Video: Mesut Ozil – welcome to Arsenal


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    • all the other videos i watched only showed his assists, goals, and successful dribbles.
      this is the only video that completely showed his game

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      • Having seen this, and I know people are talking about all the chances he will create for Giroud, but I think the main beneficiary of the team will be Walcott. Özil seems to be adept at putting the ball into that gap behind/between defenders that will suit Theo’s speed.

        It also looks like Walcott won’t be taking many free kicks or corners from now on…I can’t say that I’m too disappointed in that.

        Very impressive video, and I’d just like to thank Spurs’ special relationship with Real Madrid that saw Totteringhams best player leave and allowed us to get Özil. Cheers you mugs.

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    • Still hasn’t sunk in that we’ve got the world’s best CAM on our team. “I hope we can surprise you” indeed Monsieur Wenger.

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      • I know the fact has been going round that Özil is statistically the most creative midfielder in Europe, but they always leave out the most impressive part:

        Özil’s 9 goals and 16 assists last season came in just 23 league starts. His 55 league assists for Madrid came in 85 starts. By way of comparison, David Silva has 58 career league assists… in 234 starts.

        He is just an astounding player. I suspect in 20 years they’ll say of him that he had the elegance of Zidane and the creativity of Laudrup.

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        • …and he played his best years with us.

          The hardest thing to believe is that he is only 24 and we may have not seen the best of him yet.

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    • this guy is f***ing awsome, people can say all they like because bottomline there jealous .Theo will benefit the most from him not so much Giroud. As we see in most of the clips its Ronaldo who benefits due to pace. Overall looking forward for a realy bright looking 4/5 years

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    • I realized that after being mesmerized by about 15 minutes of wonderful football, there were not any goals or assists yet.

      He’s touted as an assist machine, but is soooo much more.

      My one worry is that like Santi or Jack, the only way to get the ball off him is to foul him and with our refs, it makes me just a little worried for the guy.

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      • There is little doubt in my mind that we’re going to be verging back into ‘kick Arsenal off the pitch’ territory, we’ll either see:
        A/ lots of injuries for us, and probably reds for Flamini
        B/ Lots of red cards for the opposition and a load of goals for us

        My only hope is that now we’re bringing in the big names and sloshing our money around the place we’ll get more protection, let’s see if Cattermole gets a start at the weekend…

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      • Ozil, like Santi, has somewhat mastered the “avoid damage jump/fall” just before the point of impact. He should be fine. I hope they pass this on to jack before he gets done over by a budding shawcross.

        Also, I can see why Ronaldo is so pissed that he’s leaving. 10 minutes of that was Ronaldo converting or spurning chances created by ozil.

        What a player they’ve lost and we’ve gained. No pressure Gareth!!

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  1. The best signing since THE LEGEND DENNIS B. So looking forward to this weekend. Let’s go again in January. Suarez what do you think?

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    • No. There is a strong argument that Suarez’s style of football isn’t entirely helpful to the team he’s in. He tries to do too much himself, gets in other people’s way and doesn’t fit in a tactical system. He’d be the second best 1v1 player in the world but in 11v11 you have to play to his strengths, which compromises the contribution of others. Liverpool have a much better win percentage without him, which may or may not be significant, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they struggle more as a team when he comes back, even though he’ll do some brilliant things and win the odd match on his own.

      Besides, I’m almost certain he wouldn’t suit Özil’s game, and there are better forwards/human beings that we can go after now – Marco Reus should be at the top of the list.

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      • we are just a week pass the previous window, look back at our team and stop thinking of some rival’s player. we are in real world, not FM world

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    • The best signing since Dennis Bergkamp? Are you kidding me?? Why did we have to get Ozil?? 🙁 🙁 We could have gotten 8 shit players for the same price instead, like the cunts down the road!

      Therefore, no ifs no buts, the only conclusion is WENGER OUT!!!!!! Vermaelen Diaby Sanogo Viviano I declare you the new deadwood, all of you OUT!!! Where were the new signings promised to us, like Samba, Williams and Cabaye?? We’re gonna finish below Liverpool! Usmanov IN!!!

      – – – – – – – – – –

      Anyway, what I mean by the above paragraphs is, when the fuck is the international break going to end so I can be entertained by real football instead of by taking the piss…

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  2. super excited by mesut OZIL im really looking fwd to the sunderland game wonder how OZIL and Santi will combine are we going to see some sort of an xavi / inesta combination in our midfield…can wait =)
    thanks ARSEBLOGGER and to DAVIS for the video.

