Tuesday, March 18, 2014
CONFIRMED! Ozil signs for Arsenal

CONFIRMED! Ozil signs for Arsenal

Mesut Ozil has confirmed he’s joined Arsenal for a fee thought to be in the region of £42 million.

The 24-year-old, who has played 155 times for the Spanish giants since moving to the Bernabeu three years ago, signs a five-year deal having reportedly completed his Gunners medical in Germany ahead of his country’s World Cup qualifiers with Austria and the Faroe Islands.

The poster boy of Germany’s new generation of talent, Ozil first came to international attention during Werder Bremen’s run to the final of the 2009 UEFA Cup before consolidating his burgeoning credentials at the 2010 World Cup where he started every game for Joachim Low’s side.

Snapped up by Madrid for a bargain €15 million he quickly settled in Spain becoming integral to Jose Mourinho’s midfield. In the last five years he’s made 72 assists, more than anyone across Europe’s top leagues, and has 58 career goals to his name. It’s little wonder we’ve had to stump up big cash.

To put things in context the fee make Ozil the most expensive German player of all time, beating the record paid by Bayern Munich for Mario Gotze earlier in the summer, and fifteenth in the list of all-time high transfers nestled next to the likes of Falcao (Atletico – Monaco), Shevchenko (AC Milan – Chelsea) and Mendieta (Valencia – Lazio).

Arseblog News is naturally delighted that after a traumatic summer the club has finally put it’s money where it’s mouth is by recruiting a player who undeniably fits the bracket of ‘top, top quality.’ It’s a statement of intent, the likes of which we’ve not made for the best part of a decade, although it sounds as though we owe Per Mertesacker a pat on the back for persuading his former teammate to make the switch.

It’ll be interesting to see where the boss deploys him given we’ve strengthened the one position in the pitch where we actually have options. Classic Arsene heh…



    • Comment from ‘Neil’ says it all:-

      September 2, 2013 at 4:56 pm @ Arseblog Article

      “Wenger got this wrong.

      He said he wanted top, top, top players.

      Not top, top, top, top, top, top, toppity, top, omftop, top,monstertoptop, top players.”

      Great signing.


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      • Emir of the emirates

        yes and i hope we’ll get what we bargained for by not just finishing above 4th..but 1st…

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      • Emir of the emirates

        yes and i hope we’ll get more than what we bargained for by not just finishing above 4th..but 1st…

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        • R u drunk?
          Ozil is a world class player, probably the best number 10 in the world right now. Just wait and see how much difference he makes..we have 2 very good finishers in walcott and podolski at each wings and giroud finishing has improved too..we are gonna score a lot of goals this season. Just need to stop leaking goals

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        • I still can’t fuckin believe that we’ve signed Ozil but we are definitely short in the striker department. Lets now cross our fingers that Giroud stays fit till December and maybe Wenger will bring in someone else. Wenger should be congratulated for Ozil but don’t let that cloud the fact that he couldn’t bring in a top class striker to help out Giroud.

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        • After 3 months of Ozil playing in this side, is there going to be a single striker who will say no to joining us (or a single club wanting to sell them :) )

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    • Are you taking notes AVB?

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      • I’m on the top of the world lookin’ down on the spuds
        And the only explanation I can find
        Is that they brought in SHIT, but we got MESUT ÖZIL!
        He just puts me at the top of the world

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      • I’m thinking as a thank you to Spurs for basically handing us Ozil, we should dedicate his song to them.

        I bet they’d love us to sing OHHHHZZILLLL OHHHHZZILLLL OHHHHZZILLLL
        (to the tune of their favourite Bale song)

        Just saying

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        • it goes deeper than that, this will blow your mind, We sell Gervs to Roma, Roma sells Lamela to Spurs, Spurs sell Bale to Madrid, We get Ozil. Wenger is a genius

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    • Fuckkk yesssss

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      • so in the past few years tottenham sell their 2 best players (Modric and Bale) to Real Madrid and when they have too much talent they sell one of their best players to Arsenal.

        I’ve got to say i love this “special agreement” between Real and Spurs. COYG!

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    • “We’ve got live updates until the window closes this evening at 11pm. No need to refresh, updates will post automatically.”

      Spent the whole day constantly clicking the refresh button. Now I can go to bed.

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      • stop being boring. MESUT FUCKING OZIL

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      • Horst Hrubesch once said, “We in Germany are prone to rave about foreign players. We praise Wayne Rooney to the heavens, likewise Ronaldo or Messi. But we have our own Messi. Our Messi is Özil.”

        José Mourinho says, “Ozil is unique. There is no copy of him – not even a bad copy.”

        José Mourinho also stated that, “He is the best number 10 in the world. Everyone loves him and sees a bit of Luis Figo and Zinedine Zidane in him.

