Wilshere causes storm with Sky comments


Jack Wilshere has caused yet more commotion by saying the sky is blue.

The England midfielder was asked about his perfect day and mentioned something about ‘the sun shining in a clear blue sky’.

However, his remarks caused an instantaneous reaction on Twitter with fellow sportsmen castigating him for his narrow-minded views.

“The sky isn’t always blue,” said cricketer Art Partheid. “Sometimes it’s grey. R U a greycist, Wilshere?!! #greycist pig!

To which Wilshere replied, “It’s not actually the sky that’s grey but the clouds that obscure the sky.”

Partheid then blocked Wilshere, before unblocking him and calling him a ‘Gobby twat’, the irony of which was entirely lost on him.

Liverpool striker Luis Suarez told his followers that if anybody was well placed to comment on the sky it was him as he spent most of his career flying through it without the slightest touch from an opponent.

And there was also criticism from retired footballer and BT Sport pundit Michael Owen who said, “I’ve been proud to play for England under all kinds of skies. Sometimes at night when it’s not blue at all. It’s black. Or some other shade of dark. Wilshere should think twice before nailing his colours to the mast. It’s much nicer here on the fence where I live.”

The Arsenal man claimed things had been blown out of all proportion, saying, “I didn’t say I only like blue skies, just that it’s my favourite kind of sky,” at which point the Daily Mail published an article listing every bad thing Wilshere had ever done while ensuring lots of page clicks by ensuring the sidebar on the webpage was full of highly suggestive, over-sexual images of 16 year old celebrity children.

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