Giroud: I don’t want us to buy another striker


Olivier Giroud says Arsenal have enough options up front and that Arsene Wenger doesn’t need to go shopping for another attacker in January.

The French international has led the line for the Gunners all season, scoring 11 goals in 27 appearances, but despite accusations of fatigue he maintains that he’s fit enough to retain a regular starting berth.

Speaking to Canal + prior to the Newcastle game, during which he ended his seven game goal drought with the headed winner, the 27-year-old remarked:

“We already have players capable of playing in attack. Lukas Podolski is back and he’s recovered well. Theo Walcott can also play as a striker. We’ve got the quality and the quantitu.

“If the coach wants to rest me he can do it without buying another striker. I will not like the arrival of another striker.”

Stressing that he is not carrying an injury and that his strong physique continues to help him cope with life in the Premier League, he continued:

“I always take the time to get a massage, I eat well and I sleep well. I’m lucky not to be injury prone and I’ve a body that tolerates accumulating matches.”

No doubt that will be music to Arsene’s ears. Although maybe we could do what we did in the summer and just chuck a cheeky bid in for Suarez again just to reinvigorate the Handsome French Bloke…worked a treat last time.


  1. err, in case the HFB needs a backup masseuse… I might be available 😉

    and on a serious note we could really use a 30 goal/season striker playing deep, lot of missed chances lately not helping my hair loss

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        • I think Morata might be coming in on loan but that’s about it. I still think a very public bid for Lewendowski is worth a shout ……. You never know

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        • February 1st could bring alot of things like worst case scenario Giroud gets a pimple keeping him out for the rest of the season undergoing rehab..

          We need a new striker before jan ends!

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        • Everybody keeps saying they want him. The point is, does he want us? Lewandowski supposedly wants to go to Bayern, and is running his contract down so that he can do that. He won’t want to come to Arsenal.

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      • I know Wenger won’t spend big again this time.. or some players won’t come at all this winter.

        But to stay consistent, we need another top notch striker at least to stay in the race. This is why $ity for example is dangerous because they have enough top notch strikers to stay consistent.

        We can hope for now Poldi gets fit soon and makes himself (even more) and everybody smile 🙂

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        • it’s not that man$ity has -enough top notch strikers-it’s that they have enough -top notch players- all around the pitch to make eight changes to the side that beat bayern munich before beating us. Even so without Komapany and Silva they look a pretty ordinary team — and that is even with Aguero in their side. I don’t think we are going to buy 8 players this window so best not compare us with $hity.

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    • So his opinion changed – I bet a lot of people’s did, considering that since he said that, we laid all that money out on Ozil, Ramsey started popping in goals, and we’re top of the table and through in Europe, doing it mostly without Poldi and Walcott (and some without a fully fit Cazorla).

      I think his other quote in the summer is more telling:

      “It’s useless lamenting this though. I know what I have to do and what I’m capable of. I’m focusing on me and my work. The coach is counting on me, so I don’t think too much.”

      He is what he is – a tireless worker with some many strengths and some limitations. He was asked, so he answered. If he gets hurt next week, I’m sure his answer will change again. It’s Arsene’s job to decide to buy. Not his.

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    • Arsenal had strikers who could finish in the past – Wright, Bergkamp, Eduardo, skunk.. and the king himself Henry

      Giroud is not as good as them. Yes, he has work rate and determination but in the modern game that’s not enough. A good striker scores goals and don’t miss chances. World class strikers know where the net is. Sure he may have rescued us in some games but sometimes when you look at chances like yesterday when he was 2 yards in front of goal and can’t score, you have much to worry about.

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      • Where in the league would we be if we swapped Giroud for another “world class” striker? Oh right, still top of the league

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        • You actually cannot know that, and it is a useless argument. We might have a world class striker who had a rough patch for 3 months – happens commonly enough to anyone and everyone. And in the meantime Giroud has contributed significantly, as much as any top-flight striker atm, save Suarez

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        • Yes, because we are so confidently at the top of the league that we don’t want a better striker. Why change anyone at all?

