Wenger confirms Arteta injury, Ramsey fit


Arsene Wenger has confirmed that Mikel Arteta has joined the injury list ahead of tomorrow’s Premier League opener with Aston Villa.

Already without club captain Thomas Vermaelen, left back Nacho Monreal and lifer Abou Diaby, it leaves the squad in a difficult state. Wenger said he was unsure exactly how long the Spaniard would be missing for, but admitted it could be up to six weeks.

While there are enough players to fill the first XI, it looks as if we’ll be down to bare bones when it comes to the bench, leaving us with few options should we need to change the game.

There is some good news as, after a midweek scare, there’s no suggestion Bacary Sagna will miss out while Aaron Ramsey is available after missing Wales game against the Republic of Ireland.

Update: Sky Sports saying Sagna is out.

And Wenger stated once again he was looking to boost his squad, saying, “I don’t disagree that we are a bit light at the moment. We are looking to strengthen our squad.

“We’re looking more for quality than for numbers. We would like two or three players, if possible more.”


    • If I remember correctly The ox played deep with Song vs Milan ,the night we on 3-0.

      We still need an extra defence-ish midfielder ,but not everything is as crappy as people are saying

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      • of course not, to you as an Arsene apologist all is fine and this squad could win the league just like last year, the year before last and the last 8 years!!!!.

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        • Let me prove I am not an Arsene apologist.

          WENGER OUT!!

          I still think we’ll win tommorow and we will sign some players and the reason it’s taking too long is because the goo ones are hard to get .

          I think by sept 2 we would have signed some players whether it’s Grant holt,barry,Suarez,[some french bloke] or anyone we will have signed. let’s just only good ones and that’s why it’s taking too long

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        • hey cygan, just cause youve lost faith in wenger dont mean that everybody else who still respects him and believes him should be tagged with your ridiculous descriptions ( apologists, akb etc)

          in the end of the day ..believing and/or supporting wenger ..one of the best in the business is a far more correct and logical approach than bashing him like you lot do….

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        • ” we will sign some players and the reason it’s taking too long is because the good ones are hard to get . ” and you also say ” I am not an Arsene apologist.” LOL.

          Even Arsene couldn’t have come up with this excuse lol.

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        • With the shock of yesterday over, can we not just get behind who is available until we see who is recruited. We still have a great starting 11 and hopefully the players we have can stay fit and get us through to September. This could be an opportunity for the likes of Gnabry to shine from the bench. And please Blog, refrain from using the phrase “down to the bare bones”. It’s just it reminds me of you know who!

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      • Not as crappy as people are saying…possibly, but no where near as good as it could and really should be for a club with our resources.

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    • with all due respect I wouln’t want to see him there. either Ramsey or I’d go with the experienced Rosisky, though it’s not his best position.
      ox has a future in central midfield but I’d be happy if he played on the wings for now. you probably might not have noticed but he did run the ball into the second man a lot when he played central. with experience he will learn when not to take on opponents at high pace in central midfield. now without a proper defensive midfielder to break up counter attacks it could be risky

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      • No, more like shit to those who run our club and earn all this money can’t sign players, it is shit to Stan, Ivan and Arsene.

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        • Who cares thumb up or down. if I cared I would be like most here saying Wenger is the greatest I hate the Fat Russian co owner, we are going to win the league/CL this year, Terry, RVP, Samir, Cole are cunts and we have been unlucky in the last year not because we have crazy washed up has been Manager.

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    • Ijust hope the team isn’t as concerned as the fans with who ‘might’ be playing for Arsenal this season and they’re focused on who will definitely be playing tomorrow. What are the odds Benteke is the one to shock Wenger into opening the wallet?

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    • This would have been the best tranfer season for us, but till now its the worst one..it took 8-2 mauling to sign anyone 2 season ago, i dont want another like that… where is all the money that gazidis was talking..??

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        • Hardly call 17mill cheap! Besides, watching him for Brazil not sure we really missed that much with him as he has the same problems other defensive midfielders have now where they get dragged forward too easily. Fernando of Porto an option in the final year of his contract and looking to move to boost national team chances?

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        • Fucking hell! That’s what footballers cost these days. And I’ve heard this line: ‘he’s not really that good’ couple of times this summer already. Always when we’ve missed on somebody.