        Ruud Gullit labelled German Özil as a “technically perfect” player who has “total control of the ball” and has “great imagination”


        Tears of joy :’) I already love you Mesut.

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      • I wish we got rid of Bendtner. He’s like lice that just keeps coming back. Even Peter Odemwingie would have been an upgrade. A decent serviceable striker to make up the numbers.

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        • Just let people savoir the best bit of Arsenal news in years for a few minutes, you moaning shower of cunts!

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        • You realize there’s a January window, right? We can get a striker later. We just need a body to spell Giroud; with the form he’s on, we can definitely win the league with him leading the line.

          Goal a game, holds up the ball, and works his ass off for the team. What more do you people want?

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        • Well I’d like him to do it for more than three games. We’ll see.

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      • Have to agree with you mate. Obviously, l am excited we signed Ozil, but a bit sad we did not have time to secure a service from a decent PL striker eg. Ba.

        Wenger should know this, that we need cover for Giroud, whilst Sanogo wont be ready for the next couple of season. So l am wondering what he will do.

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        • the only thing I can think is we’re keeping our promise to Walcott and moving him up to centre forward.

          Hope it works!

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        • As for a sub striker, if Giroud continues in this form – we can still get one in January; three short months from now. But then again Wenger isn’t one to make those purchases unless Giroud is injured… THE TRADE-OFFS.

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      • Can we still do loan deals outside of the window? Could we still get Ba or someone on loan? This is a top top top class signing but I am also worried about no striker cover. Plus, Demba Ba is a fun name to say.

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      • He is a game changer, that is what we always needed. Barca, Chelsea and Munich etc don’t have an out and out 30 goals a season striker but they still perform. Spain’s national team is another example..
        He is Nasri and Cesc rolled into one, we need finishers in front of him not focal points as Arsene has reverted to pre-Cesc era of quick counter attacking football, the wengerball.
        Ozil’s a genius in instigating counters and perfect final deliveries. Amazing player . thanx Arsene

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    • Shit just got real!

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    • I already fucking love this guy, I’ve been looking for a new Cesc…this is the guy!

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      • I love it. Let’s hope that become our “boring” refrain instead. You know, as we dump another goal in the net.

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    • LANS!! oh wait..

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    • The truly intriguing part is….what will the squad look like now, and will that answer be consistent? What I think is:
      No, Bendtner will not return to league play, probably not to league cup play. Until Podolski comes back from injury Walcott will probably get to be a striker in a formation resembling 4-4-2 or Giroud will play as a lone striker.

      Defense won’t change, other than Sagna continuing to sub in case of injuries to the center players….and I’m mostly ok with that.

      Midfield. Number one, Rosicky has probably started his last significant game. Wilshere will not ever be played when he isn’t 100 percent again, ever. Ramsey’s role won’t change. Ditto Cazorla, but these players won’t play 90 minutes of every game anymore. Flamini will sub in to shore up defense, maybe start when Sagna has to play center. Hate to say it, but the Ox and Arteta are going to be bench players when they get back from injury.

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      • actually feel a little sorry for Rosicky, and Arteta and the Ox seem too good to be bench players. In the end, I still think we are going to be much better off than we were, and I’m still encouraged that both Giroud and Ramsey are turning out so much better than they looked in the past. Podolski too, to a lesser extent.

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        • I’d much prefer to see Rosicky as an impact sub for the attacking midfielder role, Cazorla on the wings, and Arteta as DM and his trusty ballwinner Ramsey. Also since Ozil will not play 100% of the games from here on out either, it’s not like we have 0 use for Rosicky, Wilshere, Ox, etc…. we’re just used to using our best players 100% the time but let’s accustom ourselves to the luxury of DEPTH!

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        • Come to think of it, Mr. Eyeliner, you’re exactly right. I also think we’re likely to be a lot happier with the Flamini signing later on than anybody seems to be now.

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        • Wenger has always liked the harrying, energetic player who might not be a regular. Especially for big games.

          Benayoun and Rosicky are always rolled out for the spuds game, seemingly because they bring that energy with them.

          So I’d doubt Rosicky will be a bench player. He’ll get 10-20 games, which seems to be what he got last season anyway. I think Flamini will spend some time in right-back anyway.

          As for Arteta, he’ll be back.

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  1. I believe we have just spent some fuckin money lads.

    Hello, good evening, and welcome Mesut.

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    • I wonder if that site was updated to “YES”

      Still can’t believe we have Ozil O.O


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      • It’s been updated, check it out, won’t give you any spoilers here but I cracked up laughing.

        Well then, I would like to apologise for the jibes I’ve aimed this summer at you, Arsene. So after all, the promise to make an actual challenge for the title/cups was not merely an empty ploy to sell season tickets. I’m very happy that you/the board has given you a proper chance to succeed at this club again.

        SPEND SOME FUC… oh wait COME ON YOU ARSENAL!!! As Jenkinson’s dad once sang.

