Wenger: I always believed in Ramsey


Arsene Wenger believes the continued improvement of Theo Walcott and Aaron Ramsey bodes very well for the season ahead.

The British duo were in impressive form during Saturday’s friendly against Manchester City, assisting each other on the way to a promising 3-1 victory.

Having also put in eye-catching shifts in the tour of Asia, the boss told Arsenal Player that he was happy with both players pre-season impact.

“I have always believed in Aaron and I think he has shown again what a tremendous engine and what desire he has.

“His vision has improved and his tactical aspect has improved a lot. He’s growing into a very strong player.”

On Walcott, Wenger added: “Walcott put in a great performance. I’m happy with both sides of his game – he defended very well and [set up] two goals.

“His game has improved tremendously because he’s an intelligent player. When you’re intelligent, you always improve.”

Given we’ve yet to significantly strengthen the squad this summer it’s just as well both Walcott and Ramsey (apparently now carrying a knock) have returned from their break fully focused.

It’s something that Per Mertesacker also touched on ahead of the season-opener against Villa next weekend.

“That’s what we are looking forward to – a good, serious win so everybody sees that we are mentally ready for a long season.

“We have to focus on every single match as if it’s our last game. We will take care about [doing] it.”


    • Seeing that pic of Joe hart reminds me of how ramsey skinned him for the goal, lol so helpless

      Then after Giroud lobbed him, the poor fella though he had a chance of catching it and chased shadows as the ball slowly found the net.


      you can tell he doesn’t like being humiliated this joe hart. hahaha

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      • Never understood those of us who didn’t frankly. Anyone who saw the guy play before that cunt assaulted him would have seen the kind of player we are seeing now.

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    • Not all the fans were wrong. There were still those of us who could see he is a talent and just had to find form. It was understandable how trying it was for some but he’s never been a player who lacked desire and that is what has seen him come through a broken leg and a loss of form. He has a lot the mental strenpfh.

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    • Well sort of, it wasn’t all of the fans. Also Ramsey has been absolutely immense ever since he started playing a defined CM position, so part of the blame must lie with the manager for not figuring out his best position earlier. I’ve always supported both Ramsey and Wenger, but Aaron never really played well on the wing or as a more advanced midfielder. I think he actually recovered from his injury a long time ago and he’s missed out by being played in positions he’s not so suited to and we’ve missed a trick by not moving him back to the midfield spot sooner. Anyway, whether I’m right or wrong about that, it’s water under the bridge and now he can kick on. Seriously wouldn’t swap him for any other destructive box-to-box midfielder in the league.

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      • It’s the same with Wilshere now – he’s obviously a really talented player but he’s not actually playing very well because we haven’t found the right position for him. He played well before his injury as a fairly destructive CM alongside a more mobile destroyer in Alex Song. Could definitely see him doing well in a similar role next to Ramsey in the future, but he can’t now because Arteta is simply too important to this team with his experience and class in that DM role. It’s a conundrum for Wenger to figure out because if he could find a way to get the best out of Jack like he has now with Ramsey, it could dramatically improve the side

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  1. If he can learn some positional discipline from arteta over the next 2 years I can see him developing into an awesome deep lying playmaker/pivot.
    Him and jack will be a brilliant partnership but they can’t both bomb forward. (Unless le boss sees jack as a no.10 and not box to box)
    Hope he’s ok, this is his year

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    • Part of me thinks Arsene was right continuing to play Ramsey while he was getting slaughtered (unfairly) by some fans, however I also wonder if Arsene should take the blame as Ramsey was made a scapegoat for the teams shortcomings by being asked to take over from Cesc when he wasn’t physically or mentally ready. If we’d got Mata or Cazorla in 2011 then Ramsey could have been broken in gently. Still, at least Arsene has learnt his lesson and won’t go into a season short staffed again….

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      • What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Ramsey will now be prepared for the rest of his career after the horrible recent years he suffered. If Wenger did not think he could handle it, then he wouldn’t have played him as often. And maybe getting Mata or Cazorla in 2011 would have delayed Ramsey’s development. Either way, I am happy with how his career is progressing.

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        • Good point. As someone who is marginally older than Rambo, I am astounded at his mental strength and resilience. I don’t think I’d have been able to cope when I was 22. Then again there are a plethora of reasons as to why I’m not a professional footballer. These guys really are a different breed, they are built like tanks both inside and outside.