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        • hey kololo “That’s what footballers cost these days.”

          these days are mad though. good poker players wait for the madness to end and then take advantage.

          if you were playing poker against negraneu and his friends, and they had ten times your stack…you wouldnt follow them in all the bets/hands now would you? …your stack is limited and you will wait for the right momment….irrespective of what cards youre holding.

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        • who told you the waiting period has stopped only after 8 years?..it could take more…. are you prepared to last the distance or are you gonna cry and complain….?

          it might as well happen when he is gone for good…in 2020…will you sit there and say it wasnt worth the wait?

          so if/when arsenal achieves an era like ajax in the 70;s or liverpool in the 80’s or milan in the 90;s or barca in the mid-end 00’s will you say it wasnt worth it ?

          you thought 8 years is enough to repay stadium and become a real madrid ? think again….

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        • I am a fan of continuity rather than golden eras. Liverpool had their time in 80s and now they have deluded Rodgers talking about Liverpool’s class. And about the money. Now that Sky Sports is paying this horrendous sums to all Premier League teams I don’t think anybody should be surprisded that players’ prices went up too. It was bound to happen.

          And Wenger playing poker? He would say his cards have enough quality as it is and wouldn’t do anything about them.

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  1. The old fart’s set himself up to have his last couple of months at the Arsenal. I hope for his sake and ours that he can pull off a couple of transfer miracles that will have us all marvelling at his genius

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    • Sorry to shock you, he won’t pull anything, he is FINISHED as top top top quality manager. it is been 8 years we are crying for one or two player to add to the squad to have a chance to compete and this Stubborn man refused. He even refused to sign a keeper to replace Almunia for 3 years, he will never change. we will get one 28 middle of the rude player after we run out of options and players available and that is all we will get.

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  2. Good news about Bac & Rambo, but after all the huff & puff, our lack of options at this stage is baffling. What’s the problem with spending the cash? Is it Arsene’s stubbornness & determination to hunt out bargains? Other clubs & agents seeing our enormous pile of cash & hiking prices out of our comfort zone? Lack of decent scouting? Incompetent negotiators? Lack of a coherent strategy? Or, have we got a great strategy based on having nerves of steel & waiting till the last moment in the window to snap up the players we need? Of course, like Man Utd & Chelsea (heh) we could just be stuck in a difficult situation…

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  3. Enough already!
    Arsenal always miss there targets! Higuain joined Napoli, Suarez has still not left Liverpool, Jovotic went to Man city and now Luiz Gustavo has gone to Wolfsburg who only finished 11th in the Bundesliga! If Arsenal can not compete with Wolfsburg there are serious problems with our negotiating team.
    Arsenal only have 11 first team players fit for Saturday. Arsene Wenger should not be offered a new contract unless he starts to address the obvious problems in the team.

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    • And I hate gooners in London for all this, they’ll be there tomorrow with all their “in wenger we trust”s and yeah they are our “voice” 😐

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  4. Lol…we are a joke club..we cant beat Napoli for Higuain, we let Fellaini’s clause expire, we won’t raise the price for Suarez and now we cant even beat Wolfsburg for Gustavo. What does this tell you about our management? They don’t know what they’re doing. I’ve had enough of Wenger and his cronies. They are turning our club into a laughing stock.

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    • Since when not signing players turned you to a ‘joke of a club’ . By that logic P$G,Mancitiy and Monaco are the classiest clubs ,

      It’s bad we haven’t signed players and WE SHOULD ,but we still are not joke of a club , Arsenal is actually one of the most respected clubs

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      • You’re a joke when you lose a transfer target to Wolfsburg and when you have 12 senior players fit at the start of the season. And Wenger is talking his usual shite.

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        • Gustavo was looking for first team guarantees, with the world cup coming up and all, hence the mid-table club. Wolfsburg moreover will pay him more–do you really think we’re going to sign a backup for 120K or whatever a week?

          If Gustavo didn’t fancy his chances of nailing down a starting spot at Arsenal, then you probably don’t want him anyway. He’s a chicken.

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        • I just hope the fans who believe all is well are honest enough to admit they were naive IF things don’t go well. However they will probably praise Arsene for achieving whatever he does with an under strength squad. In fairness to Fatgooner, I’m amazed he’s not on here every five minutes smugly tell everyone ‘I told you so’.

