Saturday, March 22, 2014
Draxler being sold Arsenal by Gunners duo

Draxler being sold Arsenal by Gunners duo

Schalke wonderkid (if only they had a word in German for that) says he’s been chatting to Per Mertesacker and Mesut Ozil about life at Arsenal and that the pair have told him it’s the place to be – like a trendy nightclub or a pop-up restaurant that you can only make a reservation for using Twitter.

Draxler is the latest brightest homegrown talent in the Bundesliga and in a league which contains the likes of Reus, and Gotze (a man who can pull defences apart and leave them red raw), it’s a measure of his talent that he’s being linked with big money moves already.

Talking about Arsenal, he said, “I have always said English teams are very big clubs and Arsenal is of course one of them. They always have very young players, they play attractive football and that’s what I like.

“Of course I sometimes speak to Mesut or Per about the team, about the club, and they always have good words and they tell me nice things. You never know what happens in the summer but Arsenal is a very, very nice team.”

However, there won’t be any January move as he’s committed to his club until summer, saying, “I won’t switch then. It’s very important for me to play nearly every game. For my club I have the chance to play nearly every game, it’s important for me to improve myself.

“I’ve said every summer I have to look what is the best for me and I will do in the summer again and we will see what happens.”

The other thing to bear in mind is that he would probably cost a bazillion and thirty-eight pounds, and although we spent big on Ozil, deals of that size are likely to be the exception rather than the rule.

Still, maybe he’ll have a terrible World Cup and get a disgusting neck tattoo which will lower his price. What? It could happen.



  1. It could indeed happen. Lol!

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  2. Would rather have Reus myself – I think he fits what we need better – but Draxler is shaping up to be another prodigious German talent and is a great prospect.

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    • remember the invincibles

      Reus and Draxler. Germany is new France

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    • I just don’t think that it is very likely for Reus to switch teams very soon. And even if he does, it probably won’t be Arsenal.

      Draxler on the other hand is very likely to transfer to a bigger team in summer. If we pay the 30 somewhat millions in summer I’m pretty confident that he will agree to join us.

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  3. We. Need. A. Striker. Thank you.

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  4. draxler nice bit of news.

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  5. I like his name. Got a cartoon villain feel to it. Can’t believe how much the transfer market excites me now after the years of people wanting out

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  6. He would be a welcome addition to the German Contingent at Arsenal. He’s not the striker we hoped for though.

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  7. German word for wonderkid is ‘Wunderkind’ ;)

    Draxler is a great prospect. He’s also playing nearly regulary Champions League Football for Schalke since he is 16years old. Still very young and much experience. Get him!

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    • the “wonder kid” was, i believe, ironischer Sarkasmus. Not a strong point for us i know so i thought i’d help.

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  8. it’s good to hear players sought all over europe declaring their admiration for arsenal…things are looking good lads

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  9. I hate it when shrewd clubs,players and agents use the name of arsenal to promote and over price themselves as if there is some sort of interest from Arsenal.What we need is a striker in January transfer window!!!!! We talk about what we need most and act in January, try to get at least one trophy this season.We talk about the summer when the summer comes.Come on you goonersssssssssssssss!
    “In Arsene we trust”

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  10. Typical Germans! Always wanting to come to London and play for this great club. Very soon the whole German national team will be playing for us. I’m loving it!!

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  11. I’d be happy to chip in the 38 quid

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  12. Been thinking for a while draxler has a bit of henry about him….

    i think if we’re want to buy a world class striker in the summer, we’ll struggle. Buying a very good young winger and wengering him into a world class striker, on the other hand… doable. I think if we go for draxler thatll be what its for.

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  13. asdabee#truegunner

    getting draxler would be a plus. As we have most of our effective mid-fielders in their thirties already. Plus, having a proper bench can never hurt.

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  14. Wunder = wonder, Kind = child

    if only they had a word in English for that ;)

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  15. Am I the only one who sees him as the perfect Van Persie replacement. He’s young, two footed, tall, has decent pace and a shot almost as powerful as Poldolsk. I’m up for him signing.

