Report: Arsenal 1-3 Aston Villa (inc goals)


Arsenal: Szczesny, Sagna (90+3), Koscielny, Mertesacker (c), Gibbs (28), Ramsey, Wilshere, Rosicky, Oxlade-Chamberlain (46), Walcott, Giroud

Subs: Fabianski, Jenkinson (28), Frimpong, Cazorla (46), Gnabry, Podolski (90+3), Sanogo

Arsenal got their new season off to a disastrous start with a controversial, but ultimately deserved, 3-1 loss to Aston Villa at the Emirates this afternoon.

The Gunners started brightly as you would have expected on the first day and got a quick goal when Olivier Giroud opened the scoring in the 6th minute.

After great work deep in our half from Jack Wilshere, Arsenal broke down the left hand side, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain squared it to Giroud on the edge of the 6-yard box and his first time flicked finish went in at the far post to make it 1-0.

Poor Villa play presented Oxlade-Chamberlain a chance to shoot from the edge of the box but saw it blocked, before Giroud had a difficult header which drifted well wide.

But Villa were level in the 22nd minute when the visitors were awarded a penalty. Gabi Agbonlahor was allowed to run through the Arsenal defence and when he pushed it past Szczesny, and took a dive over the keeper. The ref played on and allowed Villa to have a shot on goal, and after that went wide he pointed to the spot.

Szczesny saved the initial spot kick but it bounced back to Benteke who got lucky and nodded it home to equalise. 1-1.

And moments later things got worse when we lost Kieran Gibbs after a clash of heads saw the left-back bleeding heavily from a head wound. Carl Jenkinson came on at right back with Bacary Sagna moving to left back.

Referee Anthony Taylor was not the most popular man in the ground anyway, giving little to Arsenal, but when Jack Wilshere was flattened by Ron Vlaar, and reacted a bit, he found himself booked along with the Villa man. Ludicrous.

Theo Walcott almost took advantage of poor Villa defending but the visitors got it clear, before Wojciech Szczesny went on a crazy walkabout having come out to clear a Villa through ball.

He headed it up in the air, then made a tackle – all while miles out of his box and on a yellow card – before scrambling back to push a long range effort around the post. Almuniarrifc.

The referee continued to ensure all headlines would be about him after booking a Villa player when he was clearly fouled by Oxlade-Chamberlain, and the teams went in level at the break.

Santi Cazorla replaced the Ox at half-time, worryingly it was more than likely because he took a knock in the incident which saw the Villa man booked, and with a squad already depleted, this would be bad news indeed.

Good play from Theo Walcott in the 51st minute put Giroud through on goal, although he couldn’t quite get the ball out from under his feet to get a shot away, and moments later the Frenchman put Tomas Rosicky through on goal. The Czech international should have scored but blazed his shot over the bar.

It could have proved very costly as less than 60 seconds later Wilshere lost the ball in midfield, and Fabian Delph smacked a shot off the post with Szczesny beaten.

But Villa were ahead shortly afterwards. Santi Cazorla lost the ball in midfield, Agbonlahor drove into the Arsenal box but was stopped by a great Koscielny tackle – however, the referee awarded another penalty which Benteke scored at the first attempt. 1-2.

And the referee made sure he’d be the one around whom the the narrative would revolve when he sent off Laurent Koscielny for a 2nd bookable offence in the 67th minute. It was more ludicrous refereeing, especially when Ron Vlaar was let oof an obvious 2nd yellow a few minutes later.

Tomas Rosicky had a good chance to equalise after some brilliant build-up play but Guzan came out quickly to smother the shot. Brad Guzan saved Villa in the 78th minute when the ball came to Cazorla in the box. He shot into the ground, the ball bounced up and Guzan pushed it onto the bar.

Benteke almost got his hat-trick, firing wide with just Szczesny to beat, before Anthony Taylor ignored Jack Wilshere’s demands for a penalty when he was blocked off in the box.

As Arsenal pressed for an equaliser Villa made the game safe. A corner was cleared, the left back Luna was clean through on goal and he spanked it past Szczesny to make it 3-1 to the visitors.

The Emirates was filled with chants of “Spend some f*cking money”, and who can argue with that?

As the game moved into injury time, it looked as if Bacary Sagna picked up a nasty injury after landing badly, and the last thing Arsenal need is another problem to a defender having lost Gibbs and with Monreal and Vermaelen injured.

In the end, as bad as the referee was, and he was really, really bad, it was the disastrous day a disastrous summer brought about.

Horrible all around.


      • Its been 5 months since i posted here, and nothing has changed, its the same faces playing boring and predictable football.

        I counted only 1 shot on target in the first 70mins, at home, against the might Villa ? – Absolutely pathetic.

        Groundhog day has officially begun.

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        • If we do spend some fucking moeny who would want to join this shower of shit? Not the “top, top, top quality” (Wenger qoute) that Wenger wants. We will get whats left and face it, we might as well have kept Santos, Gervinho, Denilson and the rest of the “deadwood”. Wenger is the problem right now. Suarez looks at the state of Wengers team and thinks, “no fucking way i’m going there” and that is what all world class players Think.

          What a mess my club has become. A complete utter failure. And it’s been building up to this classless shit for at least five years.

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      • ah anyone should freak out when for your next pl game you have 2 available defenders and a keeper who can’t well…goalkeep, oh but wait the transfer market is open…oh but wait again. Arsene stubborn wenger is our manager.

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        • arsene, please transfer yourself to some french club of your choosing (don’t really care which one) – think of the money you’ll save the club! also please fuck yourself while you’re at it. you are now officially an absolute joke.

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      • That ref was incompetent. Dishing out cards like it’s Christmas. That shouldn’t affect the opinion that one may had before this result.

        The fucking cunt. At a loss for words.

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      • Only you Sir and the French Fool who has not seen this coming since June without new signing. What did you expect to win the league with this 14 players. If you did, you and the Fool live in the same planet.

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      • I think you can freak out, actually. This was preventable, and now we have a threadbare squad facing injuries and a suspension. Arteta’s gone for 6 weeks, and that midfield of Ramsey and Wilshere–as much as I love each of them–is seriously disjointed.

        Furthermore, it’s another disastrous start. It’s another 3 points dropped to a team we should be beating. It’s another shit show from the keeper, and from whoever it is that’s supposed to prevent such easy, easy breaks for the opposition.

        With no signings on the horizon.

        So, yes, I think a freak-out is in order.

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        • When arsenal use wilshere, he usually go with ball straight to front, and leave big hole on the back. and remain carzola’s skill and passes useless. Unfortunally we missed arteta, whose make his stand on the back. wilshere ok, but make big problem too.

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      • jin, freak out no not now. I’ve been freaking out for a couple of weeks. Today just confirmed our worries.

        Wednesday just got a whole lot harder with a couple more injuries likely now.

        Is there really any excuse why our squad is so small.

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    • AW had this coming. He mixed it, baked it and now he has to eat the fu*king cake of his own crafting. Now go spend the fu*king money, will you, before our season ends before it even starts? The man never learns, does he?

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      • Proud supporter of Arsenal FC, the true metaphor for the working class. Promised improvements in life (SIGNINGS) by politicians, but they all go completely unfulfilled. So we try and make a living but the entire economic system (REFS) is rigged against us. And this will never change, it’s the 9th successive government (SEASON) that the same is happening.

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        • this is seriously the worst metaphor i have ever read. you honestly think Arsenal a club thats located in one of the wealthiest quarters of London, is a working class club? maybe some time looooong ago it was, but working class fans actually support their club i.e northern clubs. Arsenal fans are the most spoiled fans in the premier league, who not only feel entitled to success but think they know far more about football than they actually do. Smugness and Sciolism: the two most dominant characteristics of the professional class and thats where most of Arsenal’s supporters come from. Arsenal are a white collar club. A club for an enlightened sports fan, like myself, to support w/o the usual guilt that comes with being a sports fan i.e. the absolute absurdity of following sports, one of the simplest and dumbest pleasures humans have, that’s why the lower and working classes are far more passionate about it. Relax everyone its sports. If you can adequately distract yourself for 90 minutes in an afternoon then its done its job. If you can go further and appreciate the large picture of what sport represents and MAYBE find some beauty in it then you’re an Arsenal fan

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        • Sorry, I think you’ve misunderstood. I’m saying that the feelings you get, the adverse forces you face when supporting Arsenal can be likened to the feelings you get when you look at the history of the working class throughout the ages. Not that Arsenal is working class.

          But anyway I don’t understand what you mean by an enlightened sports fan either. If you think the upper classes don’t act on their “simple and dumb pleasures”, you’re in for a surprise. The poor get into street fights- politicians start wars. The poor bet £5 on a football game- investment bankers gamble with national economies. The media associate the ghettos with drugs/underage sex- but what do you think happens in Hollywood, L.A.?

          Everyone has base pleasures, everyone likes to be smug and sciolistic, its just the superficial activity to express them that differs. Albert Camus once said he would have much rather have been a footballer than a writer.

          I don’t get why you would want to support the assertion that the working class would support northern clubs. That is EXACTLY the type of mentality that fucking Ryan Shawcross had when he went into that tackle against Ramsey. “I’m a tough northern lad, playing against a rich southern club, let’s get fucking stuck in cuz it’s the only way of expressing myself” snap, leg broken.

          I work a white collar job too fyi. I saw no beauty in today’s shambles.

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        • By enlightened sports can I mean someone whose conscious enough to know recognize the irrationality of being a sports fan. How absolutely absurd it is to get emotional about supporting something that’s essentially when it comes down to it a metaphor for war. A conduit to express long suppressed emotions. Enlightened doesn’t have to mean the upper class just someone whose conscious of what he’s doing and role it plays in the world. The northern clubs remark is one that’s based on simple economics, not on why a member of the working class would choose to support a northern club; traditionally the North has been and is more working class than the South and that’s why they tend to be a lot more emotionally attached to their football clubs a lot of which have working class roots.

          And don’t quote Albert Camus if you don’t know the context of his words

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        • My dear fellow, this is a football website and we are all supporters of the same team. There is no need to bite someone’s head off for making a harmless comment. If you don’t agree with him, fair enough, but might I make a suggestion? I have been in academia for almost a decade and if one wishes to have a discussion or dispute a point, it’s generally the done thing to try and be civil and polite. Just a thought.

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        • bite someone’s head off. civil and polite discussions. let me refer you to your first comment: “don’t try to be clever, it doesn’t become you.” oh the hypocrisy of academia, you can’t with one side of your tongue call for civil discourse and with the other end that call with the very dismissive and sarcastic phrase of “just a thought.”

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        • Well in anyone language, you sound like a right prick to me, who has not a clue what it means for a lot of us to support the Arsenal. Besides, I would think the mirror gives you an erection- not the paper, you’re much to sophisticated for that

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        • Not sarcasm, merely an acknowledgement that it’s only my opinion: Take it or leave it, I really couldn’t care less. But I can’t abide rudeness, so I think one can reserve the right to be a little sharp to those who are. Do calm down and try and be civil.

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      • we have 1 center back for at least until next game, and with that sagna fall I can’t see him playing next week.


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        • And the fans. My pal just rang me walking home from the game- He said the atmosphere was the worst he’d seen in all the time he’s been going. Sure, the referee actually looked like someone had slipped him a couple of grand to throw the game, but even then, that doesn’t excuse the absolute clusterfuck that was today’s match. I’m a long time supporter of Wenger, albeit one who has harboured doubts since the shambles that was the summer of 2011, but I can’t defend him anymore, and what’s worse, I don’t want to. I’m supposed to be going to the derby, but I’m seriously not looking forward to it. Given the amount it’s going to cost me to go back to London to watch it, I’m really wondering if I can be arsed, given the management at the club certainly aren’t. Might be more fun to stay in the miserable shit hole that is Leeds and play with myself instead.

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        • There are options actually. There’s Jucilei from Anzhi, a good strong DM! We could look at signing samba too if he seems to be worth it currently. Or Toby Alderwiereld could be a great CB option too. Cheap! Just how wenger likes it. We may not get a forward at this late juncture but our scouting team is smoking some real trippy shit if they cant find targets when tottenham is signing people in such numbers. Honestly, can you blame the traitor for wanting to go with a management like this? Still, I hate that he agreed to go to United.

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        • Dreadful start – but will a signing spree get us where we want to be?

          Its still an open sore the summer we got smashed 8-2 at Old Trafford and then went on a drunken last minute spree.

          2 years on that yielded the fantastic Arteta and Per Mert. 2 other signings are no longer at the club and one was a loan. So Thats a 2/5 hit rate.