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  3. Wow, will take a while to get through that…

    Is anyone else’s Arseblog Videos page not working? ie not showing the usual (amazing) list of Arsenal videos?
    Been a few days like that for me and I need my videos fix to get me through this lul..

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  4. Arsenals greatest strength is their consistancy normally Chelsea, City and Man U just finish ahead of us and we normally just fall short from lack of expereince or 1 or 2 players needed ofc we needed to spend and came just short.

    In the coming future i can see us being consistantly strong and City and Chelsea will always be inconsistant sacking Managers and changing things all the time.

    I guarenter Arsenal will have chances now their finacially strong to nick titles especially with Man United without Ferguson, you can buy players but you will never replace that Manaager.

    We are a well run club and in the future i know that will pay off with Silverware.

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      • Chaplin35 has a point – there were an awful lot of terrible misses there. Ronaldo is obviously one of the best of all time, but whenever I’ve seen Higuain for Argentina he’s been unimpressive, and Benzema’s just gone 15 starts for France without scoring a goal.

        Maybe Özil and Di Maria are the ones who’ve been giving them better stats than they deserve.

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        • I believe the cases of them playing for their respective national teams is irrelevant though. I’m talking solely about the likelihood of Özil’s created chances being converted at both clubs. I realize a majority of people disagree with me, maybe that’s a sign of something, but am I the only one who is honest with myself in thinking Madrid’s finishers are more clinical than ours in club performances?

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    • Indeed — this video will be one of the first places to turn whenever Giroud misses an Özil-supplied sitter.

      It’s not just us that has finishing problems. We just care more when it’s us.

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    • I down voted this because the though of Suarez makes me ill. But dammit the thought of him on the end of some Ozil service ummm ahhhhh… NOPE! Stop it! Get a grip on yourself man!

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      • And I up-voted you because you’re right. Enough of the horse shit Suarez thing. I want to eat my cake and I want to enjoy it. Why do people suggest otherwise. Cunts.

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    • Fuck Suarez! The guy is a cunt. I admit, I was tempted in the summer because I was desperate. Like a young teenager who wanks over everything he sees. But now I’m in a man and I’m regularly nailing one of the sexiest girls in the world… or something. Anyway, I’m back to hating Suarez.

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    • Really, it wasn’t that long ago many people were very excited about Suarez, saying he was the best in the league, better than Higuain, blah blah blah…and suddenly now no one likes him? Give me a break. In the same way people were over the moon about potentially signing Higuain, then that fell through and everyone started slagging him off, that he was crap, over-rated etc. Now that we didn’t get Suarez people are doing the same. Sheesh!

      (I’m not saying any of you here are hypocrites, but just that I’ve noticed a big u-turn from Gunners.)

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      • Some people said they would love him here whatever kind of person he was. Some people said they would accept him because we were desperate. Some people said that though they weren’t keen on him they would support him if he became a Gunner. Some people just said Fuck Him. Some people said he was a cunt of the first order and we would rather face midtable mediocrity than have to cheer such a bitey racist bastard on.

        “Many people” couldn’t agree on what they thought about him possibly coming to Arsenal.

        Keep your claim of hypocrites for the people who twist history to suit their own agendas.

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        • You can’t deny there *were* many people excited about Suarez, even foaming at the mouth about how good he was. Now, though, someone who says he like Suarez is down-voted, and people who say they don’t like him get far more thumbs up. Please read what I wrote calmly, before jumping on your keyboard.
          Rant over.

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      • I never u-turned. I’ve never thought Higuain is a top top striker, but he’s good and I thought he’d have added something to the Arsenal where we needed strength in depth, alongside Giroud, Walcott, Podolski and Cazorla.

        And I never wanted Suarez at our club He has ball skills, sure, but he’s just not Arsenal. No class. Sorry.

        Özil, on the other hand, looks pure class. We have yet to see how long he takes to get used to his team-mates or adapt to the Premier League, so I’m not going to be expecting miracles from day one… but it would be quite nice to see him score at the Stadium of Light, wouldn’t it?

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      • I said all along that I detested 2 of our options this summer. Find me players with Rooney, or Suarez’s talents and I’d have bought them in a heartbeat; just not those individuals.

