Report: Cardiff 0-3 Arsenal


Arsenal: Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs, Arteta, Wilshere, Ramsey, Ozil, Cazorla, Giroud

Subs: Fabianski, Vermaelen, Monreal, Rosicky, Flamini, Walcott, Gnabry

Arsenal extended their lead at the top of the Premier League with a 3-0 win over Cardiff City today.

Arsene Wenger made three changes from the midweek team which beat Marseille. Mikel Arteta returned to midfield, Kieran Gibbs came back in for Nacho Monreal, and Santi Cazorla took the place of Tomas Rosicky in the attacking trio.

Having scored after 30 seconds against Marseille in midweek, Jack Wilshere almost did it again. Arsenal came forward with Ramsey and Giroud combining, Wilshere picked it up deep, and from the edge of the D cracked a shot which cannoned back off the underside of the bar.

There was a scare over Per Mertesacker a few moments later when the German clashed heads with Bacary Sagna, and while he was off the pitch the home side created a decent chance which was headed wide by Frazier Campbell.

In the 15th minute Olivier Giroud found himself with the ball at his feet behind the Cardiff defence, but the Frenchman stopped thinking he was offside. There was no flag however, and his pause allowed the defender to get back and prevent the shot on goal. Replays showed Ozil did flick it on to him and he was in an offside position but PLAY THE WHISTLE!

But we were ahead in the 29th minute. Arsenal probed for space in the Cardiff half, the ball came to Mesut Ozil who fired in a cross from the left of the area. Aaron Ramsey met it with a thumping header into the top corner to make it 1-0. The Welshman didn’t celebrate the goal and got a round of applause from the Cardiff fans.

Kieran Gibbs picked up a 33rd minute yellow and Cardiff caused some danger in the Arsenal area from the subsequent free kick, but couldn’t find a decisive touch.

Ramsey almost had a second as the half drew to a close. He was set up by Giroud in the area, he cut inside the defender, looked for space but Cardiff closed him down quickly and forced the shot wide and high.

Arsenal picked up where they left off in the second half and nearly got a second goal. A good passing move saw Ramsey get between two defenders and to the goal line. He pulled it back for Giroud but his side-footed effort was cleared off the line by a handily placed defender.

Cardiff were almost level a couple of moments later. They crossed from our right hand side, it deflected up into the air, Frazier Campbell got above Gibbs and headed it down towards the bottom corner, but Szczesny got down quickly and kept it out with a big hand.

The big Pole had to be alert to stop a Theophile-Catherine effort a few minutes later as the home side put some pressure on the Gunners. Olivier Giroud saw a right footed effort saved by Marshall but the game was being played in midfield with neither side dominating or creating clear cut chances.

Jack Wilshere created a half-chance, playing Cazorla into the box, but the ball got caught under the Spaniard’s feet and his shot was straight at the keeper. The former Malaga man was then replaced by Mathieu Flamini as the game headed for its final stages.

The Gunners had Szczesny to thank again as he came out well to smother at the feet of Mutch right on the edge of the Arsenal area, and his positioning was important again as he stopped a Whittingham shot.

Nacho Monreal then came on to replace Jack Wilshere as Arsene Wenger looked to see the game out. Aaron Ramsey tried to make it safe, shooting wide from 35 yards inside the last 10 minutes, before Szczesny was forced into action again making a save from a Cardiff set-piece.

But Arsenal secured the points in the 87th minute when Mathieu Flamini got the second. Ramsey spread it from the left hand side, into Ozil on the right hand side of the the box. The German played it behind the defenders, finding the onrushing Flamini who smashed it home from close range.

Walcott came on for Ozil in the 90th minute, and was involved in the third goal. Arsenal broke upfield, Walcott played it into the path of Ramsey in the area, he took a touch and fired it into the top of the net to make it 3-0.

So, it’s another win, another clean sheet, and another three delicious points makes for a good Gooner weekend.


