Wednesday, March 19, 2014
Arsenal 1-1 Everton: player ratings

Arsenal 1-1 Everton: player ratings

A pulsating 1-1 draw with Everton extended our lead to the top of the table to 5 points. How did the players rate?

We think like this.

Wojciech Szczesny: 8/10 – Really had no chance with the goal, amazing some people think he did. Those people need their heads examined. Overall another good, strong performance, making important saves.

Carl Jenkinson: 6/10 – Struggled with Oviedo in the early stages but got to grips with him then. Played pretty well, switched on defensively throughout.

Per Mertesacker: 7/10 – A little hurried in possession at times as Everton pressed, but otherwise his usual unflappable self.

Laurent Koscielny: 8/10 – This bloke really is something. And they say Wenger can’t buy defenders.

Kieran Gibbs: 6/10 – Will probably get blamed for the goal but sometimes you have to just credit fantastic play from the opponent – he really couldn’t have been much tighter. Got forward well too.

Mikel Arteta: 7/10 – Found himself a bit overrun in midfield, often left with two men running right at him, but his 5 tackles and 2 interceptions, helped keep Everton at bay.

Jack Wilshere: 5/10 – Did not have a good day, seemed a bit unfocused from the start and had Wojciech Szczesny to thank when he, for some inexplicable reason, let a ball run to an Everton man on the edge of our box.

Aaron Ramsey: 6/10 – It was inevitable that his hard work and non-stop running would catch up with him at some point. Today seemed to be that day.

Santi Cazorla: 6/10 – Again struggled to find his form, but worked hard charging up and down the left hand side as Seamus Coleman rampaged forward.

Mesut Ozil: 7/10 – Dare we say it? Another slightly underwhelming performance but a massive contribution with the goal.

Olivier Giroud: 7/10 – Battled hard against, possibly, the best central defensive pairing (outside Mertescienly) in the league. Almost won it late on with a wonderful strike which cannoned back off the corner of the bar.


Theo Walcott: 7/10 – Made an impact, heading back across goal which led to Ozil scoring.

Tomas Rosicky: 7/10 – Provided the ball for Walcott to head back across goal.

Mathieu Flamini: 6/10 – Had a decent effort on goal, but will probably look back at the Everton equaliser and be annoyed with himself that he didn’t stop Barkley by fair means or foul.

Feel free to debate and discuss in the comments, but please read the comment policy first and don’t get angry with each other, or me, about imaginary points.

And watch out for something new and exciting coming to our player ratings in the next few weeks!


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  1. Big decisions for Arsene to make in the coming days with tough matches against city and Chelsea. Surely theo will have to start on the right hand side. But sadly this means Jack will have to be dropped. Also as good as Santi is maybe Rosicky deserves to start ahead of him right. Rosicky lacks end product at times but we seem to play better when he is there.

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    • I think out of them, Cazorla should be dropped. He’s not had a good game since he’s been back.

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      • How does dropping a player altogether improve fitness, form, and confidence? Might give him a kick in the arse but I don’t think it’s necessary.

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        • Gutbukkit Deffrolla

          How does Rosicky keep on performing so well if being on the bench is so bad for fitness, form, and confidence?

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        • Wenger is being pretty cautious with Rosicky. We know he is a great player, but can not play 3 games a week (despite his footballing age being 20).

          I feel that Ozil and Ramsey deserve a rest mid-week, though it is an important game against Napoli. We should be able to field a side to get the necessary point. For all we know, Cazorla might regain his form with Ozil off the pitch, as he prefers to be the main man.

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      • He is half right. Dropping a player to the bench doesn’t neccesarily constitute to a loss of confidence. (see sir chesney) especially for an accomplished profession like cazorla who knows very well he hasn’t been upto his standards and a brief stint on the bench with cameos on the 60th – 70th minute could do wonders for him.

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      • Cazorla needs to be more central, orchestrating play. He’s wasted on the wings. Ozil on the other hand is great at using the little extra space that he gets on the wings; but boy he does not track back.

        Arteta didn’t have the legs to keep up yesterday. Barkley is good. However, Arteta made him look prodigious.

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        • Apologies Sir, but that is Poppy cock.

          Cazorla played on the wing for Malaga and Spain.

          Ozil is in the highlights on Arsenal Player, on his own goal line making a clearance ( albeit to an Everton player about 40 yards out ) but he is back there getting stuck in.

          Arteta has plenty of beautiful legs, our formation was well read by Martinez who played and effective counter to upset our midfield. Arteta was often facing two Evertonians.

          That’s almost impossible to defend in any midfielders book.