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  2. Woooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

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  3. Spurs: One-nil to the Arsenal.

    Mesut Ö-zil to the Arsenal.

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    • I guess I have to buy a new keyboard for the Ö :D

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      • Good day to be an Icelandic gooner! Welcome dearest Özil!

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      • Whilst I too am elated at spending money, we common folk don’t need to waste any unnecessarily
        Hold ALT then type 0214 on your number pad.

        And you get instant Özil

        ÖH YEH!

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        • Gutbukkit Deffrolla

          Ah, that’s good. Hold ALT and type the number on the numeric keypad. Great.

          Hooray for all of us poor schmucks with keyboards that only have a $ key.

          Now we can do £££’s using ALT and typing 0163

          I can even type Motörhead properly now with ALT and 0246

          So excited to see Özil join us. We have a big chunk of the German National team now, and Özil really is the hundes bollöcks.

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        • +1000000000000

          for Motorhead. On an Arsenal site.


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  4. Heart pounding stuff, welcome to Arsenal!!!

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  5. Pivotal. If you’re a great player and you look at Arsenal now? We’re elevated. This is our Robinho moment.

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    • No, this is our Di Stefano to Real Madrid moment, our Bergkamp to Arsenal moment, our Ronaldinho to Barcelona moment. It has to be.

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      • Our RVP to United moment?

        (Robin did single handily win them the league)

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        • He didn’t kickstart a whole era of brilliance, as those 3 players did. In fact, we’ll see if his signing merely prolonged their afterglow.

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        • By the way, imagine how the poor bastard feels now. Looking around, he has Carrick behind him, Young to his left and Wellbeck on the right, and the wrong, completely out of his depth Scotsman on the bench.

          If he’d stayed he would have had Cazorla on his left, Walcott on his right and Ozil (Oh Holy Fuck! We’ve actually signed Ozil — sorry, been doing that all evening) behind him. On the bench is his mentor.

          Where do you think he’d rather be. I almost feel sorry for him…..Almost.

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  6. Guys, get excited.

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    • Gutbukkit Deffrolla


      Pardön the Caps, It döesn’t wörk sö well in löwer case.

      Still excited thöugh!!!!

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  7. Delighted. Absolutely delighted.

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  8. Dear Arsene – ok, fair fucks

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    • Let there be no doubt that Ozil did not join because it was Arsenal. He joined because it was Wenger and the wage was good.

      Coming out on the internet and spewing all sorts of shit against the manager and the club will not make it more attractive to potential players. Thank God that the rest of Europe does not listen to the horseshit that is the British media. This point is especially valid right after the Villa game. Sure the club should have done more business before the start of the season but some deals can only go through after certain other deals.

      So let this be a lesson for the future. Question why things were done the way they were, but do so objectively and without vitriol. No one prospers from a disunited club.

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      • He’s talking to you, Piers Morgan, you muppet.

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      • Oh and further to my comment last week about possibility of either Ozil or Mata being released from their clubs, I can now confirm that RM President Perez and his team have been classified as raving lunatics. The public is advised not to approach these rabid individuals without carrying a monkey shaped object.

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      • “Let there be no doubt that Ozil did not join because it was Arsenal. He joined because it was Wenger and the wage was good.”

        I couldn’t recommend this enough. I know how the saying goes: ‘Support Arsenal, not Arsène,’ and all that. But, to the current generation of players (particularly international ones) there just isn’t a difference. No Wenger = no Ozil, no Cazorla, no Koscielny, no Ramsey, no Chamberlain… Players want to play for him.

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  9. Dear Arsene – ok, fair fucks

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  10. Whatever issue we will still have regards Striker and new defender options, we will just have to deal with it, but I’m gonna support the boys best I can.

    Welcome to Arsenal Mesut Ozil
    song to come later

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  11. But… it’s not on the .com yet, how is it confirmed?

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  12. Oh Yes :) Welcome Ozil Welcome

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  13. Holy Bergkamp, pinch me, I’m dreaming.

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  14. This is how i feel right now… http://t.qkme.me/3qdygs.jpg

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  16. It’s 3:00 A.M. here in India, I’m so tired, my face might be about to fall off!

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    • fair played to u fellow gooner, dedication

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    • This.
      In Australia it was first mentioned that he went for his medical at 11pm.
      Tried to sleep..too excited but eventually dozed off at 1230..
      Woke up to a nightmare yelling PSG! at like 2:30am.. still not confirmed.. had a smoke and back to bed..
      Woke up again at 4:30am.. still not confirmed
      Woke at 7am (10pm UK time) and sat on the computer with a migraine from broken sleep.. not confirmed
      7:30am (10:30pm) BOOM

      Worth it. Now my eyes are hanging out of my head and it’s 10:26am at work.. Özil!!!

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      • I feel you pain.

