Wenger plays down Henry coaching role


Arsene Wenger has played down suggestions that Thierry Henry could take up a coaching position at the club in the near future stressing the ex-Gunner still has unfinished business on the pitch.

Arsenal’s record goalscorer is back training at London Colney for the fourth winter in succession, this time alongside fellow Invincible Robert Pires, but despite the pair strutting their stuff in the club’s colours the boss has made clear it’s solely for fitness purposes.

“They like to come back to Arsenal, to practise,” the manager told press ahead of Arsenal’s Champions League game with Marseille.

“When they can join in, they do. They integrate well with the spirit of the team. Nothing more than that!

“They have no real target to bring something, they just want to enjoy themselves and keep their fitness. Usually they don’t practise with the first team because they come in and work on fitness.

“It is a little bit less competitive, [but] when we have some room we invite them to play with us but usually they train separately to us.”

He may be 36 but with 10 goals and nine assists in 30 appearances last term Henry still appears capable of cutting ‘la moutarde’ in the MLS. The Frenchman has another year left on his contract at the New York Red Bulls after which he may start to think about hanging up his boots.

Asked if Henry might get involved in coaching players this winter, Wenger replied:

“No, at the moment he is invited just to practise when he wants,” he said. “We have a big staff, a very competent one, and we have the right number to support the team to achieve the targets.

“Thierry is a player, one day certainly it will be different, but at the moment no.”

(Yes…this article was purely an excuse to post the above picture)


    • I don’t know if he has the patience and temperament to be a manager, although it would be romantic to see him leading a new generation of success at the club.

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  1. i wonder whether rednose ever got this much love from his old boys. i mean even Beckham was back trainning with Arsenal not that i care or anything but it does to some extent prove how loathsome fergie is/was.

    Wenger is class….

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  2. I’ve seen some great photo’s in my time but that one always brings the biggest smile to my face.

    Thierry, you truly are a fucking legend!

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  3. Thierry Henry training outside of the first team makes a better substitute option than Bendtner.

    Seriously though, I’d take him back in a heartbeat.

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  4. You almost see the full spectrum of human emotion in that Spur’s crowd at that one moment- anger, disbelief, dispair, acceptance.

    Fuking beautiful :’-)

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  5. Mind the Fuckin’ GAP Tottenham. I Love this Pic, on the day at white heart lane Arsenal thrashed Tottenham 5 – 1 and all the fun could do was what they does best ….. casting Sol Cambell and fingering Arsenal!!

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  6. That picture was my desktop background on my first mac. After studying the faces of those Spuddington wretches for years, it took me some time to pick my favourite. Lenny in the GAP hoodie is something of an obvious choice (central, slightly to the right) but the chump just beneath him holding his chin in apparent contemplative mood might just be the winner.

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    • lol, probably thinking why did i choose to support the wrong team from north london, must make sure the kids dont make the same stupid mistake.

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    • Haven’t looked at all of them (a sp*rs face per day keeps the doctor away) yet, but I rather like the first from the bottom-right, the indifferent-looking guy with chin on his palm. haha.

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  7. now worry about Ozil seen like he is playing his own game in the pitch get Henry back to guide the 4.5million man .he getting good to bad

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  8. I’ve got that picture as a canvas print, Henry in colour, the scum fans in black and white. Quality picture.
    “And here comes Henry, Wiltord to his right, Bergkamp to his left. They’d do we’ll to catch up with Thierry Henry though. Drifts past King, sidesteps Carr. Henrrrrrrry”

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  9. that picture is my desktop background and hangs proudly on my wall at home
    its ten years to the day since that man destroyed Inter Milan, you know, back when they were a good team, not like recently when a certain monkey scored a hattrick against them not so long ago
    p.s, do we really need another striker with a fit-again podolski?

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    • He was right though. Spurs enjoy a good loss and they have become experts at seeing the good in them, while all silly old Arsenal can do is get angry and turn it around in the next game. Come to think of it, they must be fucking loving all the positives they can take from losing 6-0 to Citeh on Sunday. Ooh to be a cock balanced on a ball. A lifetime of belief that you have turned the corner and this year is the year you leave the Gooners in your wake. Must be fucking brilliant being a Spurs fan. 😀

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      • They were so proud to have been given Adebuywhore too. They really rated him in that three month spell where he bothered to make an effort. Must have been very nostalgic for them when he came on against Citeh on Sunday and did his usual nothing. Just like the good old days.

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        • Amazing Citeh are still paying more than what Spurs are for Adebayor’s wages and he still could not get on the score sheet. Nudge nudge wink wink.

          Think the player coming into the Arsenal set up should be Bergkamp. Traveling is a bit of an issue for him but we are in need of some rejuvenation with the youth team for starts.

          Henry and Pires training with the lads will add inspiration and know how. I don’t think we will see Henry on loan to us again. At very least, he should have inked the last page of his legacy as far as playing with us is concern.

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  10. Let’s get carried away for a moment:
    Wenger extends his contract, and when time has come for him to retire – Bergkamp and/or Henry take over managing of the club; with Wilshere, Ramsey, Gibbs, Walcott, Özil, Ox and other great talent growing into a new team of great success… Wouldn’t that be something…

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  11. I like the one sticking his finger up (a few rows below said chump).

    He kinda looks like the lead singer from REM.

    (No offence lead singer from REM)

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  12. I love that photo. Especially seeing the Spurs goalie cowering behind a fan above Henry’s head, trying to hide from him.

    Feel sad for the kids in the crowd there. Hearing all those grown men screaming “Fuck Off” and realising that this is as good as it will ever get for you, seeing Henry celebrate a sublime goal in front of your frothing-at-the-mouth dad and realising that THAT is what real football is supposed to be like.

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  13. Spurs.

    Why ever did some ‘pundits’ feel they were in title contention?

    100m spent?

    Seems a tad foolish to write anyone off before the transfer window shut let alone make daft predictions about Spurs finishing above Arsenal (They will have to re-invent a number at the moment as we are err number 1)

    Aside for (maybe…until this weekend) Lloris, we have a better player in every position. That includes back ups (assuming ours are not off injured of course).

    The great pretenders will struggle for Thursday nights at this rate never mind fourth.

    Anyone still prefer AVB to take our club forward over Wenger. As I recalled there were quite a few.;)

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  14. Just to the left of the steward on the right – isn’t that Paul Scholes? And just by that same steward’s right elbow … surely that’s Jose Mourinho!

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