liverpool for 4th place, and the way things are, that is going to be a massive challenge.

    Very angry indeed.

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  73. Just the perfect situation we need to show that Wenger is delusional if he thinks he can continue to be stingy with money that is not his. Spend the f*cking money you bastard!!!!!

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  74. I hope Sagna alright. Nasty fall.
    Shit, when I thought this season will be our second undefeated season, we got our first defeat.

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  75. The Mancs need a midfielder, go on Wenger do them a favour and sell them Jack, you fucked us over last year in the same way.

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  76. Calling Mr Wenger
    Calling Mr wrong
    Calling Mr Wenger
    Can’t you just please fuckin’ buy someone?!!

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  77. There’s no way in the world that the club will offer to extend Arsenes contract, this will be his final season & I never thought I would say this but I can’t wait for him to leave! We appreciate all he’s done but right now he’s actually holding us back!

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  78. Just look how Arsenal is being run, it’s a company that’s making very good money, if you make money and your greedy share holders make profit, who’s complaining?
    Wenger will be in this position until we don’t qualify for the CL at the end of this very long and painful season.

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  79. I came to type something and found myself speechless which Led to typless which led to me wasting yours and my time typing this…Look what arsenal have done to me after ONE FUCKING GAME..

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 1

    • okay a couple of shots and a spliff and i have recovered.

      Lool injuries…Everyone but wenger saw this coming. Still havent calmed down enought to coherently comment on that….As for the game.

      The thing is for this particular game…SIGNINGS HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT..
      Signings are what we need to challenge, not for routine home victories against last seasons fuckiing relegation survivors.

      Reading wengers after game comments you would think we had just lost a tightly contested game away at barcelona…Not trounced 3-1 at home by Aston fucking villa.

      At least i won 330£ betting on villa to win…Anyone who didnt at least suspect something like this would happeni s an idiot in denial.
      After the last 8 years why was this even a surprise. Your talking about a team that lost to bradford.
      I couldnt even get angry as i have come to expect this.

      Shockin ref – check
      Player Sent off – check
      Another should have been sent off – check
      attacking midfielders unable to score or even hit the target with purpose – check
      defenders being bullied by pace and strength – check (Planet mertesacker is sickening to watch sometimes)
      injury to a player we cant replace properly – check
      wide open chasm in midfield – check
      sagna nearly dies – check
      Sub on a clearly unfit player – check

      What i did realise in todays games is that our defence is not actually that bad besides planet mertesacker against pace and strength.. Its our midfield..WHEN ARTETA is your only midfielder that can actually tackle you have a problem. A very big problem. Vieira and gilberto where NEVER REPLACED.
      Notice how easily teams get to our back four…Koscienly got sent off because he was making a tackle near the half way line..Why was he having to make a tackle there to begin with. Walcott, rosicky,ox, cazorla, podolski, ramsey, wilshere. None of these prancing little fairies can tackle…Wilshere gets stuck in but thats not tackling. Then our only midfielder who could be physical who could be that steel we need is infact made ot of glass and is called diaby.. its unreal. Teams find it so easy to play against us..Look how diifficult teams make it for us.
      To make matters worse its not like wenger dosent have the expeirence of knowing how benficial it is to have people in the mold of vieira, gilberto, petit…Wenger has even forgotten what made his OWN FUCKING TEAMS in the past successful.
      And please a striker with a bit of pace. Giroud has his good qualities but watching him attempt to run in behind is hilarious.

      I now expect us to lose or draw with fenerbache…However we will destroy them at the emirates, wenger willl throw his usual mental strength, spirit, dont need signings we just got in the champs league spin.

      This season will be NO DIFFERENT TO USUAL.. Disgraces like today, then we will thrash a few teams, then look good against a big side for 15mins before going 2-0 down and chasing the game while looking courageous, before finally a few spatterings of good performances here and there with one or two youth break outs in the carling or fa cup before failing at both.

      The only surprising thing is that i thought the wheels would come of at least in september maybe even make it to january..but AUGUST.

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  80. The team that we had out today, should’ve been good enough to beat Villa. The point is that, these problems continue to haunt us. We have become a joke on the pitch. Either we’re very good, or we are nowhere to be found. I get it, everyone is mad about the lack of signings, I am too, but in all honesty, we should’ve won today. This was textbook Arsenal, you can’t deny that.

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  81. After this summer I knew I wanted a new manager in place next season when AW’s contract expires. Today has just confirmed that, sadly. Not going to abuse the man but his failings as a manager over the last 2 plus years are just too much for me. We need someone else in charge and I vote for de Boer with Bergkamp as assistant or maybe Klopp if we can get him. We of course need other changes at the top too but that’s harder to achieve. If we go out of the CL before the group stage then things will turn very nasty and it could have all been avoided if the club had done what was needed earlier on. Shocking mismanagement from all involved.

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    • Eerily reminiscent of Liverpools decline, legendary manager given the benefit of the doubt for too long as results get worse and worse, poor high level management, bad transfer business, untrustworthy and distant American owner(s).

      I do not want to see this club go the way of Liverpool, 2 weeks remaining to ensure that doesn’t happen Arsene and Ivan.

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  82. I can play centerback for a bit if anyone needs me. My wages are in excess of a lunch voucher and a bus pass, however.