  1. Despite lee masons best impressions of a cunt we showed awesome character today and punished them when the time was right.
    What a season Ramsey is having, fuckin ecstatic for the boy. Ohhhhh to be a goooooner

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    • Sarcasm lads….get it.
      We controlled the game like I was playing it on FIFA (I’m immense). Never once was I really worried, from back to front we have a great side, and the bench today was very impressive!
      Not going to ask for 2-4 signings in January, one striker as cover is all we need.
      Seven points, next two games are both at home… Come on

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  2. Ramsey= Pure class, what else can be said. Szez… Superb. Back 4-sublime. Ran out of adjectives to describe the current state of Arsenal FC

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  3. What an impressive punter Rambo is…..a class act in every sense of the word.

    Special mention for Lolo Koscielny today, thought he was absolutely brilliant also!

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  4. Sunglasses ON! Cigars OUT!

    Szczesny kept us in it, motm for me. Ramsey…pffft never in doubt when he went further up. Great weekend even greater result.

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  5. nobody talks abourt the clean sheets ..we just conceded one in last seven games ..kos was fucking amazing ..maybe tomas over santi for next few games ..ozil class..arteta showing off skills ..great win

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    • People talk about clean sheet when Arsenal are the ones who aren’t getting them.. You should take note that whenever Arsenal do something of importance, it’s not as meaningful as when another club does so.

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      • I agree…never understood why the talking heads seem to have it in for the Gunners…I mean look at us: Ozing class everywhere (pun intended), on and off the pitch (well if we leave Bendtner out)…and now we even turn out for our games wearing Lanvin suits! maybe they instinctively sense that Arsenal, Club, Coach, Players and Fans, are a cut above the usual PL rubbish that passes for football…and maybe they have the sneaky suspiscion that AW knows a thing or two they don’t…I was at this restaurant once where the entire 1st team + the reserves were having dinner and between 20+ of them, one bottle of red wine…not a Papp or a WAG in sight, a real boyscout reunion…imagine if this was a Chavsky or a Manure team night out…my mate who is a Manu supporter was well impressed…

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  6. I’m not going to comment the starting 11, because I’m out of words. But just want to point out: There are quick players, there are very fast players, there are extremly fast players and then there’s Theo Walcott. Have you seen his run for the 3rd goal. Absolutely fantastic! Welcome back Feo!

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    • what about ramsey? 92nd minute picks up the ball deep in our own half runs it all the way into their half, passes it to walcott and get’s on the receiving end, a bad pass mind you, nice control, smashes it top corner?! plus leads the team in tackles again. how is it possible? superhuman

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  7. Cardiff are a great side. Good to see a hard working team that can play some decent football.

    Loved Arteta’s play today, obviously Rambinho, and two sweet Mesmertrons from Ö11!

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    • I think we had it a bit easy. Cardiff only really pressed a few times today, towards the end of the first half and for a brief spell after Turner robbed Giroud on the line. They put in a much bigger shift against Man U last time out.

      That said, it was still a tremendous away result.

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      • Well, they probably understood that AFC was far too superior to manure and there was no point running ragged trying to close us down in the first 45 minutes.

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        • I think we also approached the game differently, there was markedly less pressing from the front. Almost as if we knew their passing out of the back isn’t a big threat and were trying to prevent the keeper from lumping it forward.

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  8. 3 points in the bag, well done boys !On a different note, the auto-complete in the live blog is quite amusing.. the yellow Cardiff thing had me wondering.

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  9. What a team!

    Are we still being written off in terms of winning the title?!

    You suspect that Wednesday will bring another three points too.

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  10. And of course, must credit El Chezzo. Saving matches and winning matches for Arsenal. Like Mr. Blogs wrote earlier this week The in form premier league keeper!

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    • We will I reckon! I said that before the season started (and before we’d bought Ozil) and friends laughed at me mercilessly for it.

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  11. Really pleased with Szcz today, world class save from him when the score was 0-1. It is so important to have a reliable man in goal.

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  12. Ozil’s assists were both absolutely delicious! Good to see Walcott being unselfish by passing to Ramsey for the 3rd goal! Expected him to go for goal himself…

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  13. I love Giroud, but I’m starting to wonder if he’s a bit tired. We really need a striker to take some of the workload of his (wonderful ‘n delicious) shoulders.

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    • I would love to see Giroud given a rest but it is so hard to do. The system that Arsenal is using has been so successful (obviously) and Giroud is the one player who can’t be swapped out without having to tinker with the whole formation. (Unless he was to trust Bendtner; perish the thought)
      If Arsene feels that Giroud needs a rest, then I don’t see a better time than against Hull in midweek.

