Tuesday, March 18, 2014
Arsenal announce Kroenke Jr as new board appointment

Arsenal announce Kroenke Jr as new board appointment

Arsenal have announced that Josh Kroenke, son of Stan, is just to join the board as a non-executive director.

At 33 years of age, he brings some youth the boardroom, something many people have been calling for in recent years. Kroenke Jr is currently president and governor of the Denver Nuggets basketball team, as well as president of Colorado Avalanche NHL ice hockey team and the Boulder Boomerangs, the local Australian Rules Football team.

Speaking to the official site, he said, “It is an honour to join the board of Arsenal. This reaffirms our family’s long-term commitment to the club.

“We strongly feel our experience in sports management, marketing and broadcast will be an asset to an already impressive board. We look forward to an exciting future that includes winning trophies, increasing our already impressive support around the globe and extending our commercial opportunities.”

Chairman Sir Chips “Chips” Keswick (who ironically prefers his potatoes au gratin), said, “We are delighted to welcome Josh Kroenke to the board of Arsenal.

“He has great experience in running sports organisations and brings extensive knowledge of what is required to succeed as we develop our club for the future.”

So, there you go. Frankly, we here at Arseblog News are struggling to be moved in any way, but that’s because we’re enjoying what’s happening on the pitch.

Which is much more exciting.




  1. That hair’s got nothing on arteta though :|

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  2. Hmm, I don’t like that, a bit like manure board is full of Glaziers.

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    • Ah yeah, but you do have to admit that the windows at Old Trafford do look fuckin great.

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    • Well Yeeee-Haaaa ! And no mistake. Little Ol’ Josh on that there ‘Board’.

      Now How did this come about ? Do you ‘ll suppose Stan got up this there morning’ and said “My word that there boy a’ mine he needs a right rooting’ shooting’ tooting’ job on that there Arsenal Board. So off Little Ol’ Josh went ?

      Ot…….did Cunnin’ ol’ Stan say :- ” I’m goin’ a fes’ them Limeys right raw and no mistake – about five years back – ‘sept I can’t do it just now !!! So best wait until them’s a top of that there League and then we’ll slip it in right quick, so no one will say a word against. Not even that thar ‘Arrrrrssseeeeblogger’ on account as he loves them free beers, we’ll be providing as long as he keeps ‘Stummmm’………..Mmmmmm…mmmm.

      And best no one mentions that that deal we did to buy that that data company from little ol’ USA for £2 million even though it was only worth £29,000. But best not ask no questions and we’ll all tell you no lies.

      Don’t forget Usamov is a big bad guy Y’all. And that that Dein. Well my Mammies cotton socks would blush to think of him

      Y’all have a nice day now !!

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      • When did Stan Kroenke turn into Yo Samity Sam?

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      • “And best no one mentions that that deal we did to buy that that data company from little ol’ USA for £2 million even though it was only worth £29,000.”

        Got a link or source for that?

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  3. Say no to nepotism.

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    • This isn’t the way our great club should be run. We should go back to the good old days when the Hill-Woods were in charge. Oh.

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    • The big problem for most when Stan bought the club was that he had no exposure to it and iddn’t understand its history and traditions. So now little Kroenke (who will inherit the club) is on the board from a young age and will grow into Arsenal. I see no problem, just as few saw problems with the families who were on the board in the past.

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  4. DöubleDöubleDöuble

    How do we know this isn’t just Stan without his moustache?

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  5. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  6. I would love to be wrong but doesn’t it look at least a little bit like a daddy giving a new toy to his kid? I just hate how it sounds.

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    • Yep, I agree. Surely there are more competent and more experienced people in the world to fill that position but cause it’s a family business (read: toy) then they do what they want. :(

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    • Yup, my initial reaction was.. Yuck. How can some uber-privileged rich kid have way more of a say in what happens at our club than the rest of us put together. Just seems fucked. I work for a rich guy who knows nothing about football. Had to explain to him this morning about the Hulll City/Tigers thing. His respnse was ‘the guy owns the club, he can call it whatever he wants.’