        When you get to the point where Suarez was a realistic option, you chose between your opinion of the player and the shirt. Part of me would have hated it, but if Suarez wore the Red and White, he’d get my support (on the pitch at least).

        Now, Suarez is thankfully no longer an option for me. The qualities that made him interesting over another striker are negated by Özil’s arrival, and hopefully his moment has passed.

        We need another striker, and in Jan/Next summer I think we will see one (and no not TGSTEL as a LANS 🙂 ), but were really now need someone who alongside Giroud can clinically finish the buckets full of chances we will make.

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      • stop even talking bout suarez please. just off one transfer windows. I m just excited of seeing our Arsenal playing week in, week out. can everybd just leave the transfer thingy alone for some 3 months, damn?

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      • Well for your argument to hold water, you have to prove the “many people” who wanted him are necessarily the same who no longer want him now.

        You need a Venn diagram with numbers.

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  5. I hope he can cut it in the prem. I’m trying my hardest not to get too overly excited. Saturday can not come soon enough. COYG!

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  6. I am only 3 mins into the video and damn he knows how to draw a foul out of a defender… Santi is going to have a field day getting a load of free pot shots at goal from all the freekicks Ozil can get!!

    Damn you interlull why you so long!! I need Ozil in my life now!

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    • Drawing a foul out of a defender in Spain means getting into a position where you can make it look like you were dragged down and cruelly fouled. Drawing a foul in England gets you a fucking good kicking by some cunt who hates you because you were trying to go past him.

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  7. Adrenaline pumping video! Hats off to Cullan Davies.

    On a side note, Messi one fine day said that Walcott is the most dangerous player he has played against. I believe Ozil is going to make that fine day come very soon.

    Let’s go Gunners!

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  8. One of the things I love about Culann’s videos is the absence of the teenage girl top 40 or Eurotrash pop that usually accompanies these kinds of compilations. Absolutely loved the inclusion of “Saltwater” (after 2:50). Chicane’s Behind the Sun is one of the best ambient trance albums of the last two decades.

    Always enjoy your compilations, Culann. Well done.

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  9. I put ozil in the arsenal team on FIFA 13 and played with a mate on Sunday, he is an absolute beast completely changed the way the team worked, scored as many goals as he assisted, great tricks, 75% of his passes are back heels, beast to get the ball of, good pace and a Screaming left boot. Completely dominated my mate and was screaming ozil every goal and cool trick. Does this mean we will win the league, I think answer is obviously yes. Theo was quiet but giroud raised his game, carzola ozil and jack passed and flicked between each other awesome and ran defence ragged. Worth the 40 mill for our excitement we deserved this beast

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  10. This has been the longest interlull ever… BRING ON SATURDAY ALREADY!!!!!!
    We’re finally putting our money where our mouth is and I goddamn love it.

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  11. I love the fact we’ve got Özil, and I fully expect his assist rate to hit double figures easily. Giroud and Walcott will benefit the most from his passes – as long as they put away their chances as much as they can, then I can see both of them doing very well off our new #11.

    But… well, is anyone else really nervous? Like, massively nervous? We’re playing Sunderland and Stoke in our next two games, the two most anti-football clubs around. What happens if Mesut does his neat twists and turns and that fucking cunt shawcross shrugs and snaps his legs? He gets banned for three games, we lose a £43m investment for the better part of a season.

    I dunno. Just really worried that with his expectation will also come a lot of the fuckers of the PL looking for blood, and we all know how little refs tend to give us anyway. I think I’ll feel a lot better when I see him in the shirt and our team is happily dancing around the orcs.

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    • Under Paulo di Canio and Mark Hughes respectively, I have a feeling that they’re trying to play attractive attacking football (albeit with their rugby players). I am not entirely worried about our new #11 getting injured (he’s too tricky to be caught by those thugs anyway, just like Santi). I’m more worried about the adaptation period, i.e. how long does Ozil need to build the type of chemistry that our team has built over the past season.

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    • Eh, it’s unusual for new players to start the first game. Usually they are subbed on with 10 or so minutes to go, if they even play the first game. That’s just what Barca did with Neymar. Anyway, don’t you think Wenger knows all this? He’ll obviously send Flamini in first to scissor chop the cunts into submission.

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      • Yeah, true. And Santi avoided injury concerns last season… I don’t know. Still can’t believe we’ve got Mesut, to be honest! Can’t wait to see him play!