          The team played a good game. We always knew it would be a hard one, but we still came out of it with a point and a smile.

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    • Rosicky and Theo will start against Napoli knowing Wenger. They must start against City for me. And why mustn’t Jack be dropped? No one is guaranteed a spot in the team.

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    • Sir Chesneys passionate celebration deserved a win. Shame about that half a yard deofleu got…

      somebody shut down La masia!

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      • And the as*holes are already looking at Ramsey! Because they are the BEST youth academy in the world! AS*holes!!!

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    • The ghost of Peter Storey

      I think that the euphemism is “rested” or “rotated”.

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  2. ??

    Jack played okay, by no means a 5/10 game. Ramsey had by far his poorest game today, unfortunately; regularly out of position, several poor passes, poor decisions. Not getting on his back, but it was a disappointment, as his performance was probably the difference between a draw and victory.

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    • Also just read the rest the article. Ozil underwhelming??? You should probably get someone else to do the ratings in future, no offence mate.

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      • Jack was always in line to have a poor game. Not his usual position. Theo is recovering from illness but soon, I think he’d make that right spot his own, he looked sharp when on today.

        Also, need Flamini against City the MOST. You could see how Arteta was facing havoc against Barkley and Mirallas, he’s too easy to get past sometimes due to lack of speed, and Flamini will be essential epecially against Yaya Toure and co.

        Also Rosicky. Gotta love how he breezed past Delolfou, who must have like 99 pace in Fifa. 33 years old.

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      • Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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        • I guess the Getitright was a note to self for future comments.

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        • Choose one mate do you want the assists and/or key passes or do you want frimpong-esque tackles?

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        • At times he tried as hard as anyone (bar Koscielny). He covers a lot of distance, makes space up front, creates chances and defends not in numbers (tackles, interceptions etc.) but with his positioning and senseing the danger. Can’t believe people demand “much more” from him. He’s doing it all. If you don’t see it then maybe you don’t want to ar you read wrong articles. In terms of committment and attitude he’s fantastic. As I’ve said before. Today only player who looked to want to win more than Mesut was Laurent. Both are monsters.

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    • You want to blame the fact we didn’t win on Ramsey not playing well?

      You should get someone else to do your comments in the future, no offence mate.

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      • Blame is a pretty strong word, and not one that I used. But yes; our midfield looked very open whilst he was on the pitch, and we weren’t particularly fluid or incisive. Given that Ramsey has been putting in world class performances virtually every game this season (providing incision and fluidity in abundance), and given that his performance was poor today, I think it’s fair to say it probably had a huge effect on the outcome of the game. Not in the passage of play that led to their goal, obviously, but you’d have to be pretty narrow-minded to think in those sorts of terms.

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        • Sure, but it seems harsh that after contributing so much he’s questioned for not scoring etc. I think the better question is why others can’t step up when he’s off his game a bit.

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        • I wasn’t questioning him, just saying it was the difference between what we’re used to for this team and what we got today. Every player is allowed a match or two where they look below par physically, and no one’s earned that right if not Ramsey.

          Anyway, I suspect a simple explanation for why other players couldn’t step up is because they’re not world-class (or in Jack’s case, not yet world-class). As good as they are, like.

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        • I dont think we fully realize what sort of player ozil is. He brings others into play not by hogging the ball or being the center of moves, but by playing in the space with off the ball movement.

          By that I mean judging him on whether he visibly appears to be dominating games is unfair. He misplaced some passes – but hes clearly something special and he showed it even tonight. His movement kept arsenal moving, and his passing while being heavily pressed was excellent.

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        • Gutbukkit Deffrolla

          You could just have easily said “our midfield looked very open whilst Flamini was not on the pitch”. It’s easy to spot one thing and assume it is the base cause of our team underperforming, but it is almost always a number of things that contribute to a result, and one of the most important is “how the other team played”.

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        • Maybe it’s finally time for other players to step up. How about our little magician Santi Cazorla? I know he was excellent last ses but come on. He wasn’t out for like a year so he can say after 5-6 weeks after coming back that he’s not fully fit. As someone said earlier for me he hasn’t got one good game since coming back despite very important goal vs LIV. Ramsey and Ozil won’t win us every game we play on their own.

          Glad Podolski is almost back. Seems like competition for Cazorla will do the magic.

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    • I’ve also realised Rosicky likes to leave young enthusiastic players with fresh knees on his wake as he bursts forward.

      the other day it was Reus today deofleu. He really is a unique player this one.

