Arsenal Face Swaps


With a tip of the hat to @FootyFaceSwap, we present, with no comment or explanation, Arsenal Face Swaps.




  1. Could it be that Olivier Giroud’s hair is the secret to his smouldering good looks? Because I find Thomas Giroud to be quite dreamy.

    P.S. Could have done Flamini and Gibbs. That’d be one bizarre sight to behold.

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    • I don’t know, Thomas Giroud could give Olivier a run for his money… the Jude Law of football with cabbage patch hair = he’s taking a lady home tonight…

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    • I politely disagree, personally I think that the reverse one – Laurent Wenger is no doubt the best of the lot. While Per Wilshere looks like a bully from Liverpool haha 😀

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  2. Arsene Koscielny looks like that one tough old fucker that’s been around forever in every Sunday league, that nobody – and I mean NOBODY – messes with, ‘coz if you do he’ll bite your head off and shit down the hole.

    Funnily enough, Lauren Wenger looks quite a nice fellow indeed.

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  3. Aaron podolski – a kid with a toy during xmas
    Wojiech Arteta – That italian guy to rough u up in a bar.
    Santi chamberlain – that hobo hunchback in the park.
    Arsene koscienly – that old guy in the street who keeps quoting bible verses saying jesus is coming.
    Jack Mertesacker – FRANKENSTEIN!
    Tomas jenkinson – rock on! probably faded aswell.
    Thomas giroud – if there was ever a gay moment in your life hes the guy you’d like to squeeze your butt.
    lukas ramsey- trust me im not a virgin!

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  4. Funny faces! Arsenal is playing well at the moment but the attacking part need to excel more in passing and scoring goals destroying teams….

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  5. Mesut Walcott, the 826£ Million Pound player, the only known Right Wing Forward (RWS) the world have ever known ever existed, famed for his ability to assist himself and scored goal in a single run….


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  6. Lol, Mesut Walcott would be quite an unstoppable player. 100 times better than Messi or who the fuck get Ballon d’Or this year.

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  7. Who knows somewhere in the universe they may exist.
    I am curious what followsup Wojciech arteta a cigar or a nannies dress.

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  8. We have the best looking team in the EPL, in all honesty. Even this mix matched lot looks better than most. Thomas Giroud is the best one.

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  9. I cracked up so loud in office looking at Mesut Walcott my office folks are all looking at me and want i showed them. they didnt get how funny this shit is. Blogs you keep coming up with the best stuff mate haha. Genius. So much more positive than reading crap transfer window rumours.

    More! Can you please face swap our players with famous personalities and celebrities too?

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  10. I never thought i could weep this much from laughing my ass out. Why will i ever stop reading this blog? Yes, i’ll stop after my last breath. Keep em coming blogs, u’re the fucking best. COYG

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