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  12. What a wonderful experience. I’d never seen 42 million pounds before, now, I can’t wait to keep looking at it for a number of years.
    Thank you very much Culann

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  13. Ozilllllllll!

    just when you think there’s no way he’s getting out of that he riggles his way out of it, the ball at his feet as if tied to a string.

    Can’t wait for his debut especially ay the grove!!!!

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  14. One thing is for sure..he’s gonna get kicked all over the pitch. I really hope he’s hardy like Santi! Can’t wait for the weekend!!

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  15. Can’t wait to see him in action with a cannon on the chest.

    That second track on the vid is a cracker, havn’t heard it for years. Good times.

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  16. In my mind this is what our formation should be since the acquisition of Özil.

    x SZCZES x

    I know the inclusion of Flamini looks a bit crazy, but judging by the latter stages of his career with Fabregas, and his last game where he picked up where he left off, I would like to see him develop the same partnership with Özil (a similar pass master) pulling the strings. Moving Arteta ahead may also seem a bit crazy but he always way a more forward player, and in actual fact he could dovetail with Flamini like when Wenger used to put Song and Wilshere in front of the defence; so Flamini is the true DM and Arteta can double up or replace with him. This would leave an attacking avalanche of Walcott, Cazorla and Giroud, with Ozil pulling the strings; and of course in line with Wenger’s total football philosophy Cazorla and Ozil can switch around.

    That’s what’s going on in my mind.

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    • SZCZES

      Can’t decide between Ramsey and Wilshere. Probably Ramsey on current form. And some tasty options on the bench – Rosicky, Podoski, Monreal, Flamini, The Verminator and the German kinder.

      The team is looking very nice indeed.

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  17. And another question I have, what does Özil mean for Wilshere’s career?

    Another question: who makes way for Özil? Because let’s be honest Ozil is the finished article and Wilshere hasn’t had his breakthrough season yet where he reaches Fabregas levels.

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    • I actually think this is good for Wilshere. Remember a few seasons ago everyone was complaining about Walcott, that he didn’t score or assist enough? (Ok, plenty of you still are, but, hey…) We could all see he had the talent, he just wasn’t performing as well as we believed he could. Then last season was his break through season, at the age of 23. I think the same will happen to Wilshere. He is still a season or two away from really delivering what we all know he can. In my opinion he’s not there yet. In the mean time, imagine all he’ll learn from Ozil, Santi, Rosicky, Arteta,… :p

      Btw, I think the same is true for Sanogo. Give the guy a break. Give him at least two season to adapt and develop before you judge him, please. He’s only twenty, a France youth international, and he was a free, so please cut him some slack.

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      • Oh, and I think the other part of your question is a bit mis-directed. I think the main reason Wilshere is getting so much playing time is because Arteta is out. When he’s back, he will play DM with Ramsey (or possibly Flamini, and there’s even Rosicky as an option). The man who will probably miss out due to Ozil’s arrival is Rosick. Ozil will play ACM, Santi LW, and like I said, Arteta and Ramsey DM, so unfortunately it’s Rosicky who will make way.

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        • But then with Wenger’s usual clockwork substitutions, Rosicky will still get a lot of minutes.

          One of the best things about the signing and our midfield is the fact that after 70 minutes, tired opponents who have been struggling to cope with our midfield, see Özil taken off, to be replaced with a fresh Rosicky, Wilshere (or even OX).

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    • I am only concerned with who IS at the club so I’d go for Ozil. Irrespective of how I love Cesc personally, he plays for Barcelona now.

      On a more sensible note, I thinkj Ozil fits into the current Arsenal squad more appropriately than Fabregas.

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    • Incredibly difficult choice. Skills-wise: they’re probably on the same level. Cesc grew up with us, and obviously has love for the club, the fans, the manager. So I would probably go for Cesc. But having Ozil play for Arsenal is just so fucking mindblowing so I don’t care all that much.

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    • I would go with Fab – he is already a better finished article than Ozil, in that not only does he create but he now scores. He can play as support striker, as well as AM and CM.

      Having said that, Ozil is still unbelievable, just not as rounded.

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      • Thanks for the replies.

        For me Cesc is more mouthwatering and impressive to watch. I have a feeling Özil is more subtle; but that subtlety could be exactly what we need, as we already have a lot of attacking players.

        Very excited to see. Wish Cesc was with us, but this for me is closure on Cesc and allows us to move forward. We now have a truly, truly world class player.