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    • with the left and the right

      spot on. Ramsey plays his worst game all season but he still gets a 6 which is basically average. He was not average, he was poor particualry in the first half. Call it fatigue or call it on off day, but our fluency in attack depends on Ramsey taking care of the ball, and he simply did not do that tonight. Gave the ball away cheaply numerous times and his first touch was just generally poor throughout. When he plays badly we get overrun in the middle as what happened tonight, which means that Giroud can’t get involved and has too drop deeper to get a hold of the ball. It forces Ozil to do that as well and play far too close to Arteta to have much of an impact going forward. And it narrows our play by forcing Cazorla and Wilshere to drift inside much more than they should have to in order to get involved. Ramsey’s become a crucial part of this midfield and he’s been great thus the burden of consistency should be greater. if he plays badly then our attacking play is thrown out of whack. He MUST get a rest against Napoli, he can’t play like that against City or Chelsea and expect Arsenal to win.

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      • at least his opening 30 minutes will have put Barca off! Main concern was his 1st touch seemed so flaky..everyone has their off day i suppose – i know he bossed Toure pre-season but flam and arteta looks like a good call for man city

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  3. Will look back at this game as a great point at the end of the season when we lift the PL Trophy :-) COYG!!!!

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  4. I wanted to cry for Giroud after that crossbar shot :(

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  5. Pretty spot on ratings. Rambo especially was fucked in the 2nd half. Definitely needs a rest against Napoli.

    I’d give Flamini an extra point for coming on and barking at everyone.

    At one point, having no one near him to bollock, he told told the the East Lower to buck it’s ideas up!

    Thumb up 124 Thumb down 2

    • Oddly enough Rambo played a lot better in the second half but agreed he’s the only one who hasn’t been rested recently. Even Giroud’s got a rest. We can afford to rest him in Naples because we’ve got the massive front foot. We need Ramsey for Man City.

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  6. This was the most physical game Ozil has been in since his arrival and i have to say he did well. he was not underwhelming like you suggest. i’ll tell you who was underwhelming. Cazorla. Has been for a while now too. Rosicky is due a start as is Walcott.

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    • True, all of it. I don’t think anyone deserves much criticism, tbh. Everton are a good team, they are doing well. It was a hard game but we didn’t crack or do anything stupid, we scored when the opportunity came. Unfortunately, the goal was class and an excellent finish. Credit to them, they deserved a goal for their efforts all game. Our defense still did good despite conceding, and we didn’t relinquish our advantage at the top.

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    • Caz is underwhelming primarily because he didnt have a preseason and then had an injury. Without preseason the best bet to hit top form is generally second half of season.

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    • I though Ozil was one of our best players today, I’m not sure what more people want him to do. He got on the ball, played passes that created space and opportunities, scored a goal and considering where he’s been playing football for the past 4 years, dealt really well with the physical attention. He’s not great going the other way, see Oviedo’s space in first half but he adjusted and that wasn’t a huge factor in the second.

      Anyone who’s seen much of him before this season will know he’s not a player that dominates games like a Pirlo or Xavi, dictating from deep or a Zidane/Riquelme playing higher up, finding spaces in little holes. He drifts in and out of games playing passes that will keep an attack moving putting the ball where the opposition least want it.

      The big man upfront was our best player today though, was gutted he missed that chance that we thankfully scored from. He really deserved a goal. I would have went and bought a 2nd shirt with his name on the back had that volley went in.

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  7. Kos could easily have gotten a 9 today. So aggressive, yet very composed when needed. Good going forward as well forward. Such a boss.

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    • yeah he was man of the match for me

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      • Agreed. Laurent Koscielny MOTM and the best CB in Premier League. He was out of this world today and not anly at the back. These sprints forward after interceptions…
        I love him. And his attitude and desire to win and committment

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  8. Strangest boner right now.

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  10. Thought Arteta was pretty poor, especially when he lost the ball late in the game and let Lukaku have a run at goal. Agree that Rosicky should start ahead of Cazorla, he is trying too hard now.

    Thumb up 34 Thumb down 9

    • Arteta did fine as usual — though that error at the end could have been costly. So many tackles and intercepted balls.

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  11. Can we atleast rejoice the fact that we get to beat sp*rs 3 times this season.

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  12. Pakistan Arsenal!

    Was really shocked when we conceded the goal. That’s how good our defense has been! Really gutted though. Really wanted us to make it 7 points with city and chelsea coming. Well played everton though. Bring on napoli! COYG

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  13. Özil quiet? He ran the show offensively

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    • I guess when one gets what ozil does, it would indicate the next level of understanding of the game.

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  14. RamboFlamboArtamboMidfieldCombo

    Interesting to see the team selection against Napoli. Agree that Theo and Rosicky should come in to freshen things up a bit

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  15. Gibbs..