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        • Too many people see in only Black and White. What about this scenario…

          Wenger buys a top class striker. The top class striker forms a partnership with Giroud and both become equally vital to the team, winning us the League.

          Or maybe this…

          Wenger buys Messi. Giroud is dropped to the bench and can’t get a game because we have spunked so much we feel we have to play Messi all the time. Messi fails to adapt to English football and scores only three goals before the end of the season. We get relegated because Messi and Ozil refuse to play in the same team together, and Santi goes on strike in protest.

          Or maybe this…

          Wenger buys a disgruntled RVP back from United. He drops Giroud because the skunk said he would only come if he was guaranteed a game every week. Giroud starts drinking heavily and crashes his car, breaking both legs and having to retire from football before the end of March. The scar he gets on his cheek makes him even more handsome in a super-rugged way and he becomes an action movie superstar and marries a princess. RVP has a kickaround with his son one Friday morning in March and twangs something in his knee. He never plays again. We finish in 8th because for some reason we can’t make any passes in the opposition area, even against Crystal Palace, who beat us 5-nil. Chamakh scoring all of them in a 3 minute burst right at the end of the game. Chamakh reveals Wenger had offered him the job but was then gazzumped when RVP returned and felt he still owed the Gooners a few goals. Chamakh gets the Golden Boot. Bendtner gets to clean it.

          What I mean to say is, anything can happen. We don’t know how any decision Wenger makes in January will pan out so we might as well just put on a big smile and wait and see.

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    • Yeah, when I’m rattling around my brain for a word to describe Giroud, “selfish” is basically at the top. He can take his tireless work rate, hold-up play, and six assists, and shove it up his backside. We don’t need the likes of him around here *fist shake*

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    • Imagine that; a striker thinking he’s good enough to continue leading the line and be our target man, that the club can spend their resources elsewhere… crazy

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    • Is he not (very publicly) backing his team? He talks of Poldi and Walcott with confidence and faith. I agree.

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    • Has anyone ever NOT clicked to see the hidden comment? Ever?

      For me it is a Pavlovian response- “hidden comment…Must click…”

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      • I click to make sure that all you folks are being honest and fair towards the poster and aren’t just thumbing him down because he’s smarter and handsomer than you. (You never have yet).

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  3. what do you expect him to say? “do we NEED another striker”?

    of course his answer would be different if he was asked would he welcome another striker / more competition up front. just as it was in the summer.

    always have to take the context of these interviews into account

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      • No he didn’t. He basically said we don’t need a new striker because we have Poldi and Walcott who can do a great job there, and anyway I am the human equivalent of a Duracell Bunny and will keep going and going forever.

        If you didn’t see and hear the interview then you cannot make a fair judgement about the line, “If the coach wants to rest me he can do it without buying another striker. I will not like the arrival of another striker.” He may have been laughing when he said it, or nodding vigorously to show that he would be quite happy to see one, or perhaps he was alluding to the fact that it would show a lack of faith in the abilities of Poldi and Walcott, but you will never know because you only read it the way the interviewer wanted to present it.

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  4. I see where he is coming from!!! buh am sure he said that coz he believes in himselff enough!!! buh hey Judy we thank you for taking us thos far and now is when the real football begins ..a helping hand for you wldnt be.bad!!!

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    • Maybe this is showing a lack of confidence? Maybe before he was sure he’d still have a place regardless and not so much now because he’s missed chances? I don’t know we can only speculate

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      • I know I’m going to get flack for this but… “My bad”?! Have you morphed into a 16-year-old American Blogs? Absolutely love your rules concerning how best to communicate on your wonderful board. Bearing that in mind… When it’s okay to say this: When someone asks you, “Whose bad is that?” and the bad belongs to you….

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        • “Have you morphed into a 16-year-old American Blogs?”

          Good job catching his immaturity, “dildofaggins”. Now, as an American, I’m off to ride my horse into town to get some Starbucks and then go deer hunting.

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        • what a weird thing to say. ‘my bad’ isn’t the most poetic of phrases but it’s a pretty common one (that’s not just confined to american teens).

