Tuesday, March 25, 2014
Wenger not against January signing, but says it’s ‘difficult’

Wenger not against January signing, but says it’s ‘difficult’

Arsene Wenger says he’s aware that back-up to Olivier Giroud is in short supply, but suggested he might not be active in the January transfer window.

‘Arsenal need a striker’ is a common theme of discussion these days, but we know Wenger is very much his own man. In the year everybody was clamouring for him to buy a centre-half in January, he bought a diminutive Russian playmaker instead.

Wenger believes that the returns of Lukas Podolski and Theo Walcott will ease the burden on Giroud, and expressed concern about Nicklas Bendtner’s ability to perform because of his desire to leave the club.

“Theo gives us qualities that other players haven’t got,” he said.

“It’s a different option. It gives us options to score, to go behind to create space in the middle. We have missed that, maybe, but we have not done too badly. Podolski also shouldn’t be too far now.”

As for making a January signing, the Arsenal boss said, “Look I am not against it, but it is always difficult in the middle of the season. If somebody is doing well somewhere the clubs do not necessarily want to sell him. They can wait until the end of the season.

“Most of the time it is because we didn’t find the right player.”

Wenger is aware of how important Giroud is, saying, “If we lose Giroud we have nobody with body weight up front apart from Bendtner. I think he has the level but at the moment he doesn’t get enough games. And as well, in his head, is he here? Has he planned to go?”

So, it’s not an ideal situation, but anyone expecting the club to spend big in January was always likely to be disappointed. Anyway, this is one that is going to run for some time, today we have to concentrate on beating Southampton.



  1. He’s been stung by January signings eventual attitudes so many times that it’s understandable he’s cautious. Obviously if Falcao was suddenly available then we may need to rethink but a January signing maybe be Sanogo

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  2. Whinging about the transfer window can wait. Today, we cut the Saints down by a couple of pegs.

    Up the Arse.

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  3. Let’s be honest if we are really after a world class striker, we’ve got to be patient until next summer. Most of the well known strikers will be cup-tied for CL football. Also they would not want to jeaopardize their place in WC14 by switching clubs in Jan.

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  4. To be honest, if we want a world class striker, clubs won’t be willing to sell them in the middle of the season like Arsene says.
    Maybe Athletico Madrid or FC Porto might be willing looking at their past history of sales.
    And I for one don’t want another striker like Bendtner coming into the club just so that Giroud can have more back-up.
    Arsene is not the kind of Manager that will be bullied into make a fast signing.
    So be patient Gooners, Arsene Knows.

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  5. I don’t know how I feel about this because we definitely need a back-up to General Swoon. Anyway, let’s see how it goes. I’m sure Wenger has a trick up his sleeve.

    On another note, we’ve got an old saying where I come from. It goes ‘If you don’t support the mighty Arsenal, you can f**k right off!’. Here’s to three points tonight :-D

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  6. The only worries this month is a few injured players, come to think of it afc can do well especially against these big teams if we beat saints today it will be good result.

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  7. January will make or break our season, yes I agree a world class striker will be virtually impossible to sign and not to worried because I still highly rate podolski and wallcott an option plus we score a lot form midfield qualities, I do believe that we all know solid defensive back up is essential and failure to bolster this position will undoubtably see us fall out of title race, what the purpose was in not strengthening this area in the summer is beyond me

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  8. Big Chief from Antarctica

    I think Ozil should serve as an example for the coming January transfer window.

    High quality for bargain price. January is always inflated as fuck.
    Money not coming from sugar daddy, i.e. no debt raising lunacy. I would have had a sour taste, a taste nonetheless, if Ozil came in such a manner.

    I think Walcott and Podolski would do fine until the summer. I don’t think it would be ideal but what strikers that we need (big difference in who we want) are available in January (in comparison with TW and the Fussballgott? Injuries and actual adequacies will set the tone any negotiations in January. Also the fact that if we remain top of the league, the chances of having such strikers in January will improve. Wenger got Ozil. The team, build by Wenger, can get the rest.

    Enough about that. COYG! Arsenal are back in action!

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  9. It’s gonna come down to who else does what as well, as it did in the summer.

    So if Madrid go large for Bitey, maybe that does something with Benzema etc.

    Don’t forget we only got Ozil because we flogged Gervinho to Roma…

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    • I thought we got Özil because those clowns at the Madrid Municipal Circus bought the wrong Welshman (the right one for us it turns out)
      I can’t help feeling that Gervinho would have come good and scored loads of goals from Özil’s assists.
      He has 3 goals and 1 assist in 6 so far in Serie A this season.
      Up The Arsenal

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      • I’ve always defended Gervinho, thinking he would come good. The fans’ reactions really killed his confidence, along with the ACoN crap. As much quality he had, I’m not sure he had the strength of a Ramsey to struggle through and prove the doubters wrong.

        As much as I wanted to keep him and give him a chance I think it was better for Arsenal, Gervinho and Roma that he find his path in Italy.

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    • Well, to be honest, we didn’t really FLOG him to Roma. Rudi Garcia bought him, because he knows he can manage the shit out of Gervinho, and look what happened. Wenger’s not the only manager who knows his onions, you know

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  10. Getting 3 vital poins is no option all we want is a BIG win#COYG

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  11. We need the win today but the team needs help in January. If were still top mid january it would be important to buy. It would show ambition. Being top would also look more attractive to big players. The lack of info about Sanogo would suggest he’s not even gonna be considered an option.

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  12. Hmm looks like Wenger wants a Giroud type of striker then not the Suarez Suarez type.

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  13. Hoping this is nothing more than strategic posturing to make us look less desperate in the transfer market because make no mistake we are fucking desperate! This group doesn’t deserve to be let down like this. If our hfb were to get injured our season would pretty much implode. Worrying…

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  14. Arseblog why can’t i get onto your daily blog via my mobile? Is there some technical fault? Wanna follow the game on your blog!

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  15. Who is Bendtner?? He should train alone. I think Wenger knows what to do. Falcao btw has highwage demands. Then it is better to go for Cavani. He is probably as expensive as Falcao but better

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  16. I’m havin the same problem Steve, have been since yesterday. Even switching to desktop version, I still can’t get it.

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  17. I would take remy from Newcastle . He won’t cost a fortune will be available and has premier league experience
    hate to think of us being in with a shout of the title and not getting a striker costing us in the runin

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  18. Do you guys think Ox would be good as a forward? I know Wenger says he sees his future in central midfield but still, has a good shot, is composed and can dribble

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  19. Would Carlos Vela be worth consideration? From what I know Arsenal can get him back for cheap (The only reliable source here being FM, but still) and he has been doing exceptionally well for Real Sociedad.

    Whether he would be willing to join us again, and whether he will fit into the system are the 2 big questions to be raised here though.

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