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        • It was a really long night haha
          Followed by what has been and still is a fukn long ass day (currently 4:35pm)
          25 more minutes then I can go home and transfer him to Arsenal for FIFA!

          As much as I want there to be a game tomorrow, a week off means we are a week closer to Podolski, Arteta, Ox and Vermaelen returning to the fold and really boosting the depth of our squad (or first xi as it may be)

          Pretty fkn pumped right now

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  17. Welcome to the Arse .
    Hopefully you have the same impact as another signing did way back in 1995.

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  18. Massive intent from Arsenal! Memories of the Bergkamp signing!

    Welcome to Arsenal Mesut! We love you already!

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  19. Mind blown. Özil. This isn’t just top quality. This is super, super quality. Well worth smashing our transfer record for

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  20. LANS…….Fucking knows it! COYG.

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  21. Wiping tears off my eyes. I waited all the 140 days for this and we the fans have been awarded.

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  22. Shame it’s not another 2 or 3! But who cares, he’s better than the shaved monkey Madrid have replaced him with! At last… New DB10??

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    • I’m very happy with “just” Özil right now..

      I probably would not have been, if the transfer had been confirmes a while agp, since there is ALWAYS a last second transfer you’re waiting for..

      ..I can’t get rid of the feeling that this is making a fool of us..

      Willkommen beim Arsenal FC, Mesut Özil. Hier kannst du Geschichte schreiben. ;)

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    • I’m very happy with “just” Özil right now..

      I probably would not have been, if the transfer had been confirmes a while agp, since there is ALWAYS a last second transfer you’re waiting for..

      ..I can’t get rid of the feeling that Wenger is making a fool of us..

      Willkommen beim Arsenal FC, Mesut Özil. Hier kannst du Geschichte schreiben. ;)

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    • As people have said, we didn’t get that extra striker, but Ozil (Oh Holy Fuck! We’ve signed Ozil) is step one.

      In January, if we decide we do need cover for Giroud any striker knows he is playing behind the assist machine, as well as the rest of our midfield, how hard is it going to be to say no….

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  23. Ooh, ooh, ooh to be, ooh to be a GOONER!!!!
    Fvck Yes!!!! This kid is awesome!
    Good things come to those that wait!

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  24. Ich bin ein gooner. SAY IT MESUT, SAY IT!

    but seriously though…wow….just wow.

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  25. Get in there, Can’t wait to get OZIL on my away kit, yaaaaaah

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  26. I want to scream while at the same time cry and also jump and dance while at the same time faint on my couch in massive relief

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  27. Tears of joy

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  28. Fuck yeah

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  29. Welcome to North London, Mesut.

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  30. Bingo ! That is all.

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  31. They're building a Bendtner


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  32. ‘Maybe we will surprise you,’ says Arsene with a great grin. Well you bloody well did it, you brilliant man!

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  33. Wow! Fantastic!

    Thank you, Sp*rs!

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  34. A real player with more than just two legs. COYG!!

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  35. 1-Ö to the arsenal!!!

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  36. Fok Ja! Dass ist gud Ja!!!

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  37. Welcome to arsenal Mesut Özil :D!!

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  38. #OzilIsAGunner

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  41. Can’t wait for our next home game

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  42. Big Chief from Antarctica

    GET THE FUCK IN!!!!!!!

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  43. So excited. Shame we haven’t snapped up a cb and defensive mid, but, well, ozil.

    Fuck yeah. So excited.

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  44. So now all the Wenger haters can sod off.

    Top, top, top quality manager.

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  45. Stunning, but can he play center back?

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    • “Stunning, but can he play center back?”

      I’m not worried defensively. We have 2 fit Centre-Halves, 1 who is LACH (Sagna), 1 to return, 2 fit Left Backs, 2 fit Right Backs, and 1 who can cover both positions (Flamini).

      The lack of a new Striker is worrying, though we do have Walcott for cover, and Podolski when he comes back, if needed. I would say Arsene’s done very well over the last few years buying utility players to cover these sort of problems. Still would’ve liked a quality striker, but.

      Check out Arseted Development for the song “Teamozil”!

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  46. He will be the best player on Arsenal and I think he’s the best CAM in the world, but i am a German Gooner so I’m extremely biased. Great signing Wenger! Can’t wait for PÖZILSKI combination! AHA!

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    • Well, Certainly one of the bests! As Mourinho said once He’s so unique, There’s no copy of him out there, not even a bad copy!

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  47. I need to lay down, breathe normally and wipe the tears of joy from my cheeks. Arsene, I’ve got to hand it to you, but my nerves are shot to pieces. Just fantastic!

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  48. Get in!!!

    My Spanish friends are despondent. They loved him in Madrid.

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  49. Welcome to Arsenal!

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  50. Just don’t wake me up!

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  51. Put *its* money where *its* mouth is please. Let’s not let excitement ruin grammar.

