Löw keeping tabs on Gnabry progress


Joachim Löw admits Serge Gnabry still has a chance of making Germany’s World Cup squad having been impressed by the development of the young winger.

In the absence of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Theo Walcott, the 18-year-old has been thrust into the limelight by Arsene Wenger this season, scoring against Swansea and looking dangerous off the bench against Crystal Palace and Manchester United.

Speaking to the Hamburger Morgenpost ahead of his side’s Per Mertesacker inspired victory over England last night, Löw revealed:

“The boy is really good, he has exceptional qualities. I’m still open [to him being selected]. We have an eye on him. ”

Arseblog News believes that’s not a bad carrot to dangle in front of a teenager looking to launch a career at the top level although we suspect if he doesn’t make Germany’s squad for the next round of friendlies in March his chances of playing in Brazil will be slim.

Given his current fitness problems (and the amazing array of talent at Loew’s disposal) Lukas Podolski will no doubt be anxiously looking over his shoulder too.

The left-sided attacker came in for criticism from the German media this summer for his performances with the national team and is facing the very real possibility of missing out on a major tournament for the first time in his career.

That being said with 46 goals in 111 appearances stretching back to 2004 it would be a big call to drop him. No doubt he’ll be after regular game time when he’s back from injury although it remains to be seen how he’ll fit into the current set-up.


  1. This will do wonders for Gnabry’s confidence. It’s really good to see him rising up the ranks this season and his cameo against United shows just how much potential this kid has. Exciting times!

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  2. Joachim loew what a shrewd manager he is!

    Every world cup needs a certain youngster to take it by storm. Serge Gnabry can be that. This kid is immense!

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  3. Amount of times participation in World Cup is being compared to carrot makes me imagine players as rabbits anxiously waiting for the summer. Red eyes, shagging everything around them… waiting for that carrot at the end of the tunnel…

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  4. I think Poldi will get his chance over the Christmas period as back-up to Giroud. We have 4 games in 9 days, Chelsea on 23/12/13, West Ham on 26/12/13, Newcastle on 29/12/13 and Cardiff on 01/01/14. I wud expect Poldi to start two of those games (probably West Ham and Cardiff) as Giroud would be seriosuly entering ‘the red zone’ if he started all 4. Podolski has never let us down when started up front so should hopefully, geta couple of goals.

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    • The injury after his fantastic performance against Fulham was effing galling. Lukas is a really good egg, and I wish him a speedy return & to continue where he left off.

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  5. would far rather have podolski than bitey racist suarez, any day of the week

    and good god, 46 goals in 111 internationals? if he were english that would make him beyond legendary…

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  6. Nice that Poldi is under pressure to get into the Germany squad. With Giroud facing burnout an angry Podolski in reserve just waiting to bang the goals in could have a massive say in what we do this season.

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  7. Poldi was just starting to hit form before hegot injured. hes going to be a huge boost for our title push when he gets back. Aha!

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  8. I reckon ozil could play a false 9 type of role. When the ball hits him it sticks and hes blinding at bringing others in……possible master stroke?!

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    • Ozil has played the false 9 with Germany before, so it’s not out of the question; and Cazorla played something close to it a number of times at Malaga. But I doubt Wenger would go that way. If needs must before Poldi returns then Walcott will be used centrally.

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  9. So keen to see Poldi return to action, and just in time for when our schedule gets really heavy! Even with the injury layoff i still rate him to net at least 15 goals this season… There’s just something special about the way he twats balls with that left foot of his…

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    • The problem with Poldolski is that he has been carrying some kind of an injury ever since he joined us: that’s why he has barely completed ninety minutes in an Arsenal shirt. So we can’t really rely on him. Wenger’s unfailing instinct for signing injury-prone players (whatever happened to that Sonogo guy?) means that we will struggle if we don’t sign a quality, fit striker in the January transfer window.

      In the meantime I’m praying that nothing happens to Giroud.

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      • the problem with lazily relying on second hand assertions is that had he checked, FG would have discovered that in fact Podolski made more appearances in the 2012/13 season than in any other throughout his career.

        So we can’t really rely on FG when it comes to offering an opinion about whether LP is injury prone or not.

        As to the bonkers idea that AW deliberately seeks out injury prone players, if that were true, we’d have sold Abou Diaby to Bolton *just so we could buy him back* wouldn’t we?

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        • Ever heard of sarcasm, Sam? Wenger doesn’t deliberately go looking for crocks, but somehow he seems to find them. He’re a few examples:

          And the king of them all Diaby.

          I’ve heard that Wenger has asked Darren Anderton to come out of retirement so that he call offer him a 5-year contract.

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        • Rosicky is…what…in his mid-twenties according to how he feels? While I agree with your assertion that there are several injury prone players on Arsenal’s squad, the same applies to our rivals. The relentlessness of the contemporary game result in greater injury, so what.

          to take one exampl, out of his eight years with Arsenal RvP played one solid season at his best, and hey presto, it gave us a parting gift of a cool £24M. Look at how vital he is for Man U to have a shot at CL football in the coming year. So please don’t knock AW just because he sees something beyond the medical record.

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    • If he say gnarby can make the squad that at least prove he has impress.Germany right now could make 2 very strong squad both would be one of the favorite at the world cup , while england have to continue selecting some dross like smalling,cleverley,wellbeck and few has been like gerrard lampard cole because none of the “young player” has inmpress enough “(thats include wilshere)

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  10. Only on an arsenal blog could a positive article on Loew keeping tabs on Gnabry have moaning about Wenger signing injury prone players! Top of the league.

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  11. There are many world cups or carrots ahead of this young lad. But for now, Gnabry should be wary and wise enough to see this dangling offer for what it is – a sugar rush offer!

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  12. Agree with you to a certain extent, Fat Gooner, in that Podolski does seem to have been carrying an injury from he joined us. However, he has scored 13 goals in 35 appearences, which is a good return from Left wing and considering he has been carrying an injury. I still think he is the most natural finisher at the club with his left foot hammer. Hopefully the 3 month rest will have healed whatever issues he has had and he can get back to scoring goals.

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  13. Is it just me that get’s the same feelin i got when ox was new?

    Both of them with that energic raw play style HEAD ON.?

    Let’s just hope he stays fit, keep those shawcrosses away.

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  14. That’s not even a joke brother. Try this: Ruud Van Nistleroy walks into a bar. Bartender says, “Why the long face?”
    Whinny!! Ba Dum

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  15. Good to see the Germans approach their football, believing in the need for young players to get as much top level exposure as possible.

    Contrast this to the idiots they employ at espn ‘soccer’net. John Cross wants Wenger to wrap up Jack Wilshere for England. What a plonker.:P

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