Sunday, March 23, 2014
Boss: we’ll defend by attacking

Boss: we’ll defend by attacking

Arsene Wenger says that perhaps the best defensive weapon Arsenal have ahead of their game against Man City tomorrow is to attack.

The home side possess a strong array of attacking talent, and while the Arsenal defence has been solid so far this season domestically, the manager thinks keeping the ball away from the likes of Sergio Aguero may be the most effective strategy.

“We need a strong defensive performance,” he said, “and maybe the best way to do that is to attack, for us to have the ball and not allow them to have their flow.

“We like to score goals, we like to go forward, but City can do that as well. Pellegrini is an offensive manager, I am as well, so you should see interesting things on the offensive level.”

Despite some concerns over the lack of recovery time after Napoli, Wenger isn’t complaining. Indeed, he’s looking at it from a positive point view.

Speaking about the fixtures, Wenger said, “To be completely honest, if you give the opportunity, I would not do it like that, but I do not complain.

It is not an excuse. We have the fixtures we have. We have an opportunity to show we can deal with it, that we have the mental strength to deal with it.”

“We play early, have an opportunity to go from five points ahead to eight and it is fantastic. We have to look at it like that.

“We have a positive pressure. I’m convinced we believe in ourselves no matter what happens, but in City’s position, if they lose, they go nine points behind. That is a negative pressure.”


  1. Could be a classic.

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  2. For Arsenal!

    *wields Podolski’s left leg to the sky*

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  3. “Specifically, I believe we will attack Nasri little bit more… le chinless merde.”

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  4. The Boss is definitely taking the right approach, let’s hope the lads are listening. Come on!

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  5. Err We’ll defend by walcotting.

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  6. Why is my name required

    Did everyone forget what we did to them in pre-season? We made them look average.
    Unbelievably we did it without Ozil too.

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  7. You know the team meant business when Arsene is starting to play mind games, throwing out gems like “negative pressure”.

    Resting Wilshere and Ramsey in the Napoli may turn out to be a masterstroke. I believe the 2 lads will have a big say on the outcome of the game.

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  8. History is going to repeat itself

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  9. It’s a big six pointer game no doubt about it and certainly wouldn’t have any complaints with a draw. But given our new found defensive form we should hopefully contain the likes of Aguero & Co. Hopefully Walcott will play some part as I think we can hit them on the break!

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  10. i hope to see 2012-2013 cazorla come back with a bang. him and ozil to just click and ping it about, torture them. ramsey to be bursting through all that to overtake van p in the scoring charts.

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  11. You know, we’ll defend by attacking……Nasri.

    Definitely sounds better than Arsene’s version.

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  12. When we lost against United everyone said that was a true measure of the quality of each side. We went on to win the next four in a row, United took 2 points from the same games. Measure that, why don’t you? So, if losing to Napoli can be classed as a setback because of where we ended up in the group, then we’ll be looking for something similar in terms of a response tomorrow.

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    • the only sam is nelson

      Wow, that’s some great writing there. Have you considered starting a blog? You could call it “Arseblog”, perhaps, and hope to god that nobody notices you CTRL C+Ving your way around the interwebs like a shameless paigiarist! Hurrah!

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    • That is extraordinary…. not attempt to hide the copy and paste job or slightly reword it. I know my CV is written in crayon but at least it’s all my own work.

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  13. I hope, Cazorla/Rosicky/Ramsey score and we sing,

    Na na nanana nanana, Santi Cazorla Cazorla Santi Cazorla/Tomas Rosicky Rosicky Tomas Rosicky/Aaron Ramsey, Ramsey, Aaron Ramsey!

    Just to rub it in in Nasri’s face.

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  14. All games are title winning games. This ManCity game is even more critical for The Gunners to show their resilience and spirit!
    Defensively they will be tested without a doubt and their foray into their counter attacks will be crucial with their keeping possession of the.ball with focus and tenacity!
    Go Gunners and all the best! Looking forward for a win!

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  15. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • *It’s “you’re”, not “your” – first line. No need to thank me.

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    • This is an Arsenal site. You steal our players and now you want to use our own comments on your blogs?
      Your fans should be grateful for their success after all those barren years. Don’t be an arrogant twat.

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    • Unnecessarilystupid

      Wow. Welcome.

      Happy home life have you?