          Signing players isn’t a guarantee of winning anything but surely the more good players you have the more chance you give yourself? Or am I missing something.

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      • In fairness to ‘why is my name required’ we do get laughed at a lot by fans of other clubs when it comes to our transfer policy. I always point out to them that you can’t spend your way to becoming a classy club but it does hurt sometimes.

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        • You can spend your way to become classy man!!!
          Chelsea is what it is today because they spent money. Man city has stayed in the top 2 in the last 3 years because they spent money. PSG became the toast of France because they spent money. Arsenal has deteriorated from being title challengers to 4th place contenders simply because they refused to spend money. Period!!!!!!

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    • i’m as frustrated and nervous as anyone about our lack of quality new signings, but fuck this ‘joke club’ bullshit

      i’m proud of my club, our history, and our values, yes, our fucking values

      i dont give a fuck about poisonous ‘laughing’ on the internet, they can all go fuck themselves

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  5. Right folks footballs back so for 90 mins tomorrow I will forget all my concerns and just shout for the Arsenal . I will of course have the commentary turned down so I don’t have to endure 8 years without a trophy mentioned at least 12 times and recapping the shit summer
    Theo hat trick put a fiver on it

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  6. Same old bull from the frenchman, what’s so hard about spending.Surely the Dick Law has the best job in the world and he gets paid for it.

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  7. heard john ‘ faxe’ jensen speaking in the danish televesion about the comming season. i dont think arsenal has bee nin on luis gustavo, faxe said that it was Sami Khedira Wenger was after

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    • Dont think i’ve ever dreaded the start of season as much as this 1, to think we were so optimistic at the end of last season.

      The atmosphere at the Emirates is going to very edgy especially if we go a goal behind against Aston Villa.

      Why Arsene? Why?

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  8. This season is something of a tipping point for me. I’ve followed football and the club since 1998 when I was six years old and also the year Wenger arrived. I’ve been a big, big supporter of the man all these years but I really feel that if we go into the season at the end of the window without any *quality* additions, for the first time ever, I’ll be wanting him away from any critical footballing decisions the club has to make. This season marks a new era, the football landscape has changed. Can Arsene adapt or will he go the way of the dodo? Only time will tell I suppose…

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    • I’m literally in the same situation as you, 1998 and all

      I was a huge Wenger fan, philosophy and all that

      However, the last few years have been testing.
      With Cesc I always felt like we were in with a shout for the title so even when we didn’t win I felt we had quality to match the best.

      Selling Cesc was the first blow to my support for Wenger, because it dawned on me that we weren’t going to compete

      Selling RVP to United had me reeling (favourite player since Henry and he turns c*** didnt help)
      and now this summer is shaping up to be the last straw

      I’m gonna support Arsenal through thick and thin but sadly I’m beginning to acknowledge RVP, Nasri, Cesc’s decisions have been vindicated. This is not a team that competes anymore and wont for a while I fear. its sad but I’m slowly accepting the reality.

      Wenger needs to go, he hasn’t adapted and it has been to our detriment for far too long.

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      • Jack in a box- I was only thinking this morning that maybe RVP was right, if the club aren’t going to do what’s needed to try and compete, why should he waste whats left of his career. I’m embarrassed to have to admit that the club a have loved for 35yrs lacks ambition.

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  9. For the first time in my life I am starting to consider my allegiances to AW. All the talk of no value in the market yet Brazil’s main DM goes for 15M euros! Arteta’s injury has left us so exposed.. One of our centre backs will get a knock tomorrow and we will be left with Sagna at CB with Jenkinson at RB.

    Someone give me some good news please.

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    • Good news is those injury prone players have played in 30C weather, played against Man City, friendlies, etc. and have gone through a full pre-season for the first time at Arsenal. Even though we have a few down, and we’re a few missing, there’s reasonable cause to believe that until the transfer window ends, the team will hold out.

      After that… who knows.

      In other words, Le Prof has to finish grading his homework…

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  10. “I don’t disagree that we are a bit light at the moment. We are looking to strengthen our squad.”