          Who smells a similar scenario around the corner? The thing that shits me most about that is that you didn’t have to be a genius to work out Arteta and Mertesacker would have helped the team 2 years earlier than they actually signed them….. Everything lately seems last minute and random.

          So now we go scattergun in the transfer market… get 2 great players and 4/5 duds.. its better that nothing I guess, by what happened to strategy? Why can all these other clubs seem to add quality additions to their squads early. Until the manager and the board can manage that aspect of how the club is run, the knives will be out from fans.

          I feel for the decent players who try and bust a gut out there

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        • Damn right. The real tragedy is that this team could do so much more if it were properly nurtured and strengthened. The ‘could have beens’ and ‘never weres’ are gone, the nucleus of a strong team is there, we could challenge and be a force with some investment, and yet we fester. I can take losing and not winning trophies, but the lack of drive and desire is so depressing!

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        • I see what you mean, but, for now, Dick Law gets a pass from me for his work bringing Joel Campbell to the club. But yes, my patience is being tested.

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        • I’m just saying…he spent a whole week in Costa Rica trying to find Joel Campbell. For me, that’s just top, top speereet.

          At the moment, I understand Dick’s in Germany trying find Gustavo’s brother, so let’s just want and see what turns up.

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        • UPDATE: Dick is in Manchester marking each street with chalk so he doesn’t get lost trying to find Wayne Rooney. Word is, he has Gustavo’s brother in tow, and we’ll be announcing this signing very soon.

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    • Wenger is at fault for this. Why would a sane man loan out Djourou and Miquel when there is obvious lack of numbers at back? Why did he loan Coquelin when we were not bringing in another defensive midfielder to back Arteta.

      This was totally preventable unlike recent seasons when some cunts left us. Complete mismanagement by Wenger and co.

      I know this is only the start of the season, but for god’s sake, this is ARSENAL! This feels worse than 8-2.

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      • Totally agree. It’s the first day of the season and already I feel massively let down by the club I love. We’ve rolled the dice on getting through a few games with this team in the hope of picking up some last minute bargains, and it’s backfired in the most spectacular way possible. It’s time to sort this out right now, or bring in people who can sort it out. Right now I’m fucking dreading Fenerbache.

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      • There was a chap on here yesterday who mentioned that he couldn’t decipher an unintelligible comment even with a Ph.D from Cambridge. Perhaps he’d like to have a crack at this one?

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    • TBH I don’t think even Suarez could save us and this isn’t even a hating comment
      You really have to question Wenger as a manager, yes i know Arsenal haven’t spent, but theres no way they should be losing 3-1 to Villa at home with a much better squad. No Arsenal fan would swap their squad for Villa’s
      Winning mentality has completely been missing in the Arsenal dressing room for years, its not always down to the quality of the players but the mentality of winning. Well we havent shown any ambition for like a decade what did we expect for that? CL? EPL title?? Pffft.

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    • Arsenal are about to announce a new level of digital membership whereby they pay YOU to watch this shit. So that’s the last time I want to hear any of you yahoooos complaining about us not spending money.

      Is it too late to bring back Squillaci?

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    • Thank you for your insightful comment. It really was a wonderful contribution to this post. I’m so glad you made it.

      Arseblog. I think you need a comments system like Reddit, where the most upvoted comments go to the top. That way, idiots like this can’t have the satisfaction of getting their stupid opinions seen by so many people.

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    • More of the same. I have been saying for at least a year that Wenger has to be sacked outright. No vision, no game plan, no team spirit. I just hope that Drogba’a Ferenbache will trash Arsenal next Wednesday, maybe then the impotent Arsenal Board will realise that the problem is just Wenger. Having managed to obtain not one decent signing this summer, after having been promised a lot, we are left with the same bunch of lazy overpaid and mis-managed players. No ‘world class’ player would now even consider joining Arsenal, and getting kicked out of the Champions League in the preliminary stage would be the perfect stimulus for a total re-hash of our beloved club.

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    • Let me just say this. Calm the fuck down gunners. The ref had a really, really bad game. We were dominating the game even with ten men, that BAM!!, second penalty to Villa, we went close to scoring three times..until the third goal. Wenger is going to spend surely after this result, just wait, and see. Plus Rosicky is fucking beast, respect that man, and his performance, and stop complaining, the season has just started

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      • We went down to ten men after the penalty mate. Shocker of a game. Wenger really needs to sort his shit out or fuck right off. I mean he’s really taking the piss now.

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      • Going close to scoring doesn’t put points on the table. Although the referee was bent, and I really mean that.

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      • That what AW should do isn’t? After today’s result, he should be barking to his people to bring in the signings first thing Monday. But, alas, AW does not think like normal people, no one can really know what he would do next.

        Look at his tactics (predictable, no plan B etc), look at how he deals with his tranfers out, ie; RVP (he sold him to our rival! Whilst we see how livpool keep Suarez with all their might). That’s not how normal people do.

        What a mess.

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        • Slightly different scenario, given the Dutchman had only a year left, but I take your point. They should have renewed his contract ages before, and selling him to the glory hunters was horrific. They just don’t have the nous to make a big signing though, and even if they did sign Suarez I doubt he’d be a panacea and stop all the rot. Plus his temperament is deeply questionable. But then after today, I’d take anyone who could score goals.

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    • I hated how the commentator on fox during the arsenal match was like ..” welcome to the most dramatic league ever”.

      I was bitch, it fucking arsenal that is dramatic, its like the football gods are doggy styling us. we are dramatic in transfers, dramatic at the end of seasons, dramatic in…just DRAMATIC… But at least the boys tried, we just have to chill, and see. If doesn’t sign gonna…emm..gonna..still watch arsenal.

      Haiz, its like being in a fucked up relationship, where you need your partner more than she needs you even though she is a gold digger (arsenal board), haiz, SPEND THE CASH WENGER!!!he can buy Suraez sperm for all I carebut just spend the CASSSSSSSSSH..ARHH

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    • I swear everything that could possibly have gone wrong this week has?
      -no new signings
      -arteta injury
      -even more injuries in defence
      -loss to villa
      -lack of signings
      -more suspensions in defence
      -no new signings
      -failure to sign anyone.

      but then again… we are arsenal.

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  1. Well was it not just all too predictable? You dont think the other teams dont know we are razor thin? Ofcourse they do and they can kick us right out of the game….

    Because we cant fucking cope. Because fucking Wenger has not spent one single fucking penny. Who is fit now after this shit sandwich?

    Yeah the referee could not have been worse, but seriously.

    I guess the panic button will be hit now? No?

    Traveshamockery. Feel so bad for our players they are gonna be run into the ground. And sorry but that people in charge of running this football club have nobody else to blame….


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    • That was one of the most terrible refereeing displays that I have ever seen. Talk about one sided – he single handedly gave that fucking game away. Without him that game is 1-1, the last 2 goals were the result of abysmal refereeing.

      I need a drink

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      • the shame here is that, due to the ref’s shocking performance wenger will distract the attention from himself to the ref. as shocking as the ref was, a better squad would have won today, without Arteta we are wide open with no one to protect the defense, cazorla does not look physically ready to be playing but he has to because there is no one else, this is disgusting. only one man to blame, not the referee, Arsene Wenger

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        • aussie gooner, my reference was not only referring to the referee. Which is why I greenthumbed your comment.

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        • Don’t talk such utter shite aussie gooner. In the post-match interview Wenger clearly said the ref had a bad game, but that we still should have won in spite of that. I know we’re all frustrated at the moment, but there’s no need to make it worse.

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      • In the case of this particular game and the circumstances surrounding the club, I think the shit ref (which he was) is kind of beside the point.
        We did not need to lose to Aston Villa. The whole summer led to this; dodgy ref or not.

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    • Thanks for the Sex Pistols reference, it’s a good time now for me to blast through that album with a couple of beers

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    • yeah i understand that now, my worry isn’t about the fans, the fans understand the shortcomings of the manager and all of the staff responsible. it’s Wenger himself that will just rub this off as a unfair result and that this team is still premier league winning material

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  2. What we really, really needed was defensive injuries, suspensions and the worst referee in the league…

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    • Yeah, we were in danger when Gibbs went out; Sagna is not a left back, and we hadn’t anyone capable of play there. The ref screwed it up, but, to look at the bright side, it’s better now than in November. We can still buy a player per role at the very least and have a proper 25-man team.

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    • Well, a lot of the time it looked like the Aston Villa players would just waltz through our defense. We really need someone in front of the defense and tell the opposition to fuck off.

      I’m slightly glad Arteta missed the game. Hopefully, Wenger uses this opportunity to buy a DM.

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      • Also, how come the players in the position where we are the lightest manage to get injured most often and most terribly?

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      • I’ve been saying this for a while: Wilshere doesn’t do enough defensive work to play DM. In fact he barely does *any*. But of course, Wilshere is the golden boy of English football, so no one dares to point out the bleeding obvious. He is an exciting CM, but for god’s sake, he shouldn’t play DM.

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  3. Well hands up if you didn’t see that coming.

    Alright Arsene, you can put your fuckin hand down now.

    A total fuckin embarrassment.

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  4. 1. Highest paid manager in the league (Mourinho possibly).
    2. We’ve had money to spend for the last few years, he has spent money on mediocrity.
    3. He has final say on everything at the club.
    4. We pay the highest ticket prices in the country.
    5. One man should never ever be more important than the club.

    We as fans have a duty to remove anyone from the club, and provide stewardship if we feel it is for the greater good.
    Enough of this dictatorship. WENGER OUT.

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      • You know, I was reminded of Piers today every time I saw Paul Lambert’s face. I think they’re brothers or something.

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    • ‘We as fans have a duty to remove anyone from the club, and provide stewardship if we feel it is for the greater good’

      We dont have any rights, arsenal is a private company, when your a majority shareholder, then you can feel all upety and come out with this crap, as for now, dont start getting ideas above your station, your making yourself look stupid.
      Talking about ‘stewardship’ and and battering on about your rights over the club is the sort of embarrasing self-entitled crap liverpool fans come out with, and it cracks me up everytime i hear it, i cant take hearing it from arsenal fans, not today, today is bad enough

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  5. Are there enough fit players to even field a five-a-side team?

    Also, some really random decisions. Stop playing board games, ref!

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    • I feel sorry for the players. They were on the end of some really bad decisions, nasty tackles and on top of that they have not been given the squad depth or star quality, match-winning back-up they were promised. They’re a good, hard-working bunch who fight for each other but, like the fans, they have been massively let down by the lack of transfers.

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    • Yes the ref was a fucking disaster but we allowed him to be one. Cazorla loosing the ball and Kosh making a stupid fucking challenge in the penalty area.

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        • Im saying that the situation could have been prevented. Cazorla lost the ball by being piss poor and Kosh shouldnt have made the tackle. It was a great one but he made it easy for a crappy shit ref to blow for a penalty.

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    • Yes, the ref was crap, but we still had a bunch of injuries and no replacements. That’s not the ref’s fault, that’s all Arsene’s fault.

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  6. This is just pathetic state of affairs brought about by Wenger, Ivan and the Board. Now they will start panic buying when they had enough time to bolster the squad. Arsene Spend Some Fucking Money or simply Fuck Off!!!!!

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  7. If Wenger didn’t knew that already then he would now that we need a goalkeeper, central defender, defensive midfielder and a striker..

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    • you can add a couple of fullbacks to that too now that we have only 1 fit fullback and make that 2 more central defenders now that we have 1 fit CB.

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  8. That cunt wins them 2 pens and Walcotts meant to be the better player but he just fuckin zones out! Got a LB who’s makin his debut so terrorise him but does fuck all! Kos should’ve slide in for the first goal and stand his ground for the second but made terrible decisions. Big misses from rosicky especially the first one when it was 1-1 at 11 v 11. Arsene man, the worse has happened!

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    • can’t and won’t blame the players for this one. most of them were carrying knocks (Sagna, Ramsey, Walcott) and/or came back from international duties and shouldn’t have started or even played yesterday. but because we haven’t bring in anybody, they had to. Actually I felt the players gave everything they had and didn’t played that bad, given the circumstances. The management is to be blamed.

      And when I mean the management I mean Gazidis and Dick Law more than Wenger. Firing Wenger but keeping Gazidis and Law won’t probably change much.

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    • I mean the ref.
      Somehow I was thinkin of Phil Dowd, and even spelled the name wrong.
      Down-> Down.
      The ref was actually Anthony Taylor. The prick.