    You say he couldnt get tighter, i must disagree. Gerrard had a bad touch, and Gibbs should put him under a bigger pressure.

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    • If he got a step tighter, it was a pass to Coleman and a cross to lukaku waiting to happen. Problem started when Flamini got turned, Arteta went for the overload on that duel too late and got caught upfield, that made Rosicky move central to be where Arteta shudve been, resulting in a 2 on 1 against Gibbs. Still Gibbs kept it at a position where it really needed something of a wonderstrike to score (it was an acute angle and keeper was still there), and thats pretty much the best he can do from there, when compromised u play by probabilities.
      So, lets give credit where its due.

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  16. I feel so sad, yet so proud.

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  17. I hate to say it but Jack seems to be our weakest midfielder at the moment. I have no doubt he’ll refind his form but he hasn’t yet. Rambo is definitely knackered but I feel he’s better when given the freedom of Ozil’s role i.e. behind the striker with Ozil on a flank.

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  19. Pakistan Arsenal!

    I agree. Jenkinsons inexperience was exposed today at times. But he’ll learn. He’s still young. Let’s believe in him guys.

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  20. If gibbs wasnt to blame for the goal why did he only get a 6?? I dont think he put a foot wrong and got forward at every chance.

    I taught chez was poor for the goal it was straight at him.

    Here come the thumbs downs !

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    • Don’t think Chez saw the ball until it was passing him. Credit where it’s due the lad used Gibbs well then smashed it home.

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    • Blaming Szczesny for the goal is mental.

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    • Did you also see a ‘ puddy tat ‘ ?

      It was a great strike, hardly any back-lift and Gibbs was right on him. Fair play to Deulofeu, he looks like a fantastic talent, he was always going to be a danger. We can’t say we weren’t warned.

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    • Gibbs was at fault for their goal, it’s not like their player done anything particularly tricky or anything. Maybe if the shot flew in at the near post you could say good goal, Gibbs was hard done by, but that he created enough space to hit it across the keeper suggest he wasn’t doing his job defensively well enough. I’m sure the same thing happened against Southampton from a little further out too (?). Gives an otherwise solid player something to work on.

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  21. Imagine if that last shot by Giroud went in… I’ll definitely be dreaming about that tonight

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  22. Özil and Koscielny our best performers on the day. Özil ability to play in tight situations took alot of pressure off us

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  23. Thought Kos deserves an additional one point for keep Saurez silent the other day and doing same for Lukaku today.

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  24. I’d switch Jack’s and Rambo’s ratings, maybe even a 4 for the latter (he was hard to watch), and give Kos a 11/10 for letting “baby drogba” do absolutely nothing of note or anyone else when it was his calling. 5 points clear, some breathing room ahead of our two toughest games. Start Bendter for Napoli, Giroud took advantage of his rest over the week. (The shot off the bar at the end was inches from being the stuff of legends.) COYG!

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  25. Disagree about ozil, thought he looked a lot sharper today. Good side Everton and a good point

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  26. Gibbs I think had no chance. Had he got a little more tight, the full back was available on the overlap. Credit to Everton for not giving up.

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    • I agree.
      I do not think we can really fault Gibbs for Everton’s goal. Had he been too tight, that barca kid would have released it to the overlapping runner. I think that is why Gibbs hesitated besides it,was a semi- wonderstrike

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      • Rosicky could have helped him a bit more, Gibbs was dealing with 2 attackers in the box and could not over commit to the man with the ball.

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  27. There is reason to think maybe Rosicky should get a chance instead of Cazorla, Santi seems to struggle abit at the moment and Rosicky have been quiet good when he have been introduced from the bench.

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  28. I was peed off with Sceszny who kicked the ball out at one point when most of the arsenal team were in or around his area. This gave Everton possession and I think led to their goal.

    I was also peed off with Theo! They’d just equalised, we’re legging it up the pitch and he’s jogging! I’d like to see that boy put a shift in one day!

    Still, a points a point. And 5 clear can’t be bad. COYG!

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  29. Özil at times showed glimpses of sheer quality, the type that Santi showed last season. A deft touch to maintain possession , a slight body feint that a boxer would be proud of etc. A bit of quality when the rest of the cylinders are struggling.

    Koscielny made Lukaku his bitch for the most part but that lad is still dangerous, a frightening prospect and could develop into an annoying striker to deal with if his confidence is high. Hopefully going back to Chealsea will ruin his confidence and render him ‘as harmless as a Torres’.

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    • Gutbukkit Deffrolla

      Is Ozil finding it difficult to really shine with the faster English game and the much closer and more persistent marking and fouling than he would have seen in either Germany or Spain? Not an accusation, just a question, because if he is finding it hard to adapt then just think what he’ll be like in his second season with us, when he flowers like Giroud did.

