Arsenal choose to replenish their electrolytes elsewhere


Arsenal may have a new British core but a new commercial deal means they’ll be powered by American juice*.

After ending a long-term relationship with British sports drink supplier Lucozade the Gunners have signed a three-year agreement with Pepsi-owned Gatorade with whom they plan to take over the world…one glucose molecule at a time.

The deal, which marks a continued trend on the part of the marketing team to bring in more lucrative partnerships, will see the Gunners’ first team, under-21 and under-18 teams ‘use Gatorade before, during and after all training sessions and matches.’

It sounds more like a threat than a treat and whether the players are allowed anything other than Gatorade remains to be seen. One suspects it might ruin a celebratory mojito.

Powered by an intense sugar rush Vinai Venkatesham, Arsenal’s director of global partnerships and business strategy, motor-mouthed about the deal:

“We are delighted to welcome Gatorade to our growing family of partners; a truly international brand and the leaders in their field.

“As we further build our support in international territories, we know that we can help connect Gatorade with fans around the world.

“As a company they offer us products and knowledge honed by decades of research, and we are looking forward to working together with our own sports medicine experts to offer all of our players the best sports nutrition products and support.”

Arseblog News is also looking for a liquid sponsor and asks all good rum suppliers (we’re looking at you Mikael Silvestre) to get in touch with our marketing department.


* It’s not technically juice.

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