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  9. well, thats all my pre season optimism completely wiped out

    same old arsenal, nothings changed


    its all very well waiting till the spring and being focussed on winning, how about being that way at the fucking start of the season?

    last week we dispatched man city with clamness and resolution, today we were a fucking shambles at times

    where was the desire and concentration to get 3 points to win the league?

    oh, its just little aston villa, we can take it easy and we will win because we are better than them? is that our attitude? because it feels like that in so many games.

    we can talk about new players etc, and that would give more options, but if the ew players play with the same shitty shambles attitude then it wont make too much difference.

    can we really not defend against someone running through the middle if we dont have arteta? are we really that reliant on him? for fucks sake it wasnt ronaldo or messi running through, its agbonfuckinglahor

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      • yeah exactly, fire Wenger and keep Gazidis and Law, that’s exactly what we need. Do you really think any other manager will do as good as Wenger with Gazidis and Law still being here ( and silent stan too )?

        For me it’s Gazidis and Law and our negotiating team who fucked up. Wenger usually does not take part in negotiations, his job is to identify targets, not to sign them. I am quite sure he has done that – identifying players he’d like to bring him, probably dozens of them – but who’s really fucked up and has not been able to bring them in?

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  10. Already sick of this season. Sack Wenger now! Nothing else is will change anything, if he stays it will look like this evey game. No gameplan. No strenghtening of the team. No plan B (not even a plan A). Big and strong players are shit in his World. We got outfought by Villa! They kicked us around and not one Arsenal player could take the fight, not one.

    Wenger is so outdated its scary. If we sack Wenger now, a new manager has time to spend the fucking Money. Wenger sure as fuck wont spend anything that senile bas…..

    The title race is over before it begun (if anyone thought we could win it). You have fucked up big time Wenger so now please, do one.

    Thumb up 61 Thumb down 22

    • How do you know it’s Wenger the biggest culprit? I don’t think he’s the one signing contracts and aggreeing terms with the players. We’ve been linked with so many players since the end of last season, I’m quite sure Wenger would have liked to sign them.
      I think the ones to be blamed are Gazidis, Law, our negotiating team ( whoever they are, if they exist ) and to some extent Silent Stan. That we can’t bring in the players we’d like to (and Wenger wants too, probably) is down to them and they’ve fucked up.
      I am not (anymore) a 100% supporter of Arsene but I think before asking him out, we should definitely take see if really he’s the one messing it up and not the other ones around him at the club

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  11. If it was hard getting players to the club BEFORE the start of the season, I just wonder how hard it will be now, when everyone has seen the state which the club is in right now.

    Thumb up 25 Thumb down 0

    • per was out of position when villa hit the post, with the open chances Arsenal gave them 3-1 was not that bad, nobody tracking the runner, what happened to our new found defensive solidity?

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    • now that would be far too simple. Why not wait until we’re two down, and in the 93rd minute, because thats obviously going to work.
      It’ll also do wonders for Poldi’s morale.

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  12. never ever seen such a cunt of a ref, a fucking disgrace, a joke. a mockery. THE CUNT.

    Good effort from the lads after the red card.

    Thumb up 52 Thumb down 4

  13. No better top top to quality than this around your Europe????? no one better or equal to Giroud, Theo or Poldi??? And you call yourself a manager that earns 7.5 million a year.

    one word to sum you up, a FOOL!!!.

    Thumb up 29 Thumb down 11

    • What was worse is even once we scored I had no faith that we would be able to hold on to the result. Poldi should have come on and not Cazorla, he looked knackered as evidenced in his poor pass for the second penalty and also his mistimed shot which Guzan made look half decent. If we had signed Wanyama/Gustavo, Williams and perhaps Higuain/A.N Other striker then I think this result may have been very different. Despite his antics today Scez showed he has some quality there despite conceeding it the save from the first penalty was good and he could do nothing about the rebound and the other two goals he couldn’t do much, I do agree bring in Cesar but not to replace him straight away, but as pure competition, also he could act as someone to help improve Scez’s footwoork.

      Hopefully with some signings this first weekend will become a distant memory, with no signings I really fear even for a Europa league place.

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  14. the most inconsistent referree eva !! as usual we cant seem to find our way of a sticky situation . and the fact was we were more or less concentrating ova the next foul rather than attemptin to even try win the game was typical of arsenal

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  15. I am glad the players heard my call. I am glad we lost. Maybe Wenger will now spend some money. He can’t be that cheap. No wonder why French don’t tip.

    Thumb up 5 Thumb down 40

    • what does that even mean??

      how you can ever be glad that we lost is beyond me as an arsenal fan, regardless of our transfer situation.

      and the french tip 100% better than we do

      Thumb up 14 Thumb down 2

  16. Fuck this shit.

    I was so excited for the season opener and we get this…

    Yes the ref was utterly atrocious but it again comes back to wenger.

    “Spend some fucking money”

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  17. Sad day for Arsenal, Arsene Wenger, the supporters.

    If everyone keeps predicting doom and gloom, guess what it will come true. Never ever have I seen Arsenal fans walking out on their team and manager like that. Surely its not the Arsenal way.
    Really didnt need to see this today my life is fucked enough as it is.

    P.s. the referee was a fucking cunt and its not Arsene’s fault we had to of our back four taking out unfairly. He is to blame for tactics which left us exposed to a counter attacking team.

    Thumb up 24 Thumb down 19

    • So it’s not Wenger’s fault that he has nobody else to bring on? We played the rest of the game after Koscielney was sent off with a 3 man defence whilst chasing a lead. The only reason we had a 3 man defence is because there were zero defenders on the bench.

      Yes, the referee fucked us. But Wenger fucked himself by not adding depth to the squad before the match and he has had the last 2-3 months to fix that.

      Put any other team in our position and they won’t do anything close to what we’ve done. They would see the weaknesses in the squad and spend as much money as they can to strengthen. We seem to be the only club in the world with clear cut problems and the finances to fix it, yet turn a blind eye.

      I was offered a season ticket this year, they want me to spend close to £2,000 on pretty average seats watching a club that needs at least 4 top players. We’ve got close to £150m in the bank, at least £100m of that can be spent on players. We’ve had the last 8 months to find 4 players to bring in, all we have done thus far is bring in a young, unproven, injury prone, division 2 player on a free.

      Madness is determined by doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Yet here we are, with money to spend, a squad that needs strengthening and a world class manager unable to get his ducks in row.

      Ivan came out and said that we have the money, he said we had the money for high wages, he told us all it would be an exciting transfer window with big players coming.

      Wenger is left out to hang and dry now, there is no more excuses he can hide behind, which he has done for the past 8 years. The big changes are coming, the fans are in the know about our financial situation, we know we have the money (before, we were a bit in the dark and just knew we could spend).

      Every single loss this season will be met with boos, ‘spend money’ chants and no more staunch Wenger defenders who can use the bullshit to make a case. Arsene is naked and the fans WILL be on his back on every single negative result.

      It’s going to be an incredibly hard pill to swallow for fans of Wenger to witness the ferocity he will get from the fans if he fails to spend. But there’s not one Arsenal fan who can say that he hasn’t backed himself into a corner by following his philosophy at the sake of the club, when it was far, far easier to correct problems than ignore them.


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      • Sorry, am I understanding you correctly when I say that I think you’re saying that we should have finished the game with a back four with 10 men and 1 goal down?

        Tactical genius.

        Thumb up 3 Thumb down 9

        • I’m saying we didn’t have that option. Wenger’s hand was forced to play 3 men at the back because he had no defenders. So even if Wenger wanted 4 men at the back (to shore up our defence to build an attack), he wasn’t able to.

          And it’s his fault that his hand was forced.

          Sagna had a nasty fall, Gibbs has a nasty cut and Koscielney will be suspended. If Sagna and Gibbs take longer than a week to recover, that leaves us with the following players to play the back four next week:

          Mertesacker and Jenkinson.

          Tactical genius or not, it doesn’t take much intelligence to realise that the threadbare squad status has fucked us for that game.

          And it’s only one person’s fault.

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  18. Szczęsny is a shower of shit!

    Arsenal aint trying to sign players i have said it before, goal keepers compared to other posistions dont cost as much they are actually cheap in football terms.

    Theres is no excuse Júlio César would of been a great buy.

    Guys you cant just blame the refferee agreed he was shit but the problem lies deeper than just some dodgy referee decisions.

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  19. Well, same as last two years… It shouldn’t be this way. Bottom line is, bad officiating should never ever change the game, ever, period. This Anthony Taylor guy should be in the Blue Square after this game. We need to spend money, end of. At this rate I really feel it should be Wenger’s last season, I have always supported him, but while watching this game, it was the first time I legitimately looked at the side and wondered what has happened to the club.

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  20. We are a fucking joke. we make the headlines because of wengers belief that our squad is strong enough when we are clearly not. we obviously know nada about what we need. sick of this is in denial. stay away lads its the only thing that the board will listen to.

    Thumb up 19 Thumb down 1

    • If Wenger is half the gentleman he pretends to be, he should hand in his resignation immediately – which the Board should gladly accept

      Thumb up 10 Thumb down 4

        • …and then David Dein rides in bareback on a unicorn, holding a long shiny dildo (?), restoring order and success to Arsenal once more, appointing Sir Chips as manager, and Usmanov as Gunnersaurus. All hail the mighty Dein, saviour of all!

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  21. Heh, it couldn’t have ended otherwise, could it? Even though Arsenal put themselves in this position, the referee to ridiculous.

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  22. Maybe this will serve as kick in the balls to go out and fucking buy some players.

    Unacceptable. As shitty as refereeing was, it’s Aston Villa. They barely survived relegation. I was looking forward to this for the last three months?

    This is bound to get worse before it gets better. Fuck me…

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  23. Yesterday Wenger said that, the team should be judged based on what they do on the pitch. And what they did on pitch was seriously bollocks. May be this year Wenger will be the first manager to be sacked.

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  24. We missed Arteta SO BADLY today. That is one reason why we lost. But the fact that Wenger failed to replace Arteta is just inexcusable.

    We had a team containing 5 midfielders who love to attack, and no-one who was content to sit and watch everyone else attack, the way Arteta or even Song used to.

    I don’t give a fuck who we buy. THERE ARE FUCKING PLAYERS OUT THERE. I love you Arsene Wenger, but THIS IS YOUR FUCKING JOB. This defeat was avoidable. Buy some fucking players, and this debacle doesn’t happen.

    As an aside, I can’t think of a situation in which more factors could have contributed to our downfall. Horrendous way to start a season.

    Thumb up 33 Thumb down 2

    • I agree with you, but don’t include Song in there with Arteta, who was all too keen to go on walkabout.

      Gustavo would have been clutch. Would have allowed Ramsey to do what he does best, be our dynamic B2B.

      But alas.

      Thumb up 24 Thumb down 0

      • This is the point. It’s hard to imagine Agbonlahor coasting through our centre with Arteta there.

        Ramsay and Wilshere should not be playing together in the centre, they’re both too attacking and lack the defensive and tactical awareness that this position requires. Why Wenger let Coquelin go out on loan without getting anyone else in is anyone’s guess and this doesn’t bode well for the Fenerbache games.

        Whether Wenger can find the required personnel to fill this gap is open to question, but 3 Brazilians who could’ve done this job, Fernandinho, Luiz Gustavo, and Paulinho, have all moved clubs this summer and we could’ve afforded any of them.

        The only solace to be had is that if we do poorly in the 3 league games before the end of the transfer window it will only probably put us out of the title race, not the Champions League places, and surely nobody realistically us to challenge for the title anyway. The Champions League qualifier is another matter as if we lose that then it will surely affect the quality of players we can bring in and the money we’ll spend on them.

        Further grasping at straws include the fact that Wenger surely wouldn’t have let Coquelin, Miquel, and Djorou go out on loan without intending to buy in those positions….surely?

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  25. ah anyone should freak out when for your next pl game you have 2 available defenders and a keeper who can’t well…goalkeep, oh but wait the transfer market is open…oh but wait again. Arsene stubborn wenger is our manager.

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  26. I am absolutely furious after that. Typical fucking Arsenal.
    That ref was the biggest joke of a human I’ve ever seen in my life.

    On top of that, and I am a massive fan of Wengers, I’ve defended him and argued and truly believed in his vision for The Arsenal, but I swear to almighty fuck, if he doesn’t get some decent players in IO want him gone by Sept.

    At this rate we’re not making the top 4. Title challenge with that current squad… Dead on Wenger. Roll me up whatever you’re smoking Professor!