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  5. I love your all round play Giroud..but sorry we have to get another Striker for the benefit of the team,but only if we can find a great and affordable one..which would make everyone happy at the end of the season!

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    • So will this striker do anything other than strike? Who is going to get up into the area with his back to goal and act as a fulcrum for our attacks if you are groing to replace Giroud with a “proper striker”.

      If we drop Giroud I can see us with a proper striker who can’t get any closer than the 18 yard line and is restricted to shooting from distance. Remember, foricng teams to do that is what gives us such a good “goals against” record.

      If you drop Giroud you must replace him with somebody who does the same but shoots better, or you will have to change the way the team attacks (and defends, as our defence starts with our forwards)

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  6. I think he’s right. We don’t NEED another striker. I’d much more prefer an attacking trio of Poldi/Giroud/Walcott / Cazorla/Giroud/Walcott / Cazorla/Poldi/Walcott to get to really link on the pitch and share 60+ goals a season than to rely on one RVP/Suarez type striker.
    I’d rather look for another backup/prospect CB.
    However, IF we get the chance to buy a top, top class striker in January who’d fit well into this team, let’s go!

    I know Diego Costa is mentioned everywhere right now but I trust Wenger to decide if he, his skill set and his personality fit the Arsenal squad or not. So I definitely won’t lose any sleep over this.

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  7. I still think he can reach the 20 goals and 10 assists marks til the end of the season. That would be enough from him to do his part in my opinion. We have a lot of players capable of scoring around 10 goals a season apart from him (Özil, Rambo, Poldi, Santi and maybe even Jack and the Ox). So I think it wouldn’t be a disaster if we don’t buy a striker but it certainly also wouldn’t be the worst thing to buy one. I still think King Henry would be perfect as Giroud back up. Don’t need to settle in, knows exactly where the goal is and would be a great mental help for the HFB during that time.

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  8. Wenger is prefer to buy biscuits than stricker. i mean everyone love biscuits but custard creme not ever will score winning goal to make champions.

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  9. He’ll very likely get his wish as unless an opportunistic err opportunity comes up, I doubt we’ll be getting someone in.

    Maybe if Real bid dopey money for Suarez (which they’re unlikely to), that would free up Benzema etc.

    But that’ll be it, so best we support the HFB I’d imagine.

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  10. well, well, well, where would you put Bendtner, Ollie?

    And Walcott as central striker? No need to return favour after the free-kick yesterday.

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  11. If he doesn’t want Arsene to sign another striker then he is going to have to start being a lot more clinical in front of goal. Opportunities missed against Chelsea were the difference between 3 points and a point. I certainly value Giroud and his link up play with the rest of the team is useful but with the players he has behind him he should really be scoring at least 1 in 2, not going 7 games without a goal.

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    • No, against Chel$ki Mike Dean’s two missed red cards and missed penalty were the difference between one and three points.

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    • The difference in the last few games was all the terrible missed passing. Giroud missed a couple of chances but I don’t think his form is as much to blame as the all around poorness quality of play. How many more chances could Giroud had if we had been a little more sharp? Not to be putting down the rest of them — the quality is there to win something this season and they’ll bounce back.

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  12. Did he really say that, if so then, may be in a different context or in the heat of the moment.
    Truth is nobody likes to be replaced or be under the threat ..but such is the life..
    everyone can see HFB have slowed down and the accuracy from his shots have gone a little which is a lot…
    a miss by a small margin is still a miss..but what he provides in terms of hold up play , bringing in our famed midfield(?) into play is really invaluable, even Bendtner cannot do this although he is roughly the same build…
    so yes he needs some rest like yesterday, but our gameplan will change if he is replaced by a different type of striker, which as is proven over the years is nigh on impossible, as its either plan A or PLAN a..
    ..personally would love to see a change in formation..just cos..

    Happy New Year To All.

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    • It’s not all about Giroud slowing down. If you remember back to September we bought a player who we were told can put a pass straight to your feet, exactly where you want it. Well, said player is probably the tired one and his passes are rarely going where they are needed. He is supposed to be that little bit better than our other midfielders, but now that he is weary you wouldn’t know it. Ozil hasn’t been giving Giroud the sevice we all expected. That is where he problem lies as much as with Giroud.