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    We are going to fuck shit up. Title contenders just like that.

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  54. Heh….1995 all over again??
    Welcome to the Arse

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  55. this signing makes me feel like putting whistle tips on my car. Whistle Tips

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  56. Too Drunk To Be Offside

    Way to GO … once it kept getting delayed I was beginning to wonder if its was going to be messed up and I have been reading all the updates WIDE EYED (all pun intentional) :D and glad its been done finally.

    On a different note this site now needs to be taken down


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  57. Arsene's Bored Banker

    The stuff of dreams.

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  59. GET IN!!!

    Best signing of the summer. Who’d have thought?

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  60. I wonder what the formation will be with Özil in the team?

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  61. Get in there!!
    A new 3rd choice keeper,YES!
    Oh,&some German bloke as well,happy days…!

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  62. Mesut motherfucking Özil!!!!!!!

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  63. I stayed awake for this. Arsene is a Legend!. The Boss did it again!. COYG Ozil!!!!

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  64. Fuck Higuain, Gustavo, Suarez, Jovetic, Benzema, Di Maria the lot of them. I’d have Ozill ahead of them any day.

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  65. THANK YOU ARSENE WENGER! Sorry for caps guys, but I’m having the best news ever today. In 2 hours is my birthday! Firstly my dad tells me we are gonna watch an Arsenal game as my present, and since I live in Belgium, it’ll be my first time in the Emirates. And now this! Best birthday I’ve had in my entire life… and it hasn’t even started! COYG!

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  66. Thank fuck for that!! World class signing and better then monkeyboy that the lunatics in spain bought and twice anything the spuds has ever bought. Is there time too get a striker? We cant be serious about TGSTEL, can we?

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  67. He will do some things that will surprise us.

    Can’t fucking wait

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  68. How much did Per and Lukas have to do with this??

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  69. Touched Your Mother

    Wow, I don’t even know what to say.

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  70. Tottenham’s summer signings —– Wholly shit.
    Arsenal’s summer signings —– HOLY SHIT!!!
    Welcome Mesut and nice one Arsene.
    Bring on Dortmund and Napoli.Fuck it bring on Barca! COYG

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  71. I always hoped Arsene would pull something special out the bag but I didn’t think it would be this!

    Is it too late to hope there’s an ‘under the radar’ bid for a striker going on?

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  72. Mesut Ozil!!!!!!

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  73. Touched by an “ANGEL”

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  75. No. 11 shirt will sell like never before

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  76. Arsenal have never signed a player of this calibre at this stage of his career from a club like Real Madrid. He was a fans favorite there. He’s better than any other player in the EPL and is better than Xavi and Iniesta. He’s better than Bale and is only half the price.

    Only question is…. How the fuck does he fit in the team? A trio of Wilshere Ramsey and Ozil is amazing with Cazorla and Walcott on the flanks. But it seems lightweight. Maybe our strategy is now to get 70% or more possession in every game. That will take care of everything. We will just defend by pinging the ball back and forth and making our opponents dizzy.

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    • The power of counter-attacking.

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    • The idea of a ‘destroyer’ or ‘midfield hardman’ is outdated, so it doesn’t matter much that we’re ‘lightweight’. Flamini, Ramsey, Wilshere and Arteta can all take on defensive roles as and when needed, without taking away any of our technical superiority or fluidity.

      Thumb up 14 Thumb down 1

    • Gutbukkit Deffrolla

      I imagine we are going to see an awful lot of Podolski and Özil together. These guys already know how to play alongside eachother.

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  77. *Hallelujah chorus starts playing*

    Thumb up 4 Thumb down 1

  78. Just want to sum up this buy with a simple fact:
    During his three years at Real Madrid, Özil has had the most assists in Europe. He’s ahead of Xavi and Iniesta.

    What’s the result of combining him with Cazorla? Giroud creaming his pants.

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  79. Now please don’t break your leg during the god damn interlull

    Thumb up 6 Thumb down 6

  80. I fucking love Per! first he gets us podolski, ups his game adn becomes a don at teh back and then has word with Ozil!!!

    Well done wenger! COYG!!!

    Thumb up 53 Thumb down 1

  81. I said on here on Sunday that I thought Wenger knew something that we didn’t. What a secret to keep! Ozil is a world class player and should suit our style perfectly. So in this window we got a great signing in Flamini, Sanogo,Viviano and Ozil. I say that’s pretty good business. Didn’t think we needed a CB due to Sagna and Flamini can fill in if Jenkins is out. Looking a lot better for the season ahead now.

    Thumb up 25 Thumb down 1

    • If Sanogo can prove that he’s a legit back-up for Giroud then we have a real shot at the title. To me that’s the only missing piece in the squad.

