Saturday, March 22, 2014
Date confirmed for Sp*rs cup showdown

Date confirmed for Sp*rs cup showdown

The FA have confirmed that Arsenal’s third round FA Cup match with them lot down the road will be played at the Emirates at 5.15pm on Saturday 4 January.

After yesterday’s match with Everton, the boss joked of the draw: “Tottenham I’ve heard. There are not enough tough games, they gave us another one.”

We’ve not played Sp*rs in the FA Cup since 2001 when we came from behind to win 2-1 in the semi-final at Old Trafford. Goals from Patrick Vieira and Bobby Pires did the damage that day in what was Glenn Hoddle’s first game in charge. Ah, memories.

Amazingly there’s a whopping prize fund of £67,500 up for grabs. Mouth-watering.

If you’re in the UK you’ll be able to watch on ITV 1. If you’re not, you won’t have to listen to Andy Townsend. You lucky devils.




  1. lets smash these cunts

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  2. 5:15pm, interesting scheduling.

    Update your life insurance.

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    • It’s an insane match time.
      9,000 drunk and bitter 5pu2s coming down the seven sisters road is going to be unpleasant.

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    • On the other hand, that’s a brilliant starting time for those of us on the west coast of North America. Instead of getting up at 5:15a, I can sleep in all the way to 7:30a.

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      • So that’s leaving an hour and a half to drink a bottle of Jameson before the game starts, right?

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        • Just half an hour for the pre-match drinking … the other hour is spent getting ready and driving to the pub. There is only one pub in all of Vancouver which will open at 6:30a on a Saturday morning for Arsenal supporters only.

          Don’t suppose your name has anything to do with the street you live on? ‘Coz if it does, please come to PHATter in Yaletown for the matches!

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  3. This is going to be quite the fun match I think. Let’s crush the Spuds!

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  4. emirates/scum ground—how is it decided??anyone?

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  5. Pakistan Arsenal!

    I guess they gave us an easy team as we’re playing a lot of tough teams around that time.

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  6. I loved the the league cup clash a few years ago. I hope both teams play their kids again. I just really really enjoyed it like that.

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    • Given that we’ve no matches for nine days afterwards, we should put our absolute best out there and smash all fuck out of them.

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  7. Knows his footy

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  8. We need to be on it for this one.

    Don’t want us going out to a smaller club for the second year running.

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  9. That semi-final was actually in 2001.

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  10. arsenes's evil zip

    any ideas when tickets will go on sale?

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  11. Interesting on the money situation: aside from the crappy prize pot, it says here ( that you have to give 45% of your gate receipt to the visiting team!

    So if we do £3m at the turnstiles against Spuds (60k seats at £50 a pop), we have to give Spuds £1.35m just for turning up – which is far more than they’d even get if they come runners up. Plus they don’t even have to put a game on. Bastards!

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    • How about selling the seats at £15? They’d get around £800K less and I could afford to take the kids!

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      • Logical conclusion – free entry! We look like the nicest team in the country in the New Year period where everyone’s skint, loads of normally priced-out people get to see us, and we do Spuds out of their gate money.

        Anyone got Stan’s email address?

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        • Just to add, City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Newcastle have all been OK with the policy over the last few years, so it is just them….

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        • Aaah bollocks, buggered that up proper, replied to the wrong comment.

          hope it still makes sense

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      • Last time we tried that, they refused. Turns out if you want to sell a cup game cheap, then the other club has to consent.

        The only League cup game played at the Emirates that has not sold at the £10/£20 prices was against……… for the uninitiated.

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    • Gazidis should wipe his arse on every single note before he hands it over.

      “Here’s your stinkin money!”

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    • The reason it’s done that way is BECAUSE the other side doesn’t have to put on a match, as opposed to when it’s a two-legged tie and each team gets a gate.

      Remember when we got drawn against Yeovil away in January 1971 and the match had to be moved from their ground to Highbury because their ground didn’t meet standards? Yeovil were only too happy to make that move! They ended up earning more money on that one match with us than their entire turnover for the previous ten seasons put together.

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  12. Good thing the games after new year 1st game for 2014 beat spurs

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  13. These cup ties against small clubs are always such a lovely opportunity to give our youngsters a chance to shine! #COYG

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  14. Tgat game was Sol’s last as a spurs player I believe. Anyone know if he ever achieved anything after that?


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  15. Spurs probably wouldn’t even get 1.35m in gate receipts if they were playing at home. So we’re doing them a favour. Which is shit.

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  16. Why do we keep getting these cunty draws this season? We’ve had the toughest Champions’ League group, a shit draw against Chelsea in the League Cup, and now this. Why could’t we get a piss-easy, even-Bendtner-could-play-in third-round game against a crap side like Yeovil?

    We have to play our First Eleven against the Scum: we just can’t allow those filth to win at Ashburton Grove. But The Premier League is the priority and we need to rest players.

    Fuck it.

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    • Its one of those baptisms by fire, so that at the end, no bastard can point any fingers when we win stuff.

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  17. I fucking hate Andy Townsend. I fucking hate ITV, but I do hope we smash Tottingham Sperms out if the cup.

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  18. Bobby Pires kinda sounds cool!!!!!

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  19. Martin Keown, Robert pires due to their legend-like awesomeness were given ample coverage during saturdays match. That was a cool site to see. It had to be said.

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  20. If Arsenal allocate 9000 grove seats to the scum of the earth i’d be damned.

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    • Whave to give 15% of the seats to the visiting team in FA cup games.
      It usually works for us, when we go on the road – games in Cardiff & Brighton had loads of support from the gooners.

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  21. well, it gives us the privilege to humiliate the scum three times in one year!

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  22. So if not single Gooner went. Would that mean 9k muppets in the corner, and only £200k pay packet. Funny if we thought them so insignificant as to not bother watching.
    But, have to support the boys.
    Kick off should be 2:55.

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  23. Kick off shouldn’t be at quarter past five should be at five two…

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  24. For FA Cup Games, the FA rules are that you have to give the opponents 15% of the seating area, hence spuds get 9,000 tickets. We’ve had a bigger allowance when we’ve played there in League cup games recently, you can see our supporters taking over the left hand end. I particularly remember that was the first time that the na na na na na nah song was sung. (Which now fits for Sergi Gnabry btw)

    And if no arsenal fans were to go? Spuds still coin it in, because the 40,000 season ticket holders have this match included as part of the season ticket package :(

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  25. has anyone head reports of sp*urs terminating adebayor’s contract n his imminent u-turn to arsenal?

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  26. Huh!

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