      I’m not knocking either of them. A stronegr squad would mean we could give them a proper break, and then they would work better together. We need some solid performers hired in January if we can find any, but not necessarily an out and out striker.

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      • This is, of course, why Wenger told us that this year was the first of three we would need to be seriously challenging for the title.

        We are a year and a half ahead of the game. We can get two years ahead if the right two or three players could be found this month.

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  13. I don’t see the problem with Giroud?? I know he’s not been “on form” recently in terms of goals but his all round play and the way he brings players into the game are great! I for one am very happy to have him in our squad.

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  14. I dig our fans quiet optimism but from where I’m sitting there is zero chance of an attacker or midfielder in January, not unless it’s a young lad for the future. I love his ‘belief in the quality of the squad’, but I think we won’t sign and ultimately pay the price. We can’t really compete with a team which has 4 arguably as good or better strikers than us, ie City.

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  15. Every team that wants to win the title needs a goal machine up front, either in centre or from the wing. If we don’t buy another striker, then get in a direct wingforward who is a regular goalscorer, or a worldclass talent for that role who’s ready for the first team. Gnabry is very much in that mold, and I reckon if we don’t buy, then use him more often.

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    • Erm…. Theo Walcott?? U forgetting him? 4 goals in last 3 games and our top scorer last season!

      i think his goals plus Giroud, podolski etc makes the striker issue a none starter for January.

      in the summer then yes i believe a new £25m plus striker will come in, but January?… Forget about it

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      • Yes, I know Walcott, and I like him. What I would like is more of that kind in our first team. Like for example both Gnabry and Walcott in the same team. More explosiveness and directness from the wings.

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  16. What would you expect Giroud to say: “Hey, guys, I’m a decent striker, but the club needs a really top-quality forward if it’s going to challenge for the title”?

    Of course not.

    Like I’ve said before, I’ve always like him: he’s a 100% guy who never stops working on the pitch. But the truth is that he was never quite good enough to be the main striker for a club of our stature. If we had a Suarez or an Aguero then Giroud would be a perfectly decent Number Two in the squad. But we don’t. And Wenger’s strategy of playing Giroud in every game is madness: he is being run into the ground and now looks to be understandably shattered.

    I got slagged off at the start of the season by pointing out that by failing to sign a top striker, and therefore relying on Giroud, Bendtner, Park and Sanogo as our attacking options, Wenger was criminally irresponsible. But surely that’s the case now. The really frustrating thing now is that we are so close to being a great side; we are excellent at the back and, as Newcastle can attest, very hard to beat.

    There is no point in hoping for a big signing this January: the players are just not available at this time of the year, but a decent forward who can play in the FA Cup and against to weaker PL teams is an absolute must right now.

    But, knowing Wenger, I’m not holding my breath.

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    • To be honest he should have expected him to say something like this:

      “Do we need another striker? I don’t know, that’s the boss’ decision. I feel that we have strong attacking options, but were the boss to sign another striker then I would welcome the added competition and perhaps the opportunity to form a partnership with whoever it may be” – or something along those lines.

      I like Giroud, but I don’t think it’s a particularly bright thing to say. Especially since, prior to Newcastle, he hadn’t scored for a while.

      That said it is going to be difficult to bring in somebody in January. Even a striker to play FA Cup games and against weaker PL teams. I think Bendtner fits that bill to be honest.

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    • Got any other complaints while you’re at it?
      Like the tea your mummy served this morning was too weak?
      Whose top of the league?

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    • Benzema was dropped in favor of Giroud on the France team, he’s scored 8 in the league, 12 all season, with 6 assists. he’s the linchpin in Arsenal’s attack that has made him key to more than just those numbers in numerous goals made all season.

      In fact, he’s already started 30 games in all competitions this season. Last season he only started 39 in all competitions. Last season his tally was 20 goals 13 assists, and so far he has passed the halfway mark of that tally at the halfway point of the season, where last year he had just gotten off the mark.