      I don’t have a problem with some people having money, but i find it a a worrying prospect when the majority of folks who don’t have a lot, have to put up with the bullshit of those who do, just because they were born with it.

      There’s a lot of potential for things to end up fucked here and I feel like too much trust has been placed in the hands of someone who has no vested interest apart from cash.

      it’s nice winning almost all the time though.

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    • If you hate how it sounds, don’t sing it loudly.

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  7. Looks like he’s tried to Chamakh his hair and failed.

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  8. I’m not saying this is what’s going on here. But I learned a new word the other day. ‘Neptoism’. If you like learning new things, you might get a kick out of that.

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  9. He looks like Patrick Bateman.

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  10. Business and family don’t mix like 2 dicks and no chick , find yourself in serious shit. Biggie smalls

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  11. Arshavin's Dietician

    Loved him in no country for old men

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  12. *Nepotism

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  13. Nice timing by Stan. I wonder how this news would have been received just after the Villa game.

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  14. Interesting, interesting, not very interesting. On the bright side it’s not Piers Morgan or Hitler being added to the board

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  15. By The Eyes of Özil

    I think this lad likes Huey Lewis and The News…

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  16. By The Eyes of Özil

    Or this….. HA!

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  17. VictoriaConcordiaCrescit

    It appears we’ve added the ’80′s guy from Futurama to the board, hopefully the medical team can help him with his boneitus

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  18. I guess overall we can’t complain too much about Stan, apart from the whole being silent thing, which isn’t too bad if you consider how much usmanovic talks without being asked by anyone or the fact that it let’s Wenger do his work.
    But this is what really sucks about being owned by one person, we’re a football club that is being financed by millions of people who care for the Arsenal, not a toy for some rich guy’s son >:(
    He might be very qualified and all that but that’s still not how the club should be run…

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    • I think any suggestions that this team is being run as a ‘toy’ are way off the mark and unfair. Unlike some other PL teams, Arsenal is being run as a business; the whole self-sustaining thing. Also remember that not too long ago many fans were crying out for a sugar daddy and would have welcomed Arsenal becoming the toy of someone, as long as that someone threw money at the team.
      As long as the younger Kroenke keeps his nose out of the football and sticks to the business then I see nothing wrong with his appointment.

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  19. He looks about 8. Of course he’s there on merit.

    *Stroke chin

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  20. Rabble rabble rabble!!!

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  21. Small correction Blogs.

    The Aussie Rules team he’s affiliated to are the Darwin Didgeridoos, not their bitter rivals, the Boomerangs.

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  23. Josh Kroenke Jr….what sort of a fuckin name is that?!

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  24. Well seeing as Stan isn’t at the club more often himself I guess having another kroenke around helps (for those that want to ask absent Stan questions at meetings can direct them at josh) I’llgive him the benefit of the doubt as he has eexperience and knowledge.

    Personally all I care about is the manager having money to spend and the team winning.

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  25. He has already said more than his father…
    Kroenke has a voice and a hair cut now.

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  26. Its not about yanks knowing about football its about the CV of a 33 year old guy who currently runs 3 large sporting organisations, I’d rather some fresh ideas in a modern era with a current board Avg age of 89. Good luck josh.

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  27. As a local of Colorado, home of the Avalanche hockey team and the Denver Nuggets basketball team, I think this is fantastic news. To both organizations, Kroenke Jr has brought added excitement and investment to the teams.

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  28. Men in suits who have not interracted with football anytime in their lives. time to get former players in the board. long overdue

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  29. They sure have time this one to perfection…. or am I being too cynical?

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  30. “He has great experience in running sports organisations and brings extensive knowledge of what is required to succeed”

    At 33 years of age ? Great Experience ? Extensive Knowledge? What is required to succeed ? Really ?!!