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  30. I thought Ozil was very good, he worked hard and took he’s goal well. It’s reassuring for the team when he gets the ball because no matter how tight an area his in he usually keeps the ball. Unlike Denison or some cunt of old…

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    • Ozil was awesome considering almost all other midfielders had a bad day due to various reasons. If even Ozil had a bad day we wudve been overrun for all the 90 mins.

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  31. On a positive, we played poorly , they played out of their skin and couldn’t win, can’t be mad at that

    Thumb up 32 Thumb down 1

  32. Giroud should get an extra point for that clever dummy to allow Ozil to score.

    Thumb up 46 Thumb down 7

  33. I thought that shot took a slight deflection off Gibbs’ leg
    If you would have asked me Friday if I’d have been happy to be 5 clear come Monday if have taken your hand off!

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  34. cant win every game peeps….great game good point….city be shittin 1…bring it

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  35. Wilshere couldnt be arsed today that was frustrating.
    Caz needs some confidence and he’ll be banging in the goals, he’ll come good end of the season.
    Gibbs crossing was much better today, probably feeling the pressure of Nacho which is good. Monreal still offers more in the final third.
    Ramsey and Arteta were 5/10 today along with Wilshere and Caz. Ozil only midfielder that was alright.
    Start Rosicky V them Italians and them cunts on saturday.

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  36. I actually thought Wilshere had a better game than Ramsey. Shocked by the comment on Ozil, thought he played pretty well too. I don’t blame Gibbs or Sczcney for the goal; at first it looked like Sczcney could have stopped it but in full motion, the shot was clearly too fast. Finally, impressed with Jenkinson today, hopefully he’ll keep the consistency going

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    • Don’t forget you must not say anything even slightly negative about Ramsey here, he’s having a dream season but should have been subbed after 20 mins, totally overrun and kept giving away the ball.
      Ozil was out of this world at times, Ozil 7 Ramsey 6 , Joke!!

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  37. Santi was poor as well as Wishere.Theo and Rosicky need to come in in midweek and the weekend too. I still feel a world class striker in January won’t hurt.

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  38. Ozil underwhelming today? Are we talking about the same match mate? He was excellent today, Wenger acknowledged it in the post match comments.

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  39. George the Gooner

    Özil best player by far today, 8/10 for sure. Arteta not good enough. Giroud great hold-up play but no end product, and for some time, needs to get his shooting boots on fast! Everton played well but after going 1-0 up we should have seen the game out, couldn’t keep possession and we were punished for it. 2pts dropped.

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  40. My ideal lineup for Napoli:

    Jenk – Mert – Kos – Monreal
    Flamini – Arteta
    Wilshere – Ozil – Rosicky

    I’d like to rest Ozil for Cazorla but I think his presence is important. Give Ramsey a break, and probably bring on Theo and Cazorla for Ozil and Wilshere after 60 or so minutes if we’re not losing.

    Thumb up 4 Thumb down 9

    • Start Gnabry instead of Wilshere and maybe Cazorla instead of Ozil, I think he needs a game in that No.10 Spot with Ozil off the pitch to find his feet.

      Thumb up 11 Thumb down 1

  41. Little bit harsh on Jenko, I thought he did his job well all game and also got forward quite well. Also, I thought Ozil looked more involved and influential today than he did in almost any other game, bar the Napoli game. Just don’t see how Ozil and Cazorla got the same rating when Cazorla really couldn’t find his feet all game, meanwhile Ozil was arguably our best player apart from Koscielny.

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  42. Overall I agree with your ratings but I thought that Ozil was better than a 7. Everytime he touched the ball, players gathered around him and somehow he still managed to draw a foul or get passed them and play an incisive ball. His goal was just reward for his hardwork.

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    • Gutbukkit Deffrolla

      I think maybe Ozil got marked down a point due to the level of expectation the rater has for him (naming no names, to protect the identity of the Blogger);

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  43. I fail to see how Giroud gets the same rating as Ozil. His chance:goal conversion rate is pretty poor. We might as well play with a false number 9. At least we would be able to keep the ball.

    Thumb up 8 Thumb down 20

  44. For me Koscielny was outstanding. Physically contained the beast, and read the game brilliantly. The amount of times he read the cross and calmly controlled the ball to play it out from the back.
    Also, I felt the rating for Flamini was a tad harsh. Like a jack russell, tearing shit up, chasing everything. As always he wanted it more than anyone else, lifted the team and crowd as well as nearly scoring, which isn’t in his job description.

