Vermaelen calls for support on opening day


In his programme notes for tomorrow’s game, Thomas Vermaelen has urged fans to back the team as they look for three points against Aston Villa.

There is, of course, frustration at the state of the squad, but the Belgian is looking for the home support to get behind the team for the 90 minutes.

“As I’ve said so many times before, everyone of our supporters in the stadium will be important to us today. You can push us forward at times when we need it, during periods of difficulty in a game.

“When the players feel that, it can really help get them over the line. You did it for us last season, and I’m sure you’ll do it again this time around.”

Having experienced some difficult moments during the Emirates Cup, it’d be fantastic to give the players we do have the backing they deserve, and Vermaelen is aware that despite not adding to the squad, we haven’t lost any major players either for the first summer in a trazillion years.

“We have kept the core of this team together this summer and that can only work to our advantage. The players know each other really well, are aware of each other’s qualities, and know what to expect from each other on the pitch.

“The boss will add to the squad, but it’s great to see that the heart of the team is still there.”

In the absence of new faces, it is imperative that the lads we do have get the support they need from the crowd tomorrow.

They’re not the ones who didn’t spend, so fingers crossed all goes well once 3pm comes along.

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