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    • Yes mate – you’re the only one. RVP is a striker?

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    • Not the first one but I think he’s something new rather than a replacement. And that’s what’s more exciting. Keep as a razor AM or Wenger him into a non-forward sitting striker. Buy him, let’s find out!

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  16. Wunderkind?

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  17. Germans♥♥♥♥♥♥

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  18. Am I the only one who got the goatse reference?

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  19. Looks like a young Arshavin. Name like a Bond villain.

    An intriguing combination.

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  20. ‘Gotze (a man who can pull defences apart and leave them red raw)’

    First class bloggery right there.

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  21. It really does seem as if the profile of Arsenal has been significantly raised this season.
    I don’t think you would find red hot talented players from other leagues talking about us in such rosy terms last season.

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    • Aye, even if it’s only them trying to get a move elsewhere, it’s not bad publicity for getting the agents to think about a place they can get a decent 20% from.

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  22. Vish, there was no reference. You just have a sick mind.

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  23. No carrot metaphor today Blogs?

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  24. Young and has a huge potential but can’t see the needs for arsenal to go for an attacking mid even for the summer. He needs playing time and rightly so. It’s good to see good player like him thinks arsenal is the place to pursue their career.

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  25. The way the Germans bang on about Draxler it would be a massive statement if we were to sign him. Would face some serious competition for his signing. Good thing his mates play for us already!

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  27. Higuain's Biological Father

    But we already have a german prodigy – Gnabry

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  28. NonchalantRepartee

    Great Goatse reference, just what I needed to start the day.

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  29. Yes, it’s good to have kind words from wanted players like this. Yes, it’s also part of a bigger ploy to get other clubs sniffing, increase offers and ease his salary demands if he becomes more wanted as a result.

    And yes, we need another Striker.

    But, are our natural wide players actually world class? Would we benefit from a Di Maria type who is born to beat people down the flank and provide excellent ball for Giroud + new ST?

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  30. British core, German efficiency, Spanish flair! Another German would be welcome at the Gunners. Agent Per keep doing your stuff!

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  31. We defo should buy him, that way the Spuds, Chelsea, city, or Man U can’t… What?

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  32. Marco Reus has a release clause of 30 million. Wneger sign him up as we need more attacking options!

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  33. Great talent but I would be cautious because to me he looks like Arshavin’s younger brother..

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  34. the white OX

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  35. Yeah, but he hasn’t got wet feet that freeze in the winter like Arshy :)

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  36. Gnabry has pretty much the same qualities as Draxler and even more playmaking ability id say. Only plus for Draxler is his tallness(?) and more playing time but Gnabry would also be a regular if he played at Schalke..

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  37. ahhh. the interlull.

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  38. I would be concerned if we signed Draxler. He’d be competing with Ozil, Cazorla, Rosicky, Ramsey, Wilshere, Oxlade Chamberlain, Walcott and Podolski, who all play in that attacking midfield trio.

    If we signed a striker they’d be helping Giroud. What’s the point?

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  39. Draxler said over the intl break that he really respected Rambo and Jack (though he mistook Aaron to be English) – is it just me who’s really happy that our very young British Core are starting to attract other very talented players to play alongside them? I’m loving it.

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  40. Draxler will be a fine addition for arsenal in the summer. His comment is a welcome one for all gunners who knows the quality of good players and at his age. Arsenal a good striker in january to support Giroud. Gunners 4 life.

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  41. It’s wunderkind :) btw Draxler would be a great prospect but more importantly we gotta go for Dzeko!!

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  42. they have a word for it! “wunderkind”

    greets from austria

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  43. The scary thing is, I don’t think he would even start in our midfield. I mean, already we’re probably going to have Wilshere and Rosicky on the bench for Saturday.

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  44. we badly need a striker that can make hold of the ball,giroud is good in the box but he hard keep hold of the ball and makes us loose possesion recklessly…. a benzema and a pato would be great and about the right back position a montoya or an abate should do……we have a good chance of carrying the league and i cant wait to celebrate soon…have a nice day ya all#

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