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  27. Not a good start by all means – the ref wasn’t doing us any favours – I can’t believe we got so many yellows considering how rough house Aston had been. Two penalties given (second one was wrongly given) – many of our attacks were broken down by Aston Villa’s tactical fouls (mostly no yellows). Injuries to Gibbs and Sagna meant we are very very short – suspension to Kos for next week as well – things are looking very gloomy at the moment – it’s difficult to be positive. I’m sad and angry at the same time. Bad luck and bad refereeing has done us bad this game but our squad will be very thin next week – whose going to replace Kos in central defence?

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  28. I have never been one to blame referees and have always played their advocate, but today’s showing from Anthony Taylor was one of incompetency, whim and lack of control which lost us the game and one that I hope never to see again. Of course the FA should do something about it but they also follow the creed of total sloth and foolishness.

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  29. Why the fuck would anyone want to see Arsenal this season anyway? We’ve signed … no one. All around the world, I think the way football works, is that you buy new players and the fans are excited. For a team that claims to champion beautiful football, to not see that not signing players damages the club means something freakishly wrong is going on. I am sure Gazidis made noises about spending money to try to put pressure on Wenger. Surely Wenger signs the players. I can’t believe it has come to this. It’s just sad. Fucking so sad. How can Wenger continue after this?

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  30. You’ve had all summer to prepare wenger! Now we have even less players for Fenerbache.

    Well done arsene, stunning mis-management.

    As for the excuse that no one else has done business, one, I don’t care, I only care about Arsenal and two, even that lot down the road have bought players that would have improved us.

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  31. I’m honestly tired of it.

    It’s not the transfers we haven’t made, the pathetic refereeing on display today or the defensive nativity.

    It’s all the damn talking that goes on in between it all. I’m tired of hearing from each and every player how much mental strength, team spirit, “blah blah blah” we have. Because the truth is, I don’t want you to have to tell me those things. I want to see them on the pitch.

    However, that was not the case today. Sure the Villains tapped our ankles, caught us late and generally buffooned their way all over the place (Vlaar). But it was up to us to forget the poor refereeing and concentrate on playing the Arsenal way. I didn’t see that.

    We can obviously see that this squad lacks depth in a highly combative league. To expect an injury free season would be naïve. Whoever is in charge of bringing in the players we need needs to do so quickly and efficiently (and at whatever premium we need to pay). Otherwise we are going to struggle this season.
    I can only hope that we recover quickly.

    Come on you Gunners, wake the fuck up!

    Thumb up 32 Thumb down 1

  32. Same old same old. Need to help Giroud out with a proper alternative striker. Need more muscle in midfield. Wilshire will be kicked into a lengthy layoff by Christmas if ref’s won’t protect him.

    Thumb up 15 Thumb down 0

  33. And to top it all, I now have Walrus Faced Cunt on my computer screen getting all jizzy because he’s just beaten Cardiff.

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  34. It is too late to sack Arsene as a new manager will have no time to make new signings. It may also be too early to panic but I think that if the team is not in a good position in December then it will be time to part ways and get someone else – in time for the January transfer window.

    I love the man but this is just so sad.

    Thumb up 19 Thumb down 2

  35. a horrible performance capped with an even worse referee. fucking hell why is it so hard to do what other clubs always do? SPEND SOME MONEY

    Thumb up 6 Thumb down 1

  36. Spend some money or go Arsene.If you don’t you’ll be out of a job come September. I don’t mind your lack of spending, i just really hate the way you goads and disrespects us like we don’t even know what we’re on about in your interviews.

    SPEND or GO.

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  37. Let’s not blame the ref.

    The simple fact is the season started today. It does not start on2 September. Our squad is not ready. whether AW get’s it ready by close of transfers is irrelevant. points have been dropped because AW and OG have, for whatever reason, failed to put in place the squad required to win.

    his worries more than the 8-2 result. I am (or at least was) stoically pro-Wenger. Until now. Feels strange writing this. He’s the only one I’ve known. Like finishing with your first love. Sad.

    Thumb up 22 Thumb down 6

    • Yeah lets just forgive the ref and completely remove any responsibility he has, because refs are under so much pressure and are always forced to come out and justify their ludicrous decisions arnt they?


      thats such a piss poor attitude to take, im furious, not because of the way we lost today, but its because iv come to the realization that, after a long season worrying about the state of our squad, its made me completely forget just how many games last season were decided by absolutely shocking refereeing decisions. Honestly i dont want to rant too much, but the level of refereeing in this country is appalling. i dont watch enough overseas football for comparison but is it really this bad on the continent? pundits love to bang on about how the prems the best league in the world, but i genuinely cant see how it can be, with the game being played to the rules of the individual ref, who just makes it up as he goes along. its absurd. then you get people like you tell them we should actually give them a break?! dont blame ’em?! fuckin hell, i cant even comprehend how you could be saying that. did you even watch the match today? its fucking criminal.

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  38. Please bitch more about signings because it had nothing to do with this game. The first pk, the ref played advantage then awarded a penalty after advantage was wasted. I am not that well versed in EPL play but to me thats a big load of shit. The second pk was obviously bullshit as well as the red card. We need signings but unless we signed the ref before the game I am not sure how it figures in to this game.

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  39. How depressingly predictable

    What’s it to be? We showed great character, we never gave up, I believe in this team….

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  40. I understand we had to offload some players this season, but what was the logic of letting Miquel go exactly?

    I smell Flamini LANS.

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  41. arsenal vs fans: 1st day of the season, no left back back-up, no Dm, no centre half back-up, …highest paid manager, highest ticket price!
    well! someone said if two people are continually in agreement, one is redundant.
    only i struggle to find out who is redundant in this case.
    Still team arsenal!

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  42. Top 4? With a performance like that we don’t deserve top 10. How can you go into the new season with 17 players. I was talking to my friend about Arsense’s reluctance to spend money earlier on and he said to me “Is there any logic in the madness”, then I said “Madness, this is Arsenal”. I realised now while typing this, I should have kicked him the perch he was standing on while doing a Gerard Butler impersonation but alas the opportunity was missed.
    The point is this form of stupidity is accepted at this club, no other so called ‘top team’ would behave in such a manner. Tottenham and Liverpool have behaved more like a top club than we have. Liverpool kept Suarez while we’ll sell anyone for a buck. We sold Song to Barca on a 3 year contracr for christs sakes. Don’t tell me we don’t miss him and don’t make me get started on RVP.
    When it comes to selling players, no team does it better than Arsenal but buying top players…

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  43. That fucking ref. Personally, I loved seeing Jack play the entire game though 🙂 trying to find a bright side here.

    Thumb up 11 Thumb down 4

    • despite all the hype I see no evidence that Jack is anything more than average, no end product, niave play and lets his passion get the best of him. He has the potential, but then again, that’s what they said about Agbonlahor a few years back.

      Arsenal are in bad need of a commanding midfielder, I think Jack, Ramsey, Cazorla, and Rosicky are all great midfielders, but together they are not a great midfield. Can’t understand why Wenger did not go for Fellaini or someone similar (Gustavo???).

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  44. You can’t do the same thing and expect adifferent result. This is the same squad that JUST made it across the line (only thinner after some departures) so why does Wenger expect the players to be any different in terms of perfomance? At this rate, even potential targets (hahaha) may decide against joining us because, frankly, nobody wants to join a sinking boat. SPEND SOME FUCKING MONEY!!!!!! FAST!!!!

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  45. I hate to say I said that and I wish I hadn’t. I said yesterday that we are one or two injuries away from disaster. We got at least two for CL qualifier and another one suspension for next league game and we have to field reserves at the heart of defence.

    Get ready for relegation battle folks.

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  46. Well I certainly hope we do not lose 8-2 to the idiots from the lane to spur (no pun intended) the last minute purchase of mediocre players. Sort it out Wenger before it’s too late.

    Thumb up 1 Thumb down 3

  47. This was a complete joke. I’ve been patient all summer with Arsenal and Wenger, yet they never change. This was supposed to be the summer when we actually try to compete, to start the season with such a threadbare squad is embarrassing and humiliating to us fans. There is no excuse, the club brought this on itself no matter how bad the ref was. Mentality was poor (Why do I always feel when we get an early goal they will always come back) tactics were poor as nearly always too.

    I’ve long been on the fence with the whole AKB/WOB thing, i’ll always respect what Wenger did for us and that should never be forgotten. But the last 8 years shouldn’t be forgotten either. This is and continues to be Wenger’s fault. He is too stubborn and cannot change. Football has moved on both Financially and tactically since a decade ago and it’s left Wenger behind and us too since we stand by him. His accepting of the highest wages in England while spending nothing else is extremely hypocritical too. He should be under extreme pressure from the board, should he lose to Fenerbahce he should be sacked by all rights. Yet he’ll get a new contract, keep his high wages and keep us falling behind. It’s a complete joke. I don’t think it’s a knee-jerk reaction to say any of this, I gave the man as much time as possible before criticizing him.

    I believe should he lose to Fenerbahce and not properly invest in the squad he should leave. Ask any of our rival fans do they want him to leave and when they’re happy for him to stay you know the jig’s up. Atleast Sp*ds actually have ambition and invest in the team, it’s only a matter of time ill they leave us behind too like a good few of the others.

    I believe Wenger is the problem, not anyone else. Well maybe the board, put as the manger I believe Wenger should stand up to them if need be for the good of the club, which he clearly doesn’t. And why would he? He has the most cushiony job in the world, even when he doesn’t perform he is unsackable and paid well :’) Tired of this.

    Thumb up 15 Thumb down 2

  48. Same old bullshit from Wenger and his PR.
    The guy’s innept.
    He’s destroyed this summer and this team with his penny pinching and inactivity and inability to sign any player that is worthy.
    He’s dithered for too long now. Time for some new blood.

    Thumb up 14 Thumb down 1

    • Very interesting reading, thanks. Explains a lot about the guy.

      Of course, there’s a slim chance he might just be pulling an unsolicited bonus from the league organisers, but that sort of thing wouldn’t happen in the Premier League, of course. No fixing there. At all. Honest.

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  49. Ramsey … Agbonlahor ran through spaces vacated by RAMSEY. That’s when the match turned around. Without a designated defensive midfielder, the back four got horribly exposed. And Ramsey was it, right? Rosicky was the most advanced midfielder. Wilshere is not a defensive midfielder. So it was Ramsey who time and again marauded too forward. Tired of it.

    Thumb up 6 Thumb down 10

    • I don’t think that was the case looking at the way Jack. And Aaron played today and against Napoli seems like both are encouraged to play there normal games, so I don’t think there was a designed DM. My guess is that Wenger probably thought we’d dominate Villa hence there was no need for a DM, did’nt work out so good did it?

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    • Ramsey? Ramsey was to blame for this loss? You must have some serious hate on for the guy to single him out in the midst of this huge clusterfuck.

      Thumb up 11 Thumb down 1

  50. 60,000 fans every match….there’s no point chanting “spend some fucking money”…..empty seats are the only thing that the board will listen to…….I have been an Arsenal Fan since the mid 70’s…I have never faced a new season with such trepidation and frustration especially after trusting Wenger over the move from Highbury……It is time for fans to boycott the next 2 home games……we need change, no more lies…..only 4 attempts on target today at home….This is not good enough…..

    Thumb up 30 Thumb down 1

    • When has this ever happened? It does my nut listening to fans who…

      A) Say, “Empty seats will change their minds blah blah” because THAT’S NEVER GOING TO BE WELL ORGANISED ENOUGH TO HAPPEN. A revolution needs a leader and some brains, and you’re not it. Plus we will lose ticket money, are you a complete moron?

      B) Try to whip up some kind of half-witted moral crusade against the club, proclaiming how “we” the fans should take over, etc. etc.

      The only way to do it is to turn on the manager at games. Be my guest.

      Thumb up 3 Thumb down 5

        It will happen naturally, just see. If the team kept playing like they’ve played today, or the management style of the club doesn’t improve, there will be empty seats. Just see.

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  51. Absolutely shocking. Spend some f*cking money or it may be time for Wenger to go. This is getting old, fast.

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  52. Some might blame Arsene and lack of signings, others the players in today . . . but . . .

    Look at the second penalty, and look at the Kos sending off… Does anyone HONESTLY think that we DESERVED a 2nd penalty and a red card?? Yes, Arsenal and Wenger is a part to blame, but that ref today was a fucking major part also. FUCK YOU Anthony Taylor.

    Ok, I´m too emotional right now, but fuck off Anthony Taylor nevertheless…

    Thumb up 21 Thumb down 1

  53. That was fucking unbelievable. That referee was absolutely, the worst fucking referee I have ever seen in my life. He should be embarrassed at his performance.
    I don’t know what to say. All I can pull from this shitheap of a game is god I hope sagna is ok. That looked absolutely horrid.