    So, you know we are “bit” light? Why didn’t you do something about it since May? What are you waiting for Mr Wenger? You are paid 7.5 million to do a job, you have 70/100 million to play with and you think we are “bit” light? Mr Wenger, here is news for you, we are “well” light, in fact 4/6 top top top quality players NOT Songogo type to have even a little chance to compete in four competitions. Any True Arsenal supporter would be happy EVEN with the four signing the Spuds made so far, that is how low made us think, thank you Mr wenger for spoiling the summer for millions of TRUE Arsenal supporter around the world.

    Even your apologist here run out of excuses for you, you left them sad, depressed and embarrassed, Mr Wenger. I have been coming here for the last 4 season telling who may care or understand football you are FINISHED as a top class manager and only in it for the money. Now people start to see what you really are, a failure money grabbing man, a man that has no shame or pride, a man that has made US TRUE Arsenal supporter the pot of jokes to other fans.

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    • A bit over dramatic but im sure everyone echoes your sentiment.

      Just cant get my head round the fact that Fat gooner might have been right all this time.

      Its unbelievable

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    • I disagree Re: money-grabbing part. He is not. But I thumbed you up regardless, because I agree with the overall sentiment.

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  11. Calm down people, we will get through this. Have faith, we haven’t even kicked a ball yet! OX, Rosicky/Wilshere, Ramsey will start in the middle. Poldi, girioud, theo will be upfront. Youngsters are ready for the bench at least couple of them, Cazorla will be ready next match…glass half full here… Oh to be a Gooner.

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    • That’s not the point. There’s another 37 games to go after tomorrow not to mention FA Cup, Champions League and the Carling Cup. The is the same Arsenal that went a season without losing a single league game now were fretting about if we can beat Aston Villa

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  12. Gustavo is gone for $15MM. What The F#$*!&???
    Ar firsr I thought it was gamesmanship but now I kmow it was utter ineptifide.

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  13. I just heard Arsene talking yet again about how he is looking for quality, and that Man Utd and Chelsea have not spent much! The obvious problem with that speech is that both Man Utd and Chelsea have strong squads already and Arsenal are down to only 11 fit first team players! Joke manager running our great club into the ground.
    Enough is Enough.

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  14. Like all of you, I’m trying to make sense of Arsenal and Arsene’s summer shopping, or lack thereof. I’ve followed Arseblog for most of the summer, and share his sentiment that more could – and should – have been done.

    But I’m also pretty sure one man couldn’t just “lose it” in one summer. Arsene’s a clever guy, we know that, so there must be some other reason for this spending behaviour. And he seems to be pretty confident, given these latest remarks, that we will still sign two or three players.

    Is it not possible that he’s waiting till all the other clubs have spent their millions, before he announces his targets. In the past, Arsene’s targets were sometimes seized on by other clubs (hello Napoli) as soon as he announced them. Perhaps he’s decided to let other clubs buy first, and when summer is over, go for those players which others may have wanted but can’t afford any more.

    This is not what I would have done – and it certainly cost him his reputation over the last few weeks. But – and this is a big but – if successful, he could get two, three or even four excellent players for 70 million, which would not have been possible at the start of the transfer season.

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    • So let me get this straight:

      You wait for 8 years to be able to compete with other top clubs for players, then when you finally have the funds… you wait for other clubs to do their shopping first and get the best stuff, and hope you’ll get a couple of promotions at the end of the day?

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  15. I have no idea what is going on right now. I am angry and confused. How can a club of Arsenal’s caliber not compete with Wolfsburg for Gustavo who have no European football.
    Am I the only who wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t sign anyone.

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    • No you are not the only one who thinks Arsenal will now not buy anyone! Arsene will bring out his usual excuses about looking for quality and there being none available! I wish he would just not say anything!
      Get rid of him as soon as please to save the sanity of Arsenal fans everywhere, Stan!

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  16. Has it not occurred to anyone that maybe we were never in for Gustavo in the first place.

    Unfortunately fourth place isn’t a guaranteed Champions league spot, we still need to qualify, so it’s not a huge jump to imagine that the quality, Champions league level players that we are looking for might want us to actually have qualified for the Champions League proper before they pledge their future to Arsenal FC.

    Keep the faith and if it all goes to pot, we still have Frimpong!

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  17. Who else here feels going to Arsenes home, slamming the door open, introduces yourself as an avid arsenal fan and just start beating the shit out of him while yelling out loud the names of players you’d like him to sign?

    I know I do.

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  18. Only 29 hours to go, and then sanity can return.