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    • Actually the entire team were playing a bit sluggishly today, I thought. That would be the result of the midweek game. Still had enough class for a great win, but I think the boys may be getting a little weary. Having said that, we had a few moments where the lads put a burst of speed in when needed. Considering some of the results that Cardiff have been getting at home I think we can consider ourselves entirely satisfied with today’s result. Great win, and for the rest of December it will be all the teams playing every three days, not just the elite (plus United, Citeh, Chel$ki and the Thursday-Nighters), so the little guys won’t have the advantage of being fresher than us now.

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      • Who let the lone Spud in here? Every comment gets a single thumb down? I suggest Search & Destroy Protocol A1-Ex245/d be initiated at once.

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  14. Possibly our most composed performance of the season so far. Scez was outstanding. Fantastic result and overall team display.

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  15. Must say sczc is a man transformed this last season (starting with the run we went on last year for our ‘trophy’) lol

    And Cardiff are pretty Stokey now that I’ve actually watched them play.. Adding them to my shit list.

    Their fans are proper class tho, different to the denizens of mordor at the potteries.

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    • They are much nicer since they all had to sit down for games. They were horrors when they were at Ninian Park. When I was living in Cardiff I spent many a Saturday afternoon stood on the Bob Bank watching them in Division 2 and 3, including one fine afternoon when I had to hide both my nationality and Goonerness, while Arsenal disposed of them in the League Cup. One smile at the wrong time, or a word spoken out loud, and I’d have joined the effigy wrapped in an England flag that they were burning just 10 yards away along the terrace. They LOVED taking on the fans of English teams almost as much as they enjoyed their war with Swansea. They’re cuddly pussies nowadays.

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    • Rosicky as well actually, we need those 2 “veterans” for the next couple of years, even if only just being around the training ground and teaching new recruits the Arsenal way we have refounded in the last 12 months

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    • Danny Murphy and Les Ferdinand. Hansen and Shearer seem to be mysteriously absent when Arsenal have a good performance and result.

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      • I’ve noticed that too. Why is that? IS it because they choose to absent themselves, or do the producers make the decision to keep Hansen, in particular, off MoTD when Arsenal play on Saturdays now? He actually managed to pay us a few generous compliments after the Norwich match, but you could see it hurt…

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  16. Great win again, that’s how it’s done in Cardiff to all mancs, Ramsey legend, flamini stick to the long sleeves,still top of the league 🙂

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  17. Ramsey has scored more goals from open play than the entire team of Tottenham… what a player!

    That said, Szczesny is playing on a different level this season. What a difference it makes to the whole team to have a competent and commanding keeper.

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  18. The scariest thing about our team , is that some of our top top players havent even hit top form yet.
    We are winning games when we aint playing at our best and i feel sorry for any team that plays us when santi , ozil , wilshere really hit top form . Our defence at the moment is solid at the moment i feel we can challenge for the prem and champions league . COYG!!!!!

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    • I think is time they hit top form especially for the city, and chelsea game we need everybody in form and I want to see that arrogant murinho face when we trash him 3-0.

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    • i think wilshere is already starting to hit top form. in the last three games he had 2 incredible shots saved by the post and 2 incredible goals. not losing the ball anymore, making great passes, good defensive work… ozil is already our best player imho bar maybe ramsey (and he will get better!), it’s only santi who needs to find his top level at the moment.

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  19. People keep taking about Ozil’s form dropping and, to be fair, I think there may be something to it. But if anything, I think it just shows how much of class player he is if he can have an “okay” game and still deliver two beautiful assists. It reminds me a bit of when RVP used to do nothing in games except score the game winning goal.

    When Ozil finally hits his peak form I think it’s going to be scary, I’m hoping it comes during the CL knock-out stages.

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    • People forget that ozil is 3 months in the BPL and that the BPL is totally different from Laliga and needs time to settle and learn the movement of all players in Aresnal team, and for this 3 months with new surroundings and playing in a new league he is brilliant, king of assists and vital for our play, enough said, haters will hate and ozil is and will be world class and he showed that again today!