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    • Translation: “All your trophy are belong to us!”
      Interpretation: Much delusion of grandeur. Many thundercunt. Such arrogant.

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    • Hey buddy is it so unusual for football fans of a particular team to talk up their chances on the blog of that particular football club.

      so if i go to shitehs blog will i not find the same? you cunt!

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    • Beating Bayern is so last season, we’re over that.

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    • You need to be fucking careful or I’ll come back… with Santa Cruz

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    • “but now the big boys are firing on all cylinders” are these the same City cylinders that lost to Cardiff, lost to Chelsea, lost to Sunderland and drew against Southampton? Those cylinders?

      Or the Chelsea cylinders that lost to Newcastle, drew with WBA and lost against Stoke?

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    • cityblue not worth capitols. Call us arrogant after writing that utter tripe. You are a sad man.

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    • Twat

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    • what an idiot , you must living a miserable life if trivial comments on a blog have such a devastating effect on you to make you write such drivel, firing all cylinders and loosing to cardiff and sunderland, hope the oil people leave you so you go back to your shitty holes and never to be heard of again

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  16. The Chinless wonder of the world & his band of mercs are going to get a can of whoop ass from Arsenal tommorow. You cant buy class Chinless.

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  17. Shut up CiTyBlUe, you won’t know what happens until the final whistle. God who’s arrogant by saying that Arsenal are a horrible team? That’s arrogance at its extreme. Arsenal have stayed in the English top flight with one of the most consistent finishing positions, and too four finishes, even when City, Chelsea and United were money rich powerhouses. We still managed to hold our own and stay in the top flight, yet how have City coped. Mid-table positions since they were PROMOTED, until MONEY came in and they bought a bunch if players. In short, Manchester City is like a kid with the best of everything, and that’s why they succeed.

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  18. Ey this is an Arsenal site toss of 2 that toilet in Manchester u shitty

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  19. Le proff has spoken – attaaaack!!

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  20. now be nice please city boy! after all we pay your benefits

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  21. Pls don’t use Giroud i beg u!!!

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  22. go back to ur Manchester toilet shitty

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  23. Lol lee gooner i like ya benefits comment lol so true too! Man city are a classless team that like chavski think buying trophies makes them look good – bit like a twat that wins the lottery lol i.e. lotd of money but still a twat

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  24. i hope Aguera has a crap game

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  25. I’m gonna take a little stab in the dark here (if only I could do that literally) and say CityBlue was probably CityRed up until a few seasons ago.
    On another note, I’d say arrogance is turning up to last years FA Cup final, thinking that alone would be enough.

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  26. 1-0 to Arsenal, a red card to Aguero and a broken leg to Na$ri.

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  27. palace gunner, please comment.

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  28. win lose or draw we will still be TOP OF THE LEAGUE.

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  29. Bring on Frimpong in case Nasri plays.

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  30. we waited together for the cowards to come
    out oiled and out cunted but we wouldn’t run
    no mercy , no quarter
    They’ll pay for their sins
    Now lower the cannons the battle begins.

    Sorry to repeat this here but its fucking awesome.

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  31. “The only reason Arsenal are temporarily at the top is because everyone else has until now played poor” Wow! What an insightful piece of footballing analysis! Your blog must be SO interesting! It’s almost like you’ve worked out a previously unknown corellation between “playing worse” and “being lower in the league”.

    Tell me, did you graduate from “The Jamie Redknapp School of Punditry- ‘For kids who at da end of da day done not too bad’”?

    In fact, I’m sure you must have done. Only someone from that esteemed seat of learning could produce prose such as “and slap them about i bit like they deserve.” You’re really great at insulting people too: “little twerps” was a paricular highlight for me! We’re all REALLY upset about that one!

    I tell you what mate, jog on back to the dole queue and see if you can make some friends while you’re there.

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  32. play for 2 wins, but honestly, 2 draws and i be reasonably satisfied, 4 points be better but hey ho, 6 obviously will leave me deliriously happy but getting past these 2 games remaining in 1st place and it will have been good work.

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  33. GunnerDareMACEDONIA

    We have to give 100% tomorrow and fight like mad for 3 or 1 point even with all fatigue our players have we have to take points of this game , then we will have deserved 9 days rest and preparation for chelsea to crush them. We can do this COYG!

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