    And agnonlahor is a miserable fucking shit of a human. What a prick

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  54. Why or why do we have to go all gun ho all the time. Look at Villa. After the scored the just sat back and waited for us to push up all the way like a bunch of Muppets leaving Sczezney to play sweeper.

    One nil up first minute, boom sit back keep the ball and just use Walcott and Giroud to attack. When they sense that they will come out and Boom we would destroy them. Do the same thing every match whether its against Manu or Crystal Palace. We have been found out, every team does the same thing to us and get results.

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    • that sounds like tactics, we just play our own game and don’t worry about tactics

      no one sat back and played DM today, my guess is it wen something like this…
      Ramsey “Should I sit back and do Artetas job boss?
      Wenger “Just play your game son, we can’t worry about the other team”

      Wenger defending the lack of new players by saying he believes the team today could have beat Villa, sure, but what about the team today with Higuan, Fellaini, and Popadouplous, would they have had a better chance?

      Fucking idiot

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  55. Great, another season fucked by September.

    Intense pressure is on us and its the first game off the season. Thanks very fucking much Wenger/referee. Ato think it took me 35 mins to eventually find a stream to watch that shite.

    Trolled by Arsene, my isp and the referee. Happy fucking saturday everybody. *Pours a drink

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  56. Ok on a hilarious note, let’s turn our attention to Wednesday. At this rate with all the broken bodies that Slacker Wenger may have to suit up and wear a Jersey to make up the number that files out against Fenanbache.

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  57. Ref was rubbish ( no surprise) but for me the bigger issue was that in the time between us scoring and their second ‘ penalty’ we only created one clear cut opportunity that was the Rosicky miss, other then that I don’t recall us troubling Villa too much. We’re missing a bit of quality and it showed. Fenebache in the week, …. Sigh

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  58. Wenger will NEVER be sacked, he makes the club a profit every season! But what do any of us on here know, we haven’t spent a day in football…

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    • Wenger can be sacked. The market value of Arsenal is what I assume Kroenke is interested in given that he does not receive dividends. If Wenger’s mismanagement finds us outside the Champions League then the value of the team will begin to decrease. Stan will not enjoy that.

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  59. Is Wenger still sure he cannot find any players this window MARGINALLY better than the mighty Villa players? What a tool!

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  60. An interesting question asked by some on Twitter is whether IG has the ball/internal power base to sack AW. Clearly a decision for Silent Stan but IG has trecommend it.

    IG’s principal difficulty in sacking AW is that he (IG) is evidentially crap at transfers and he would be directly responsible for replacing AW and answerable for the subsequent results.

    Simply put, I don’t think IG has the confidence to change manager now.

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    • Not contradicting you in any way, but isn’t the General Manager in any way culpable for the mismanagement of our summer?

      I know that Arsene has a wider role than your average 1st team coach, but the part of the team that is supposed to be running the whole club seems to do little more than prance about in a tracksuit trying to get in on team photos. He has recieved huge bonuses for what exactly? Announcing to vendors that we have a massive pile of cash to spend? I just don’t know what Gazidis does, can anyone enlightem me????

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    • I’m sure Gazidis only needs the approval of one man to sack Wenger. So it would come down to whether or not Kroenke trusts Gazidis.
      What I am curious about is if, behind the scenes, Gazidis is fuming at Wenger’s inaction or if he still puts his full trust in him and would therefore share the blame. If it is that Gazidis is fuming AND Kroenke trusts him then Wenger may very well be shown the door.

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  61. Ultimately deserved loss? Fuck Me!

    When the ref penalises a world class tackle with a card and a penalty.

    When Kos gets a second yellow for the kind of challenge that Villa players were not even getting fouls for.

    When we are still all over them with 10 men, and lose the third when pressing for an equalizer.

    Villa were shit. The ref was far worse, and we got fucked.

    We need players, we need to strengthen, but don’t blame today on that. If we’d had a halfway competent ref today, the least we would have got was a point.

    Thumb up 24 Thumb down 4

      • If the ref had not given them a non-existent penalty and unfairly sent off a central defender as we tried to get back on terms, we’d also have won it

        Two choices here. Either:

        Scez, Bac, Per, Kos, Gibbs, Jack, Aaron, Tomas, Alex, Olivier, Theo (and Carl, Poldi and Santi) are not competent OR

        The ref fucked us, both by getting the big decisions wrong, and applying a different standard to both teams throughout the match.

        Just watching the game made the choice easy for me.

        To repeat, I think we need to strengthen, but to throw the current team under the bus in the clamor for signings is just wrong.

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    • Amen! Plus, I can understand blaming Wenger for his tactics and player choices, I fail to grasp why we need transfers to win at home vs. a team that finished around 10 places below us last season

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  62. happy villa fan here,wouldnt worry to much if i was a gooner you still have a great team,ref really didnt help you. plus side rosicky looked a class act today

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  63. I think the squad needs serious improvement but the myopic obsession with transfers displayed in here is sad. The truth is we were comfortable until the referee decided to make his mark(s) on the game and spending 300 million on transfers is not going to stop a cunt being a cunt.

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  64. i don’t think i could have dreamed up a worse 90 minutes.

    1. i hope bac is alright – for his own sake, then ours. that looked awful.
    2. i wonder what the chances are of having koscielny’s ban overturned for next week. probably nil, right?
    3. i am filled with dread regarding our CL qualifier.

    we are well and truly fucked. lots of injuries, no new players, and a shit atmosphere around the club. thanks for the shit sandwich, arsene.

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  65. I find it difficult to blame lack of signings here. Our mistakes came from some of our best players. Third goal should be discounted as we were chasing like mad.

    1) Positional awareness of a sheep for about 1/2 the team for the first pen. Szczesny had no choice but to come out. Lucky to escape with a yellow in my opinion.

    2) Cazorla for the second pen that obviously shouldn’t have been given. My point here is that we created the situation which allowed Taylor to give a second penalty. Too relaxed on the ball. Seemed unfit and jaded.

    So yes, you could shout that we’d stand a better chance with a couple of signings, but the pens conceded were ultimately down to personal mistakes, nothing else.

    Our starting 11 should be able to beat Villa on any day, specially on the opening game of the season at home. No new signing would have made the starting 11 today. Perhaps a signing would have started instead of Rosicky, but as usual he was one of our liveliest players, so it’s a non-issue for me.

    Thumb up 11 Thumb down 2

    • Also, disgraceful support at the end there. How are the players supposed to pick themselves up mentally between now and Wednesday when their own fans don’t think they’re good enough?

      Thumb up 7 Thumb down 11

      • Lastly, I see people moaning about us sending Djorou out on loan. What do you tell a 26-year old international who is desperate to play games? “Sorry, you gotta be our fourth backup”. And then when he gets thrown on when we have suspensions and injuries, the guy will have no match fitness at all. What do you say then? “Why on earth haven’t we gotten rid of Djorou yet?”. Yep, you know it.

        Also, very immature (and predictable) of Koscielny to commit to the challenge for his second booking. Could see it coming miles away when he started chasing it. Guy knew he was on a yellow. Again, how are new signings supposed to fix this?

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        • Wrong again, Nico. I have no problem getting rid of Djourou; he’s not a good player. The problem is that we signed no one to replace him. I can name literally dozens of centre backs who are better than him.

          Moreover, Koscielny did nothing wrong today, on the penalty or the second “foull”. He never touched the Villa player. Never touched him. I think the ref was on the take.

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        • You can’t counterargue the Kos decisions because they were horribly wrong. Maybe the word “stonewall” means something different across the pond. Kos never touched the 2nd Villa player; he shouldn’t have gotten the 2nd yellow card and he damn well shouldn’t have received the first one.

          The referee was incompetent for that second goal case closed. Moreover, Cazorla shouldn’t have even been in the game; he’s dog tired.

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      • Actually from what I heard the crowd were great today, behind the players and ripping shit out of the ref, until the third went in.

        I just think then the frustration of it all got to some of them.

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      • I call bullshit on blaming the fans. The fans were REACTING to what they had seen in the previous 90 mins + 3 summer months; they didn’t cause it. If we had played better and had a better, deeper squad, the fans wouldn’t have been unhappy.

        There are basically two ways that we fans can voice our justified frustration and be sure the manager/board are aware of it: (1) Incredibly loud and angry chanting in stadium or (2) empty seats. Our shitty play/management directly inspired the former and will cause the latter.

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        • Who said anything about blaming the fans?

          Neither Wenger or Gazidis or whoever gives a toss about what the average fan thinks, like it or not.

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        • Also, how am I supposed to counter-argue your argument about the ref being on the take? Are you serious?

          I never blamed Koscielny either, I said that we put ourselves in the position with the second penalty with Cazorla losing the ball. If he hadn’t, Villa wouldn’t even have gotten the ball there and then = no pen given, no matter how wrong the ref’s decision was.

          The second yellow was stonewall, no complaints there. Even if it wasn’t, it’s still his responsibility to avoid situations which can lead to a second booking. Committing to a challenge and arrive two seconds too late is just silly.

          And for all we know we could have had a deal lined up for a new defender around the time Miquel was loaned to Leicester that didn’t go through for whatever reason.

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      • “Who said anything about blaming the fans?” Here’s your quote, Nico:

        “Also, disgraceful support at the end there. How are the players supposed to pick themselves up mentally between now and Wednesday when their own fans don’t think they’re good enough?”

        Maybe you’re not blaming the stadium fans for the loss, but you are criticizing the fans for a spontaneous and very rational reaction to a shit performance and transfer window. Even if we buy good players in the next few days, they won’t be eligible to play against Fenerbahce; so given the nature of our lengthy injury list, it really looks like we won’t be good enough against them, regardless of what anyone thinks.

        The players themselves, the fans, the media, everybody knows this…except Wenger, evidently.

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        • I get your point, maybe you misunderstood me. I was merely pointing out that singing about signings and money and all that probably isn’t what the players needs to hear the most after 1-3 to Villa. In such circumstances it’s easy to start doubting yourself and that would only put the players down further. They can’t control what goes on at board level but they sure need all the support they can get.

          I wasn’t trying to blame any fans for anything.

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  66. It occurs to me that AW’s gift as a boss, that he sees things from a different perspective, has led to some great things over the years for AFC. This same “unique” perspective seems to leave him gobsmackingly blind to some of that which is obvious to pretty much anyone. He may not be able to withstand this season and probably should not barring some sort of miracle recovery to competence. This will be an uncomfortable but telling week.

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  67. the ref lost us this match, the squad was highlighted in its thinness by a few thugs but we know all about this. i do think however the starting 11 and 2 or 3 others of our current best is something we can be proud of, with the additions we have a good shout, given the display you have to feel the wheels will move a little faster in transfers now, maybe another bid for bender?. Giroud is good enough, or will be once he gets a bit better on the first touch, would have liked to have seen us throw sanogo or podolski on at 11 about 60 mins in possibly for rosicky, i love him but you have to feel if that chance went in the game was ours, spuddish ref aside

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  68. What are the apologetics gonna say now? are they gonna blame the ref? This is rather way beyond pathetic. It’s almost impossible to think that with the amount available that we have fencing Wenger can’t buy top players but yet we see just about everyone else doing business but us. It’s almost 10 years since the last time we won shit and to be one of the richest clubs around it isn’t acceptable to be in this predicament. Fuck Wenger and the fucking board.

    Thumb up 4 Thumb down 2

  69. We ended the match with a back 4 of Jenkinson, Mertesacker, Ramsey and Podolski. Just a touch worrying! Do you think Wenger noticed?

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  70. Relax, guys. It’s not like we lose 7-0 to Spurs. Not even close.
    This is a very strong Villa squad, who managed to finished 5 points ahead of the relegation spot.
    Why the booiing? Why must we vent our anger towards the manager? I mean, even if we’re paying one of the most highest ticket price in world football, surely it’s not Wenger’s fault? Right? Hey, even if he won’t spend big in world class players, who are we to argue? The man is running a business here, not a football club. So whatever income that the club generates, Wenger will have the final say about the spending.
    Look, we finished ONE fricking point ahead of Spurs and that club is spending heavily to ensure they finished above us this season. And they will. Cuz we don’t deserve to be in the Premiership with this squad. We deserve to play in the non-league. That’s much more better place for a club with no ambition like us. And yes, ARSENAL WILL BE KNOCKED OUT BY FENERBACHE. And Wenger will get another 9 year with a £20M per year contract. Well, that’s how you build your own destiny.

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    • “This is a very strong Villa squad…” I stopped reading at this point. Did they not finish 17th last season?