      Thumb up 15 Thumb down 0

      • if he can’t its bombs away B-52

        Thumb up 4 Thumb down 1

        • Gutbukkit Deffrolla

          Hey Bendtner, wanna turn down Arsenal now? Surely TGSTEL deserves to play in front of the Greatest Assister That Ever Lived, doesn’t he? You’ll have to wait until Giroud feels like having a day off first though.

          Thumb up 2 Thumb down 1

  82. I still can’t believe it – have we really just signed one of the best players in the world? I’m so fucking excited.


    Thumb up 19 Thumb down 1

  83. Holy tits.

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  84. Fucking brilliant. Can’t believe we pulled this off. Credit to Arsene, Dick and Ivan on this one. I also can’t believe no other fucker tried to trump us. If I’d been told at the start of the summer who we’d have brought in I would’ve been quite content to wait. This boy is a game changer. Would’ve been nice to get a striker in as well but he gives us a world class option and a great midfield fulcrum.
    I guess Sagna is gonna be a centre back quite regularly now seeing as we haven’t brought one in, with Flamini covering at full back. It’s all looking incredibly fluid. We just have to hope we are lucky with injuries now because I would still have liked another centre back in, and a striker.
    Oh well, there’s always Bendtner. The prick.
    Out of the Madrid players touted I expected we might have had a chance with Di Maria. Ozil is just sensational. Best buy of the window by an english club by a mile.

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  85. Özil, Özil be, Özil be a GOONER!!

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  86. Arsene Wenger has pulled Ozil out of his magic hat!

    In your face, Liverpool, Newcastle and spuds.
    Madrid are reporting we got him for £38m, less than Suarez, half of the one trick monkey boy’s cost, and he is 10 times the player Pardew wanted us to spend £25m on.

    Oh, well Fatso and his gang of grumblies will be back tomorrow with more imaginary problems….
    this signing puts us on another level entirely.. His assists will make our forwards become unstoppable.

    Thumb up 27 Thumb down 1

  87. Pity that we didn’t sign a 8 foot 8 defensive midfielder to protect ozil and carzola from being kicked by kicking the mugs and the ball into the stand.

    Thumb up 4 Thumb down 10

  88. Oooooooh to be a Goooner!
    Wenger we fuck*n love you!

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  89. YES YES YES…absolutely buzzing. I propose WizardOfOz as a potential moniker because that’s exactly what this guy is. The second coming of Dennis Bergkamp!!!!!

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  90. “He’s strong to the finish ’cause he eats his spinach!”

    Thumb up 5 Thumb down 1

  91. dont see any sp*rs trolls in the comments now.coyg

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  92. I hope this is our Dennis Bergkamp DB10 moment

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  93. I hope this is our Dennis Bergkamp DB10 moment.

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  94. Its nearly as good sharing our gooners happiness with this deal, when you compare it to the meltdown over at Old Trafford.

    Haha, looks like Fellaini didn’t drive down the road in time to make it to sign up with Moyes.
    United fans are going bat shit crazy with him and the manure board for the mess.
    It’s nice to see it happen elsewhere.

    Thumb up 16 Thumb down 0

    • Gutbukkit Deffrolla

      I haven’t heard that about Fellaini, but I did see this about their Herrera deal on Football365:

      “A group purporting to represent United spent around an hour in La Liga headquarters in order to complete the paperwork that would have allowed the player to leave Bilbao. But Sky Sports’ La Liga expert Guillem Balague has revealed they had nothing to do with United and that the proposed move is dead in the water.”

      So now we know where Dick Law got to last night wearing a fake moustache. Nice piece of work.

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  95. Unbeliveable! Greatest Arsenal-signing since Bergkamp. Will make it so much easier for us to get some extra quality players in January. And we have a nice little core of Germans now, so it’s time to send Dick Law to raid the Bundesliga…


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  96. I hope I don’t wake up covered in fucking drool to find out I’ve been fucking dreaming. Mesut FUCKING Ozil!!! Holy Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *faints*

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    • Maybe Lars will change his mind.

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    • Gutbukkit Deffrolla

      I haven’t been to sleep yet, but I’m covered in drool anyway.

      The number of people who refused to believe a word Wenger was saying. He didn’t bloody well lie to us at all. He couldn’t land Özil until Real Madrid had landed Bale. Imagine if he’d let slip who he was after, just to keep the unhappy fans off his back. United, Citeh, and especially Chelsea would have been all over his arse and one of them would have stolen the deal out from under us.

      Thank fuck he doesn’t let impatient fan moaning stop him from doing things his way.

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  97. 99 problems but being a Gooner aint one.

    Bahhh who needs a striker…When giroud needs a rest we will play 4-6-0 and play keep ball for the whole game.. -__-…OZIL FTW

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  98. Hey everybody… SURPRISE!

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  100. Starring at the pc, pressing the refresh button evry 30 secs for the last 4HRS, Dream Theater’s A Change of Season’s for company and Mesut Ozil To THE ARSENAL!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  101. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  102. @SFgiants….you didn’t finish mate, “he’s strong to the finish, cause he eats all his spinach…he’s Ozil the quality Ger-man!”