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  83. The problem we have is too many introverts. RVP demands the ball and im sorry to say the type of player we need now. Suarez could be that guy but we are probably not going to get him. Wenger seems to have a problem with the bug characters like these guys. He needs to get over it.

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    • 100% agree. We need extroverts and we need muscle. I felt like i was watching 11 glass ornaments today. All so fragile. I love the tricky touch players and play makers, but we need some steel to back them up. Wishere was kicked all over the park today. Had i been out there, I would have left a few stud marks on the legs of those Villa thugs. But there’s no one on the team that can do that. I hate dropping our standards, but what we needed today was a Ross Barkley, or JJ Shelvey, or Kevin Nolan. A thug/enforcer to protect our assets. We haven’t had one since PV left. There must be someone available who meets AW’s standards.

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  84. The ‘thumbs ups’ for Fatgooner say it all.
    While I disagree with his personal attacks on Wenger (senile old fool etc),the sentiment is spot on.Its time for change at the Arsenal,3 or 4 years too late.
    Wenger out & take the board with you,
    thanks & cheerio.

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  85. This is fucking shit. So easily avoidable. None of it makes any sense. Fucking sort it out Arsene. He’s made his bed and we’ve all got to fucking lie in it. It’s weird, it’s embarrassing and it hurts like hell to see fuck all come from what looked like such a strong position at the start of the summer.
    It’s quite frankly insane that we’re still twiddling our thumbs waiting for signings when the season has just started, we had fuck all players and now we have a suspension and another injury to contend with. We’ve lost three points already and it was so easily avoidable. This summer has been like an anxiety nightmare with the same nothingness happening every day and a 3-1 loss to Aston fucking Villa is a real kick in the nuts to finish it off. Things had better improve fast.

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  86. There are no other words to describe how I’m feeling. If the horse is no longer able to pull the cart, it’s either in line for the knackers yard or allowed to retire gracefully to pasture. Which one does the owner choose, that’s the question? Either way the days of carrying the load are over and a fresh horse is brought in.
    It would be interesting to see other peoples views on this subject.

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  87. Kos isn’t suspended. EPL red cards don’t affect ECL games. Cazorla isn’t suspended either for ECL.

    The problem here is that they want Wenger to behave exactly as they know, we know, he’ll behave: back and forth, dither, decide, change of mind, worry, dither. Same crap he’s done since Dein left. No one’s ever replaced him as purchasing agent. Wenger needs someone who knows negotiation, because Wenger can’t constitutionally negotiate anything.

    Then trot Gazidis out end of last season to say “we have scads of money, we could buy and pay Rooney!” What kind of moronic strategy is that? Right, I am gonna tell you that I have scads of money available so you can set your price accordingly. THAT was the lamest statement of the off-season and set up the failure of the pursuits of Higuain and Gustavo. Wenger has been set up for this because they are anxious to rid themselves of his contract and bring in a Championship or foreign league manager when his contract is up.

    Everyone acted according to plan, including silent Stan who’s pulled this in St. Louis and Denver before. Trust me, the Russian would have been much preferable as a majority shareholder. Dein was right about that as well. Morons, top-bottom.

    Speaking of which, eighth on the table at term-end, behind Tottenham, Liverpool, Villa and Everton.


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  88. Sagna is lucky he is a flexible athletic player. Had that been me landing like that I’m sure I would’ve snapped my neck in two. Also if we are going to buy any players before the window, clubs will now know our desperate situation. FUCK!

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  89. I still think the top 15- 16 are good enough but we need 25 EPL quality players to survive the rigours of an entire season. With so many injuries and just 70 million Wenger might have to buy 5-6 players of a lower quality and 3-4 free agents like Flamini just to get enough numbers to field a team through out the season. I would reluctantly accept that because the squad is perilously thin. Trading Park and Bendtner is a possibility too. If nothing else everyone has to unite now and fight like demons to get our season back on track.

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  90. We’re all going to die, so yes, we’re doomed. I hope you all are only this hysterical about football and more calm about other shit.

    There are still 37 games left to play, and two weeks to buy some players. This can be fixed. The CL is another matter… Wednesday will be interesting.

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  91. he`s just like brian clough . great manager of his day but refuses to adapt to the modern game and tactics .still persisting with same old insistance that tippy tappy football will win us silverware . you`ve only got to look at manures performance yesterday to see how far we`ve regressed .i say get rid before we find him comatose under a bush one morning like cloughy

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  92. Have I got it right? Did Shearer and Murphy just say that it is a FOUL when get something on the ball but you touch the attacking the player?

    2013/2014, the season that tackling was officially outlawed.

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  93. no worries! We’ll just go to our new big transfers… Er, um… Well, we’ll go to our deep bench… Er, um… Well, we’re happy with the squad we have and can’t find anyone to spend money on…

    Hey! Remember: we have financial firepower…

    This statement of intent from Gazidis should have EVERY member of AFC pissed and seriously concerned: ‘Many have speculated that Arsenal may be holding cash back as a “rainy day” fund to cover a revenue shortfall from any failure to qualify for the Champions League. This has been a lucrative source of funds for Arsenal, who earned €31 million in 2012/13 from the TV distribution alone, but Gazidis himself has quashed this theory many times, most recently in June, “The Champions League qualifier in August won’t affect our plans. It’s never been an issue when we’ve discussed with players before and it doesn’t affect our planning.”’

    meaning: we don’t care if we r in europe next season… Or the season after that…

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