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  71. so im here at eagles training camp. beautiful day, a lot of good will being built up for the new season, and all i can think about is arsenal getting smoked at home to villa, irregardless of referring. not a good day!

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    • Watch his post match interview. He pretty much apologized to the fans, snidely pointed out that the ref was shit and said that the crap he got today from those in the Emirates was part of his job.

      I think he knows exactly what is going on (apparently unlike almost everyone else it seems).

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  72. What is the point of letting Arshavin and Gervinho go when you have no confidence in Gnabry to come on and try to change the game when we were 2-1 down? And what is the point of Sanogo as well if you don’t bring him on? And defenders, do you really think we can go through the season with just this set of defenders? Next game, no Koscielny. May not have Gibbs and Sagna too. God, I wish we still had Squillaci and Silvestre on our books.

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  73. we havent the money or pull to fix this team. no forth place. weve become stale and prefictable. i do believe wenger has no motivational skills butt the players need to stand up bu lets face facts podolsk, walcott, giourd, the ox are not up to it. so thats four players we need plus two defenders two more creative players for competition and two more fowards. 80 million. your pissin in the wind

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  74. It’s clear that Arsenal need to spend big. Two months ago they should have signed up Higuain, Williams, Fellaini and Cesar. Instead they have tried to get every deal on the cheap. One thing that I always admired about SAF was that he appreciated that sometimes you need to ‘over-spend’ in order to get the right player in on time – in the long-term it doesn’t really matter if a player costs an additional £2m if you get knocked out of the Champions League.

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    • I agree with spending, but I don’t agree with Williams. I watched the Utd v Swansea game after ours today and Williams was/is pretty shit. On Van Persie’s first goal, he should have cleared the ball away with his head, rather than try to kick it.

      Swansea has a worse reputation for defending than we do; we shouldn’t try to sign their players.

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  75. Shame Shame Shame to Wenger, Shame to Arsenal mgt. Weenger is stupid and nemesis is catching up on him. Sack Wenger now, it is better the club stays without any coach than having a man like Wenger as a head. I told you that Wenger can not buy any player that he is just bloffing. Wenger shld die and let of have peace. God help us.

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  76. Wenger should have left at end of last season but he took the achieving of 4th as a triumph instead of the good fortune it really was. It seems nothing has changed as the team is manifestly poor as a whole. We need a keeper , CB, midfielder, striker & new manager. AW is immmovably loyal to players that are damaging the team. He has history in this regard . His way is no longer the Arsenal way.

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  77. Part of the master plan.

    Wenger’s contract won’t be renewed.

    Klopp comes in next season and brings Subotic, Gundogan, and Reus with him. There’s your three signings.

    And now Arsenal will win 37 in a row and take the league. It’s only one game…Arseblog is going to blow up if they get mollywhopped on Wednesday.

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  78. Arsenal fans need to begin to seriously consider taking over the club from passionless, money-minded individuals. Real Madrid and Barcelona are fan-owned and I think until the people with the passion manage the club, there would be no reason why the manager should take the most blindingly obvious decisions such as improving a team after an average performance.

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  79. What humiliation! Wenger is getting too used to losing, too desensitized to mediocre results, an “oh well, we’ll bounce back from this, there are positives to take out” attitude. Is he losing his edge? The real winners like Fergie would never stand for such bullshit. C’mon. The time for intellectual rationalizing of the transfer business is past. Rise up, fight! and ffs #signfuckingsomebody!

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  80. We got exactly what we deserved, a sound beating and zero points. You knew damn well that their front three were well capable of tearing us a new arsehole, and so it proved.

    A summer of disgraceful inactivity has left us with a piss-poor squad lacking both depth and talent, and until we wake up to the fact that all is far from well at The Emirates, our sad decline will continue.

    Well done to Villa. If nothing else their well deserved success will force Wengers hand, and ensures he goes that extra mile to bring in the three or four much needed quality new faces before the window slams shut.

    We could sign Guzan, Lowton, Benteke, and Weimann for starters!!!

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  81. As usual – blame everyone except Wenger. The tactic used by all fuck wit Arsenal fans is that its everyone else’s fault except Arsene Wenger. Time to start looking at who is paid £7.5 million a year to deliver results and start blaming him – and a clue for the less than intelligent its NOT the referee !

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    • oh don’t you worry, there are plenty of us blaming Wenger, we are just taking a moment to give the ref the limelight he obviously wanted and letting him know that he is also an enormous twat

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  82. also arseblogs writing off villa led me to get rid of benteke for walcott. god i feel such the fool. dam arseblog and his high notions

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  83. Bigger club than LFC ! Ha arsenal are a selling club with no ambition , lpool are top the league and arsenal are bottom ! How much do you want for Wiltshire and Walcott ? Will £40,000,001 do ? Haha wenger is a spurs fan and your owners have mugged yeahs off again , can’t wait for champions qualifier you’s are in , in midweek ! It’s guna get worse ! YNWA

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  84. Blind man Freddy can now see that we will again be scrapping for 4th place this season. Even if we do get a few players in before the end of the window we won’t improve on 4th (and could conceivably even miss out on that). It’s a horrible thing to contemplate this early in the season but given the way we have totally screwed up the summer it’s an inevitability. Whats more there are no excuses this year (unlike previous years) and change is now clearly needed. I really hate to say it but its time for Wenger to go. The big problem then is that we are still left with Gazidis and Kronke running the show. Very depressing.

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  85. Surely there isn’t an Arsenal fan in the country that didn’t see this coming.
    We’ve been selling our best players without replacing them for years now. It’s like a business that’s winding down, shifting its stock and telling it’s loyal, faithful staff to fuck right off.
    Only this business isn’t closing down, in fact it’s booming, Arsene and his capitalist friends on the board are creaming in the money. Make no mistake they couldn’t give a fuck about you and I. I regularly get post, or emails telling me to buy this, or that, or spend spend spend! Why is it they don’t listen to us then, when we tell them to spend.
    Football is a choice, supporting our team is a choice. I’ve spent time, money and effort in supporting Arsenal. for the first time ever, I’m thinking about not.
    Sad day indeed.

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  86. Depressing, isn’t it? But not unpredictable. I don’t know about you guys but I’ve got to the point where I can’t even be angry any more. I never ever thought that I would get to the day when I would be so apathetic about my beloved Gunners.

    Please, please go, Arsene, Ivan and Stan. I just want my club back. I want to support a team which are committed to winning, and not just making money. I want an owner and a board who will demand the highest standards of the manager, and who will sack him if he doesn’t deliver. Most of all I want a club which puts as much cash as possible into signings and the paying wages of top players.

    The relationship between a club and its supporters is simple: we will back our club to the death as long as we are convinced that it is doing everything it can to be successful on the pitch. You don’t have to win, you just need to show that you are giving your best. Right now we are being betrayed by this bunch of conmen in the boardroom.

    Enough is enough.

    Like I said, I’m not angry any more. Just sad.

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  87. I can’t help thinking how different things might be had Wenger made the early buys in this window the media suspected, Cesar, Fellani and Higuain (and within budget). Have always supported Wenger, no more than the at St James’ Park in May when we pipped the sp*ds to 4th, to deserve that support he must now move quickly and efficiently in the market or admit that he as lost what it takes and quickly move on. Our club is far bigger than Arsene.

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    • man were in big trouble now, everton wont leave fellani go for anything below 25-30 million, you name any player now and clubs will want mega bucks. Looks like wenger will have to eat his own words again and buy second rate players again, i love it, talking shite, serves him right. every club now will want to screw us to the wall including fernabahce. can u image dumped out of champions league, forwrd thinking, i do better myself

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  88. Razor. Thin.

    Today, we were put to our own blade as sharpened and wielded by our own stingy, overly-selective, out-of-touch board and manager.

    Arsene is comfortable being able to field a starting XI with some world-class talent. Big clubs have XI plus another half-dozen on the bench.

    We had one left back available today.

    We had one striker available today.

    What is Jack “wonderboy” Wilshere’s actual position? He and Ramsay spent most of the game so close to one another they could have given each 90 minute massages.

    Depth provides competition, commitment, security, consistency to a squad.

    Arsenal has none and, consequently, of these traits, we find ourselves going on now a half-decade or more in the lack.

    Woeful management of a club none of Arsene or the board ever refrain from bandying as “world class.”

    When’s the last time we can honestly say this has been a world-class club on the pitch and through the boardroom/manager’s approach.

    Broken promises and a financial scam…Arsenal F.C.

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  89. Arsenal can win the premier league and the champions league with just 11 players, blah blah blah. How the fucking we can win the league when we have just 5 fit defenders? 2 of them got injured today, for the Champions league game we are in a BIG BIG TROUBLE.. Now you know who is IDIOT

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  90. So angry!!! Why? Because I love AFC.
    Why didnt the club buy early and settle the team down? Allowing issues with potential signings to undermine training and confidence is shocking, no balance to the team with a huge gap between defence and midfield. We could have signed Fellaini and Gustavo which would have given us some steel in midfield, another centre back and Benteke as a striker. Seems so obvious to most armchair gunners. WTF bring back David Dein…

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  91. Really feel sorry for Rosicky, who huffed and puffed before their third, and on another day could have scored 2. The fact that today wasn’t his day + a shit ref + injuries before and during the game + lack of squad depth + global warming just makes the result that bit more awful. Missed an anchorman later on in mid as the fellas there love to get forward. Bad move by Wenger in my opinion.

    I have to say well done the ref for breaking up play for Villa’s favour, a fine defensive mid-esque performance. How many times did he pull back play for a foul (on Jack) when Rosicky or Santi were clear? I would pay fergie money to get that kind of defensive cover for Arsenal.

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  92. HahahahahHhaHhahahHHH *deep breath* aaahhahahshshshhshzHa *really deep breath* haha haaaaaaa haaaaaaa hardie harr harr! What the flying fuck! That’s right Arsenal have officially driven me crazy…. I’m too invested in this team and I’ve flipped. What am I supposed to say? Wenger Out? Nope. All you can do is laugh. *cof* ha *cof*. Now I shall go forth and mortally wound a spurs fan. Get it out the system you know? And they said video games were bad :O.

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  93. The thinnest Arsenal squad I’ve seen in years, Aaron Ramsey playing at centre half, you must be joking. We’ve had all summer to buy a much needed Centre back, yet nothing has materialised. Why is it so blatantly obvious to everybody except those at the club….really feel Wenger, Gazidis and Kroenke are taking the fans for a ride, especially those loyal enough to spend very hard earned cash on the most expensive season ticket in the country…just depressed now!

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  94. All you gooners moaning about the second penalty. You cannot tackle from behind, period, wether you get the ball or not. You had plenty of chances but came up against a keeper in Guzan that was in the mood today. I hope you do spend money and have a good season, always liked the arsenal and can’t stand another season of the Manchester clubs dominating. Don’t be too hard on the villa, yea we’ve been shit the last couple of seasons but got a really good group now and managed to keep hold of benteke, I’m sure you won’t be the only team we surprise this season. Good luck for the rest of the campaign fellas.

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  95. Ah yes, the early season meltdown and the consequent foaming at the mouths and vitriol. It’s become almost as predictable as the passing of the seasons.

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  96. Just replayed the two goals. First was Gabinhlor ran through the area of the pitch where arteta (or a DM we might have signed). Second was from a pass from JW from a position that typically arteta would be passing from and carzola then lost the ball (not sure if the pass was short or carzola had a poor touch).

    In either case not sure if Arteta’s presence would have meant that villa were unable to create a chance but surely it would have been harder for them due his better pass completion and more intelligent defensive positioning.

    Yes ref was rubbish (particularly second pen and kos red) but we likely never would have been in position to begin with if Arteta (or a more natural DM was playing today).

    As for the offense. First goal from giroud was great but when game got tight he was unable to produce. Yes he didn’t receive best service but there were a few headers he got that were no where near good enough. and late in the game he spent too much time trying to turn provider (form near corner flag or at the top of the penalty area) rather than go for the goal. He is a very good player. It is just that if we want to compete for the top, being very good is not good enough. You need a player that can create a goal from very little.

    And lack of depth is ridiculous. We were playing ramsey at CD and sagna at LB with NO options in the squad (not just the bench).

    Yes ref was rubbish but we were playing a team that battled relegation at home. Villa has spent no money this summer (only free transfers) yet we lost 3-1.

    I understand that business can be done till end of the transfer window but why must MOST of our business wait till then. If we need just one player then maybe we could understandably wait till end of the window but we need likely 4 players (GK, Def, Mid & ST) not all of them are going to be world class. Infact 3 of them are likely to be squad players (Arteta back up, CD back up, GK back up). A DM and CD would have been useful today! and in my opinion cost us 3 points.