    Saw an ad in the Islington post in the lost and found section:


    Magic hat, not seen since mid noughties.

    Please phone 0207 619 5003

    Rumour has it that said hat disappeared after a senior gentleman with a red nose, scots accent and smelling of wine was seen rustling about in Arsene’s office one evening in October 2007. There was a sighting later that evening, and the hat was being worn by an ogre on a coach heading north on the M1. Owing to the awesome power of the hat it is not recommended that it should be placed on head as it could cause issues with skin and hair, and personality disorders.

    Anyone knows anything contact above number or Crimestoppers. Keep em peeled 😉

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  19. It would have made so much sense to do a most of our business before the this point. As I’ve said before the games are coming thick and fast over the next 20 days and at the moment we have a first-team squad of about 17 fit players. Some youth will definitely be getting their chance soon, let’s hope they swim and don’t sink.

    Other clubs have found quality and value in this window, why haven’t we?
    That said, I am very happy with our first XI this season. I think Rambo, Jack and The Ox are going to be fantastic this year.

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  20. Dear Arsene, please sign some players. If not for the benefit of the squad then for Arseblog to become a fun place again. Regards

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  21. What kind of things we doing during ‘training’ at London Holney? Diaby’s anterior cruciate happened in training. Arteta’s thigh injury was sustained in training.

    One of our ‘summer signings’ needs to be a yoga/pirates/stretching instructor for pre-training & pre-match warmups.

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      • Well pointed out… had to type ‘expensive’ and ‘stretching’ into Google to find the correct spelling of ‘pilates’.

        Hope Arsene can spell ‘Maroanne Fellaini’ better than I can!

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  22. I can’t believe that it is now a foreseeable situation that Wenger will be sacked, rather than him deciding to retire. Such a great man in our history, and I’m struggling to still support him.

    You have 17 days Wenger. Seventeen days to turn it around. Please.

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  23. Pulling out of the Higuain deal to waste the summer courting a racist scumbag and now this. The French buffoon has managed to outdo himself this summer. Give him a new contract and I’m done with this club.

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  24. i dont think wenger can manage arsenal any more .i can see his transfer skills are old fashion. the world is improving and football is changing there fore you must adopt to the system of change but this man wenger does not want to grow.it seems the fans are quit that is why he is still managing the club. if you can get us star players please leave the club for someone to come and take over

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  25. Now that Robert Pires is officially back on Arsenal’s payroll, wondering if he fancies strapping on some boots tomorrow…

    Seriously, the focus has to be on next Wednesday’s away game in what is certain to be a hostile atmosphere in Turkey. Jack/Theo/Rambo should be restricted to only 20-30 minutes action tomorrow. Chambo/Gnabry/Mozart can cover tomorrow vs. Villa (Chambo in Arteta’s place, Gnabry in Theo’s place, Mozart in Jack’s place). Jenks can go all out tomorrow and hopefully Sagna will be fit by Febernache.

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  26. Whether we signed or not,tomorrow let’s get behind the fucking team
    The signings will come,we got to beat Villa FIRST. #COYG

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  27. Guess we’ll wait till we get fistfucked by 6 goals before panic-buying some mediocre players that’ll be referred to as ‘deadwood’ in 12 months. Why couldn’t we just sign Higuain and Gustavo early and allow them to gel with the team before the season starts? Why are we sitting with only 2 fit center backs? Are we gonna put Ramsey in CB when Mert or Kos inevitably pick up knocks? Why do we ship off players like Coq, Gervinho, Miquel, when we don’t have replacements lined up?

    No wonder Bendtner isn’t going anywhere, he is the second choice center forward at the moment!!!

    I want some of ‘a little bit the Ganja’ that Arsene is smoking.

    End rant.


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  28. I feel the events of this summer only point to one agenda.

    AW wants to go to PSG next year and he is pushing board and fans to a corner where there won’t be any choice other than sacking (unlikely but possible if fans turn against him en mass) or not offering a new contract. In this way he will be able to say that he did not walk out on Arsenal. Other than that I don’t think there is any other logical explanation of going with 17 players keeping in mind most of them are long term injured and/or hardly completed a full season (Sagna, Wilshere, Gibbs, TV5, Fabianski, Diaby, Rosicky, Podolski, Sanogo, Ryo).

