Monday, September 22, 2014
Arsebang: Waiting for Arsene

Arsebang: Waiting for Arsene

The man Hugh Wizzy is in town, like Vladimir and/or Estragon, he’s waiting for Godot. Or, Arsene.

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  1. Fellaini, is that you?

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  2. top gooner he is!

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  3. Legend!!

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  4. Ah, first time I’ve seen this fella but already I love his attitude.
    I cant stand negative and pessimistic videos about Arsenal, this guy knows what we like!

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  5. Epic…..real gooner!!

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  6. Weird seeing fellaini interviewing Amir khan about arsenal.

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  7. Priceless. absolutely Priceless video, thank you arsebang…

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  8. Great vid, great dedication and just reward meeting Arsene.

    Not sure I would like to get stuck behind his hair at a game though :)

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  9. Excellent. I enjoyed this much more than the Arsenal fan tv videos (as good as they are).
    This felt so much more authentic.

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  10. Amazing, I love your videos Mr.Wizzy. Real passion, real support for the club.

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  11. goosebumps at 5:27

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  12. Well worth the wait, 1.15am. And shows Wengers dedication as well

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