Flamini threatens to cut off arms in shirt protest

Mathieu Flamini sleeves

Mathieu Flamini told Arsene Wenger that he’d be prepared to hack off his own arms rather than back down in the ongoing row over his shirt sleeves.

The Frenchman has taken a scissors to the long-sleeved shirts in his last two games, something that caused a row with kit man Vic Akers and upset people who think a tradition is being disrespected.

Pressed on the matter last night after the comfortable 2-0 win over Marseille, Arsene Wenger said the tradition should be upheld, saying, “Yes. I don’t like that and he will not do that again. I was surprised. We don’t want that.”

But there was dressing room drama as Flamini drew a razor sharp Katana from his locker and told the Arsenal boss he’d rather live an armless life than wear long sleeves.

The midfielder had to be talked out of it by Per Mertesacker who reminded him it would make it very difficult for him to blind opponents if he didn’t have any arms.

Further talks are planned today with Wenger set to tell Flamini to just roll up his sleeves and get on with it.

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