FA confirm Wilshere charge


The FA have confirmed that Jack Wilshere has been retrospectively charged with making “an offensive and/or insulting and/or abusive gesture” after giving Manchester City’s supporters the finger during Saturday’s defeat at the Etihad.

Clearly frustrated by both his own and his side’s performance the Arsenal midfielder was caught on camera making the gesture in the 69th minute of the game and will pay the price with a suspension that rules him out of the Chelsea game on Monday and a likely fine totalling £20,000.

Arsene Wenger has 24 hours to appeal, but that seems unlikely given he stated in his post-game press conference he’d accept a ban were the evidence to suggest his man was guilty. Which he quite obviously is.

A silly thing to do. Hardly the worst in the world granted. But a lesson learned for Jack who’ll no doubt be kicking himself.


      • We’ll see. If it’s a one game ban (or even two) then it’s justified, as we’ve seen this before with players like Rooney. If it’s something ridiculous on a par with Terry or Suarez’s racial abuse allegations then it’s definitely another case of institutionalised corruption.

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  1. Though I am sure he would have been keen to show what he has got against the Chavs after his below par performance, I hope this puts Tomas in the starting XI next Monday.

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    • Don’t be daft, it was against an Arsenal player, this means it doesn’t get endlessly replayed and can be ignored by the FA.

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    • If it was a Utd player it would have been a red, a life ban from football and an immidiate deportation to Africa! I’m SICK from these double standards the FA has for our players! Miserable, pathetic FA! May they all rot in hell!

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    • Bad tackle and worthy of a borderline red, but since the ref called a foul (he did, right?), we all know they can’t/won’t go back and change it. It’s just the way it is, sadly, and we have to accept that.

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      • New rules brought in a few weeks ago give the FA powers to take action if they feel the ref took insuffient action at the time. Again though it takes the ref to admit he got it wrong.
        I thought it was a shocking challenge, a straight red if ever there was one. However what bugged me the most was the lack of comment about it in the media and from all those lovely pundits.

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    • Well, getting banned for one of the most important games of the season when we need legs and options is a big stupid thing.

      Grow the fuck up, Jack.

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      • To be fair I could hear just one guy keep shouting “Wilshere you’re shit!” etc over and over again. Some other stories I’ve read from managers talk about how it’s fine being abused by a crowd of 30,000, but when it’s just one person it suddenly becomes very personal and can really get to you.

        And to be even more fair, he just did what we were all thinking.

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        • No, mate. Jack is not simply a professional footballer but a representative of Arsenal; he cannot offer fingers at every persistently vocal opposing supporter. Yes, he was obviously frustrated on the day. Yes, he’s still quite young… but he’s wearing an Arsenal shirt and should exude class and composure even at the most trying times. In the end, he’s let us all down in that he’ll miss the Chelsea match. That said, however, I believe in him and trust that he will learn from this. Come on, Jack!

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        • To be honest I’m struggling to care. He didn’t exactly kung fu kick the guy in the face. He’ll learn from it and come back stronger.

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  2. Let’s hope he uses this time off to work on his fitness, ball control, passing, shooting, tackling AND conduct.

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    • All of those things about Jack you mention here do not concern me. I’m more frustrated when Jack lets the ball run across his body while being unaware of where and what he’s going into.

      He insists of playing in the middle of the midfield, then his neck must be a bit quicker to turn.

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  3. Not being funny, but he’s not even making the “up yours” gesture, you can clearly see he’s got three fingers after the pointed one in the gif.

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  4. Oh well, if he’s kicking himself it saves the opposition kicking him!

    It is the time of year for generosity 😉

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  5. Stupid, but could be termed as youthful exuberance, hope Jack learns from it. But Shreky in his manure shirt does a whole lot more than that.

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  6. The last 2 results also the Everton game worries me because when we play against Hull and other teams prior we seemed to be pressing them and allowed them no space but the last 3 games, We became sloppy, can’t finish our chances (Giroud), and we give our opponents “free goals” (man city). I hope its just fatigue because against Chelsea we have to play our pressing game and finish our chances or else we are in for a long evening, Wenger please sort it out. COYG!

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      • This coddling of Wilshere needs to stop. I’m not going to get on his back during his run of poor form, Ill always support anyone who puts on our shirt. But I’m sure as hell not going to dig my head in the sand and say Wilshere was anything but shite at the Etihad, and his non-football antics aren’t doing him any favours either.

        Its crazy that Ramsey got no patience in seasons past but Wilshere gets all the time in the world. It really riles me up.

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  7. How many lessons does a one young man need to learn in common sense b4 he finally gets it. I’m not religious but Jack needs Jesus

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    • Same as you need to understand that he’s just 21 and I am sure when you were 24 you used to do more silly things than getting frustrated with a bunch of retards insulting you when you are having a nightmare of a day in the office.

      He has the perfect group of mature heads (Per, Arteta) around him to direct and Wenger to shape him into the fine role model he’ll definitely become in a few years why not months.

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  8. Taking it on the chin and get on with it.
    btw, anyone seen the GIF of Neuer’s smug reaction to Bayern getting Arsenal? they definitely think it will be easy. Neuer is a cunt! hope we stuff ’em.

