Duo heap praise on ‘gifted’ Zelalem


Carl Jenkinson and Jack Wilshere have again reasserted their belief that Gedion Zelalem is an Arsenal star of the future although the former thinks the 16-year-old midfielder has to develop physically before being a serious first team candidate.

The German youth international catapulted himself into the limelight during the Gunners pre-season tour of the Far East after consistently conjuring breath-taking through balls for his teammates.

Answering questions from supporters at the club’s annual Member’s Day Jenkinson reflected on the impact of Arsene Wenger’s latest generation of young hopefuls.

“So many of the young players impress me to be honest but if I had to choose one it would be Gedion,” stated the right-back.

“He is very gifted on the ball, he is a midfielder that it is difficult to get the ball off, he has great balance and good feet and has great vision.

“He is still young, so physically he still has to develop and get a bit quicker and stronger – but technically he has got all the attributes to play at the highest level, without a doubt.”

Continuing on the theme, Wilshere, who already touched on Zelalem’s potential two weeks ago, added:

“He is only 16 but when he got his chance he took it. He played a few passes through that I don’t know how he saw them to be honest.

“As well as him there was Serge [Gnabry]. He has had a few chances and he keeps producing, so the future looks good.”

[insert line here about not bigging him up too much while resisting temptation to insert YouTube video where he looks better than Pele and Messi combined…just link to it instead]

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