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    • Also, some people seem to have thought he would come in and stand head and shoulders above the rest of the team (OK maybe not Per 🙂 ). In our current midfield I just don’t think that is possible for anyone.

      It struck me today that he is getting into the swing of giving a complete game, pressing, tracking back, doing the ugly stuff, while still getting up to speed in the PL* — while as people have said, putting in two very nice assists.

      *How many other leagues in the world do you go to a side possibly fighting to survive and get a match that tough.

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  20. Ozil, also, is hilarious. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Glorious assist. Nothing. Nothing. Lose the ball. Nothing. Glorious assist. Subbed.

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    • Obviously nothing in terms of goals or assists between his two assists, but he’s very important to the way we play, the way we move the ball across the field and suffocate our opponents by sheer ball possession is only possible through players that have the level of technical ability as Özil, Arteta, Cazorla etc..

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      • so true. people think ozil shoudl be all over the ball, dominating in the way a cesc fabregas does for example. but he does so much so quickly. he gets the ball and there are three defenders on him and he doesn’t just not lose it, he threads an incredible pass onto one of our players favoured foot. he is unbelievable. he just plays so quick i think commentators (and our own players to a certian extent) aren’t used to it

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        • People, in general, miss the things that matter; the players that actually create the space for others to exploit. Ozil does that very well, it’s the quick, sharp passes and touches that get things moving that we need…when he combines that with a Mesmertron or two, it shows how he is worth 42m.

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    • Watch the game again… Especially for the following sequence of play: Arsenal regains possesion (usually via Arteta) Özil has moved into space, drawing at least one Cardiff player with him. Shimmies past and finds another Arsenal player further up the pitch with a sublime pass. Count the times Özil does this, then tell me he did “nothing” apart from the assists…

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    • Danny Murphy’s analysis on MoTD of the Arsenal fluidity against Cardiff highlighted a few things that the match commentators missed. Like the way Özil hung back to cover on occasion when Sagna was committed forward. And the one-touch passing that Özil so frequently took part in till someone was free to penetrate further forward. When he’s not providing spectacular assists, he’s still playing a pivotal role in the midfield, and his positionl sense is as good as anyone’s. It’s also true that he makes runs to draw defenders and free space for others. But I don’t mind if he’s underestimated 🙂

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  21. This team justs gets better, have confidence in all the team now, especially szezesny in goal, rotate against hull and I’m over for Everton game so can’t wait

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  22. Arteta should have got a red for running into elbows. Dirty player !!

    P.s its time to get theo back into ur fantasy team.

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  23. And thats how you beat Cardiff City boys. What a team we have on our hands now. Szczesny has come up with match winning saves after match winning saves. One of our midfielders dont click? Not a problem. Up steps another. And we finally saw one of Mesut’s trademark through balls! Cmon you Gunners!!! Top of the League and still nowhere near contenders!

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  24. Rambo, Ozil, Szcezsny go down the list again. Every single player offered something today.

    Great energy, great attitude, commitment and ofcourse the class when needed.

    I LOVE this squad.



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  25. Utter class from Rambo.

    He did the ‘Ayatollah’ celebration and I’ve got a lot of time for that. he hasn’t forgotten his roots. Classy behaviour from the Cardiff fans too.

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  26. This has to be the best Arsenal side since the invincibles. I’m so happy for Arsene that things seem to be turning around. A true Arsenal legend getting back to what he does best.

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    • The 07-08 side was pretty magnificent. This side seems to have a bit more steel though, and a rock-solid core. If we don’t get horribly unlucky with injuries we’ll be right in there with a chance for the title.

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  27. Cardiff’s sub in the 75th minute was a bit strange….they took Kim off but brought No-one on.

    Before I get my coat can I just say….Top Of The League!!!!

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  28. Also, just to increase the good mood, it’s worth remembering it’s George’s birthday today. I know things didn’t end well between the Arsenal and George, and he went on to manage the scummers, but he’s an AFC legend and those teams of 87-94 gave me some of my happiest every memories. Happy birthday GG. Georgie Graham’s Red and White Army!!

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    • Manager on the single greatest night, Happy Birthday George. And two years on, And two years on, And the year after.

