Sunday, March 23, 2014
Arsenal draw Sp*rs in FA Cup 3rd round

Arsenal draw Sp*rs in FA Cup 3rd round

Arsenal have been drawn against Sp*rs in the FA Cup 3rd round.

The game will take place sometime between January 3rd and 6th depending on TV schedules.

It’s the first time we’ve faced the old enemy in the FA Cup since a 2-1 semi-final win the 2000-2001 season when goals from Robert Pires and Patrick Vieira beat a Sp*rs side featuring soon to be Gooner Sol Campbell.



  1. clueless roosters

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  2. Time to roast those spuds again I suppose!

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  3. Hopefully we’ve put the skids on our negative spiral by the time we play them.

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  4. If we come out on top, I assume pundits will doubt our chances to win the competition having not beaten any good sides.

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  5. DöubleDöubleDöuble

    Revelations 6:14 “…and the lily livered cunts shall be knocked out on the way to the claiming of the three crowns by the tribe whose flag is a weapon that hasn’t been invented yet.”

    It’s in the bible and everything.

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  6. Poor spuds, might need to spend another 100 million before the game to give them a better chance.

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  7. a 5-2 trashing at home was pending this season.

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  8. should be a good workout for the lads. Nothing more than a workout if we keep our current form up, and even if we don’t sp*rs are almost guaranteed to fuck it up somehow.

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  9. Tottenham can relax a bit; even if we do turn his head we won’t be signing Michael Dawson

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  10. Could have been a much tougher draw for sure, we could have got Kidderminster.

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  11. Av it gunners coyg

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  12. Home or Away?

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  13. I’d say does it matter? They are going to fuck it up anyway, but is at ours, so plenty of us can watch it happen.

    By the way, they appear to be scarily bad at the cup when away from their shithole.

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  14. Great news we have a team that is clearly a league or two below us

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  15. Dirty sp*rs

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  16. The FA couldn’t let this great annual 5pur2 tradition be broken

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  17. There seems to be a misguided opinion that sp*rs are a good cup side, they have not won it for twenty fucking years, and soon to be twenty one…

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  18. Mr.Blogs what a news..make me to forgot about our 1-1 draw 2day…let them come,the FA wan’t to see the adapted 5-2 scores!!

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  19. ohhhh I do love a bit off spud scalping

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  20. Awesome!!

    I love drawing sp*rs.

    Although inevitably, the drawing ends up looking like a pile of dog shit!

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  21. ‘it’s a trap!’

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  22. Arsenal sure haven’t been very lucky this year when names are being pulled from a bowl. Champions League, League Cup, and now FA cup. Random draws have sure made tasks more difficult. Certainly harder to rest people with this draw (and yes, I remember last year.)

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  23. Double, Double!
    Ozil will have won the double!
    and the scum from the lane
    will have won fuck all again
    ‘coz Ozil will have won the Double!

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  24. Ramsey on Twitter
    @aaronramsey: Oh, and just a small FA Cup tie to look forward to in the new year…

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