Wenger: We are not strong enough


Arsene Wenger has admitted his team isn’t strong enough to cope with the rigours of a full season and said quite categorically that we will be signing new players before the transfer window closes.

While once again expressing his faith in the players he currently has to work with, the Arsenal manager says he’s aware that beyond his first team he’s got little in reserve and the lack of options will hamper progress.

At his pre-game press conference he told the press, “I’m very, very happy with the squad we have. When I tell you that, it’s about the quality of the players I have. With the number, at the moment we are short.

“Therefore I would be a bit worried that number-wise, we are not strong enough to cope with all the targets a club like this has. We will not go into the new season with only the number of players we have.

“I am confident. The desire of the players to join us and the fact that we have – maybe not as much as everyone writes – but we have some funds available to do the transfers.”

Wenger once again reiterated his desire for the transfer window to close before the start of the season.

“Ideally I would rather have the squad in place at the start of the season and I am a big fan to cancel the transfer window at the start of the season anyway.

“Once the season has started you should be capable to focus on the quality of your play and have everybody with the same players for the whole season – it makes sense.”

Indeed, it does make sense, but given that we’ve seemed unable to make any deals before the start of the season, we’re glad this isn’t a rule in place right now.

So, Arsene says he’ll make the signings.

Now, we wait.

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