    If we get one more injury in central defence, full backs, midfield and strikers, there won’t be any options other than fielding under 21 squad member. Given the record of shipping in range of 7 goals for Arsenal X1 and not scoring many against Luton and Colchester, we will be in for relegation battle, not for trophies. Get ready for battle my friends, we may be going down this season

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    • You can thumb it down as much as you want but make sure you bookmark it. You will be reading it come end of season.

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    • So, let me get this straight: your theory is that AW is sabotaging the team just so it’s easier for him to move on to PSG?

      No wonder they call the transfer windows “silly season.”

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  29. Let’s transpose the transfer season in a dating club. It’s not politically correct at all, and very sexist.

    A has been with O for a year, whom he got on the rebound after R, recently crowned Miss World, dumped him. (see, he kept on making promises but the clock was ticking for R). O is a good catch, but not great – doesnt compare to R. There has been something missing. A is therefore on the prowl again.

    A goes to a the best dating club in world, and meets G. They get along like a house on fire. She is smoking hot. Not quite R, but very close, and potentially as good. He’s asked her out, she said yes. They’re about to go home, in spite of the fact that the club is open for another 3 hours.

    Here comes L. She’s this fiery latin lover, absolutely gorgeous but with a really horrible temperament. A has been fancying her for a while. He’s a bit surprised, he thought she was married. But her friend, who’s a bit drunk, tells her she doesn’t fancy her husband, and he’ll let her go. A thinks “hey, that one is way better than G”. Everyone tells him not to, that G is fantastic, a real catch, that L is super high maintenance, and that she’d dump him super fast, so he should stick to G.

    A, who used to be a stud (and likes to think he still is) and a bit of a genius, ignores every advice and ditches G, who quickly finds another chap, and leaves the dating club.

    Unfortunately, A listened to the wrong advice. L’s husband has an iron-clad prenup, and still loves her to bits. He doesn’t want to let her go. L sulks, but doesn’t ask for a divorce. A sees that she’s sulking and sees that as a positive sign, though ignores the fact that she hasn’t asked for a divorce yet (he’s a bit stubborn like that).

    A is waiting, ignoring the fact that in the meanwhile, all the best catches have left, and only the very high maintenance, the have-been-gorgeous but not anymore, the barely-legal, the fabulous but happily married (who dont want to be there but came with single friends) and the double bags (one over her head and one over his for safety) are still at the club, which is closing in 45 minutes.

    Now, common wisdom would indicate that A will end up going home single (for which he will be the ridicule and would be the end of his life as a “stud”) or with a double bag (as he has in the past when he waited until the last minute). But A has been a stud in the past. Will he be able to conjure his mojo one last time?

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  30. It seems obvious to me that Arsene is waiting for qualification to the Champions League group stage to be confirmed before really entering the transfer market and going for the top top quality players that he goes on about. Trouble is if we get knocked out WE ARE FUCKED

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  31. To be fair the revitalisation is being attempted. A clear statement of intent from Ivan Gazidis, not selling top players and getting rid of 17 deadwood. Brilliant. This left us with 18 EPL quality players. For a 55-60 match season you would need zero injuries to make it with 18 and Arsenal have many injury worries already let alone for a 9 month campaign . Arsene says tho he will buy only 2 or three at most. So that makes 21 players. Who will pad out the squad? Sanogo? Bendtner 🙁 , retirement home seeker Flamini:(, Park Chu Young 🙁 unproven lads from the Rumanian 2nd division? We can but assume 3 Arsenal youngsters will step up. We have the softest first two months in the league which is a Godsend as we heal our injured and bed in the newcomers. Just why the club was allowed to reach this tenuous position I don’t know but now it’s all hands on deck . Perhaps from this dire position the team will fight back and record a famous EPL victory.

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  32. what are you twats mouthing off again about? every chance you get, you sound like fickle plastic fans. seems most of you have only tuned in since Wenger joined us. be grateful, trust me. do you want a story from an arsenal long of 40+ years about the dark years we had to live through? I’m certain half of you would have jumped into Thames and vanished to oblivion had you witnessed those years.

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    • Don’t you get worried when a member of your family shows signs of sickness? Or do you just tell them to get over it as it is nothing compared to the throat cancer that killed Aunt Bertha 30 years ago?

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