    Lets fuck up the sp*ds in the FA cup! COYG!

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  45. Cazorla a 5, Giroud a 6. Otherwise, spot on. Would really like to see Theo back out there starting, and maybe give Nacho some starts.

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  46. Mertesacker was immense today, especially the first half when we were being overrun. 8/10 at least.

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  47. Also, I brought deulofeu into my fantasy football team this week. Not sure how to feel about that…

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  48. Santi and jack where pretty poor today. I hope Santi finds his form again. Thought Ozil did really well today actually not underwelming at all

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  49. Don’t know if its a good or bad thing but y’all need to understand Everton is one of the in form teams. I say, with the way they played today especially in the first half they could have beaten any team in the league but arsenal. It’s just one of those days we need to credit the fact that they were good and also the fact that we were unlucky with that Giroud shot and just revel in that. We are still 5 points ahead if we dont lose to city we will be fine i have a feeling we will be breaking that Mourinho jinx this month.

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  50. Purple gloves man

    Most encouraging thing, Everton brought their A game, we weathered then got on top. Unlucky with the equaliser and giroud hitting the bar, but a point that takes us further clear is the best type of point.

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  51. Giroud a 7?! You must be having a laugh there mate or some secret joke I don’t quite get and Ozil underwhelming?! When clearly he was the only one apart from koscielny and mert who really battled hard, the rest of the starting 11 were shite! ffs our STRIKER miscued with a gaping/open net and his so called hold up play which he is actually decent at has been shite for a couple of games too. World Class Striker Apply Within!

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  52. Chez was great though, can’t blame him for the goal, hard to blame gibbsy too, just unlucky I guess, great strike though, caught me unawares too and I was a million miles away! But gotta feel for the crowd at the emirates though, deflated everyone when quite clearly they were all bouncing after our goal. Onwards then..

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  53. Ozil, along with kos, was our best player today. Nothing underwhelming about him except his support from the other midfielders who were not near their best today.

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  54. I thought Ozil was rather good today. For me, it seems like he’s finally emerging the past couple of games and running things more. I still think he needs some speed upfront to truly flourish, but I think saying he was underwhelming today was a bit harsh.

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  55. LiamBradyIrishGooner

    Was a hard game today but I have to say Everton were really impressive. Really enjoyed how we got stuck in in the second half and proved that we up for the fight. We where unlucky with the goal, lukaku was offside from what I hear, anyway it was a point gained in my opinion, we can’t be to harsh on the players, need to get behind them coming into this very important period in our season #COYG

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  56. Wouldn’t blame gibbs at all for the goal because if he gets close, deulofeu could pass the ball to coleman.
    But, if anyone has seen deulofeu play this season for Everton this season, he would know that the kid loves to go for glory(missed quit a few chances during the united game for going for a shot instead of passing the ball to another person in a better position).
    so Arsenal should have probably done their homework and taken their chance by getting tight on him!

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  57. Ozil was visibly frustrated at the end of the game booted the ball away in annoyance! That’s the EPL lad chin up mate this isn’t spain

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    • He was justified to be, there was an attack building up and he was in a crossing position FFS. How can u blow the whistle at that moment.

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      • Gutbukkit Deffrolla

        Maybe you could blow if time was up over 10 seconds before that including the extra extra 30 seconds added by the ref himself. It was the end of the match so the ref blew while the ball was 40 yards from goal and going away from it. Ozil had a chance to bang a cross in but did a drag back and moved away down the touchline. Perfect time for the ref to blow the whistle. I was busy screaming a frustrated “aaaagghhhh” as the whistle blew, having recently screamed “cross the fucker” just two seconds earlier.

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        • Haha. I guess you could look at it that way or consider that a lot of time was wasted in injury time due to many events and if this were Old Trafford and Fergie was there the ref wudve easily gone another 2 mins due to those events.

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  58. Moral high ground

    Very strange. I agree with the great unwashed. Ozil was very effective. Looked fresh and scared them. Baffling how that cannot be viewed as am improvement on recent showings. Sadly jack and rambo were very very sloppy. The huge positive remains our defensive set-up. Again our back 5 was excellent. I would pick flamini every single time over arteta against stronger opposition….that means the nect 3 games!!!

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  59. Things:
    1. Think back to a few months ago and imagine if someone had told you we’d be 5 (FIVE) points clear.
    2. Even if we LOSE to City and Chelsea we’ll still be within one point of top spot having played all the big teams.
    3. You can’t go a whole season without dropping a few points to some awesome play from an opponent at some point.
    Today is still a good day.

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    • Gutbukkit Deffrolla

      Or, if Chelsea and City lose their other game each then we could lose to both and still be 2 points clear of them.