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  103. I’m afraid to go to sleep incase I wake and this has been a dream!

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  104. Peach, you must great fun at parties

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  105. Mr GM please shut the fuck up. Regards Mr Gooner

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  106. My mother just asked why I am grinning like a madman.

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  107. well fuck me. pleeeeeeeeease don’t get crocked during the interlull. willkommen ozil!

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  108. Niklas Bendtner: Welcome to Arsenal

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  109. Özil! Özil! Mesut – motherfucking – Özil! I’m in tears of joy! COYG!

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  110. GoSupportAnotherFootballClub

    when Vermaelen, ox, podolski, arteta will be fit again, there will be real competition for the starting 11.
    IT just gÖt real ! COYG

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  111. Can’t wait to see him gliding past defenders. His pace is deceptive, he doesn’t look fast but constantly leaves players in his dust. I would guess that Wenger might spring a striker out of his magic hat in January. He would’ve got Ba if he could but we all know he is happy with Giroud (as am I, delighted to see him doing well), and barring any catastrophic injuries we can definitely compete until January and get someone if needed then

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  112. YEESSS!! A top, top, top, top player! I can’t believe that! Will someone please pinch my arm? It’s a shame we didn’t sign a defender… But hey! Let’s stay positive and hope that none of our defensive players get injured right!?

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  113. Has our midfield ever been so potent ever? News is so good that I can now even smile in indulgence at the thought of TGSTEL still littering London Colney with his unwanted presence. With Ozil as supplier, even Banjo Bendtner will score > 20goals a season.

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  114. We did it!!!! We did it!!! Best end to a traumatic transfer window. We (fans) deserved something as special as this

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  115. Wenger: “I wil only add top top super quality”.

    Arsenal fans: “Oh FFS…”

    Arsenal sign Mesut Özil.

    Wenger: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBgeCZW3upg

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  116. Brilliant business on last day.for all the whiners hope that shuts ye up for awhile.I know we can push on this season and Ozil will attract other big players to us……….dare I dream of more transfers in January lol.

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    • Gutbukkit Deffrolla

      Funnily enough it hasn’t shut all of the whiners up. Some people live to whine. They aren’t here to support Arsenal, they’re here for an audience.

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  117. Is podolski not a striker cazorla on the left walcott on the right ozil atacking mid and jack and rambo sitting amazing right there, blinder played by wenger jack feeding ozil feeding a great finisher in oliver or poldi

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  118. Is podolski not a striker cazorla on the left walcott on the right ozil atacking mid and jack and rambo sitting amazing right there, blinder played by wenger jack feeding ozil feeding a great finisher in oliver or poldi

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  119. We got Dennis Bergkamp back!!!1

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  120. Seems Wenger could not get the top quality Striker he wanted so went for the next best thing- probably the best attacking midfielder in the world right now.

    I love this signing. We will finally have a replacement (dare i say- upgrade??) for Cesc and this will give Jack more time to develop and learn from more world class talent.

    Can’t wait to see him on the field in Red & White! COYG!!

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  121. Beautiful, so happy :)

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  122. Im still having a hard time believing we actually got him! Amazing

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  123. Denilson's back pass

    Well we’ll sure as fuck not ever be bothered by the Spuds again.

    Poor little twats. They tried so hard.

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  124. Super excited about Ozil but I can’t shake this nagging feeling that we’re still short one proper striker. Giroud will need help. Theo is not the answer there.

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    • Gutbukkit Deffrolla

      Podolski is though. When he gets over his injury, and he’s familiar with Özil’s game.

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      • Gutbukkit Deffrolla

        Podolski is though, when he gets over his injury. And he is familiar with Özil’s game.

        [Reads more like it was meant to now]

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  125. The signing of the summer, no doubt about it. Just a hunch, but my guess is we were tipped off about his availability when we went after Higuain (subject to Madrid buying the chimp), hence the last minute nature of the deal. I might be wrong, but players of this calibre rarely move so late in the day.

    I live in France and Wenger co-commentates regularly, and I´ve never heard him wax as lyrical as when Ozil is playing. I´m sure this is the one the boss wanted as soon as he knew it was possible, even if it required letting Higuain go.

    I was in Spain in June and an infamous go-between agent said on the Spanish MOTD that he had been asked to go all out for Higuain on Napoli´s behalf, but that an even higher profile player might leave Madrid as he wasn´t as highly valued by the club as he thought he was.

    Well, their loss is our gain. He works out at half a Bale, or a common Soldado with a Capoue thrown in. Love him or loathe him, tip your hat to Arsene. He´s owned the transfer window.


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  126. To the tune of 1-nil to the arsenal… Oooo-Zil to the Arsenal!

