PFA confirm no £40m Suarez clause


The PFA have confirmed that the now infamous Luis Suarez contract clause does not require Liverpool to sell the player for the £40,000,001 bid Arsenal have made.

Despite the Uruguayan turning to the association for help, their chairman, Gordon Taylor, said today, “It quite clearly states £40million is a minimum offer for discussions, but it becomes really difficult with such clauses.

“He believes the £40million amount that is mentioned, if that is offered that gives him the right to go.

“Liverpool, from their side, are saying that is a minimum figure from which they will consider negotiation and of course they will want to keep the player, unless they replace the player with someone as good or better, which is not going to be easy in a short period of time.

“We have been asked to try and help to sort the situation out and we have been trying to do that. Luis is one of our members and we want to be supportive, however, he may well have thought such an offer would trigger a move.

“The interpretation is not that simple by any means and there is no guarantee of getting a result if it is referred to the Premier League. I just feel like in any other transfer it is better for both parties to get around the table to try to resolve it.

“You are hoping the club say ‘If you are determined to go this is the figure we are looking at but if you are prepared to stay another year and you still want to go we will accept this much. At the moment it is certainly festering and I don’t think it is a good situation for the player or the clubs involved.

“It is not edifying and that is why I feel we had to do our best to get round the table and see if there are grounds for consideration for the move but it (the clause) is not specific and 100% certain.

“We are in touch with both parties to try to see if some resolution can be achieved that is satisfactory to both sides.”

Clearly, Arsenal had been briefed that a bid above £40m would trigger a clause which allowed him to move. Even more clearly now, that information was wide of the mark.

Meanwhile, Brendan Rodgers told the press this evening that he’d take action against Suarez and, essentially, called the want-away striker a liar for suggesting promises have been broken.

“I will take strong, decisive action, absolutely. There has been total disrespect of the club – this is a lack of respect of a club that has given him everything. Absolutely everything.

“There were no promises made – categorically none – and no promises broken. Obviously, the remarks I’ve read, it is bitterly disappointing – but my job is bigger than that. My job is to fight and protect the club.”

And here we are, less than 10 days before a new season kicks off, embroiled in a mess we never needed to be part of.

How very Arsenal.

How shit.

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