      Point is, he’s shown considerable improvement since last season, he’s become essential to the form and shape of the team, and he’s already started almost as many games as he’s played last year and he’s been a DEFENSIVE crux for the team, in many structured wins – more of the 1-0, 2-0, rather than 7-5. He’s had a couple games of a rough patch, and it’s really much too early to write him off.

      Whether we need another striker is, in my opinion, has less to do with Giroud’s skills, more to the fact that it’s just physically impossible for Giroud, specifically Giroud mind you, to play every game of the season without a break. Maybe Henry did it, but forgive me for pointing out the obvious, Giroud is not Henry. Stop expecting Giroud to be Henry, or skunkshithead, or whoever. It’s a different team, one that Giroud is vastly important in. Support him, he’s not going anywhere, and he’s still got that hunger and desire to bring Arsenal some silverware – saying that he’s up for the job is tantamount proof of it.

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      • Well said!

        With Giroud as our pivot up front everyone near could possibly receive the ball and score – including himself, obviously. Which makes our attack far more unpredictable.
        Liverpool have Suarez and Sturridge.
        We have goals from all angles.

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    • If we had a Suarez-type striker then he and Giroud would make a fucking brilliant partnership up front, and we would have a potentially awesome attacks with seven or eight players easily capable of getting into double figures for the season.

      I am in complete agreement with you about Giroud. I haven’t forgotten how Chelsea told us how important Torres’ workrate was off the ball, and that it didn’t matter that he wasn’t scoring because of what he brought to the team. That was utter bullshit, but with Giroud, then yes, it’s true for him. We play the way we do because he makes it possible. If we drop him for a “clinical striker” then the likelihood is that we will have to change our approach, and we can’t know what the result might be.

      I also agree that there is nobody out there to buy who is of the quality everybody here is baying for, so we should indeed go for “solid” while hoping that Wenger can somehow pull of another coup like he managed with Ozil.

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  17. There are very few non CL-cup-tied world class strikers available who will not be endangering their standing in their national team in a World Cup year. Probably even fewer clubs willing to sell such players before the World Cup and lots of clubs are looking for a world class striker now. Better to hope that Sanogo and Bendtner get their act together.

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    • Your foresight and understanding of players’ capabilities are fabulous! You should apply for a manager’s job. Spurs are hiring…

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  18. Another reason for putting a big, public bid in for Suarez is that it would put Brenda into one hell of a funk, possibly destabilising his talisman and squad, especially now that Liverpoo have just dropped out of the top four and look like they have a paper thin squad – did you see who they had on the bench on Sunday? Laughable. Everton’s squad is thin but at least they have some people with experience on the bench, not a 19-year-old Aussie, a 16-year-old and a Spanish flop.
    Just because you know they’re going to say no, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bid. On the contrary.

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  19. I’d forgive him the miss. His ankle looked in bad shape. How about Shane Long as back up to Ollie? Loads of potential and cheap as chips.

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    • I must be the only one who likes this, Shane Long defends from the front and can be a nightmare to play against. In a team like Arsenal he’d probably perform as well as Giroud. Most Arsenal fans are fickle and hyperbolic, Giroud is the best, Giroud is crap, Ramsey is crap, Ramsey is the best, Wilshere is god, Wilshere should be benched, Walcott is crap, Walcott scores goals (to be fair, Walcott is both).

      Shane Long, he can play in Europe, and if it does not work, sell him. Just don’t overpay him like Bendtner.

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  20. We have done well to reach this far and be placed where we are currently – top marks to Arsenal. But season by season from observations, the business end of the season teams must raise their game. The addition of one or two news members to a squad always help to trigger expectations.

    There were times during yesterday’s match when it appeared Giroud by his facial expressions, was hoping a decision was made to replace him much sooner. Credit where credit is due, he can hold up the ball well, but he is not lethal in front of goal.

    Our defence did hold on and we managed to weather the storm with a bit of luck. It was good to see Wenger doing what was necessary to preserve that one goal lead, but it meant returning the ball to the opposition again and again and waiting for the next attack. Like living at the edge of a precipice in a heavy down pours of rain, hoping the banks do not give way.