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  9. I think we’ll have to just accept the ban in this case. There’s just no way he defend it, it’s on video for all to see. It’s interesting though that people think we might not miss Jack if he’s banned. I think we need as many of our best players available as possible and even though he hasn’t been playing that well I think he’s a good option for us to have. It reminded me of my playing days when our best forward was sent off in the cup semi-final for kicking an opponent in the neck and the manager told us that we could still go out and win without him. We were dubious of course because you need the man who is going to score you all those goals but fast forward to a few years later and that very same player was in jail for punching a horse in the face so I guess we should have realised he had some serious mental health issues. He got out and opened up his own business selling luggage but that went under because he failed to see the future and spent all the capital on suitcases that didn’t have wheels just as everyone started looking for suitcases with wheels. I don’t know where he is now. And we lost the final 1-0 after extra time but I did have sex with Clive Rollinson’s sister afterwards so that made up for it a bit. I wonder where she is these days.

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  10. Get Suarez my ars what planet you’s on we went threw all this in the summer, and now yeahs think arsenal can get him now !!! If you’s offered lfc 80 million we will reject it because if we did sell him then we won’t get champ league we will lose about 40, 50 million by missing out , so we will keep him get in the champ league and if he wants to go then which I doubt it, he can go to a bigger club than us Madrid , barca , bayern , but not arsenal DEFO not arsenal a mean they don’t even win trophys! The same again this season when bayern get hold of yeahs, so keep on dreaming you wannabes . Hahaha

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  11. Guys guys come on, I think we are overreacting. Yes, jack hasn’t been playing well lately and yes, he has issues with his behavior. Criticizing him constantly will do no good. Arsene has proven to be more than capable of dealing with discipline issues(rvp) so lets leave that to him and stay behind jack while he gets back to his best. And personally, I’ll much rather have someone with lots of fire in his belly who will never give in to be in our team than a good boy.

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  12. I’m seriously worried Jack’s attitude is going to derail his career. We’ve seen Bentley and Pennant get kicked out for their bad attitude, and Bendtner is suffering for his big ego. I worry that Wilshere is going to lose it somewhere along the line if he doesn’t get his act together soon. Perhaps Per needs to have a word…?

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  13. I love how everyone’s chalking this up to a “learning” experience, as if Jack didn’t know he shouldn’t flip the bird to the crowd.

    This is him being immature and impulsive, plain and simple. This is exactly what we were all rightfully slamming Rooney for a few years ago.

    And now we’ve lost him for an important match against Chavs. Ridiculous.

    I don’t want to hear any more captain talk about Jack anytime soon. He’s clearly not ready for it.

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  14. It was a dumbass thing to do, Jack is hopefully the true heir the Tony Adams “Mr Arsenal” captaincy and like the legend I mentioned, mistakes are ok as long as he learns from them. I should know as I have a PHD in stupidity…..My other skill is the ability to cover my naked body in peanut butter using only my thumb in 30 seconds.

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  15. Off topic, but I can’t find a recent relevant thread to post this and it’s too good not to share. George Graham argued against Fabio Capello as Spurms new manager today (http://www.bbc.com/sport/0/football/25413110). I found this quote particularly telling:

    “He’s a very opinionated, a very strong manager and I don’t think that would fit with Tottenham.”

    So, George … what you’re saying then is that the Scum want a weak-minded milktoast with no initiative whatsoever, who’ll blindly do what he’s told by your incompetent board, is it?

    That sounds about right to me. There’s a farm a few miles north of Shite Fart Lane, I’m sure you could find a sheep on it that would do the job.

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  16. Off topic again. Sunderland have just taken Chelsea to extra time. Hopefully 120 minutes of football will knacker them!

    Rest up Giroud!

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    • Yeah, but now they’ve lost they’ll be looking for a reaction.

      However, looking on the bright side, if we beat them then they will officially be in a slump, and as he’s already used every other excuse known to mankind Mourinho will have to blame our flat pitch with it’s cunningly arranged short grass that is so unlike the Chelsea pitch which they plough freshly every day.

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  17. Shuggietod it gets funnier lol the chav scum lost – perhaps if we give them a pounding then Maureen will be the seventh manager given the heave-ho

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  18. Needs about 3 games off… Not for the offense, but for his lackluster form! Talent he has, but at the moment, he can’t express it on the pitch.

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  19. Hmmm Jack needs to figure it out. Its stupid the FA is charing players over inane things like this, but Jack knows the game yet he did it anyway and how he’s banned. He needs to and should know better.

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  20. So Spurs fans come on here? Well the truth always hurt as i said last season they had their best chance to get top 4 last season but they failed and its to late now the door is permenately shut now.

    At the end of the day Liverpool will get that top 4 spot, they messed up last season, now with the Manager sacking and leaugue posistion everything with go negative with Spurs and they will back out of a stadium move.

    Also because of our new stadium, top 4 spot and new sponsorship deals, finacially we cant be touched by anyone but city and chelsea.

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  21. He did wrong. Funny enough I don’t blame him much and somehow feel he was just being human. Jack is my favorite player in the team. I can’t wait for him to start in the center more, probably next season. I think he’s a special talent.
    Tony wasn’t always perfect, was he? …did he really drink some -OH?
    Patrick spat at someone.
    Thierry divorced.
    Denis refused to fly. …I kid.
    Despite all the professional advice they get, they are still human I guess. Different in their own right.

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