Wenger: We’re still…meh, blah, blah, blah


Arsene Wenger has reassured supporters that Arsenal will make signings before the end of the transfer window although he has refused to specify the number of new recruits he’s chasing.

Having so far only signed Yaya Sanogo to cover the gap left by the 30-odd departures from the club this summer, the boss belligerently swatted away suggestions that he spends his days at London Colney smoking pot and playing Playstation from the comfort of a beanbag.

“We are active,” he mumbled to Arsenal Player through mouthfuls of Doritos and peanut M&Ms.

“We are in a situation like Manchester United, like Chelsea [he said pointing to a stoned Moyes and hungover Mourinho] where everybody expects signings and at the moment not a lot has happened.

“There are 18 days to go, so that is a long time in the transfer market and we will be active.

“I cannot certify what the number [of players coming in will be] but we will be active until the end, that is for sure.”

Arsene, the mopey teenager.

It’s like he’s got an assignment due at school and he’s leaving it until the night before the deadline to do it having put it off for three months.

On releasing Gervinho, he added: “He was just a bit sh*t and in the end I couldn’t bear the sight of him.”

Arseblog News apologises, we started this article with good intentions but got bogged down the moment we read what Arsene actually said.

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