    I always believe if you continue repeating the same actions, you are guarantee to get the same results. The Arsenal management should be saying to Wenger, “What do you required to make a difference this season”? Not just the fans, but management should be crying out to Wenger to do what it takes to bring home Silverware if that is the objective for this current season. We cannot ever hope to run players ragged and expect them to always play their best game. Then we ask, who do we have in reserves that could come in and make a difference. Needless to say, if the manager himself is not absolutely convinced by his bench, he has to address the issue and not rely solely on HOPE!

    As always our expectations is HIGH, we move forward to the transfer window with Great Expectations.

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    • “I always believe if you continue repeating the same actions, you are guarantee [sic] to get the same results.”

      You’re expecting us to make no changes and finish on top of the league, then?

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  21. I like the guy, a lot! His work rate is amazing and u can tell that he truly “sweats the Jersey”… But I agree with Fatgooner that we need a proper main striker… Arsenal stature requires a Van Pu$$y, Suarez, Costa or Cavanni type of guy… But let’s face it… THERE’S NOBODY IN THAT CATEGORY AVAILABLE ON JANUARY, so please we need to support our HFB

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  22. I don’t see Arsene buying anyone unless someone good is actually available. The Michy Batshuayi guy looks like he would be the most likely option. I still don’t fully trust Bendtner and Sanogo is injured.

    It would be great for Poldi and Theo and the midfield to contribute, but I feel we can’t take any risks now. We can’t repeat 2008 and not sign anyone (we did sign Luke Freeman that January!) and get screwed over. A move for Batshuayi or some other relatively unknown prospect are our most likely hopes for a signing. I’m sure Arsene can find somebody who won’t just be a stop gap signing if we really need another striker. Arsene is the manager and it’s his decision.

    I think we will go for a “Superstar” in the summer. I don’t expect a big move in January. I admire Arsene for refusing to but players who aren’t good enough. Remember when people said we needed to sign Samba and Scott Dann and Lorik Cana? Or that Spurs had done excellent business by signing so many players?

    I believe Wenger will make the right call again this January. Let’s see what he does.

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  23. I agree with LA’s comment “reverse psychology”. He’s learnt pretty quick – say one thing to Wenger and he does the opposite. There you you go fellow gooners – we’re getting a new striker. LOL!

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  24. “King Henry” can recreate the magic. He can also train giroud to bring best out of him. I would dream Henry to be back in arsenal colors day and night

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  25. I saw this story on and figured it had all the validity of a headline in the “National Enquirer” that would state Michelle Obama was pregnant with twins. But if it is true, I hope Wenger said, “Dude, your job is to score goals. Mine is to run the club.”

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  26. Giroud might be right, but when injuries happen & certain players have to change to different position it is basically not first team so, we have podolski, giroud & sonago plus bendtner so why not try out sonago he has gd pace, giroud has got good control on ball coyg, alot more big crucial games to play

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  27. What’s he supposed to say? “My teammates and I can’t handle the run-in. We need another striker.”

    I’d rather have a confident forward that’s also boosting his teammates by saying Poldi and Walcott can get it done. I’d like to see any other top 4 striker ask for another striker.

    As blogs likes to say, this is the insignificant kind of shit people get upset about when we’re top of the table.

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  28. What the hell kind of top striker says anything else? That he isn’t good enough? That he needs help?

    Only twats like Persie.

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  29. While i agree that it’ll be hard to get a world class striker this jan, fact remains Giroud is not good enough to be first choice in a title chasing team. If we don’t win the league this season, it’ll be because of this striker issue. Giroud only wanted Suarez cos they could play together unlike with Higuian and the other guys we were linked with. Knowing Wenger it’ll either be that Belgian kid or pato. Morata deal will never happen and it’s pointless to be honest.

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  30. What if we make Viviano wear Giroud’s mask? This way, Wenger can rotate between fake giroud and true giroud. Viviano will get the much needed playing time and true Giroud can rest every few games and avoid fatigue. Either way we will score very few goals.

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  31. He will never be the best striker in the world but his hold up play is fantastic, he gives 100% every game and get’s back to defend when needed!