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  18. Shezza
    Sagz Mertz Koscz Gibz
    Walctz Ramz Corz Ozilz
    Bench: vivz,vermz,flamz,rosikz,wilsz,poldz

    This team could beat ANY other all day long. With 2 more players in jan(df&st)!!!

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  19. Ronaldo will be the most pissed with Bale right now, since his most successful goal provider was sold off due to his arrival at RM.

    I really hope Giroud and walcott can improve themselves to make ozil’s passes fruitful.

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    • I can already see it.. Ronaldo / Bale.. When Adebawhore and Bent’ ur had a fall out on the pitch.. Hehehe.. Happy times.. My money’s on Ramos – Scruffing Ronaldo & Bale by the neck and smashing them heads..

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  20. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand. Ooof. Very brilliant signing.

    The Henry thing. He gives up the body on the shot. The tumbling over and then the ball goes in. The pass into the net on the “easy” goals. The sheer confidence on the ball.

    Definitely a combo of Bergkamp tech skills, Pires fluidity and Henry finishing/reaction in front of goal and Henry-like free kicks.


    Red and White hard-on.


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  21. I am also very encouraged at how he is fouled early in a counter-attack. Speaks volumes of how afraid the defence is. Some of it, I’m sure, is Renaldo. But still…

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  22. You can see why ronaldos scored so many goals. What a team Player özil is. Madrid must be mad! Can’t wait to see him play in Red

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  23. What’s surprising about that video (and a bit of an eye opener) is how many chances Ronaldo needs to score. If he put away just half of those opportunities Ozil provides he’d outscore Messi every year!!!

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  24. Firstly, fantastic video.. got abused by my boss at work, but that didn’t stop me from watching it. Secondly, I am pretty sure RVP feels like shite considering he’ll be receiving his assists from carrick and fellaini rather than santi and ozil..
    I seriously hope hope he can motivate the other players to up their game to his level, especially the youngsters like eisfeld, zelalem etc.
    Can’t wait for the weekend.. COYG!!

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  25. Am showing the video to everyone in my office…!! The thought of Santi and Ozil gives me orgasm…teams are gonna queue up to get beaten…!!!!COYG

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  26. After seeing this compilation I can easily see why Ronaldo is so disgusted with the fact that Özil is leaving for us. I lost count of how many key passes and assists he provided for Ronaldo.

    Now hang on, I absolutely do not say that Walcott is even close to Ronaldo, but he has some skills that are in the same category. Speed ofcourse, and if you look closely and Walcotts movements througout a match you will see that he finds space easily but the passes aren’t there yet. Özil is a player with enormous football intelligence and a player who can easily switch. I think Theo will absolutely rock as right wing striker/striker with Özil. Cant wait till saturday!

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  27. we dodged a bullet by not signing Higuain…

    My dead nan would have scored more than him with that sort of service.

    Roll on Saturday.

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  28. I know it’s too early to judge, but I feel that in a way, we’ve replaced Hleb more than replaced Fabregas with the Ozil signing. I mean, Hleb used to give this incisive passes in around the opposition’s 18 yard box. It’s true though, that he can give long through passes (aerial or ground) just like Fabregas used to. But now, the squad reminds me of the 2007/2008 season. I tend to compare our current “playmakers”; Rosicky, Cazorla, and Ozil to Rosicky (obviously), Fabregas, and Hleb respectively. We had the best midfield that season, and Adebayor was made to seem world class. I remember he used to miss 3 chances before scoring one goal, or 5 for that matter. Hopefully, the extra creativity Ozil will add will make Giroud a lot better.

    Also, has anyone noticed that whenever we pass the ball around the opposition’s 18 yard area, most of our players will either go back (most of the times) or try playing some neat 1-touch passing through the opposition defense. How many times in that video did you see Ozil get right through the defense with either a brilliant yet cheeky through pass or a small, skillful dribble? Quite a number of times huh? I mean, maybe it’s just the excitement but I CANNOT WAIT TILL SATURDAY!!!

    I think this squad has got enough to challenge for the title and just hold their own till January, and then with the ALMOST ASSURED extra striking addition with MAYBE a defender, then we’d even go far in Europe. I just can’t wait.

    Our squad is definitely more efficient after the deadwood clearout, and what we have is an honest, hardworking, group of players. Come on you Gunners!!!!

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  29. I hate to say this, but imagine RvP feeding off his through balls… some of the lofted passes were textbook Liverpool away goal assists…

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