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  60. Cazorla, my favourite player was disappointing. He needs get back to his level quickly

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  61. I think he was more pissed off cause he really wanted to win the game and must have thought he had won it for us. No Wenger time then eh Webby?! Oh well..

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    • Gutbukkit Deffrolla

      4 mins added time was shown. He played 4 mins 45 seconds including 30 seconds he validly added himself in response to Everto’s late substitution after the 90 mins, plus 15 seconds or so waiting to see if our attack would be pushed home quickly or whether we would turn and take the ball back towards our own goal. He blew as soon as Ozil turned and started back down the touchline towards our own goal… now there’s a lesson to learn about refs who are waiting to blow the whistle. Move it towards the opposition goal as fast as possible and don’t turn around and go backwards. He’ll only give you one chance. That was the secret of United’s great use of “Fergie Time”. Granted Ozil didn’t have a watch on, but all professional players should have the experience and awareness to tell when added time should be over and you’re living on “Fergie Time”.

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  62. 8/10 for Gibbs today and 8/10 for Giroud – his first touch and control is excellent.

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  63. I think the Ozil rating and comment is a bit harsh? He played very well I thought.

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  64. Arteta was really poor in the second half. He tried too many dribbles, got dispossessed by lukaku really easily this one time, could have led to an everton winner.

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  65. I’d just switch Ramsey and Wilshere’s ratings. I thought Mertescielny were immense today, especially Koscielny. I was nervous every time one of Everton’s midfielders got the ball because our midfield was too easily overrun, but those two centre backs dealt with almost everything.

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  66. Bonus rating for lukas podolskis running twitter commentary on the game?

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  67. Though I really wanted us to win that game (unlucky with giroud last effort? but overall draw was a fair result. I guess wenger need to start walcott and rosicky for wilshere and santi against napoli

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  68. Kos deserves a 9 if not 10..he was absolutely brilliant last night..santi 6.5 maybe..he tried to make things happen atleast..wilshere was really poor..think he needs to be dropped in favor of walcott until he finds some form..monreal in for gibbs

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  69. That Spanish kid Deulofeu looks like a great player and someone who would fit in great at Arsenal. He scored a nice goal against Stoke a week or two ago. If you look at his scoring record on Wikipedia ( and his highlights on youtube ( on it’s not surprising he was able to score a nice goal today.

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  70. Here’s to Martinez having many year at Everton. The prospect of him being at a team with a big money budget are frankly quite terrifying.

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  71. I’m going to disagree with Ozil and Cazorla whom I thought had strong games.

    One of Ozil’s better ones recently for me. Was a lot more involved in general play. Was a better outlet than in recent weeks. Made runs through the line more than in previous matches. As for Santi, worked his arse off, including covering for Gibbs at LB on occasion and linked up well with other mids. Both were hampered by off-colour performances by Rambo and Jack.

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  72. Honestly I’m with Wenger – I thought Ozil was brilliant

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  73. Scores a bit generous no?

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  74. A draw seems like a fair result but I wish we could have hung on. Maybe take the sting out of the game and string some passes together. But in all fairness Everton are a good side. They will continue to take points off our rivals as well. They’ve already taken 3 points off Chelsea,Manure and points off Spurs and Liverpool. I just feel that maybe Arsene should have started Flamini from the off along with Arteta. Everton’s midfielders are’nt no slouches and Arteta was always in for a huge challenge. All things considered a point against this Everton side isn’t the worse thing. If we can get 4 points from the next two games I’ll be over the moon. City are the best home team in the league but we are the best away team in the league. Chelsea for all their ridiculous spending and the return of Moanriho looks a tad underwhelming at times. If Stoke can win at home there is no reason we should’nt give it a right old go at it at the Emirates.

    Also Santi has looked off the pace in the last few games and I think it’s time we started Rosicky. He plays a major part in setting our tempo with his running and harassing of the opposition. And Theo has looked sharp coming off the bench. All in all not the worst outcome from the match. On to Napoli and a big performance at the weekend.

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  75. Bleed Red & White

    Ozil good. Better than of late. Cazorla? 4/5 at best. I’ll be so happy if he can get to 75% of the player that he was last year, it will be like a new signing for us. He’s been average. We r used to outstanding from him.
    Gibbs was very strong today. I Love his play. For all of their possession, Everton were definitely a 5th or 6th placed team today, they got lucky. they didn’t really create anything dangerous it was all Arsenal if you ask me. We were the only team to create. And that we did. Time and time again today. COYG.

