Wednesday, March 19, 2014
Arteta hits out at red card decision

Arteta hits out at red card decision

Mikel Arteta has hit out at the red card shown to him by referee Chris Foy yesterday.

The dismissal left Arsenal down to 10 men for the last half an hour of the game, but Arteta says that not only was the decision harsh, but it was Marouane Chamakh who did the kicking.

“Chamakh kicks my fight foot, I have seen it on television,” he told Arsenal Player. “It is 40 yards away from goal too.

“It is true that I tried to block him with my hand but then he came with his left foot into my right calf and then we were both on the floor. It was never a tackle from me.

“When we scored the first we were on top of the game, that decision changed the game and we were in trouble. But thankfully we held the result, we scored a second and we won the game.”

The Spaniard will now miss the midweek game against Chelsea but is available for the visit of the Mugsmashers next weekend.



  1. Lego hair kicks ass

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  2. Looks like the capital one cup ties going to be looking pretty DENCH then.

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  3. the only sam is nelson

    Lucky that Foy wasn’t refereeing with the Spuds, last time he dropped a bollock when they were playing their super top top quality fans took to twitter to abuse olympic cyclist Chris Hoy…

    You’d imagine we might appeal although the FA would probably take great delight in kicking us in the nuts and lengthening the ban just for shits and giggles. So, perhaps not…

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    • By the way, how many dodgy penalties have spurs gotten this season? They’ve hardly scored from open play at all, only 8 goals in 8 matches overall. And also blatantly incorrect decisions like Vertonghen pulling the striker’s pants off in a Europa League match. Cheating cunts.

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  4. Looks like Chamakh won’t be getting any love when he visits the Emirates next time round.

    Never piss off our captain you hear me

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  5. Even if Chamakh was through on goal, he’d run it out of play… For a throw in.

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  6. I thought a straight red was a three game ban? How will he be available for Liverpool?

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  7. I’d love to see Verminator into DM position

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    • Mertesacker or Koscielny may need to be rested.

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    • This isn’t Champ Manager.

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    • Yes, lets try to fit all our CB’s on the pitch on the same time for the hell of it

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    • Assuming that Wenger had the belief that Vermaelen could succeed as a DM, I’d also like to see him there. He’s too good of a player to sit on the bench, and he potentially has all the attributes a DM needs.

      Combatative? Check. Stamina? Check. Tackling? Check. Positional awareness? Remains to be seen, I guess. Don’t write him off though. That powerhouse of a left foot could also try some long range shots, which is something we don’t necessarily see that often from the Flamster and Arteta.

      I’d also love to see him given a chance. Can you imagine how fiesty a Vermaelen playing for his place would be?

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      • Parisian Weetabix

        Yes, but what about the on the ball attributes? Arteta is INCREDIBLY consistent and reliable in his ability to perform the basics: receive, turn, pass, move into space. If Vermaelen played as CDM it would ideally be alongside Arteta. That way they could play close to each other, and when Vermaelen won the ball he could give it to Arteta to use. Obviously the whole point in this next match is that Arteta is unavailable, so whether Ramsey or Jack could perform such a task from deep is questionable, as it would curb their more attacking instincts. Basically, I would be interested to see how Vermaelen would perform there, but I wouldn’t advocate doing it in anything we would consider an important match.

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        • Vermaelen playing CDM could possibly provide an illusory back 5, depending on how deep he sits. The passing issue would still exist, but with no Arteta and a quick Chelsea front six I think we could use the physical presence. I still see him starting at CB though (didn’t Arsene say that Mertesacker in the so-called “red zone” anyway?)

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    • FYI he used to cover there at Ajax.

      And looking how he used to play (stay sensible 80% of the time then occasionally storm up the pitch and wail it on target), it kind of makes sense.

      Still would prefer Frimpong there, even if he only manages to stay out the ref’s book for 5 minutes.

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    • This isn’t a horrible idea, and if there’s a time to try it, it would be in the COC, where the game is less important. If it works, cool! We’d have another option. If it doesn’t work, well then we’re out of a cup that doesn’t matter terribly much.

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  8. As its only one game we wont appeal. He wouldnt have played in the co cup anyway

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  9. Also interesting typo or does he really call his right foot his fight foot? Which would actually be kinda cool.

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  10. We should sign one of the Bender brothers to be a long term successor to Arteta and Flamini. + Then I could buy a jersey with ‘Bender’ on the back.

    Didn’t Wenger make a 20m bid for him last season?

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    • Apparently there was a bid put in for Lars Bender at Bayer Leverkusen. They turned it down straight (apparently) and there didn’t seem to be any further reporting, so it seems like it was fairly tentative. I’ve always felt that they should come together as a package deal. For one thing I like the symmetry of having the two in midfield and I’m sentimental and like the idea of brothers playing together, but also because the headlines would write themselves: ‘Arsenal on a Bender as they score six’, ‘Bender it like Bender’, Arsenal Bend opposition into shape’; the list goes on. But mostly I just like the idea of having a pair of foul-mouthed, whoring, drinking, cigar smoking Mexican robots in the team. Fucking reality.