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  29. That was a witchcraft assist from Ozil for the second goal. Ozil is pure class. 7 points clear! Keep the momentum going Gunners.

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  30. That was a great win. Resilient under pressure when they started pressing and two cracking goals to finish them off. They kept us waiting but it was worth it.

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  31. Love the way Man U game isn’t even mentioned. Not important to us, lil blip.

    Also love how Ramsey didn’t celebrate. Why wasn’t more mentioned of Dutch Skunk celebrating rabidly when he scored?

    Which brings me to my final point. We have so much class in this side. Adebuymore, Nascunt, Van Wankstain, etc. have fucked off and in their places we have a bunch of bros. Massive bromance in this side.

    I LOVE ARSENAL @())(!*£()*£!*£!(_*

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  32. some classic commentary again:

    “Arsenal really are weak defensively, despite their defernsive record this season”

    “Big Flying German, isn’t that what they call him?”

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  33. Hello lovely supporters.

    I am Ivan from Russia. I like AFC and black women the most. This win was bubbly in my mouth. Keep it up Arsenal!


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  34. We’re so good Giroud declines a chance to score. needs to be kept on his toes that boy. Brilliant touches by Ramsey!!! his confidence is off the roof right now i’d pay to watch him train i bet he dazzles in trainning.

    Walcott due a start at hull, Ozil even assisted Flamini? no heights he cant reach this one!

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  35. Hmm… wonder what would have happened if Rambo had run up to the home fans after scoring, hopping up & down like a mad frog, screaming ‘In your face biiitcheeees!!!’ Just a thought.

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  36. seems nowadays we can click into an extra gear and finish teams off when needed.szczesny was outstanding as well.motm in my opinion.coyg

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  37. Our defence is difference class today and to be fair they have been great since
    Munich game. If they keep it up like this for a season then we will walk the league. I am looking fwd to man city game already. It’s gonna be collasal battle of titans.

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    • Was it kompany who said arsenal was the toughest opposition he faced last season? I hope he’s ready to repeat those words with a few tears.

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  38. yeah he did the ayatolla too. pure class, learn alesson van pisstaker. Ramseys already a Arsenal legend cause he turned down fergie, another lesson too late to learn van pisstaker

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    • The Dutch Skunk can no longer be classified as being a Gunner. Even once. Remember Wenger before the Manure game saying he considered the Skunk as being an Arsenal man. That went out the window the moment he celebrated his goal like a rabid cunt. Knowing the cunt that might have been what he was looking for. It was massively disrespectful to the fans, to his former players and most of all to Arsene who made him the player he is today. Dennis Bergkamp is an Arsenal man. Tony Adams is an Arsenal man. Van Persie will never be an Arsenal man.

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  39. What a class act ramsey is. Scored 2 goals against his old side and didn’t celebrate where as van persie looked like he’d scored against his worst enemies when he got the winner against us the other week

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  40. AR16!!! The pass from Özil so F’ing awesome!!!! Look at how these lads are playing for the club,fans, and each other. Pure class..

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  41. So that was a tough November hey?? 10 goals scored 1 conceded, top of the premier league by 7 and top of our CL group by 3, Theo back, Ozil assist meister and Rambo keeping up his amazing form. Bring on December and getting Poldi back 🙂

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  42. I’m by no way say I wish things we’re better.

    But how did this team, granted without Ozil, lose to Villa?? Or united for that matter!

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  43. Stupid people on this thread:

    1) Those that haven’t mentioned that this was probably Arteta’s best performance as a Gunner.

    2) Those who think the Ramsey/RVP situations are even vaguely similar.

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  44. Clearly Arsenal won’t win the title because ;

    1) We are weak in defense
    2) We have a rubbish keeper
    3) Ozil was a waste of money
    4) We have no depth
    5) Metersecker is so slow
    6) We need a DM. Look at Spurs, they have 4
    7) We haven’t won for 8 seasons so that means Liverpool have a chance
    8) We are yet to be tested despite having played almost a third of the season
    9) We like to bully little teams unlike United
    10)Hansen, Murphy, Shearer, Hislop, Stewart Robson, Ian Wright, Tommy Smith, surely they can’t all be wrong.


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