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  127. Ecstatic!!!! What a brilliant signing…a notch up on any of spurs signings and damn miles ahead of united with fellaini..!!!

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  128. We have five strikers at the club:

    Giroud – banging them in
    Poldi – best finisher at the club
    Theo – best years ahead
    Sanogo – has got Wenger excited already
    Bendtner – not a bad 5th choice, better than Arshavin

    All this talk about being one injury away is not true.

    My one hope with Ozil: find Theo’s runs

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  129. Second most expensive BPL transfer after Torres. Fucking bargain!

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  130. By far the signing of the summer!!!..thank you arsene.. Half of bales fee but wayyyyy more excitement all over the world..says a lot!! Mesut ozil is unbelievable..watched him during the 2010 World Cup and he glides across the pitch..I envy nor’f’ London gooners..but happy nonetheless that a true top10 world football player will be at the emirates!

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  131. I dont think Madrid have realised that they’ve sold us the world’s most creative player. Him and Cazorla in the team..just wow. His stats are ridiculous as well. He’s a better, more effective player than even Iniesta in my book.
    Welcome to the Arsenal, OZIL.

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  132. If you were asked to pick any player from Madrid’s squad apart from Ronaldo, you would pick Ozil, I still can’t believe he’s a Gooner. Pinch me, i’m dreaming. Been agonisingly waiting for this for over three months. COYG

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  133. Great bt rili nided anoda striker! Wasn’t rili kee on BA bt surely he’s beta dan vat tall gum eating fool!

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  134. Once the injured players are back (I know, I know) there is a genuine chance to compete.

    Ox, Podolski, Vermaelen and Arteta to return…exciting.

    As for Bendtner, he can play the league cup games…let him bag 15 and sell him in January!

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  135. I am in shock right now!!! I can say I have only started following the Gooners for 5 years now but this is by far the most excited I have been in that time!! I can only imagine how everyone felt when Bergkamp/Henry/everyone else has come along. Mesut Ozil welcome to the Emirates!!!

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  136. Two lines please – trouble making morons behind Myles and pretentious idiots behind Piers – mr wenger will be out soon to accept apologies at present he is having a good old laugh with Ivan and Dick

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  137. arsenal fans. Dont complain about how we could have and should have signed this player and that. We have ozil. Rejoice to that. Our players are versatile, they can play more than one role. In any case, come Jan, we should be signing a free scoring pro.

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  138. Sczezny

    Sagna per kosch gibbs


    Walcott ozil wilshere cazorla


    Nice :)

    Just a shame ozil didnt bring benzema with him. Lets hope giroud keeps up this form

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  139. His name will bring other big names…roll on january!

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  140. I think this is all thanks to the Gunnerblog Thrift Shop Rap!

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  141. The most expensive player for Arsenal. Wow ! I wish him the best.

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  142. Sunday: One Nil to the Arsenal!

    Monday: Ozil to the Arsenal!

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  143. Gutbukkit Deffrolla

    That Arsene Wenger bloke. He doesn’t like spending money.

    But when he does, he spends it like a fucking SMART billionaire.

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  144. Finally – A replacement for Hleb!

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  145. It brings back the memories of the invincibles. Agreed we don’t have a striker of Henry’s capability and Viera’s combatibility but we are going to have the best counter-attacking team in EPL. Based on the per-kos defensive pairing in the last 15 games, we have one of the best defences in the league. A great quality of versatile midfield players and pacy wingers (Theo and Ox) and the only missing piece is an upgrade on Giroud(I believe he is good but not the best).
    In the end Arsene really knows. COYG

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  146. Mr wenger ur a genius
    Sell gervinho to get ozil Inthe long run re sign flamini on a free whilst the spuds sign Capone for 9 mill Paulinho,soldardo or flamini and ozil know who I d rather have. COYG

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  147. If theo still takes the freekicks..

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  148. I’m chuffed we’ve got Ozil he’s an amazing player and every team in the world would love to have him. I worry though because our issue is squad strength and depth and 1 superstar doesn’t solve that. If he breaks his leg in the international games coming up, we’re back where we started at the beginning of the summer!

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  149. I’m at work and I just can’t help but sneak and read transfer news but fuck. Ozil. OZIL.

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  150. I am sÖ excited!!! Hioly shit! I must be dreaming! What a fantastic weekend! First, winning against Sp*rs and now ÖZILLLLLLLL!!!! I just cant stop smiling!!!!!!

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  151. I just want to add comment no 258 saying I think this is fucking AWESOME. It’s the day after deadline day and I still have goosebumps.

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  152. Dashing through the grass
    Against a one-man team away
    O’er the line it goes
    Ozil! Swerving all the way
    Thank you AVB
    You made our future bright
    What fun it is to laugh and sing
    An early St. Tottering!


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  153. Best thing about this…no sign of Sir Balls. Where are ya? Silence is golden and very telling

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