Friday, March 28, 2014
Yennaris seals Bournemouth loan deal

Yennaris seals Bournemouth loan deal

Our resident youth and reserves expert Jeorge Bird has revealed on Twitter that Nico Yennaris has sealed a short-term deal with Bournemouth ahead of this evening’s loan deadline.

The versatile midfielder, who can also play at right-back, has four first team appearances to his name, including a substitute appearance in the Premier League against Manchester United, but missed the Gunners tour of Asia with injury after last season’s impressive run captaining the under-19s to the final of the Next Gen Series.

Speaking back in August, Yennaris revealed that a loan spell was something he felt would benefit his game.

“I’m looking to get a good loan spell,” he told “I need to play first-team games and get that experience so hopefully something will come up soon.

“I’ve spoken to the boss about it and he also said it would be good for me to get more games under my belt in order to get more experience.”

An England under-19 international, despite his Cypriot-Chinese heritage, this is Nico’s second loan spell following a previous stint at Notts County. Arseblog News wishes him the best with the Cherries on the south coast.



  1. I wish him the best too, but he never appears to have a big impact on games. I’m surprised he wasn’t part of the great 2013 culling.

    Then again, I could be blind and he could be a skillfully stealth player like Flamini who you realise when you specifically watch him how much of a vital he really is.

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  2. Time for him to pop his cherry.

    Best of luck dude… might be needed for the run in when we have the league sewn up in march!


    We are gonna win the league tm

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  3. Fuck yeah, my local team is Bournemouth, now I might actually go and watch them play.

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    • I am moving from dublin to bournemouth – so if we both actually go and watch them play we wont know each other.

      That’s vaguely reassuring but i’ll be the guy in the

      Were gonna win the league tm


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  4. Luck LaD!

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  5. Dodgy celebration!

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  6. RamboFlamboArtamboMidfieldCombo

    Hope him and bellerin get gametime, I’d like to see them both develop a bit more. There at the level now where they need more than U21s to make the next step up

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  7. Nico gd luck lad at cherries fc you will show them experience coyg

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  8. it’s a bird it’s a chinese….it’s a japanese….its a philipino!….oh wait it’s just a Yennaris, Nico Yennaris!

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    • thats really bad mate. however I’m sure you’ll be able to work on it and come back with something far better next time. Chin up. (because it wasn’t a negative post I didn’t thumbs down, it wasn’t deserving)

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  9. No… It’s RacistMan!

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  10. John Terry is racist. Herold goon is just terrible song maker.

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