Wenger: Wilshere is not injured


Arsene Wenger has dismissed newspaper reports that he is angry with the FA and confirmed that Jack Wilshere is not injured.

Articles in both the Daily Mirror and Daily Mail this morning had claimed that the boss was furious with Roy Hodgson for playing the Arsenal midfielder in both of England’s friendlies against Chile and Germany, however, speaking to Arsenal Player this afternoon Wenger set the record straight:

“First of all Jack is not injured, that was not the right information. Secondly, I have no problem with the FA, they respected completely what they told me and it was [for Wilshere] to play in one game and be on the bench in the other.

“They did that very well. So there is no misunderstanding there. Exactly [they did what we agreed].”

Earlier in the day Wilshere had taken to Twitter to criticise the @MirrorFootball account for publishing what he deemed lies.

Presumably Jack will therefore be involved in Saturday’s game with Southampton.


    • if only nik had been put on a long term contract we’d have been able to start a bidding war over him

      as it is, with only 6 months to go, TGSTEL can take his talents to wherever he wants, and Arsenal won’t benefit from his move. Clearly a case of wenger out, usmanov in, etc etc and so on.

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    • Agreed. Jack’s talent is clear for all to see, but Rocky deserves his place in the team at the moment. Love the way he drives the midfield forward!

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    • Oh good news remember 100% Jack Wilshire 10 love the courage tuck in defence attack lad oi level. Ahhhh, makes sense now.

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    • “Oi gd news remember 100% fit j10 lv the courage tuck in defence attack lad oi level”

      Translation attempt 1:

      “Oh, good news! Remember when Jack was 100% fit? I loved his courage in the tackle, and how he tucked in when defending attacks. The lad was on another level!”

      Translation attempt 2:

      “Oh, good news! Remember, a 100% fit Jack Wilshere plays with love for the club and incredible courage. The opposition better tuck in that defense, because the lad will surely increase our level of attack.”

      Translation attempt 3:

      “Oh good! But does anyone remember seeing in the news that 100% fitted Chinese J-10 Jet? I would say I had the courage to get stuck in and pilot one of those, be it in defense or attack, but oh lad, I wouldn’t be on the level.

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  1. Great news, Only a matter of time before we see Jack back to his best form. Think he is so eager at the minute to make things happen and just needs to start enjoying himself. Can’t wait for the game Saturday. Was suffering over the international break from withdrawal Syntoms. COYG

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  2. Daily Mirror…it’s that idjit John Cross.

    He wrote a piece in espn “Suckernet’ world leader in sports that Wenger should bring out the kiddy gloves for Jack so he can play in the world cup.

    Erm…it’s the other way round mate. What a plonker.

    The media know F all as per usual. Stick to the blogs like this one!

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