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    • You can still get a jersey with Bendtner on the back :P

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    • I think Wenger will have a serious look at Hayden before buying anyone. We’ve got a few years before it becomes urgent (hopefully)

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  11. Is frimpong ever gonna get a game again ?? He could bring the best out in jack as well. I think vermaleen could do a job at DM as well

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  12. He should never have been isolated in that position in the first place, but no way was it a red. It was 50-50 whether it was a free kick either way.

    And when you get those circumstances, the only possible fair way for a ref deciding who was in the wrong is by comparing hairstyles of the players involved.

    Sod one game, Chamakh should now be facing a lifetime ban.

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  13. I hope both MA08 and MF20 are free and fit to play l’pool

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  14. If ever there was a good time to get a red card it was then. It galvanised the team and we performed better. We ended up winning the game and arteta will only miss a game that he wasn’t gonna play in anyway. We should count our blessings. Without Flamini, Arteta is even more vital and I’m super pleased that he’s around next week for Liverpool

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  15. Big neilo wasnt happy with the decision either let me tell you.

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  16. Never knew Arteta has a fight foot

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  17. Arsene knows Flamini isn’t a long term solution. Arteta is aging too now (but he is still awesome), so don’t be surprised if we buy a top class defensive midfielder in the summer. The interest in Lars Bender was real but with Pogba reportedly unhappy with the racism in Italy, and Juventus struggling, I would love it if we got him. Arsene wanted him as a 16 year old but he choose Manure and then walked out on them.

    The lure of playing for a successful Arsenal team under Wenger, in London will be too much for Pogba and Juventus admitted they would sell if a huge offer came in. Pogba could be even better than Vieira. If we can get him next summer then we should break the bank for him. (Isn’t it good knowing that we can afford a £25m signing now?)

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    • Flamini was given a three year contract, hardly short term. Regarding Bender, how do you know if there was interest or not apart from the fact he was one of more than 100 players we were widely reported to be interested in, any more than you know that the lure of playing for a successful Arsenal team under Wenger in London would be too much for Pogba. Pure speculation

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    • “Pogba could be even better than Vieira.”

      What a ridiculous comment.

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    • Only doubt I have on Pogba mate is he loves the money (the reason he walked out on manure). The sheiks and chavs would offer him funny money just to stop us getting him. Wenger seems to like the German market at the moment so Lars bender may just be the man. Mesut’s mate Sami wouldn’t be bad.

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  18. Eric Irish gunner

    It wasn’t a sending off, and it official Alan Hansen is a wanker he never gives us credit and can’t wait for us to drop off top spot hope he’s wrong like he was with his ” you never win anything with kids”comment

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    • I agree, Hansen is complete knob. On MOTD when the incident was discussed all Hansen did was talk about how Arsenal had been exposed by not leaving enough at the back. That may be so but no cunt mentioned whether they thought it was a red card or not! He couldn’t wait to dig us out? Cunt.

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  19. Blaise Matuidi.

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  20. Sorry 3 games for violent conduct Doh! Apologies

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  21. How many millions did we pay Chamakh in wages – and he gets Arteta sent off?

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  22. Edu's fake passport

    honestly you can see why the ref gave it, unless you have your rose tinted glasses on.

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    • I agree in real time it looks an arteta tackle and a red, certainly not in slow motion and from every angle, that a video referee option is still missing from the game is embarassing.

      I also take issue with arseblog and arsebloggers calling chamakh a “cheat” when all he did was try to gain an advantage in a 50/50 as arteta did, I didn’t see him pushing for the red either so it’s simply wrong to assume that was his aim.

      Chamakh did his best for his club did well for a time and left quietly in order to reignite his career, I for one can respect that, particularly in this day and age.

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      • Chamakh didn’t do his best. He spent his time in nightclubs and shisha bars.

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        • Back to your point you dont get extra points by winning the big games.

          True but look what Chelsea did to City what a different between the two of them now in the table.

          Not only that Chelsea have got positive results against Spuds and Man U also now they have very good fixtures coming up.

          my prediction by the end of next month chelsea will be top.

          Unless we can win the big games beating Liverpool and Man U next month we wont be near top cause the table is so tight.

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        • I am disgusted with these dislikes absolutely disgusted.

          But its alright not to be liked, i take joy in knowing that if i die people will dance of my grave and if im burried at sea they will all FUCKING drowd.

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        • on* not of.

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        • I think we can both agree that he provided a decent option when van persie was injured early in his arsenal career. He lost his way quite obviously after that, whether it be due to weak mindset or otherwise.

          My point is he was never disrespectful to the club like some others.

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    • Seriously? Just being able to “see why the ref gave it” is not a standard. I can see lots of reasons for lots of things; the question is whether it is the right thing to give the foul and red card. It wasn’t. I can see how he can make a mistake, but it’s still a mistake.

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  23. Definitely not a red. Not even a foul against Arteta. Replays proved it. You eyes are tainted Edu fake retina

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  24. It was a pretty poor decision but hey we’re arsenal we’re used to it

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  25. spurs are paying the refs now, just like UTD did,,,,,, scum

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  26. Anyone else wonder what the thing between Shawcross and Van Persie was? Possibly it was something lingering from his Arsenal days?

    I thought that I would have backed anyone in a spat with Van Persie. Then you look at that dead-eyed orc…..

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  27. Would still like luis Gustavo for that position in the long run. He would be the ideal long term solution

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