Rosicky tips young guns to kick on


Tomas Rosicky has hailed Arsenal latest generation of young talent and believes those who travelled with the first team to Asia on the pre-season tour have what it takes to succeed at the highest level.

The Gunners gave substantial game time to teenage trio Gedion Zelalem, Chuba Akpom and Serge Gnabry during the Far East jaunt, while the likes of Thomas Eisfeld, Ignasi Miquel and Kristoffer Olsson also impressed Rosicky both on and off the pitch.

Speaking to, the oldest member of Arsene Wenger’s squad reflected:

“For them it’s a great experience to live with the team on tour, and they can learn from the more experienced guys.

“You can see there is plenty of talent there. It depends on how well they will do now – how hard they work. From what I have seen though they want to do well and want to be successful.

“Character-wise they are all good boys and I’m happy to see them doing well. I hope they can make the next step.

Having made his own first team debut for Sparta Prague at the age of 18, and with a wonder goal against Arsenal in the Champions League under his belt by 19, Rosicky is well aware of what it takes to make it to the top at a young age.

“Obviously, as a senior player I’m trying to share the things that I already know and they don’t know. So I try to help them as much as I can, and from then it depends on them.

“All the younger boys are very talented players. There is a long way to go for them but you can see that they have talent and they really want to learn. That’s the most important thing.”

One youngster who didn’t feature in Asia was Yaya Sanogo. Too busy winning the under-20 World Cup with France to travel east, the French attacker says he’s slowly coming to terms with life at Arsenal after a hectic two months in England.

“I will need time, it’s a new way of life, a new league and it will take time to adapt,” the 20-year-old told Arsenal Player.

“It’s something I will manage. I think I’ll have to toughen up and improve my strength, that’s part and parcel of such an intense league as the Premier League, as well as getting used to the step up, which it is from the French league.”

Unfortunately, if rumours are to be believed, he’s picked up a back injury since giving the interview. Arseblog News suggests that’s as good a sign as any that he really is adapting to the ways of the Arsenal.


  1. I do like those youngsters on the verge of making the breakthrough. I hope they put their noses to the grindstone and make something great out of their potential.

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    • Can’t think of a better role model for the new batch. Give it 5 years and hopefully those midfielders will be bombing frantically forwards whenever in possession, pinging inch-perfect, cross-field outside-foot passes all over the place, and closing down opponents with all Rosicky’s life-or-death urgency whenever we lose the ball.

      That said, I hope they’ve also learned from him not to be too disappointed when they’re inevitably taken off in the 70th minute from absolutely exhausting themselves for the cause…

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  2. If he is injured, like I mentioned earlier, we need to get our younger striking talent back from loans or get cover like Marica signed. No way do I want Bendtner back playing for us. The guy clearly does not want to play for us and the feeling is very mutual. Marica has a creditable international goals haul and a decent tally in Germany.

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    • Thats just what we need, more deadwood right after we spent the entire summer getting rid of it. I’d take bendtner over marica because at least we know he can score.. I actually don’t care about his behaviour anymore, he is in his final year and if he wants any part in the world cup he will contribute as much as he can to the team.
      What happens to marica once all our injured players come back and we possibly get another striker in Jan? I’d rather stick it out until January when we have options then waste millions in wages with this guy

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    • Actually, as much as a knob as he is, Bendtner can have a part to play. He’s done a good job for us in the past, when RvP was injured. He has something to prove now with the comments from potential teams’ coaches asking when his last league goal was. He can’t be of any value to anyone without some goals.

      Gunnerblog wrote an interesting bleacher report article that I read this morning that showed the potentially positive side to him. If he comes out and scores at the Emirates, I for one will be cheering his name,

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    • Marica is a nobody. No one left available on a free would be an improvement on Bendtner. He’s not great but can be effective. We are stuck with him until January at least. I don’t like the bell end one bit but if we really need someone I’d rather it were him than Marica.

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      • You’d have expected Bendtner to have improved over the last .. two years… but somehow I know that his first touch will still be as terrible.

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    • I gather AFC usually tell players that if their agent shouts his mouth off, the deal is off.
      Although I suspect they would make exceptions for World Class players, but certainly not for this guy.

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  3. The best “like a trophy” rosicky ever needs is a contract lasting upto his retirement. Some may argue given his injury but any established club has to have one of those “till the end guyz” and rosicky should be that for Arsenal. Also a good guy for young lads to learn from. TR7

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    • Him, Sagna, screw it even Diaby (sadly his retirement is probably not far off). Who was the last player to retire with us? Dennis?

      We need to have stalwarts to give us that constancy and aura of established power. I’d love to see Henry back here for his last season.

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  4. He seems to be highly rated on the training ground and in the dressing room as a mentor to the younger kids. See him doing a Brady with the youth set-up later on or going down a management path of his own.

    He’s a great character and puts paid to the criticism from a few years ago that we lack experience.

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  5. I hope that young gunners become leading players of next generation.
    Maybe TR7 who is a playing legend gonna be most desirable tutor for them.

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  6. is reporting that Sanogo missed the France u21 with a back injury (International Watch), so that pretty much confirms it. Would have been nice for him to get a few minutes here and there, but he’s still young so it’s not such a big problem.

    And Rosicky sounds like he isn’t taking any crap. He wants a trophy and nobody’s going to stop him:

    “It’s very simple. My target is a trophy – I want to win the league,” he said when we caught up with him just before the Emirates Cup. “This is my eighth year at the Club and that’s what I came here for, so now it’s time to achieve it. Obviously it’s a very tough competition, there’s no doubt that there are some great teams in the English league. But I don’t really care what everybody else says, I will do my best to achieve it. I will work hard every day in training and in the games to fulfill my dream. I have never felt hungrier in my career for success as I do now.”

    What a great bloke. Every Gunner wishes he gets a trophy with us.

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  7. Oh Tomas Rosicky!!! Arsenal can’t let him go back to Germany or Prague, we need Little Mozart! His experience, technical quality and attitude is vital!

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  8. It’s great to see that Rosicky is appreciated amongst the fans. I’m from Czech republic (Tomas is my most favourite player) and the people there can only complain because they are lazy jealous bastards.
    I hope Tomas gets fit soon and can play an important role for us on our way to winning Premier league title this year.

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  9. Hi, this is a bit off topic but who takes Theo’s place on the right if he is busted up? I saw him limping after the game yesterday.

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  10. It’s a huge shame Rosicky picked up all those injuries. Arsenal lost a truly great player. For younger folks who don’t know, Tomas Rosicky had a 91 in FIFA 05.

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  11. Can’t believe he’s the oldest member of the squad already! But in footballing age, he’s really just like an enthusiastic young lad wanting to play football. Love this little Mozart!

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  12. Hey listen.because Tr7 had a 91 ratings in fifa 05 dosen’t make him the best player @ that time even until now.i’m not saying he is not a good player.but using game to evaluate is value 2 de team is crappy.luv Tr7.

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