    I don’t want wenger out. I don’t think all is lost. But I am confused (more than frustrated) because I simply don’t understand what Wenger is thinking!


    PS. What is going on with Poldi? OX played ahead of him and when we needed goals, he still did not come on. If wenger does not trust him then we are even thinner!

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    • Cazorla had a bad touch and was poor all game. I don’t blame him at all, though. He’s clearly exhausted from playing in the FIFA Useless Cup and having flown back from Ecuador of all places. Is that like a 10 hr flight back to London?

      Moreover, I figure the only reason Cazorla played was because OX got injured.

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  97. Every one could see that result happening apart from that french twat ,why cant he go and fuck up some other team up and leave Arsenal alone? We deserve better than him, he is just too stupid for words if he thinks this team can compete for ANY thing we are in need of strengthening in all areas and now we are desperate the price of any one we want will rocket so who’s a clever twat now. Piss off now you are not wanted

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  98. What a slap in the face of the players hard work last season. This loss was entirely down to lack of depth in the squad. Injury and suspension means we barely have a starting XI for the next match. The management need to take a good hard look at themselves. Ludicrous.

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  99. This is a dire state of affairs. To hear so much negativity coming from our fans is a sure sign that something is rotten in the borough of Islington. But where do we go from here…will a couple of signings simply paper over the cracks, or does Wenger actually have a chance at repairing his relationship with the Arsenal faithful? Only time will tell…but at this rate, it’s gonna be one hell of a long season.

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  100. I have always been a supporter of Wenger, I don’t want him to go, however, even I am getting annoyed at what appears to be apathy to supporters feelings. We definitely need an injection of fresh talent – fact – the finances show we are in a position to do this – Fact. Procrastination is causing instability and dissatisfaction both on the pitch and in the stands! Not a happy start and I’M ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  101. I feel like it’s my fault for being seriously pissed off right now. Why did I think this year would be any different?

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  102. Wenger: “We could have won the game, there were a lot of positives in our game. That is what we have to focus on.” #AFCvAVFC

    For a change, you might want to fucking focus on the negatives, identify your mistakes and correct them. So far, there’s been no evidence of us doing that. The reason we have no one else to choose from in defense is because you lot were so obsessed with making money overseas, promoting the Arsenal and all (so that you can sell more shirts), rather than working on improving our team. And what the hell is this arrogant approach to games we seem to be getting used to?! The results should fall right into our laps? This has been the making of Wenger, and anyone that denies that is a fool. There should be no excuses for today’s result. Let’s hope it’s just a fluke and everything gets better in the near future.

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  103. For the first time in all these years I want a manager change. Even if Wenger is a brilliant manager, I want a fresh perspective, a new voice and some new ideas. Listening to Arsene is grating and tiring. I don’t want to hear how tough is the market. I want to see better players in the team. Simon Mignolet got Liverpool 3 points today. Szcz went on a walkabout. Don’t tell me Simon is not better than our goalkeepers. We could have strengthened if we really wanted. Looks like it may end up being another ignominious end to Wenger’s club career like it was at Monaco

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  104. God bless the ref for making those stupid decisions, otherwise wenger would have taken a lot of positives from the game. Now hes all left with negatives. Act on that you cock sucker, and stop messing with people’s emotions.

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  105. As I begin to type, the dutch skank has just scored for manure which is the icing on the cake.

    Woefully short of numbers and woefully short of top top top class players. A basic understanding of football will point this out to you. Those deluded Gooners who come out with Wenger having won titles, FA Cups, managing for years as a reason for him knowing better than us have to realise that this is only so if he uses all that experience when the shit starts hitting the fan.

    Our fan has had shit flying at it for almost 8 years now and nothing has been done. Nothing.

    My heart sinks a little when I already know the excuses that will be trotted by out by Wenger and it sinks a little further knowing nothing more than an on the surface patch up job will be done regarding improving the squad.

    He must go.

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  106. What a terrible start i fear now we may panic buy, if he couldn’t find the top top quality in the past 3 months why think he can now? And clubs will no what a mess we are in and put there prices up more. I feel it will be hard as well to convince plays of the quality we need to come join us as we won’t pay the money , sometimes you have to over pay and if that’s the case to get a few top top quality players in then we may have to do it. Once we have a few and look like we are ambitious it will be easier to get some more in. Lets make a big effert and go after bedner, erikson at Ajax wouldn’t cost the earth. There are plenty of players out there to improve us sometimes you just have to pay it if you really want it. But i honestly think we will go the cheap option

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  107. wenger have short memory. this is just like the season we brought arteta, mertesacker, santos and loaned benayoun late.

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  108. Anyone know why Podolski was only brought on in the 94th minute?
    Highest payed player, when we needed goals, and someone like Walcott had done fuck all the entire game…

    SURELY you bring him on with more than 1 minute to play??

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    • Because after the red card we were already playing with 3 defenders, so another striker was not an option. I’m guessing Wenger wanted to keep a sub in reserve and didn’t want to change anything else (we’d already lost 2 to injury already).

      Poldi only came on to replace sagna (dear God I was afraid for a second he’d broken his neck), so if we’d have put him on earlier, we’d have finished with 9 on the pitch.

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  109. So where do we go from here? With the injuries and the lack of depth I fear this can only get worse. Losing at home to Villa may encourage the club to buy at least a Centre Half, holding mid-fielder and a striker, the problem I have is who and they will need time to fit-in or acclimatise (If from abroad) to the way the team play and the league.

    Not sure why we find it so hard to sign quality players year on year….do we really have £70+ Million in the bank or is it just a myth? Is it being removed by Silent Stan to pay for his Ranch….what is going on? So may questions and very little answers! 🙁

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  110. Well fuck this shit. It’s only the first game but damn. I love our current squad but we NEED additions. I hope the lads can bounce back. What a shitty first weekend.
    It is what we deserve though. Fuck Anthony Taylor, this was almost as bad as Mike Riley at Old Trafford in 2004.

    I’m an ardent Wenger supporter and respect him, but our fans have waited for 8 years AND they pay the most expensive tickets in the world. They ARE entitled to see the club spend some money for a better team.

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  111. I read Arseblog every day. But I have only posted on here twice: when Eduardo had his leg broken, and when Ramsay had his leg broken. Matters of results, signings, non-signings etc, I have not commented on. I am a season ticket holder, but was traveling back from France today so I didn’t go to the match. I have to say, the result doesn’t surprise me. When it comes to signings, I have been used to disappointing summers for a while now. We all have. But I have defended the club and Wenger fiercely to critics because I felt we were doing the right thing, living within our means, etc. The traitor situation last season changed all that for me. We should never have sold him to a rival. Worse, we had 3 months this off-season to do what was necessary and sign some serious players to augment a good core squad. To make us contenders. Instead, we left ourselves a light squad. I love the Arsenal, I will continue to go to matches and support them forever. But right now, I feel ashamed that the club I love has has betrayed it’s fan base, it’s supporters, it’s history. I have been critical of Gazidis and Law before, but Wenger is an icon for what he has done for our club. He should never be villified by any true Arsenal fan. But to tonight, as much as I hate to say it, I want Wenger out. Forthe good of the club we love.

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    • At what point can the board and manager be called liars? 2014 was the year, no? The year when Arsenal would , as prophecied by Wenger, Gazidis, and crew, be in position to return to the top level of world football? These are beyond hesitant delays and nitpicking in the transfer market. They are blatant failures to live up the financial promises they’ve sold to the fan’s since Highbury. They are lies.

      Arsenal fans are being taken for a ride. Good thing we’re never hesitant with our wallets when it comes to the club we love.

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  112. AW: Guess who lost on the opening day last season, Man Utd. We have pace , we have quality. We just lacked a little sharpness and played a little bit with the handbrake on. I believe we can win this league.

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  113. The thing is for this particular game…SIGNINGS HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT..
    Signings are what we need to challenge, not for routine home victories against last seasons fuckiing relegation survivors.

    Reading wengers after game comments you would think we had just lost a tightly contested game away at barcelona…Not trounced 3-1 at home by Aston fucking villa.

    At least i won 330£ betting on villa to win…Anyone who didnt at least suspect something like this would happeni s an idiot in denial.
    After the last 8 years why was this even a surprise. Your talking about a team that lost to bradford.
    I couldnt even get angry as i have come to expect this.

    Shockin ref – check
    Player Sent off – check
    Another should have been sent off – check
    attacking midfielders unable to score or even hit the target with purpose – check
    defenders being bullied by pace and strength – check (Planet mertesacker is sickening to watch sometimes)
    injury to a player we cant replace properly – check
    wide open chasm in midfield – check
    sagna nearly dies – check
    Sub on a clearly unfit player – check

    What i did realise in todays games is that our defence is not actually that bad besides planet mertesacker against pace and strength.. Its our midfield..WHEN ARTETA is your only midfielder that can actually tackle you have a problem. A very big problem. Vieira and gilberto where NEVER REPLACED.
    Notice how easily teams get to our back four…Koscienly got sent off because he was making a tackle near the half way line..Why was he having to make a tackle there to begin with. Walcott, rosicky,ox, cazorla, podolski, ramsey, wilshere. None of these prancing little fairies can tackle…Wilshere gets stuck in but thats not tackling. Then our only midfielder who could be physical who could be that steel we need is infact made ot of glass and is called diaby.. its unreal. Teams find it so easy to play against us..Look how diifficult teams make it for us.
    To make matters worse its not like wenger dosent have the expeirence of knowing how benficial it is to have people in the mold of vieira, gilberto, petit…Wenger has even forgotten what made his OWN FUCKING TEAMS in the past successful.
    And please a striker with a bit of pace. Giroud has his good qualities but watching him attempt to run in behind is hilarious.

    I now expect us to lose or draw with fenerbache…However we will destroy them at the emirates, wenger willl throw his usual mental strength, spirit, dont need signings we just got in the champs league spin.

    This season will be NO DIFFERENT TO USUAL.. Disgraces like today, then we will thrash a few teams, then look good against a big side for 15mins before going 2-0 down and chasing the game while looking courageous, before finally a few spatterings of good performances here and there with one or two youth break outs in the carling or fa cup before failing at both.

    The only surprising thing is that i thought the wheels would come of at least in september maybe even make it to january..but AUGUST.

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  114. Fisticuffs almost broke out where I was sitting in the North Bank. Pro and anti Wenger fans having a go. Weirdest thing about today is I felt nothing. I just sat there unmoved, I’ve seen it all before.
    All you pro Wenger fans can you please explain why our team is in its current position numbers wise? What is our manager waiting for? Referee or not is it acceptable to lose at home on the opening day to a Villa side that spent most of last season in a relegation battle. What magic trick are you all waiting for Wenger to pull? What am I missing here?

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  115. Raw as he is Frimpong should of been the obvious choice at dm as we signed nobody. We was out muscled today and that was so predictable. Does anyone remember Terry Butcher soldiering on as if he had been butchered. His head covered in bandages covered in his claret. Gibbs has clash of heads and nearly was stretchered off. Team of lightweights. Why on earth did we stick with Theo for the entire game when he was so shite? Rosiky though was sensationa and the only one that believed we should be spanking the arses off such mediocre opponents.

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    • To be fair, I think Gibbs was pissed at being subbed off. I’m Canadian, so I don’t understand why he was subbed off either, unless he had a concussion.

      Hockey is our number one sport, and players routinely get stitched up on the bench before being thrown back on the ice. Broken teeth, broken feet, broken everything, and they don’t miss a shift. Gibbs should have kept playing.

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  116. Everyone hold on, its going to be an extremely bumpy ride, if Wenger doesn’t “spend some fucking money” which is extremely unlikely, hope I get proved wrong

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  117. Title Contenders, in my dreams. Top four, unlikely. For the first time in years we were able to retain our best players, whom with the addition of a few great players could have gone on to achieve greatness. Yet I somehow feel the Arsenal has allowed a golden opportunity to pass us by. I hated Helb, Nasri, Fabregas and Van Persie, to name a few, for leaving us but I’ve grown to understand why they left. If I were a player I would leave too, fortunately or unfortunately I’m a fan and it is a lifetime engagement for me. To lose 3-1 at home to the Villains in the season opener is depressing, albeit the game was ruined by the referee, who deserves to be demoted to the lower leagues. Although, to a certain extent this loss is Arsene Wenger’s fault (eg. Santi Carzola looked like he hadn’t recovered enough to play today and it was his mistake which lead to the concession of the second penalty), it was sad to witness The Grove turn on him today. Moreover, our transfer inactivity is worrisome and our squad has been declared threadbare by everyone from here to Timbuktu. In addition to the injuries to Vermaelen, Nacho and Diaby, the injuries of Gibbs, Sagna and Chamberlain from today and the suspension of Bossielny decimates this team. Four games in ten days before the window closes, starting with a champion league qualifier away in Turkey on 21st Aug., then an away BPL game to Fulham on 24th Aug., a return leg at home on 28th Aug and finally the Derby at home on 1st Sept., makes for a very daunting schedule to a team as small as ours. So, why have we allowed for such a situation to occur?  How do we go about fixing a problem of our own making? What do we do now? Come what may, but remember this, you Mr. Wenger can either make my life, along with a million other Gooners worldwide, significantly better or worse with the decisions you make in the coming fortnight. The ball is in your court……….