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    • I wouldn’t want to limit Ramsey by keeping him so withdrawn. It’s his energy that makes him so good, and he has the talent to develop into a real goalscoring midfielder imo. He makes all the right runs and has the ability but just needs to improve his composure at times. Wilshere just doesn’t have the pace to get about the pitch like Aaron, and I see him becoming either a no10 (really needs to be more incisive with his passing though) or that withdrawn playmaker you describe, but not really a box-to-box player. Anything’s possible I guess, but Ramsey is completely made for that position imo, and we could be looking at a Vidal-level player in the near future.

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      • On Wilshere, it’s good we’ve curbed at least our short-term expectations, but I think his class will bring him through. By turning or wriggling through into space he opens the game up better than anyone. His bursts raise the tempo of our attack, and his close control, game sense, and mentality, are top draw.

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    • I think he sees Ox as the man to play in front of those two in the longer term. He keeps saying Ox will end up in the middle.

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  2. Got to love Rambo! So hard working and playing next to Arteta must be doing him a world of good. Get them both a bit of support so they don’t have to play all 50+ games and the midfield starts to look in good shape! Exciting.

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  3. Col. Wenger: “Oh you’re the one who’s making the mistake.”
    Naysayer: “yeah? What’s that?”
    Col. Wenger: “Rambo.”

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  4. Love rambo, always full commitment and he seems to be reaching his potential after that cunt shawcross snapped him. Expecting great things from his this year

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    • Well since he just outshone, out fought and out tekked Citeees 100 million midfield – i guess maybe in wengers head we should stay a while longer

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        • He also dragged us into the CL last season. Without his contribution in the run in, we wouldn’t have made it. He was dominating midfields during the hardest part of the season and is looking like carrying that form forward. There is no limit for him at this point.

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    • You don’t have to be a ‘giant of the game’ to serve your club well, I don’t think anyone would say Dixon, Winterburn or Parlour were giants of the world game, but all were effective and had the right attitude. A team of 11 Aaron Ramseys would probably beat a team of 11 Bergkamps or Henry’s, that doesn’t mean he’s better than them.

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  6. I wish Eduardo had been given a year… i think he was an exceptional talent… maybe the the best finisher since Ian Wright……

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    • I’d still take him back now to be honest. His star has faded somewhat and he’s not been starting most of the time at Shakhtar but he wouldn’t be expensive and isn’t completely passed it at 30. He wouldn’t be a starter but I’d just like to have him around. I always sigh when I think of how good he could have been.

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    • He looked like becoming the next Henry. Unbelievable what happened really. Had he not been injured we’d have had that title and who knows what the following few years would have looked like? Might have held onto Hleb, Flamini, RVP and especially Fabregas.

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  7. Really hope rambo can push on this year and all signs are encouraging! Pooners comment is bang on, we need more depth. Cant say i know anything of perez but i cant help but feel free agent flamini would be a better squad addition??

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    • The first movie rambo cost $14m which if you allow for inflation is €32m
      thats like £20m

      Which is what i would have thought!!

      Is that how player valuations are worked out?

      If so Planet of the Apes must have cost a bomb…

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    • Well we got him to sign a new contract last summer. Thank God.
      and this lad turned down Manure for us.

      He will become a Legend.

      …er, for us!

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      • Doubt it, he tries hard and reminds me a bit of the Romford Pele, but he’ll never reach Wilshere or the Ox’s level. He usually chooses the wrong pass and tries to take people on when his pace is limited and he doesn’t have a trick.

        You never know though. But I don’t see him getting a starting place ahead of Santi, Jack, Arteta, Rosicky, a fit Diaby and Gustavo (if he comes).

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        • Watch the Man City game did you? Ramsey was solid in the second half of last season, and has been positively electric this pre-season! Capped it off with an all round magnificent performance in Helsinki.

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  9. So happy Ramsey is playing with confidence again, he really has stepped his game up, he’s only going to improve which is great, that leg break had such an impact on him mentally, but just goes to show the desire he has, I don’t agree with a lot of what wenger does but in all fairness wenger stuck by Ramsey and its beginning to pay off

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  10. True about Ramsey, he has been brilliant during the preseason. I am not quite sure about Walcott though, he is still a bit mono tone. When facing against tough defenders, he will find it much harder to perform, he is certainly not TH14.

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    • One thing is for sure about Walcott is that he gets better every season. I think sometime soon it will click for him and he’ll be absolutely world class. And not even in patches.