    That instead of someone who already is an established business mogul and already owns a 30% stake in the club ?

    I’m 33 .. but i wasn’t born with daddy’s silver spoon up my bum so i suppose what do i know !!! .. but a word of advise
    to Chips ol’ Chap .. if you are going to keep your tongue so far up Kroenke’s arsehole you better not talk
    when you’re mouth is full !!

    What an embarrassment !!

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    • Hole in One ! As Miss Piggy would day !!

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    • Really?? “an established business mogul “. Thank you. That is the nicest way I have ever been described. Made my day.

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    • Get your head out of Usmanov’s ass hole, Kermit.

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    • the fat uzbek walrus an expert business mogul….thats a first. he is a billionnaire because he help himself on the vestige of the former communist state when everything was colasping and no gouvernement was really looking. yes what an expert.a crook more like, like the chav russion down south london

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  31. According to his wikipedia page, Josh Kroenke “enjoys reading Harry Potter, watching Entourage, and having breakfast at McDonald’s.”

    I mean, the clues are right there in your face folks. We’re signing Messi this summer!

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  32. I’m not liking this appointment at all. Denver Nuggets won a franchise number of games last season. Their general manager & coach won G.M and coach of the year. That chump drove them both out and sold Iguodala, their best player. Hope to God he doesn’t have any powers on the board. The guy’s a cancer.

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    • denver nuggets isnt a big franchise ,they cannot compete with the like Heat,Lakers and other with huge spending on salary.
      and you dont sell player you exchange them. igualdola is a good player but Foye who they get in exchange is a good too. and the look at the league they are doing as well as last season if not better

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  33. i reckon we need someone the caliber of Freddie Ljungberg on the board, we can’t touch Dennis as we need him as our next manager/ assistant

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  34. Made me google Boulder Boomerangs…

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  35. Hmmmmm well let wait and see what’s going to happen in ars board…john kroenke? Okay ooo

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  36. GiveMeWhatWengerSmoking

    That’s some slick hairstyle he’s got going there.

    But on a serious note, when people asked for some younger board members, we were thinking someone who knows about football? But he is non-exec, so no real decision making for him I guess.

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  37. Gooner from Minnesota

    I read here…but do not post….that will now change thanks to the Fat Gooner

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  38. Me thinks Arseblogger made up the Boulder Boomerangs.

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  39. I’ll like him if he’s like his dad. Leave Wenger to it, he sees the bigger picture.

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  40. Bleed Red & White

    Douche Bag. Sorry.

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  41. What does he know about “soccer” or Arsenal? The Board needs someone with passion of Arsenal, not passion of sports marketing, broadcast rights, et

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  42. Sarson Vinegar's frightening sarnie

    Father sends son to holy land, son saves the world. Familiar story?

    Jesus’ age when he died? 33.

    It’s a sign I tells ya. A SIGN!!

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  43. Sarson Vinegar's frightening sarnie

    I’ve knocked up a cross already. If we need 3 points to win the league on the last day I fully expect Josh to take one for the team.

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  44. Hmmm…I hope this whole thing is a good one for us, coz I’ve had a lota complaints about this dude.

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  45. ‘He ironically prefers his potatoes au gratin ‘

    I laughed out loud at this one. Pure blogs. Pure genius.

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  46. I accidentally read the first line as “Josh Kroenke, son of Satan”.

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  47. Crazy wild nepotism. At least they didn’t sugarcoat it man, they just got their peans out flopped them on the family table and said, “We keep it in the fam motherfuckers!”

    In other news, to complement the Boulder Boomerangs, what about the Plastic Pandas and the Chocolate Chesspieces?

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  48. Urm… he looks kinda hot…

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  49. i dont want too much americans on board. their style of running sports organization is much different than premier league. i dont want arsenal to turn into a franchise. its a proper sports club with proper history not just a fantasy draft like all american leagues have.

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