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  76. Bleed Red & White

    Just watched the game again. We outclassed Everton. Aside from that moment of brilliance from the guy who plays for Barca, we owned Everton. Even when they out possesed us they created very little.
    U can say fair result, but we deserved to WIN that game.

    We are Fucking GOOD.
    Let’s STOMP Napoli & Destroy Man City & then SHAME Chelski.


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  77. Agree with the ratings. 3 of our midfield was poor. looked as if the big occasion got to some of them. we were physically second best in the first half.
    we really needed a fast forward to relieve the pressure at times.
    kos is really the boss. getting acquainted with predator built lukaku before the world cup.
    i’m sure the players will react to this.
    and why no rating for that bald c*ck Mr. webb. he was piss poor last night.

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  78. I laughed out loud on reading that Ramsey Avatar comment above at the start which Arseblog responded to. We live in a mad bad blame culture society where some fool can write Arsenal did not win a game because Ramsey played badly and JW10 did not help us to win the game because he is not World Class.

    It seems only WC players and of course only two out of 9 outfield players are responsible for us winning games.

    I was at the Emirates yesterday and can say Everton was worthy of their 1point.

    Last year Santi was our player of the year.This year he is struggling because of his injury and the endless number of games he’s had to play to include no preseason plus his injury. I think he deserves our support.

    How bloody good was Per and Kos.

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  79. Surprised Arteta got a 7. Love the guy, and appreciate Rambo and Wilshere also being a bit off probably didn’t help, but he looked significantly off the pace to me. 5.

    Also for Ozil to get the same rating seems a bit harsh. Off the ball movement was brilliant, some high quality touches and a goal. Surely a 8?

    The team seemed to lack a bit of energy with Flamini and Rosicky both on the bench, maybe some food for thought. Fair play to Everton though, they were good in the first half and some good quality from Deulofeu for the goal.

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  80. One thing I don’t get: why does Wenger play Gibbs every single game? I know he has improved a lot over the last years, but to me Nacho is a much better left-back. Gibbs often has these great last-minute tackles we all enjoy. But many times these situations wouldn’t even come up if he had Monreal’s positional play. Also, Nacho seems much more decisive going forward. When you see our team passing it around, Gibbs just doesn’t know what to do besides playing a one-two, run down the flanks and then pass it back. Monreal has so much more to offer, great technique creativity.. I wish Arsene would give him more games. I think Gibbs is good, but Monreal is just better. Easy as that.

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    • *great technique AND creativity

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    • for me they both lack determination to boss the opposition like A.cole before them. they are both too nice. probably gibbs isnt contributing too much in attack as he may not be confident defending if the attack breaks down. which is fine.

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  81. Surprised at the negativity on here. It was a great game against a great team and a draw was a fair result.

    Ozil “underwhelming” is a weird one though. It’s been said plenty already but I think that’s because you were genuinely wide of the mark with that one. He creative throughout and I thought he was excellent.

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  82. Ramsey was below his usual today but I still think he had a decent game. He drew 2 clear saves from Howard (that 2nd one nearly went in) and was pretty good defensively. Besides against Man City he MUST start because we need magical moments to beat them and though Arteta probably is our best passer and Flamini is the Battering Ram, I don’t think either of them can produce the magic Ramsey can (See Liverpool).
    I think we should rest Rambo and Ozil in midweek and play Theo leaving them to return against Man C

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  83. I was at the game and thought Gibbs and Cazorla especially had stinkers yesterday, and not too sure about Arteta, Ramsey or Wilshere either, although they weren’t terrible. Yes Everton played well but the weight of pass and decision making wasn’t right. Some of our players look like they need a rest, so some rotation is required.

    Flamini must start along side Arteta against City

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  84. Pretty fair marks altho i think you overrated arteta a bit today. It was a great game, the best of the season so far, and overall we looked like a very very good team. Jenkinson will become an all time great – what a boy!

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  85. What fool thought up ‘Mertecielny’? It doesn’t roll off the tongue nearly so well as ‘Kosacker’.

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  86. Dare I say, Wenger (as per usual) is not decisive enough with substitutions.

    if jack and Ramnsey are below par, he should have swithced things round earlier with Rosicky and Walcott.

    Also with Arteta being flooded in the middle, he should either have had Ramsey (or Jack) in closer attendance or probably brought Flamini on earlier.

    Correct move to sub by the gaffer but a little too long to implement.

    As good as certain players are, if they are off on the day then they should be off the pitch. Let someone-else take up the slack and save them for the next big encounter.

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  87. Have a feeling Ozil may suddenly start to kick in to another gear soon.

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  88. …also had a feeling before the game that both Giroud and Ozil would score.

    Well as per usual, half right at least.

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