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      • He’s 23 now mate, I hope so too but I’m not holding my breath. I think it could be all about the Ox on the right this season.

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  11. A pre-season win & you’re all balls deep in Wenger again… I knew some Gooner’s expectation levels have plummeted recently, but you mugs really take the piss.

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    • Argh! The Noise of negativity. There is nothing wrong with being excited this close to the start of the new season. The players we have are a fine bunch, the transfer window is not closed yet and we handed Man $ity their arses. All aboard the positivity train!

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  12. Don’t want to get too ahead of myself but..

    Suarez (Lol)

    Cazorla. Rosicky. Walcott

    Ramsey. Gustavo

    That’s some fucked up quality and energy/pressing from the front there. Jack, ox, arteta pushing hard to displace them. I could forgive the heart aches of years past if we get this team 🙂

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      • I love Arteta as much as the next gooner but i think we were fuckin blessed last season that he stayed as fit as he did. He’s getting older and it can only be a good thing that those legs don’t get as much of a workout in the coming season/s

        He’s an amazingly intelligent footballer, how nice would it be to rest him some games while the pace is at a million miles an hour then on 60minute mark bring him on to spray passes all over the place. To be honest he’s interchangable with the CDM, CM or CAM..what’s not to love about a bit of depth?

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  13. Can’t agree. Arsène was right but so were the “negative” fans. He’s good enough for the first team now but he wasn’t ready then. Especially considering he was replacing cesc directly and then as a winger the next season. Case of short term pain, long term gain.

    If the boss had decided to replace DB10 directly with a young Rvp i would have been negative. Doesn’t mean he wouldn’t turn out a good player.

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    • What the negative fans who were saying “Ramsey is shit”, “we should sell him”, “Ramsey should fuck off” etc were right were they? Not in my book mate.
      There was a lot of frustration about him but he was never shit, he was just out of form and out of position. People forget far too easily and those that didn’t forget how good he had been were the ones proved right.

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    • Sorry but that’s pure bullshit. You can’t claim that a crowd of onlookers booing you is productive in anyway to anyone. The abuse ramsey received at games and on social media sites was nothing short of disgusting. A player coming back from that kind of injury at his age should not have to deal with that kind of bullshit from his own fans. Of course fans have the right to boo, but it doesn’t make them any less heartless cunts for doing so…end rant.

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    • Yeah I think Wenger was right about Ramsey’s ability because it’s shining through now, but he was wrong in that he was playing him in the wrong positions. He couldn’t play Cesc’s position now, nor could he play RW but he’s a F brilliant box-to-box CM. The fan’s who booed and jeered Ramsey did so because they thought he just wasn’t good enough to play in this team, which is clearly wrong.

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  14. I don’t think it was necessarily his fault that wenger played him on the wing. It’s clear his best in the centre of the park, hopefully that puts the experiment to bed

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  15. Which big team you want him to score again after M utd,Chelsea,Liverpool,M city,AC, Barca ,tryin praise him is good footballer

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  16. Once again Monsieur Wenger has proved his detractors wrong on Ramsey. The comments from the whole ‘Wenger Out’ brigade is fucking depressing and hilarious at the same time!

    We should feel proud in what Wenger has done till date for AFC.

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    • While I aint on the Wenger-out brigade’s bi-weekly newsletter and I totally love him for what he has done (not listing it all we know it anyway.) I do feel this summer has let alot of fans down again. We have a very good strong settled squad, with what we were promised was a titan-esque monster that could give us a real shot at the league. Not in anyway calling for his head before we get going, who knows maybe we will challenge with what we’ve got, (I personally can’t see it but then again I am not a premier league football manager) but should things go wrong it’s hard not to point the finger of blame at Wenger and question whether its time to move on.

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      • I can’t really see it either but sometimes everything just clicks with Wenger. The last time it happened we did have Fabregas and RVP in the squad, although the latter disappeared quickly, but we did see massive, unexpected improvements from Flamini, Gallas, Clichy and Adebayor, and Sagna and Eduardo were also particularly good signings. We don’t have those kinds of signings (yet) but it is plausible that players like Ramsey (who already showed that dramatic improvement at the end of last season), Wilshere, Giroud, Podolski and particularly Cazorla could all just click in a big way and make us a lot better than we were last season – the potential is there, and all of these players aside from Ramsey have only really had one proper season in the PL, but obviously you can’t really predict that something like that will happen. Last season we did end up looking like we have a solid basis for a strong side. Fingers crossed a few of the players step up I guess.