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  118. Can someone just please explain to me why the fuck wenger bought podolski? He simply will not play the guy. He may not have changed the game today but hes a better striker than generic tall french wenger favourite guy and he’s a better winger than the ox. I agree with ref shit the lack of spending yhe being taken for a ride but stupid shit like not playing your best forward should on top all the other stuff get u sacked.

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    • Ugh. Just ugh.

      Worst possible result for Wenger. If we’d spent some money and brought in some players, right now everybody would be saying “well they need time to gel, and the ref really affected this result”. As it is, all eyes are on you, Arsene.

      So we lost at home to a team who will be in the relegation battle, we lost one of our two fit center halves to suspension and we lost 2 of our 3 fit fullbacks. Looking forward to the panic buying now as we sign Ashley Williams for 25m and some other shitkicking clownshoe for ludicrous amounts out of sheer desperation.

      Whoever is in charge of the transfers this summer (especially the person who decided to pull out of the Higuain deal on the Suarez contract misinformation, making us look like complete mugs), needs to own up to their cock ups and tender their resignation with immediate effect. Be that Wenger, Gazidis or anyone else.

      Completely indefensible.

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  119. 1st post – Ger – “I HATE WENGER!!!”

    Not as much as I hate you or your twat parents for producing you, you ignorant waste of space/tottenham fan

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  120. Christ this place has just turned into another Le Grove. Full of “supporters” calling Wenger every cunt under the sun, grow up. If you can’t express yourself with out insulting one of footballs nice guys then tell Mummy and Daddy to ban you from your computer.

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    • are you honestly so offended for wenger? don’t be such a delicate flower. top level (ha. i’d laugh if only crying weren’t more appropriate) football is a cutthroat business, and wenger is a big boy. he deserves a VERY big helping of criticism for the awful predicament in which the club now finds itself. it’s great that wenger is a nice guy, but at this point i’d much rather have an asshole like mourinho if it came with a competitive squad and a shout at winning things.

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  121. I know I really should meh change my Arseblog username meh, but I haven’t got the bloody energy… meh.

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  122. Next week at fulham we have 1 central defender available! For a man on 7m a year that is shocking management

    We cant win the league by the end of the transfer window but due to arsenes inabiity to do the obvious we will most definitely be out of it

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  123. Only reason I’m glad Arteta missed this game is so fickle fans can appreciate how good he is and how much he’s needed. (Too often, Arsenal fans overlook him. And for me, he’s easily one of our most important/best assets.)

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  124. Also never quite got to this point before, but now I’m tired of Wenger. Any other club started off a season like this — no signings and losing to Villa — there’s no way they’d keep their job.

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  125. FRUSTRATING. We missed Arteta to an unbelievable extent. Separately, I think that no matter how overrated the defensive midfielder role might be for some people, we need at least one guy who won’t be muscled off the ball. Saw it happen so many times today, Ramsey, even Wilshere, just lacking the strength to hold off a guy, or flopping back because the opponent with the ball was stronger. This is the EPL.
    I have to say, this result was digestible – things did not go our way – but it’s causing us all to vomit because everything that could point to summer transfer failures happened. Now, you can’t legislate for losing a left/right back when you have two for each position. But Koscielny got fucked by the referee, and we have no central defenders. The changing of positions mid-game and the loss of Arteta messed up the passing game.
    We have NO game changers – someone who could take a curler from the edge of the box, and back himself to take it in an instant. Theo Walcott continues to hide, and I can’t believe he took that free kick. He is a coward and really not good enough except when he has no chance to think and is one on one with the keeper (having received the ball without needing to exercise his first touch of a rapist).
    When Wenger talks about top top players, I think to myself – ya, maybe one or two, but how about some players that fit into a tactical plan, rotate games without loss of team cohesion – is there a tactical plan?

    Finally, does anyone else fear they will shit themselves when they see our defensive scheme with Per so high up the pitch. He can’t turn and run at speed, and while we are anyway open to counterattack, this system of the deep midfielder falling back to defend while the CBs stay wide is really an additional problem.

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    • I’m sorry dude but did you watch the same game or are you just one of those guys that blames Theo for everything? While he wasn’t on top form he was by far leagues above a few others on the field today. In fact if anything I’d go as far as saying him and Rosicky were our better performers (with the exception of Kosc who looked good until the ref shafted him).

      Ramsey was awol pretty much from when the pressure increased, in fact he was that bad one of the lads I was watching the game with didn’t even know he was on the pitch until early in the second half. Wilshere was expected to do the job of two people and struggled , Giroud apart from the goal didn’t really do much. These are just examples of the collective not really showing up. I’m not calling for them to be strung up but please have a bit of perspective.

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      • Giroud has a terrible first touch and made several shockingly tame headers, he is not good enough. Jack is so overrated and Ramsey and Jack together are not a strong midfield

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      • I’m not sorry dude, I did watch the same game. He passes on the flank close to the box when he should use his fabled speed. And if you read what I wrote, the whole post, I think you will see that I did not talk about Walcott alone. I think you are one of those Walcottbots, maybe. I don’t make guesses about this kind of thing, I watch the game and give my opinion.
        You’re an arsenal fan, and so am I, so I’m not going to get vitriolic on you, but you should study the patterns of what he does when he is not in a goalscoring position. I have. He shirks responsibility. Maybe I can say that because I am not English and blinkered (maybe you aren’t either), and because much as I appreciate him for his clean cut image and lack of controversy, I only care about what he does on the pitch.

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  126. Here’s a question. With the outcry from the players for squad investment and so far apparent ignorance of this from the management, just how many of said players will look to sign new contracts if this continues?

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  127. The scary thing is that this squad doesn’t need 1 or 2 players of top quality like we normally say and never get every season. It actually needs 4 probably 5 (3 being world class) in my opinion. Seeing Spurs go around signing good players is inexcusable when in our position.

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  128. Crushed by the Villa, what will happen against the mighty Tottenham Hotspur in a few weeks…

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  129. where the fuck r my comments blogs…No direspect intended despite the swearing >< todays game has left me emotionally damaged

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  130. i cant believe every body is so shocked at the result ! wenger is an out dated manager with out dated tactics . he`s well by his sell by date . trouble is if we get rid it would take a guy who knew what he wanted at least 2 years to put it right . its players like jack i feel for

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  131. Pathetic. Someone in the organization has been lying. Blogs, you pointed that out on the Arsecast. What has happened to our Arsenal? It’s just sad.

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  132. All this language used against Wenger is over the top. Some calling for him to leave are downright disrespectful. All the blame does not lie with him. More pressure should be put on Gazidis and co. I’ll bet my life that we will sign by 2 September 2013. However, the fans had every right to chant. I would. Pressure him to sign but just don’t disrespect him and call for him to leave.

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  133. I hope to God that when I wake up in the morning it is actually Saturday, and that today never actually happened and it was all just a dream. This is all too much to take… 🙁

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  134. Long time reader here but never commented as I felt that my views may not be appreciated but I think after today someone may appreciate my two cents. Long passage I do apologise. I credit Villa, they worked harder, dug deeper and got the result. That is football, if you are not hungrier for it then you risk being on the end of it as we were today. Yes, the referee wasn’t great today but in reality should that have mattered? Against Villa (with no disrespect towards them) a team of Arsenal’s calibre should be comfortable, and should have put the game to bed. Clearly this did not happen today and it highlighted a few things. The squad is clearly too thin and lightweight, lacking in depth but also strength. I mean, that we lack a midfield anchor, an enforcer, or a tough tackling and strong box to box midfielder who loves to break it up and does not mind getting dirty. If you look at the midfield it is not exactly the tallest or strongest, now, yes technically they are fantastic but as soon as the ‘bullies’ come along then what? We were countered with ease today by a pacey and strong front line which seemed to cut through at will, it seems very worrying with the away leg in Fenerbache on Wednesday especially with the injuries hitting the squad. What will the back line be for that game? It is crucial to get a draw or a win away, would be vitally important, but away in Turkey? That sort of game needs experienced and strong heads and the back line will only be able to consist of 3? at most first team defenders, and would you call Jenkinson a senior player? I think that the squad needs improving, especially with the mass exodus of players (deadwood) but which offered depth. If it were my money I would want a top level goalkeeper (perhaps Cesar but others are out there), a centre half or two (we only have 3 senior ones in the squad), a full back capable of playing either side, a heavyweight midfielder – or two, incase, and a striker. BUT, it is not my money and miracles like that do not happen overnight nevermind the impact a mass influx may have on the squads balance. This all should have been tied up before the pre season tour and with time to gel, I understand that these things take time but other clubs manage, those without the lure of Champions League Football too may I add seem to attract names and players in of a high level (Spurs – Soldado, Paulinho, Swansea – Bony looks impressive, to name a few). I would also question the squads fitness, was Wilshire fully fit? Cazorla on the bench would imply he was not fully match fit, same for Podolski? Anyway, long block of text but just my thoughts, lifelong Arsenal fan, avid football fan.

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    • A ‘destroyer’ like Gustavo might have done the trick. I cannot believe we didn’t go balls to the wall to sign that guy.

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  135. Blogs for manager of The Arsenal. With all your experience on playstation and football manager you should be good to go.

    At least then we know someone who cares will be in charge. *sigh*

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  136. regardless of the referee, arsenal should not be in a position to lose to aston villa at the emirates due to poor luck. For me, the referee was the worstpart of the game not because of the decisions he made, but because it covers for arsenal’s performance. Every body now talks about the second penalty but nobody seems to have noticed that a simple through ball took every arsenal player bar koscielny out of the game, forcing him to make a risky challenge. Koscielny had a poor game regardless of the decisions. for the first penalty it was him who dived in and got nothing allowing agbonglahor to run straight on goal, and whether or not it should have been a card for his dismissal, every sunday league player knows that 5 minutes after one yellow card you don’t dive in and give thee referee any excuse to give another. Ramsey had a poor game purely because he had been forced to play a role (arteta’s) that he was unfamiliar with, and doesn’t suit his strengths at all. Gary Lineker (I think) made the excuse for cazorla and wilshire that neither of them looked match fit. what other “big club” in all of europe would have play two players on the first game of the season who were knackered? All there is to say about this shambles of a summer was shown by arsenal’s bench. Serge Gnabry, Gedion Zelalem, Emmanuel fuckin Frimpong, the man who spent last season on the fulham bench. bollocks

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  137. Don’t be dicks. Wenger can be blamed for a boring summer, but the boys out there tonite could have won it, as Blogs said just this morning. Anthony Taylor won the day. Terrible cliche, I know, but in football u always do better when u have the support of ur 12th man.

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  138. I have always been a big supporter of Wenger but he is not the same manager as he once were. Today was one of the most depressing games i’ve ever watched. I believe that there are big problems both with the manager and with the board. They go out before the transfer window and promise that money will be spent and that we will be challenging for trophys the upcomming season. And here we are 15 days before the transfer window closes with nothing else than the signing of Yaya Sanogo from the french Ligue 2.

    There is a lot of good players in this squad but we got no depth what so ever and money needs to be spent and everyone can see it. And if Arsene Wenger refuses to spend the money i blame both him and the board for the situation we are in. Cause when the board see that Wenger doesn’t spend any money they should force him to do it or just sack him.

    If we look at the other topclubs squads we will see that they have much more depth and a lot more quality in their squads than we do. If we get the 4th place this year it will be a miracle and i can honestly not see it. We knew that even if we would sign a lot of good players this summer it would still be a hard season 13/14.

    The truth is the fans demands results from a top club like arsenal. And when a manager doesn’t live up to them any topclub in the world would sack their manager. And that’s how it is in modern football. The sooner Arsenal realises this the better it will be. I wanna remember Arsene Wenger as an arsenal hero and i believe he should resign before destroying his reputation.

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