    Incidentally what has Jovetic done to piss off Abu Dhabi City? 10 mins he has played this season. Cheeky loan bid?

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  32. If we don’t keep Bendtner in January and Park is as relevant as a Bull’s tit. We can buy a Striker like Kevin Doyle who has always been Wenger’s favorite and won’t affect Giroud’s starting place.

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  33. To a certain extend yes, we have options.

    Bendtner is a decent back up to Giroud’s capabilities from the little we’ve seen from him over a limited time on field.

    Podolski and Walcott are a threat from either flank and can feed of either of Giroud or Bendtner.

    Unless the striker coming in brings in a different set of skills, it will be pointless to replicate the role Giroud is doing.

    But I do think we could benefit from a bit of pace right up top even with Walcott on field.

    As mentioned, I feel rather than drop deep and defend in depth to cover a lead, I think we should defend but with intent and threat of counter.

    We lack the speed right up top to trouble defenses at the moment (particularly should Wenger decide to inexplicably withdraw Walcott)

    Thereby a quick player with ability to beat his man or two would keep the opponents from venturing too deeply into our half and limit the pressure(and mistakes) that could accrue.

    This of course depends who is available in January and in terms of top class, likely not a lot.

    Remember it is a world cup year and agents may play the game to keep their players’ prices high through to the summer.

    Also there are other clubs with better resources in the hunt for strikers.

    Thereby rather than chasing shadows with say Diego Costa, it may be more economical for us to loan someone who both has a pedigree in CL, is not cup tied and has plenty of pace to burn.

    Such a player could be Pato who is currently unpopular at his club, may need exposure to make the world cup squad and is still only 24.

    A loan with first option to buy may be an interesting for us in hedging our exposure. At the same time, we have recent track record of rehabilitating playing careers in Per and Podolski.

    Provided (and this is a big IF) he shows the correct attitude, hunger and focus (London is a distraction), he could be very useful for us in being a tricky fox in the box who can also create havoc on the counter.

    he isn’t going to be top of the list of any big club this January which will afford us an opportunity to conclude the deal quickly and get him into action as soon as possible.

    With the sort of big game fixture pile up looming, I think we could well do with someone of this sort of pedigree and creativity. Plus he doesn’t bite.

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  34. When Ozil joined us in September were our players lifted or deflated by his signing?
    Similarly was Didier Drogbha threatened by the signings of Torres & Anelka?

    Of course they didn’t. Because it’s all about winning.

    Not only do we need another striker we need a clinical half chance taker. Yes we are top of the league, but we took one point out of 9 in the games between Chelsea, Man City & Man Utd & Giroud performances in those 6 pointers were poor. So how much higher could we be?
    Let’s not make the same mistake that cost us the title in 2008 where having already lost RVP & Eduardo to lnjuries we were drawing matches instead of winning them because Adebayor’s went through a barren spell in the business end of the season.
    Yes Giroud works hard for the team but does he work any harder than a Rooney, Suarez and Aguero?

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  35. Let’s focus on the players we have and stop dreaming of mega money signings, let’s dig in and give it our all and see what happens come the end of the season

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  36. Me too Olivier. If i could be Arsenal’s only-one Forward, like you, so i probably talk like you too. But everybody who see the game of outside and attempts that miss every match, say we need another striker. Maybe Not a striker who replace you. Just a guy who help you and help whole team to use better of their passes and team work. And without that striker at Jan, i think we can’t make it.

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  37. Please let there be a New Year miracle and Arsenal gets a proper striker. Forget what Monsieur Bouffant says – we need a striker. One that can actually kick the ball and score proper goals. And if he could run faster than Grandma that would be just fantastic. Hell, even Berbatov would be a 1000% improvement. Giroud – you seem like a decent fellow and no aspersions on you, but the Arsenal NEED a decent striker. We have suffered enough.

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  38. Afraid of competition for his place. He’s got a in the first XI freecard as it stands, and its making him complacent. A decent striker who can give Giroud a run for his money can only be a good thing. Competition for places is very important to keep players Sharp and playing at their best imo.

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