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    • I wish I could see the world in black & white like you do.
      We competed for any major trophy in years. Don’t forget about that.

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  17. hahahahahah… i’d love to go back 6 months and read all the comments from everyone hating ramsey… calling him a cunt… wanting him dead… jesus, it made me sick then… it makes me sick than no one has come out and said, “fuck, i was wrong – i wanted ramsey dead a few months ago… i called him a cunt”

    something always sticks in my throat when “fans” call our own players cunts, I live for the day when those same players down the line become seriously important for our team, and i wonder whether those “fans” have learnt… and then i realise that fans like that will never learn.

    oh well.

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    • I remember rowing with fellow Gooners in the Clockend who used to deride Gilberto and I would argue what a great player he was and how crucial he was to our team. It wasn’t until he was out for a long time until the fans around me wondered what our problem was and I pointed out that Gilberto was injured, the penny finally dropped and my support of the great Gilberto was vindicated. This seems similar, Gooners are always after a scapegoat and Ramsay was handily placed, poor chap.

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  18. It was a friendly see what happens when we play for real I don’t think the result will be the same with our average squad as for Ramsey lol lol

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  19. Putting Ramsey to one side for a second. Did Wenger also have faith in any of the players we’ve off loaded already this summer? I presume he did if we he bought them; let’s just keep this one comment in perspective please. He certainly can’t predict the future!

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  20. “But as somebody who writes every day about Arsenal, the narrative is shaped by what’s happening. Or, more pertinently, what’s not happening. I have no agenda, I’m an observer and commentator.”





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      • caps are fine …better now ? i think there is something wrong with fans and bloggers in general….

        i miss the days of “meet cunt No.1 and now meet cunt No. 2” with reference to every bastard who had mistreated us on the pitch……

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        • ha DC! you could say im definately mad with arsenal supporters blogs spreading fear and insecurity to fans… moaning about signings…hoping and fingers crossed for start of campaign..such pussies…

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  21. So extremely proud of the boy!
    I took a lot of flack in the pubs standing up for him but I know greatness when I see it. Just wish my girlfriend could stop screaming his and Olivier’s names during sex.

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    • we were in advance talk with higuain and he was signing on friday….tell me how thats turn out
      Until he he is in london with picture on arsenal site to confirm it , for me its just Mr % try to sell him around and gossip talk

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  22. Sign it loud -“We all dream of a team of Aaron Ramseys”.

    I just hope he is pulling aGiggsy style sick note on Wales.
    The lad has still to iron out a few things in his passing and shooting game, but if he keeps improving, the Arsenal have made coal into a diamond. again.

    He’s Roy Keane without being a cunt.

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  23. First I still do not understand all the vitriol aimed at Mertesacker. Is he slow? Slower than slow could possibly be. But he makes up for it with smart positioning, defensive intelligence, and experience. Also I think anyone who has watched the past two years will know that Mertesacker is largely responsible for the massive improvement of Koscielny. Just like the Arteta-Ramsey duo, AKA the runner-sitter duo, both Mertesacker’s and Koscielny’s attributes complement each other.

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  24. He’s going to be integral to Arsenal’s midfield, along with Wilshere and Chamberlain – three CM’s – all taking turns going forward and defending. Everyone got hot & wet with the “Makele position” – you’re not going to need that if you good enough, disciplined midfielders – infact Paddy & Petit are a good example. With the change in the kind of football played nowadays, based on the counter – formations & positions come and go – remember the “libero” or sweeper position – don’t see much of that anymore, do you?

    We’re going to be just fine.

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  25. What transformed him is he has been playing with 10% extra aggression.

    His best quality is his vision and passing where he used to be turned over too easily and bullied. But over last season, he’s added some grit to his play and that’s really helped him.

    Think he is the best candidate at the moment for an Arteta replacement down the line. They share similar capabilities.

    …that said, I’m still not sure if playing both together is necessarily the correct balance for us. We still need someone who can beat their men from midfield. Currently with Diaby ever present, we only have Jack.

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  26. I’m not ashamed to admit that I have been rather harsh on Ramsey at times, though I have always confined my criticism to the end of the bad games he played. I understand people’s emotions when things go bad, but I’ve never understood the insults hurled at the boy. You can never fault his effort. Our blogs sometimes felt like they were invaded by Stoke City fans or Pulis! Wenger, you were right!

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